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Distressed Texture Overlays

Distressed Texture Overlays

Super Sale!Save $25.00
Now just $14.99
Jibz Distressed Texture Overlays
A collection of one of a kind colored
textured overlays to add depth, texture
and color effects to your photos.

Includes 83 - 8" x 10" overlays.
Experiment with blend modes to get
the effect you desire.
Full instructions for Adobe PS and
Elements are included.

Add a texture layer on top and change
its blend mode to overlay or soft light.
Change the mode opacity to desired level.

Take your images from ordinary to
extraordinary with these textures.
Add interest and depth to your image by
overlaying Jibz Textures
Also can be used as as backgrounds
for your designs.

Jibz photo textures are easy to
customize and charge colors.
Super Sale save $25.00
Now Just $14.99
Designed for Photoshop and Elements

Powerex AA 2700mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

I get a lot of questions about batteries so I thought that I should share this, these are the best batteries!

Powerex AA 2700mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries with holder- 4 Batteries Per Pack

by Powerex


Technical Details

  • PowerEx Ultra high capacity AA batteries offer a super long run time! That's atleast 30-40% more than most competitors!
  • PowerEx batteries are manufactured to Industrial standards for the consumer market and last up to twice as long as ordinary rechargeable batteries.
  • Includes a free battery carrying case.
  • Memory free operation means you can charge PowerEX batteries anytime you like and don't worry you can charge 2500mah PowerEx.
  • Excellent for power intensive devices like digital cameras, MP3 Players, Game Boy, CD Players, Global Position System, etc.

The MH-C800S features eight independent slots that can charge one to eight AA or AAA batteries in any combination around one to two hours - it's like having eight chargers! The unit also incorporates a large LCD screen featuring the charging status of each battery. This new charger uses the same precision microprocessor as its professional sister model MH-C801D. The user can choose between a soft and a fast charge mode. The soft charge delivers the highest battery life and allows 100% compatibility with older, lower capacity batteries. The fast charge allows eight batteries to be fully charged to their maximum capacity in as little as one to two hours. The Eight Cell charger is embedded with a high-rate battery conditioner that will charge, deep-discharge and recharge batteries automatically for maximum performance. The cycle restores the batteries to their optimal performance level minimizing the memory effect. Batteries that were previously thought ready for the recycle bin can be brought back to life. The MH-C800S can be used anywhere around the world using the included switching AC power supply, perfect for home, office and travel.


Greg Basco

Want to know what Canon gear I would have in my bag if I won the lottery?

Want to know what Nikon gear I would have in my bag if I won the lottery?

But you don’t need it all to capture nice images.

Redcoats & Rebels @ OSV

August 4 - August 5
mock battle
See the largest military re-enactment in New England with soldiers portraying British, Irish, Welsh, German, Scottish, French and Colonial troops. The Village is transformed into a military camp from the time of the War for Independence, as it was known in early New England. Come see what it was really like for those who fought to win America's freedoms.
Daytime events include a mock battle each afternoon, cannon-firing demonstrations, fife and drum music, and marching and drilling demonstrations. See how laundry was done, and meet the surgeons who tended to the wounded and administered smallpox inoculations.
Twilight EncampmentOn Saturday, stay for special extended hours. The Village will be open until 8:00 p.m. for a special evening program, "Twilight Encampment," when visitors can mingle with troops in their camps from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. There is no additional charge for the evening program. (The Village will close at its normal time, 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.)
Food and beverages will be available for sale in the Village Cafe, Bullard Tavern Cafe. Grilled items and ice cream, as well as wine and beer will also be sold in the Village. Visitors may bring in their own food, but no outside alcohol is allowed.
See video.
Named a Best of New England event
by Yankee magazine.
Redcoats & Rebels Upcoming Dates
Saturday, August 4, 2012 - Sunday, August 5, 2012


Monday, July 30, 2012

Incredible Showcase of HDR Photography

Incredible Showcase of HDR Photography - a collection of really great HDR images, all processed subtly to deliver imagery with the highest dynamic range possible.  These gorgeous pictures are some great examples of applying HDR techniques to create very unique images.

How to Shoot Super Macro Photos

How to Shoot Super Macro Photos

Ok, before I get into the “how to”, let me first give you a brief explanation of what macro is. It’s basically close-up photography where the image projected on the camera sensor is relatively the same size as your subject. We give this term a ratio of 1:1. Most standard macro lenses give you up to 1:1 ratio. As for super macro, depending on your lens combination, you can usually get a ratio of 2:1 or greater. What this means is that your sensor sees closer than the human eye which leads to some unusual photography.

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/super-macro-photography#ixzz21kX5o0gI



Definitely an article worth reading...



To order, contact:

Jessica Wayashe

Jessica Wayashe
Account Executive
New England Revolution
One Patriot Place
Foxborough, MA 02035
(508) 549-0257

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grandpa’s Tools

Grandpa’s Tools

You have to check out this photo -- wow! 

This is the blog post that went along with it, but the photo is awesome and inspiring

"Just spent a fun weekend with master light painter Harold Ross. He’s been making this magic for twenty some years and his techniques, tools and teaching methods are brilliant. Using little flashlights with diffusing tubes, we painted each tool and surface in a darkened studio and then composited the 20+ exposures in Photoshop."

The Wonderful World of Macro Lenses: Close-Up Photography Lesson #4

The Wonderful World of Macro Lenses: Close-Up Photography Lesson #4

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/the-wonderful-world-of-macro-lenses-close-up-photography-lesson-4#ixzz21kEfSFtF

Other related articles:
You can learn more about close-up and macro photography in my new ebook Up Close: A Guide to Macro & Close Up Photography, available now from Craft & Vision for just $5.

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/the-wonderful-world-of-macro-lenses-close-up-photography-lesson-4#ixzz21kEbSEtB

Taking a Photography Workshop; Why it is Different from a Photo Tour

Taking a Photography Workshop; Why it is Different from a Photo Tour

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/taking-a-photography-workshop-why-it-is-different-from-a-photo-tour#ixzz21kDrnwvp

A Guest Post by Piper Mackay from www.pipermackayphotography.com.

"The lines seem to crossing between the terms workshop and photo tours. When they do participants may be confused or have false expectations. The most common mistake is signing up for a photo tour and expecting a teaching workshop. One reason for this is that there is many tours offered that are incorrectly labeled as workshops."

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/taking-a-photography-workshop-why-it-is-different-from-a-photo-tour#ixzz21kE1KHke

Piper Mackay is a professional travel and wildlife photographer whose work is heavily based in Eastern Africa. She is currently leading both wildlife and cultural safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Her work is represented by Getty images and she is and instructor for the Travel and Editorial track at Calumet. View her work at www.pipermackayphotography.com.

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/taking-a-photography-workshop-why-it-is-different-from-a-photo-tour#ixzz21kEDgSVl

An In-Depth Guide to Long Exposure Water Photography


An In-Depth Guide to Long Exposure Water Photography

What makes a large body of water such an interesting subject for nighttime photography is that it's really a blank canvas. Light reflecting off the surface creates unique textures and vibrant colors. The movement of the water captured with a long exposure adds surrealism to the image.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Natural Light: Mastering a Photographer’s Most Powerful Tool

Natural Light: Mastering a Photographer’s Most Powerful Tool

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/naturallight#ixzz21kD99zDa

Is our Natural Light eBook for You?

Yes, if you:
  • want to communicate mood and emotion more powerfully through every shot
  • want to harness the potential of light in your photography practice
  • want to unleash new creative possibilities with your existing equipment
  • want to make the most of every photographic opportunity, no matter what the setting or time of day

What You’ll Discover

  • Understand the essential qualities of natural light
  • Master the technical components you’ll need to work with natural light, including exposure, metering, and the histogram
  • Learn expert methods to control natural light to suit your creative needs
  • Grasp the potential of harsh light, diffused light, fog, twilight, and other settings
  • Learn to sculpt light, create light interplay, reveal silhouettes, and more
  • Practice professional post-processing techniques to enhance natural light
  • Harness the countless creative possibilities that natural light affords
Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/naturallight#ixzz21kDcmU7a


New Photography Tutorial

New Photography Tutorial

New photography tutorial called Discover the Art of Photography that is made specifically for beginners and just beyond. I've included a few details below. You can find out more about the course and register by visiting: http://stuckincustoms.com/art-of-photography

What Will You Learn about Photography?
In four short lessons you will learn the fundamentals of how a camera operates, properly composing a photo, finding your artistic style and basic photo editing.
Episode 1: Getting Started
- Introduction to photography
- Learning through curiosity and discovery
- Setting up your camera
- Taking your first photo
- Editing your photo with Adobe Lightroom
Episode 2: Photo Composition
- Challenging the traditional teachings on composition
- Live example: Composing a landscape photo
- Live example: Composing a photo with people
- Editing the landscape and people photos
- Review examples of many different compositions
Episode 3: Finding Your Own Style
- Discovering your unique path to your own art
- Live examples: Photographing in a park and a candy shop
- Editing the photos from the park and candy shop
- Reviewing examples of small object composition
- More advanced techniques using Adobe Lightroom
Episode 4: Photo Editing
- Moving past the learning curve of post processing
- Sharing your photos with others online
- Playing with Adobe Photoshop
- Tips & Tricks with Adobe Photoshop
- Introduction to HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography

Friday, July 27, 2012

B&W Processing eBook

  B&W Processing eBook Announcement

It is my great pleasure to announce my latest eBook: Creative B&W Processing Techniques. Designed as a companion to my earlier title Creative Processing Techniques, the new eBook extends my creative process framework with concepts and techniques unique to digital processing of B&W images, along with thoughts on approaching B&W photography as an expressive visual art. The eBook includes examples of using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, and is focused on understanding a variety of tools and their application in telling your visual stories.

Also new in this eBook is a high-resolution PDF template optimized for a variety of reading devices, including the new iPad 3 with retina display.
The eBook is available as either a single-volume PDF document, or in a discounted 2-volume bundle, along with Creative Processing Techniques.

David Middleton’s Fall Photography Workshops

David Middleton’s Fall Photography Workshops

Fall in Vermont October 10th – 14th Manchester Center, Vermont
Santa Fe Workshops: www.santafeworkshops.com/photography-workshops
I call this my backyard workshop because, well, it is done in my (greater) backyard. Taught with my great friends and fellow pros Jeff Wendorff and Lisa Cueman, I take the class to all my favorite locations- tumbling mountain streams, misty ponds, colorful meadows and old barns. We also go to the wonderful old dairy farm that I did an entire book on to photograph the old-time Vermont of generations past. As a special treat we will also photograph two magnificent horses- running against a background of colorful trees and portraits of them with a dramatic black background.

Fall on the Maine Coast October 17th – 21st Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park
Santa Fe Workshops: www.santafeworkshops.com/photography-workshops
I have been going to Acadia National Park and the headlands of Down East for more than 20 years and every time I go there I find more things to photograph. Now after doing three books on the coast of Maine I appreciate the area even more. From the beautiful working harbors to the hidden ponds surrounded with color to the birch forests thick with ferns there are endless subjects to photograph. Don’t go with a group to all the standard places that everyone else has images of, come with us and get unique shots of a unique and beautiful part of our country. Taught with my great friend and fellow pro, Brenda Berry.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

FREE Ask the Lawyer: Legal & Business Issues for Photographers and Visual Artists

Ask the Lawyer: Legal & Business Issues for Photographers and Visual Artists

This workshop is free and open to the public!
This workshop is for professional photographers, visual artists, and people working in the field.

When: Sunday, July 29th, 2012 • 2pm
VLA offers a similar class this July in New York City!

Where: Hudson Opera House Hudson, New York

This workshop provides an overview of the major legal topics that affect artistic endeavors and that every visual artist and photographer should understand. The focus of the course is on underlying legal concepts and practical applications. We will answer three basic questions: How do you protect your work? How do you exploit your work? How do you avoid legal issues and trouble?
Topics covered include intellectual property (copyright primarily) and fair use, various photography and visual art specific contracts (including commission agreements) and the rights of privacy (including street photography) and publicity, as well as entity choice and business formation including nonprofit and for profit options.

For more information, please call Luis Nieto Dickens at 212.319.2787 x12, or e-mail him at lndickens@vlany.org

Register now! 

Creative Landscape Photography course

In Creative Landscape Photography, you'll learn the art of using quality of light, strong graphic design, and emotional elements to improve your work. Previously titled "Inspiring Nature Photography," the course is taught by Outdoor Photographer columnist William Neill.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Review

For those of you debating about upgrading, jump in! If you are shooting RAW you MUST have either LR4 or CS6 because the new ACR is AWESOME!!! Lisa
Photoshop CS6 is a solid update with dramatic improvements in Camera Raw, typographic controls, and more.

Teton-Yellowstone Photo Workshop 2012

Teton-Yellowstone Photo Workshop 2012
featuring instructors Joe Brady and Diane Bollen
October 3-6, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Join instructor Joe Brady in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States, for a four-day guided photography workshop. We've chosen this special time in the Tetons as this is the season when the beautiful Aspen's change to gold, adding color to the incredible landscapes. From the seasoned pro to passionate beginner, everyone will benefit with personal attention in this intimate, small group experience with co-instructor Diane Bollen also available to help out with camera questions and imaging software editing. Each day will include plenty of shooting and enough classroom time to fine-tune your images from good to great using the latest software tools with tips and tricks you can put to use right away.

Click here to download the complete Teton brochure

Savannah Photo Workshop 2012 Featuring instructors Eddie Tapp and Joe Brady

Savannah Photo Workshop 2012
Featuring instructors Eddie Tapp and Joe Brady
September 16-19, Savannah, Georgia
Join Eddie Tapp, Joe Brady, Judy Host and Diane Bollen for an educational and fun photo workshop with four nationally known educators and photographers in beautiful, fun and friendly Savannah, Georgia. We had so much fun with our 2011 class that we're returning to this photogenic location because of the wonderful people, comfortable headquarters hotel and of course - the great food! Spend four days of learning, inspiration and personalized attention to improve your photography and learn new skills.

Click here to download the complete Savannah brochure

Lyman Orchards Sunflower Maze -- Open July 28 - Aug 26

Sunflower Maze -- Open July 28 - Aug 26, 2012!

Come aboard me hearties!Open daily 9am-5pm, weather permitting.
Ticket sales close at 4:30pm.

Our 2012 Maze Opens late July, with a design inspired by the children of Connecticut Children's Medical Center! We've raised more than $7,000 for the Hospital by donating $1 of every admission ticket. Our sunflower maze is planted late spring, in time for the beautiful sunflowers (350,000 of them) to grow tall enough to tower over visitors when we open in the summer. Be among the first to explore our awesome Pirate Ship Sunflower Maze! Buy your maze tickets here, and save $1.00 off each ticket!

Group Visits are welcomed!

If your church or organization is planning a visit, you can enjoy the convenience of buying your group tickets in advance, here.Learn more about our special food packages and adding Golf, Pick Your Own, or other seasonal activities to your outing! Call Nancy Brennan at 860.349.6046 for more information.

Carved within our three acre field are pathways leading you in all directions, but not necessarily the right one! You'll enounter about 85 decision points in search of the exit!

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides, in the famous Remax Balloon,will be available on the weekend of August 11th & 12th, weather permitting. Proceeds from Balloon Rides and Maze ticket sales help support the kids of Connecticut Children's Medical CenterWhat better way to spend a summer day than to navigate through a field lush with beautiful, multi-colored sunflowers! (The flowers are ornamental sunflowers, without pollen to attract bees or stir up allergies.) You'll enjoy a bird's eye view of our maze from our viewing platform, and from the peaks of the surrounding orchard hillsides. While you're having fun navigating the pathways, enjoy knowing that your visit helps support a great cause! more>>

Located at the Junction of Routes 147 & 157 in Middlefield, CT 06455.
Main Phone: 860-349-1793

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brian Trainor FREE Presentation "Hanging Out In South Florida National Parks"

Brian Trainor Presentation "Hanging Out In South Florida National Parks"

Date: Wednesday, August 8th
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Location: Photo Connection of Colchester
Event Fee: FREE

Brian’s images of South Florida National Parks definitely aren’t what you’ll find in a travel brochure. Brian uses in-camera techniques, perspective and “gadgets” to create photographic art of his surroundings … not computer manipulation.
As Brian states; “While most things have been photographed, my goal is to create an image that viewers are drawn to for its distinct perspective and innovation. When the connection between the viewer and the image occurs, the foundation for a renewed awareness and interest in the subject is established.

We know you’ll enjoy Brian’s images and learning how he creates them. Register for this FREE event today! 

Lecture Announcement: Connie Imboden, Saturday, July 28th at 8PM

NEW Canon EOS M camera

Just announced, New from CANON!
We are taking PRE-ORDERS, call us, email us or come on in to add your name to
the waiting list for these hot new products from Canon.

Eos M
18-55 STM
22 STM

How To: Auto Bracket 9 Exposures on a 3 AEB System

How To: Auto Bracket 9 Exposures on a 3 AEB System

It’s all about the Background

It’s all about the Background

David Middleton, good advice on backgrounds.

"The background of an image is a very important part of a photograph. It is so important that if the background is bad the photo is automatically bad. There are no exceptions. Bad background, bad image. This means that the background must be a deliberate choice you make.:

Life is like a camera

Life is like a camera

How many pictures?

How many pictures has your camera taken?

perhaps you just want to know, but more likely someone asks you when you put your camera up for sale. 

Finding Your Camera’s Current Shutter Actuations

Canon Cameras

It’s necessary to note that Canon doesn’t store the shutter actuation details in the EXIF data. So for Canon, things are a little different; the best program to check your shutter count is EOS Info. EOS Info is a neat little program by AstroJargon. It’s freeware, although they do ask for donations if you can spare it. It will provide the shutter count, the serial number, the camera model, the firmware version as well as the owner and date the results as well.

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/finding-your-cameras-current-shutter-actuations#ixzz21YambFj6

Nikon and Pentax Cameras
Nikon and Pentax store the shutter count details in the EXIF data. For Nikon and Pentax, you can either use My Shutter Count – simply upload a JPG or RAW and get your results – or download Opanda IExif .

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/finding-your-cameras-current-shutter-actuations#ixzz21YarXwwc

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Floral Fusions: A Simple Set-Up For Creative Effects

Floral Fusions: A Simple Set-Up For Creative Effects

In an age of abundant paint software and texture apps, it is easy to overlook other approaches to painterly image creation. Using moving sheets of textured glass with slow shutter speeds is one alternative approach. You can create these images indoors or outdoors. One possible indoor set-up is show here: a small table near a window, a colored cloth backdrop, a reflector opposite the window to provide fill, sheets of textured glass, vases of flowers and your camera mounted on a tripod (with cable release). Read the rest and see some great images here: http://www.shutterbug.com/content/floral-fusions-simple-set-creative-effects

Camera Club of Oxford Greens Presents Rick Sammon Seminar,

Camera Club of Oxford Greens Presents Rick Sammon Seminar, Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where: The Ridge Club - Village at Oxford Greens

99 Country Club Drive, Oxford Ct.

Cost: $35.00 P/P which includes: The seminar; lunch; a copy of Rick’s book, “Exploring the Light”

Checks should be made out to CCOOG and mailed to
Christine Volo, 562 Putting Green Lane, Oxford, Ct. 06478-3115 along with the registration form below.






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You might be a photographer

You might be a photographer

"Digital Fundamentals" class

"Digital Fundamentals" class in Billerica, MA this September.

See attachment for details.  Registration can be done via the link in my signature below.

Testimonials from recent seminar and workshop clients are available here :

Mike Milicia, Nature Photographer and Shoot The Light Instructor
Michael Milicia Photography, LLC
500px Portfolio | Web Site | Facebook

Fundamentals of Digital Nature Photography : September 15 & 16, 2012 : Billerica, MA

LevelUp for Photoshop Makes a Game of Learning Photoshop

LevelUp for Photoshop Makes a Game of Learning Photoshop

Adobe has launched a new game for learning your way around Photoshop.
LevelUp for Photoshop is a game of missions — and points and rewards — that guide you along the way of learning basic Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 and CS6 software skills. If you are a photographer and are just starting to use Photoshop, this is the game for you.
More details on Adobe’s website.

Tips for Traveling with Non-Photographers

Tips for Traveling with Non-Photographers

If you have ever traveled with a non-photographer on vacation or even a more purposed filled trip, you may know some of the pain I intend to help you avoid in this article.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Camera L-Plate Review

Camera L-Plate Review

If you do not have an L bracket, go get one, now! They are awesome. Kirk and really right stuff both sell
similar versions. Lisa

Read the review here
bottom line, this is what he says...
"I love the Arca-Swiss system of plates and clamps. I can quickly put any camera with any lens on any tripod or monopod head I own. I currently have Kirk and Really Right Stuff Camera L-Plates on all of my primary DSLRs. I highly recommend them."

Lightroom 4 Presets: Camera Calibration Profiles

Lightroom 4 Presets: Camera Calibration Profiles

copies from Matt's Blog:
"I’ve had a bunch of requests lately to update (to Lightroom 4) the Camera Profile presets that I released a couple of years ago, so here they are. These presets simply select the Camera Profiles that you’d normally select in camera (picture controls or picture styles that increase saturation, color, contrast). If you shoot in Raw though, those styles are discarded and left off of the raw file (which is why your raw file sometimes looks a little flat in Lightroom). But Lightroom has profiles that simulate those controls in the Camera Calibration panel in the Develop module. These presets only work with Raw files so don’t try them on JPEGs. There’s also 2 downloads here. One for Nikon and one for Canon (sorry if you use another brand but I had to go with the top two here)."

Black Hills Photo Shootout - September 28-30, 2012

Black Hills Photo Shootout - September 28-30, 2012

Wow, the initial response to this year's Shootout has been great!  We are filling up classes fast, but there are still plenty of great workshops open.  Here's what you will miss if you don't sign up soon:
  • A 3 day photography event in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota
  • 4 photography workshop sessions along with informational and social events
  • Photography, education, sightseeing, and camaraderie
  • Keynote presentation by Rick Sammon
  • Instruction by highly respected professional photographers
  • One of North America's hidden gems for outdoor and nature photography, abounding in wildlife, beautiful scenery, and imagery of the old and new west
  • 100's of photography professionals and enthusiasts from over 20 states and Canada
  • New events like Portfolio Reviews and Dinner with the Pro's!
  • A great weekend packed full of informative workshops, great networking opportunities, unbelievable  photography subjects, and most of all, fun!
Great courses, great instructors, great camaraderie, all in one weekend in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, who could ask for more!?! We are looking forward to seeing you on September 28-30th!

For more information or to register, please visit www.BlackHillsPhotoShootout.com

From Start to Finish: How to Get More Accurate Color From Your Images

From Start to Finish: How to Get More Accurate Color From Your Images

A while back B&H Photo invited Matt K (and others) to give my thoughts on getting better and more accurate color in your photos. The article is called “From Start to Finish: How to Get More Accurate Color From Your Images“. It’s definitely worth a read if you haven’t seen it. You’ll get a few different viewpoints and ways that various photographers work with color. Aside from just me, John Paul Caponigro, Moose Peterson, and Jeremy Cowart are all included in the article as well. 

Portraits of Dogs With Their Humans

Pro photographer Michael Brian depicts the bond between humans and their dog counterparts

Friday, July 20, 2012

Denise Ippolito and Art Morris FREE program on Creating Pleasing Blurs

Denise Ippolito and Art Morris  will be doing a program on Creating Pleasing Blurs at the B&H super-store in Manhattan on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM. Best news: it’s free. Worst news: only 80 folks can attend and you must register in advance. Learn more or register by clicking here.

time flies


A Skull, An Egg And 14 Other Unusual Objects Turned Into Cameras

Metal and plastic are great, but these DIY cameras are stand-alone pieces of art
Most of the cameras we write about here at Popular Photography are made of familiar materials like plastic and magnesium alloy. But, the simple fact is you can make a camera out of almost anything.  Here's a collection of cameras made from odd objects....