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Arranging Multiple Images (Tim Grey)

Ask Tim Grey
July 13, 2010
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Today's Question:

When I use Photoshop CS3 I am able to view photos (2 or more) side by side. However, in CS5 I can only view one photo at a time. Is there a way to view multiple photos in CS5 as I can in CS3?

Tim's Answer:
You can indeed view images side-by-side in Photoshop CS5. The interface changes actually took effect in Photoshop CS4, and the default now is for images to open in tabs rather than floating windows. If you prefer to keep images in floating Windows you can turn off the use of tabs when you open images in Preferences. Choose Edit > Preferences > Interface (Photoshop > Preferences > Interface on Macintosh) and turn off the Open Documents as Tabs checkbox.

If you keep the tabs option turned on but periodically want to float open images to individual windows, you can choose Window > Arrange > Float All In Windows from the menu. If you just want to view two images beside each other but each in their own tab, you can use the Arrange Documents popup on the Application Bar (which is new as of Photoshop CS4). On Windows the Application Bar will generally appear to the right of the menu bar (if there's room there), or below it. On Macintosh the Application Bar will appear at the top of the main Photoshop window. To arrange the documents into a particular arrangement so you can view multiple images, click the Arrange Documents popup and click on the desired option. For example, the two-up option with an icon indicating two boxes side-by-side will cause the images to be arranged in separate tabs on the left and right. You can also have the images arranged above and below each other, as well as a variety of options for various numbers of images. Only those options that are applicable for the number of images you have open will be enabled on the popup.

If you want to consolidate floating windows into tabs you can choose the first button (Consolidate All) from the Arrange Documents popup, or choose Window > Arrange > Consolidate All to Tabs from the menu.

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