Friday, December 31, 2010

Raising the Bar on your Photography

Your “Tens” and Raising the Bar on your Photography

Simple and powerful advice.

Catch our latest episode of AYP with Andy Katz, and you’ll hear him give all sorts of great tips for lighting, composition and how to keep raising the bar:

1.Gather up your top ten photographs into a portfolio.

2.Present them really nicely.

3.When someone comes up and wants to see your photographs, you can show them those 10 photos.

4.When you take a photo that’s better than one of those ten, replace it, and put the other one in.

5.If you go for 3 or 4 months and they’re the same 10 damn photos, you know that you’re not working it—you need to push yourself!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

R.I.P Kodachrome

R.I.P Kodachrome. Read here

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse.

Check out this timelapse video of the blizzard in Belmar, New Jersey:
December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse. Canon DLSR on tripod with remote timer taking a photo once every five minutes. Approximately 20 hours in 40 seconds. More at Facebook: Mike Black Photography

Top 20 Photoshop Disasters of 2010

Top 20 Photoshop Disasters of 2010

I love these!

A few are hard to decipher and there is a decoder at the bottom.

Lightroom 3.3 and Camera Raw 6.3 are now available

Lightroom 3.3 and Camera Raw 6.3 are now available (camera updates, lens profile updates and a few bug fixes).

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Free Nature Photography Lecture

Free Nature Photography Lecture
The Simsbury Camera Club is sponsoring a presentation by the famous photographer, Joe Lefevre at 7 PM January 5 at the auditorium of Eno Memorial on Hopmeadow Street in Simsbury. Joe believes that there are three key ingredients to making fine digital or film images.  They are artistic vision, technical proficiency, and fine light.  In this presentation he will cover these three areas of fine art photography as it applies to nature and landscape images.  Hunt’s Photography, a co sponsor of this lecture will have a selection of photography equipment at discounted prices at this lecture.

2010 National Wildlife Photo Contest

2010 National Wildlife Photo Contest

See the winners of our 40th annual photography competition.

Time-lapse of blizzard

Time-lapse of blizzard

Twenty hours in 40 seconds.

Zion National Park Closed Until Further Notice

Zion National Park Closed Until Further Notice

Zion National Park is currently closed as a precaution due to rising river levels and potential flood damage to roads and infrastructure. The Zion Lodge and Watchman Campground in Zion Canyon are being evacuated to prevent the possibility of park visitors being trapped in the park by rising water levels. The park will be closed until the river level begins to drop and damage can be assessed. The river level early Tuesday morning was 5,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). The level is predicted to reach 8,000 cfs later in the day. The normal cfs at this time of the year is 40 to 50 cfs.

Amazing video of the flood in Zion/Springdale

Monday, December 27, 2010

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon

1. Overview  -- The George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon has been held since 1981. George was the founder and first chairman of our nature group.

2 Who can participate? Open to all camera clubs worldwide.

3 Competition date: Saturday, March 26, 2011

4 Submission deadline: Thursday, March 17, 2011, Midnight PST

5 Contact The Glennie Committee  

6 Categories Nature.

7 Entry Fee Entry fee is US $20.00 per club, payable by PayPal.

8 Registration Registration for 2011 will open Feb. 1, 2011.

9 Upload Your Images Click here to upload your images.

The Merrimack Valley Camera Club (MVCC) will host and conduct the 31st annual George W. Glennie Nature Salon on Saturday, March 26, 2011. Judging will be held at the Greater Lynn Photographic Association located at 564 Boston St, Lynn, Massachusetts. Judging will commence at 9:30 am and continue until finished in the afternoon. This salon is open to all camera clubs and photographic associations worldwide. Entry is by Club; no individual entries.

Last year we set a new record with 111 participating clubs from around the world. We had participants from 4 continents, 7 countries, and 19 US states

Overall, the Glennie is a club competition, with additional awards to individual images. Each participating organization may submit 10 images, with no more than 2 by each maker. Images that have received awards in previous Glennie Salons are ineligible.

Makers who belong to two or more clubs must coordinate with the respective clubs to ensure that no more than 2 of their images are submitted in total. In the event more than 2 images, or duplicate images, are submitted from the same maker, the earliest submissions will be judged, and the other submissions will be ineligible.


1. Animals (consists of the following categories)

a. Birds

b. Invertebrates - Insects, Mollusks (snails etc.), Arachnids, Annelids (worms), Crustaceans

c. Reptiles

d. Amphibians

e. Mammals

f. Marine and Freshwater Life - Fish, Marine Crustaceans/Mammals, Starfish, Corals etc.

2. Botany

3. Landscape
At a minimum, awards will be presented to those clubs receiving the 5 highest scores. The individual awards will include but are not limited to Best of Show, Best Wildlife, and Best of each category. Some categories may be sub-divided, depending on the number of entries. A number of individual Honor Awards will also be presented, based on the level of submissions in each category. Additionally, Diversity Awards will be presented to the top 5 clubs with entries in at least 6 of the 8 Glennie categories. Diversity scores are calculated by totaling the club's top scoring image in their top 6 categories.

Images should be submitted by uploading using our online form. If you have problems, please send an email to

Image Preparation:

Each digital image may have a maximum width of 1024 pixels and a maximum height of 768 pixels (for a handy resizing calculator click here). The image must be submitted in JPEG (.jpg) format, and the size is limited to no more than 1 Megabyte (MB). It is suggested that the image resolution be no greater the 100 pixels per inch (ppi) and that the color space be sRGB.

An image filename shall consist of the following: 4 alphanumeric characters indicating the camera club (each club may choose their own); followed immediately by a dash (-); followed immediately by a 2 digit number indicating the image number shown on the registration form; followed immediately by a dash (-); followed immediately the image title (with spaces filled in with underscores); followed immediately by a dash (-); followed immediately by the maker’s first and last name separated by an underscore. As an example, the following would be the image filename for the 4th image submitted by MVCC, with “Purple Fish” as the title and John Doe as the maker.



The judges will be guided by the recently revised PSA definition of Nature. The following is a statement of the basic guidelines concerning Nature digital images:

“Nature Photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict observations from all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archeology, in such a fashion that a well informed person will be able to identify the subject material and certify as to its honest presentation. The story telling value of a photograph must be weighed more than the pictorial quality.

Human elements shall not be present, except on the rare occasion where those human elements enhance the nature story. The presence of scientific bands on wild animals is acceptable. Photographs of artificially produced hybrid plants or animals, mounted specimens, or obviously set arrangements, are ineligible, as is any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement.

No elements may be moved, cloned, added, deleted, rearranged or combined. No manipulation or modification is permitted except sharpening, resizing, cropping, selective lightening or darkening, and restoration of original color to the scene. No special effects filters can be applied. Any adjustments must appear natural.”

Images submitted for consideration for the Best Wildlife award must meet the additional definition for Nature Wildlife Photography.

“Authentic wildlife is defined as one or more organisms, living free and unrestrained in a natural or adopted habitat. Therefore, photographs of zoo or game farm animals are not eligible for the Best Wildlife award."

All digital images must be considered “Digital Realism”.

“Makers may perform any enhancements and modifications that improve the presentation of the image that could have been done at the time the image was taken but that does not change the truth of the original nature story. Cropping and horizontal flipping (equivalent to reversing a slide) are acceptable modifications. Addition of elements, removal of elements other than by cropping, combining elements from separate images, rearranging elements or cloning elements are not acceptable.”

Submitting Images:

Submissions will be accepted beginning the first week of February, 2011.

The submission closing date is midnight PST, Thursday, March 17, 2011.
Registration is online, via our form

The entry fee is US $20.00 for a club and is payable by PayPal.
Additional information and assistance may be obtained by contacting the Glennie Committee.

Entries must originate as photographs (image/captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his own and permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on a website. The exhibition assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright. Images may be acquired digitally, or scanned from traditional film to create a digital file. Images may be altered, either digitally or otherwise, by the maker with the rules of the competition. All submissions must be as a digital file.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nate and Angie Chappell Trogon Tours

NEW GALLERIES - I've added a gallery of photos from our recent workshop at Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico. Thanks to Carol, Jane, Gorazd and Yanni for making it a special week. The gallery can be viewed at


December 3-15, 2011

Join Nate and Angie Chappell, Ken Archer and Jairo Sanchez for a trip to the sunny, dry part of Ecuador. This part of Ecuador is excellent for photographing waterbirds and we'll photograph flamingos, boobies, shorebirds and many beautiful smaller birds on this tour. In addition to bird photography it will feature beautiful beaches, snorkeling and other activities for non-photographer spouses and companions. To view the details of this trip please see . Ken Archer will lead an optional extension to Sani Lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon from December 15-19, to see some of my photos from Sani Lodge, please see .


Thailand - January 9-23, 2011

We have 8 spots filled (including 5 photographers) and have 2 spots open for this wonderful tour. Take in the wildlife, birds, culture and cuisine of Northern and Central Thailand with us. This is the best time of year for birds in Northern Thailand as the winter visitors are down from Northern Asia and the weather is usually dry and sunny at this time of year. To see the details of the itinerary please view . To see some of Nate's photos from our fun and successful tour there in January of 2009, please see .

Malheur NWR, Oregon - April 27-May 1, 2011

We had a wonderful time on the 2010 trip to Malheur. Ken Archer will be a co-leader and the trip is limited to 4 participants to ensure personal attention. The highlights include lekking Sage Grouse, nesting Great Horned Owls, Wild Horses and many waterbirds. To see the details of the trip please view . To see some of my favorite images from this area please see

Hood Canal Bald Eagles and Washington birds - May 18-22, 2011

This is a new workshop featuring the numerous Bald Eagles which are attracted to spawning sculpin at low tides on Hood Canal, WA. Up to 100 eagles are in the area this time of year making for great flight and action shot opportunities. We will have access to public and private tidelands. In the afternoons we will photograph Wood Ducks and other species in Lakewood, WA. Ken Archer is a co-leader and there is a maximum of 6 participants. As with all of my trips there will be a first day presentation on photographing birds in the wild and question and answer period. For the details, please see . To view a gallery of eagles and other shots from Hood Canal please view .

Wishing all of you good shooting and birding and a happy holiday season.


Nate and Angie Chappell

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Photographing Snow & Ice & Water - Presented by Warren

Photographing Snow & Ice - Presented by Warren

Tuesday Jan 11th 2011 7:00 PM
New Britain Library 20 High St New Britain, CT 06051


The Main Library is located in downtown New Britain on the corner of West Main and High Streets. It is two blocks from City Hall. It is located with convenient access to 84, 91, 9 and 72.
From I-84 West: Take Exit 39A for Route 9 South. Take Exit 27 (Chestnut St. exit) off Route 9 and go right at the end of the exit ramp. At the next light, go right onto Columbus Boulevard. Take a left at the third light onto High Street. The library is the second building on the right. Free parking is available behind the library (follow the driveway between the YMCA and the library). Metered parking is available on the street.

From I-84 East: Take Exit 35 for Route 72 East. (This is a left exit.) Take Exit 8 straight onto Columbus Boulevard. At the next light, turn right onto High Street. The library is the second building on the right. Free parking is available behind the library (follow the driveway between the YMCA and the library). Metered parking is available on the street.

From I-91 North:Take Exit 22 for Route 9 North. Take Exit 26 straight onto Columbus Boulevard. At the fifth light, turn left onto High Street. The library is the second building on the right. Free parking is available behind the library (follow the driveway between the YMCA and the library). Metered parking is available on the street.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Call for Entry for IMAGES 2011

Call for Entry for IMAGES 2011, 30th annual, statewide, juried photography competition and exhibition.

This is open to all CT photographers.

Submissions are January 28, 29, 30.

Visit for more information, guidelines and call for entry form.

Please distribute to your membership.

Lisa's note -- someone emailed me and asked me to explain "juried photography competition". OK. I actually just pass along information and the full details of this were in the link, but OK -- "juried photography competition" -- like most competitions there are judges, same goes for many craft fairs. They decide whose images get into the exhibition or show.

Jurors for for this particular 2011 exhibition are:

Anna Collette, Lecturer, Massachusettes School of Art & Design, Boston, MA
Matthew Jensen, Photographer & Curator, New York, NY
George Slade, Program Manager/Curator, Photographic Resource Center, Boston, MA

Thursday, December 23, 2010

HDR Efex Pro version 1.1

I received this email from Nik software about the newest version of HDR Efex Pro, butit does not solve my problem yet, although they did at least mention that they are working on a fix. Lisa

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of HDR Efex Pro version 1.1, an update to your software. This update was developed specifically to improve memory management, provide improved interaction with Adobe® Photoshop®, and resolve a number of issues our customers had experienced with the 1.0 version.

We are currently working on another update that will provide 32-bit compatibility for Photoshop and expect this update to be available in the first quarter of 2011.

To download the HDR Efex Pro 1.1 update, please click on the download button corresponding to your operating system below.

HDR Efex Pro, the new professional standard for powerful realistic and artistic High Dynamic Range imaging, is now available! Whether or not you've tried HDR Photography in the past, you'll discover a whole new dimension with the revolutionary all-in-one workflow in HDR Efex Pro. Just updated! New version 1.1 specifically improves memory management, provides improved interaction with Photoshop, and resolves a number of other issues.

21st Annual Orchid Show at the Resort & Conference Center in Hyannis

The Cape Cod and Islands Orchid Society is having their 21st Annual Orchid Show at the Resort & Conference Center in Hyannis. The event is scheduled Saturday & Sunday, January 29 & 30 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This is a great opportunity to use your macro lense or your point & shoot on macro mode. There are a multitude of beautiful exotic orchids on display and also for sale.

Tripods are not allowed.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 2011 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition opens on 12 January 2011. Please join our mailing list to keep up to date with the latest news.

Come and see the winners of the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 competition in a stunning exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.

The 2010 winners can also be viewed online.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tiny Powerful Flashlight For Macro Photography

Tiny Powerful Flashlight For Macro Photography

From Mike Moats
"Many times I’m shooting in deep wooded areas that get pretty dark. It can be really tough focusing through the viewfinder in these conditions. I will carry a small flashlight to throw some light on the subject which allows me to see the fine details for better focusing. I lost my last flashlight recently and ask for another one for Christmas. My son who likes to backpack had found this tiny incredibly powerful flashlight for its size and weight for backpacking. He gave me a Streamlight Microstream flashlight for Christmas and I was shock at the light that came out of this tiny thing. It measures about a half an inch in diameter and is only about 3.5 inches long."

To check it out go here,

Monday, December 20, 2010

The passing of photographer Don Gale

It is with our deepest regrets that we are letting you know of the recent passing of Don Gale. To many of you, he was a photographer, teacher and friend. He was also a loving husband, father, grandfather, son and brother. Some of you may have only met Don in passing, at one of his presentations or trade show appearances, but to those that knew Don at all, his passing is sad news. His passions included a love of photographing nature and the outdoors and he especially enjoyed sharing that passion with his students. Early this year he was diagnosed with cancer and fought it bravely to the very end. While this was never kept secret, it was something that Don did not broadcast because he approached this situation as he did all others, with a positive attitude and a love for living in the moment.

The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the "Don Gale Memorial Fund", the proceeds of which will be donated to the charities that had impacted his life and were dear to his heart. He started his love of the outdoors and photography on a trip he took to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Range through the El Monte Boys & Girls Club and it's so typical that Don would want to "pay back" to this and similar organizations that help others to see the beauty around us. Checks can be made to the "Don Gale Memorial Fund" and sent to the studio address below.

Thank you for being a part of the journey that Don loved -

Photography by Don
4511 Santa Anita
El Monte, CA 91731
(626) 448-3691

"Timelessness" The West in Black and White by Kathy Conway


An announcement for my 1st fine art photography book. You can preview and comment at:

fine art photography

"Timelessness" The West in Black and White by Kathy Conway

I would appreciate your comments!!

Happy Holidays,

Kathy Conway

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bald Eagles on the CT River Holiday Gift Bald Eagle Photo

Bald Eagles on the CT River Holiday Gift Bald Eagle Photo

February 5 through March 13, 2011

Thursday at 9AM, 1130AM and 2PM
Saturday and Sunday at:
9AM, 1130AM, and 2PM thru Feb. 27
8AM, 1030AM, 1PM, and 330PM from Mar. 5 to 13

Connecticut Audubon Society will again sponsor numerous boats to search for Bald Eagles along the Connecticut River where this generally ice-free stretch of river is host to the state's largest concentration of nesting and wintering Bald Eagles. Aboard will be naturalists to assist in field identification, talk about eagle ecology, and point out the other birds found. Our vessel has a large heated cabin, restroom, and open decks. Tours are approximately two and a quarter hours in length. Reserve now and purchase a holiday Gift Certificate for your special someone. Fee for participants and Gift Certificates is $40.

I hope you and your gift recipients will be joining us this winter season for a great natural history adventure! Call us at 860-767-0660 or email Andy at 


Andrew Griswold, Director
Connecticut Audubon Society EcoTravel
35 Pratt Street, Suite 201
Essex, CT 06426 USA

Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 Tips for Shooting Christmas Lights

6 Tips for Shooting Christmas Lights

From Scott
It’s that time of year again, and many have already covered the tips and tricks that surround shooting Christmas Lights. Here’s just a few tips and sample photos to help you along the way, and give you some ideas for your own creative vision and inspiriation: Keep your shutter speed around 3-7 seconds.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Palm Springs Photo Festival March 27 - April 1, 2011

March 27 - April 1, 2011


PSPF Website
No Fee Slide Show Contest

Now is the time to make your decision to join us in the most exciting single week of photography available. Participate in our remarkable Workshop program, studying with celebrated, real world working photographers. Learn a tremendous amount of new information, essential to your work and career in our Seminar program. Attend important discussions about our current business environment at our daily Symposiums. Get your work in front of over 90 industry influencers in our Portfolio Review program (this year we'll offer over 650 portfolio reviews!).

Here's what's included in your $75 daily registration fee:
* Admittance to 12 Seminars during the week
* Our important daily Symposiums
The Business of Fine Art
The Convergence Conference
Advocacy & the Arts
PDN Presents: Strategies for the Young Working Photographer
* Two Networking Events Wine Tastings from Prominent California Wineries
* Unlimited access to our Sponsor Headquarters. See the latest from Canon, Epson, Blurb, Samy's Camera, Western Digital, X-Rite, Tenba, Blend Images Agency, Aperture Foundation, LeadApron Antiquarian Photobooks and Marshall Electronics!
* Access to the Open Portfolio Review Sunday, March 27 at the Hyatt Regency. Over 80 photographers will be presenting their work!
* Invitation to our Opening Reception immediately following our Open Portfolio Review.


4-Day Workshops
PETER TURNLEY: The Street Picture on Assignment
DAVID MUENCH: The Desert Light: Color in the Landscape
KEITH CARTER: Finding Your Voice or Get Your Mojo Working!;
TODD HIDO: Contemporary Fine Art Practice: Conception, Execution & Discussion
GREG GORMAN: The Fine Art Male & Female Nude
STEPHEN WILKES: Exploring the Salton Sea: Formal Documentary on Location
LOIS CONNER: The Desert in Black and White
FRANK OCKENFELS: Signature Portraiture
GILLIAN LAUB: The Documentary Photo Essay
CHRISTOPHER GRIFFITH: The Still Life Reconsidered
AMY ARBUS: Environmental Portraits with an Edge
JUERGEN NOGAI: The Art of Architecture
LORNE RESNICK: The Art & Commerce of Travel Photography

1-Day Workshops

LOU LESKO & MICHAEL BRITT: An Introduction to DSLR Video Production Part I
LOU LESKO & MICHAEL BRITT: An Introduction to DSLR Video Production Part II
NELS ISRAELSON: The Dramatic Portrait: Shaping Light to Create Mood & Character

In addition to our spectacular Workshops, you can reserve from over 650 Portfolio Reviews with over 90 Industry notables from Advertising Agencies, Magazines, Book Publishers, Reps, Museum Curators, Gallery Directors, Music Company Creatives; This is your opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with people who can influence your career! We present over 20 important and educational Seminars during the week.

Most importantly, you can join the community - meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, keep your work fresh and exciting. We're about the passion for photography. These are exciting times! Call us at 1-800 928 8314 for more information or go directly to our website at See you in the desert!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Dear NECCC Club Reps and Presidents,

About two months ago NECCC started a blog entitled "NECCC News" as a way to publicize the activities of the Council and its Summer Conference. Since the original announcement many New England camera
club members have subscribed, but the number is still only a small fraction of the total membership of the NECCC clubs. The purpose of this e-mail is to solicit your help to publicize the blog to your members. You can help by doing the following:

* If you haven't already subscribed to the blog yourself, go to, click on the "Subscribe" menu item in the left hand column, and follow the instructions to subscribe to receive announcements of new postings automatically as they are made.

* Make announcements at your club meetings encouraging ALL members of your club to go to and subscribe to the blog and keep up with NECCC happenings. The blog isn't just for NECCC reps and club officers, but it is intended for all New England photographers as
well as others from outslde New England interested in the activities of the Council and its Summer Conference.

* Publicize "NECCC News" in your club newsletters, on your web site, and in your own blog if you have one.

NECCC is moving into the electronic age, but we need your help to make this new activity a success.

Best regards,


William B. Barnett, AFIAP, MNEC, EPSA

66 Jasmine Circle

Milford, CT 06461-1788


Editor, NECCC News

Phone/Fax: (203) 877-1639


New eBook - Light & Land

New eBook - Light & Land

From David
One of the ideas I had when I wrote Vision & Voice was to release an ebook version where people took some of the ideas and presented their own spin, sort of a "Your Voice, Your Vision." kind of thing. Michael Frye's new Craft & Vision title, released today, does this and much, much more.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Join National Geographic Photographers in the Arctic with Lindblad Expeditions

Travel with a National Geographic Photographer Travel with a National Geographic Photographer

Shoot alongside a National Geographic Photographer and get photo tips in the field - where it counts. Every Arctic expedition includes a National Geographic Photographer who will be a travel companion and resident expert with skills and stories to share. Learn more >>

Arctic Norway: Land of the Ice Bears Land of the Ice Bears — 11 Days

Venture to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard between Norway and the North Pole. We'll search for polar bears and walruses along the pack ice and see reindeer walking a tundra abloom with wildflowers. Experience the midnight sun, and see deep fjords, snowy peaks and glaciers that stretch beyond the horizon. Learn more >>

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tripods and Heads

Tripods and Heads:

My best advice for tripods is to visit your local camera store and try them out! Find one that you find easy to use… I’ve tried many, and my recommendations are below.

A tripod is composed of two parts – the Legs and the Head. The head simply attaches to the legs, and these have universal connections.

• Tripod Legs (entry level) - Manfrotto 190XB 3 Section Aluminum Tripod

     ◦ An excellent set of legs for most small to medium-sized cameras such as the Nikon D90 mentioned above. It supports 11 pounds, so you have room to grow.

• Tripod Legs (professional) - TVC-33 from Really Right Stuff Legs

     ◦ I recently switched from the high-end Gitzo tripod legs to some from Really Right Stuff. These are awesome. They are lighter and stronger than the comparable Gitzo.

• Tripod Head (entry level) - Giottos MH-1000 Large Ball Head w/ Built-in Quick Release

     ◦ A simple and easy to use quick-release head that you will enjoy

• Tripod Head (professional) - Really Right Stuff

     ◦ This company makes remarkable products… When you go to the site, you can choose the best setup for your camera. This is what I use on my professional cameras.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

HDR Video Tutorials

Trey from Stuck in Customs has some free HDR tutorials, information, and inspiring photos.

I'm happy to release this finally! We now have a "Downloadable" version of the HDR Workshop DVDs. Grab it at the HDR Video Tutorial page!

The DVDs have been a great success, but they are kind of a pain in today's world to burn, package, and mail out all over creation. The DVDs are still available, of course, and there is some extra content on those. Also, frankly, because the DVDs and our support team involved with getting to locations is so expensive, it was hard for us to get below a $100 price.

I know this lower price is important to many people on a budget, and I wanted to make it available just in time for the holidays. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Professor Has Camera Implanted In the Back of His Own Head

Professor Has Camera Implanted In the Back of His Own Head

That's one way to skip the camera strap.

By Posted December 7, 2010

New York University photography professor Wafaa Bilal’s latest project, “The 3rd I,” goes live on December 15 at the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar.
The Iraqi-born performance artist underwent a two-hour operation at a body modification shop, with just a local anesthetic, to embed a thumbnail-sized camera into the thin outer layer of the skin over his skull for his year-long social commentary project. Three titanium plates were embedded in his head, each with a post that pierces through the skin, and a 10-megapixel color digital camera, measuring one inch by two inches attaches to these posts.
Commissioned by the museum, Bilal’s camera will capture an image every minute and stream live to museum visitors for one year, as well as to the Internet. This is not Bilal’s first body modification project for art’s sake.

“An artist is a mirror reflecting the social condition,” says Bilal. “Do we really have privacy these days? How many times each day is our image taken without our knowledge?”

NYU apparently agrees with the issue of unwelcome cameras capturing people’s movements, requesting from Professor Bilal that when on-campus, his camera is turned off to respect the privacy of the students.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Nature Photography Summit

From Jerry Monkman

The Nature Photography Summit

Some of you may know that I am on the board of the North American Nature Photography Association. I've been a member since the organization was founded in the early 1990's, and I have attended 10 or so of their annual "summits." I owe a lot of my photographic and professional development to NANPA and the summits are where I've built and maintained dozens of wonderful relationships with other photographers, writers, and photo editors. The 2011 Summit is in McAllen, TX, March 9 -12, and promises to offer the usual inspiration and knowledge building through field trips, great keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and portfolio reviews. If you've never heard of McAllen, it is in SW Texas in the heart of some of the best birding habitat in all of North America. I highly encourage you all to check it out:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Friends,

Please join me for a special Thompson Street Calendar signing event on Saturday, December 11 from 12-2PM at Maria’s in Middleboro. It has been my privilege to photograph this beautiful street over the past three years. During that time, I have met many terrific people while making some wonderful images that have been turned into an annual calendar.

Proceeds from the sale of the calendars will benefit the Committee for the Preservation of Thompson Street. The Committee is dedicated to preserving the rural character of the street. Thompson Street is one of the last agricultural areas in Middleboro. Farm properties along the street are under numerous threats of large scale development. The residents of Thompson Street have banded together to try to preserve their neighborhood character.

The 2011 calendars are simply beautiful and they make an outstanding gift! They are affordably priced at $15 each. The 2010 calendars were sent to friends and family as far away as Florida and California!

This year’s calendar includes thirteen outstanding images that depict rural life on Thompson Street. I have attached a mock up of the calendar cover for you to view. These fantastic Halflinger draft horses were photographed on Bob Buck's farm in May.

In addition to the calendars, I will be selling prints of the images that were featured in the 2010 and 2011 Thompson Street calendars. I will also hold a drawing for a calendar print of the winner's choice. A ticket will be entered for every calendar purchased from 12-2PM on Saturday, December 11, 2011. The winner will be announced later that day on my blog at

Refreshments will be served including some of Pat Farrington’s famous baklava! Come out and support Thompson Street on Saturday, December 11, from 12-2PM. There is a limited supply of these stunning calendars available. Don't miss out on this chance to purchase your copy of the 2011 calendar! I look forward to seeing you at Maria’s on December 11!



Visit my web site at

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bright Nights at Central Park Zoo's Winterfest

Heading to Fifth Avenue to admire the tree at Rockefeller Center or take in the holiday windows with your family? Make the Central Park Zoo part of your agenda; we're located just up the block! On Fridays and Saturdays from December 3-December 18, we're extending our hours until 6:30 p.m. so you can stop by in the afternoon or after work for a stroll under thousands of twinkling lights. Watch our penguins, polar bears, and snow leopards unwrap seasonal treats during holiday enrichment sessions, and enjoy crafts and Wildlife Theater performances in the Zoo Gallery. You can also do some discount holiday shopping at the Zootique, take a festive family photo, and enjoy seasonal treats like roasted marshmallows, candy apples, and hot apple cider. View the full schedule of events.

Had enough of the outdoors? Warm up in the Tropic Zone, where the temperature is a steamy 80 degrees all year long. Inside, our two new mongoose families and trio of coatimundi are waiting to meet you!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Canon Creative Asia Photography Awards 2011

The Canon Creative Asia Photography Awards 2011

Enter online at

Final Week!

Entries close 10th December

Please note;

* Entries are open to all photographers worldwide. You don't need to be from or living in the Asian region.

* Images entered do not need to be from the Asian region

* The use of texture overlays in the preparation of images is allowed. These overlays do not need to be taken by the photograspher, they can be sourced elsewhere.

* Category judging will begin soon after entries close on the 10th of Descember. All category judging will be completed by 20th of December.

* Entrants who place in the final round will be notified before the end of the year. The Final judging round will be a live event as part of the Creative Asia Conference on 19th of January.

The final judging event will be broadcast live online with video and audio of the judging panel, judges scores, image previews and interactive audience chat. If you can't be there you can still experience the insight and education that comes from watching a live judging event online.

Entries close 10th December, 2010.

Enter online at

Color management and monitor calibration...

Color management and monitor calibration...

From Scott
"I know, I know, when you start talking about color management and/or monitor calibration peoples eyes glaze over and they start looking for the nearest exit (or the closest ledge from which to jump). But it is such an important part of photography workflow that if you ignore it, it will surely come back to bite you in the butt. So... if you would be happy with Stevie Wonder editing your images you can stop right here, otherwise please read on..."

"Color Management for Photographers"

"Color Management for Photographers"

Download a sample of Chapter 1 (Color Management and why we need it)

Download Book Index and Acknowledgements
Buy on

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New World's Largest Photo is 80 Gigapixels of London

New World's Largest Photo is 80 Gigapixels of London

The new world record holder for the largest panoramic photo was taken by a group called 360 Cities that dwarfs at the 75 gigapixel photo of Budapest, scoffs at the 45 gigapixel picture of Dubai and laughs at the now minuscule 26 gigapixel panorama of Paris... Continue Reading

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Digital Workflow for Photographers

$19.97 – Digital Workflow for Photographers – Bonus Version

• A great system for keeping all of your digital photos organized in an ever-changing world.

• Bonus Version: 23 pages – densely packed with information

• Bonus Version: Extra screenshots from Trey’s computer, showing how he physically organizes his files

• Bonus Version: Illustrates extra steps for file management around HDR photography and the problem of handling multiple files to create a final image.