Friday, July 23, 2010

RPG Keys -- got workflow? then you NEED these!

OK, I have been using RPG keys for about two weeks now. If you process a lot of images then you NEED these! They are amazing!!!

I am just beginning to learn how to best use them and they have sped up my workflow already -- I would say in ~10% of the time I processed a shoot! 10% of the time it would normally take me! We love to shoot, we love our images processed, but the time spent processing them -- well we would be out shooting more, more people, more flowers, more sunsets, whatever....

And the best part is that one of the creators, Tim, is awesome with his customer support. Skypes you, calls you at home, etc. A great product with great customer support -- what a combination!

They are on sale right now -- they can be used in Lightroom, Photoshop, ACR, Kubota Dashboard 3, etc.

RPG Keys is a workflow plug-in (keys and software) for Photographers.
The photo editing process for photographers takes far too long and it takes the fun our of what we love to do!

The RPG KEY company was founded by two brothers from Maine who figured out that they made a living while working with their clients and not at a computer editing photographs. The simple concept of spending more time doing what they loved (photographing) and less time at a computer has driven their studio business through the roof.

Every product offered by RPG is designed to help photographers finish their editing faster so they can spend more time with a camera and a client. Originally designed just for Adobe's Lightroom program, RPG is now offering key based solutions for most of the photo industry tools.

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