Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Flower Setups and TEXTURES workshop

Flower Setups and TEXTURES workshop
January 12, Sunday 9:30-4:30
In the morning you will photograph some textures and flowers. We will have setups and lightboxes for you to photograph. In the afternoon you will work on Photoshop and apply textures to your images. If you want to play you may bring some images for the afternoon session as well. You will come away with great images and learn how to make them on your own afterwards. 
We will provide some textures for you as part of the workshop, but you will also take some textures of your own to have as well. 
You will leave here with LOTS of textures of your own to use on your own images in addition to the ones we will provide for you. Note: having your own textures is important if you used textured images in competition (rules say all components of the image must be captured by the photographer). Images that are not competed may use purchased textures or textures from other photographers). 
This aspect alone (200 textures plus >25 of your own) is worth the price of admission, but we are not just giving you fish, we are teaching you to fish. Using Textures can really make your photos pop -- or use them to create fine art images.
Bring your dSLR, tripod, cable release (or use your self timer) and your LED light (if you have one).  Bring your laptop, or just sit next to someone and follow along, for the afternoon session.
Fee does not include lunch, but we will eat together and talk photography during the break).

January 12, Sunday 9:30-4:30

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Monday, December 30, 2013

25% off future workshops with Lisa and Tom

25% off future workshops with Lisa and Tom

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  • Pre-pay for our 2014 workshops and get more for your money. 
    Make 2014 the year you learn more about photography and/or travel to interesting photographic places. Join us for a great photo experience!
    Attend any workshop in 2014. Unused credit do not expire, so you can use them any time after Jan 1, 2014. Credits are not refundable. Cannot be applied toward past workshops or purchases.
    Sign up for yourself or give this as a gift for the holidays. You can use the credit yourself or transfer the credit to friends and family.
    How to use your credit:
    Email me with the workshop you would like to sign up for. As long as there is space I will sign you up and use a portion of your credit.
    There is no limit to the number of credits you can purchase at this. This pricing is only available for a limited time. Ends 11:45pm on December 31st.
    Pay $100 and get a $125 credit.
    Pay $200 and get a $250 credit.
    Pay $400 and get a $500 credit.
    Pay $800 and get a $1000 credit.
    Pay for yourself and just add the number of guests for increments of more $125 for $100. Note that the guests are "virtual" - the total amount of credit is yours and yours alone. Adding guests just allows you to purchase more than $100. That way the RSVP system allows Paypal to enter the correct amount for the number of $125 credits you wish to purchase at the $100 price.
    Or pay for yourself and email us and we will send you a paypal invoice for any additional amount.
    Note that Paypal also has Bill Me Later options

Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to Save Dreary Weather Photographs With HDR

How to Save Dreary Weather Photographs With HDR

We want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine the following scenario. You’ve been saving for the last two years to go on your dream vacation; a photographic expedition to a an exotic location, let’s say China. Your budget only allowed a certain number of days, and you’re attempting to take in as many locations as possible in the time that you have. Today, is your day trip to the Great Wall of China. You get up extra early, go through all your camera gear; batteries are charged, lenses are cleaned, Media cards are formatted. You are ready. At the appointed hour you rush down to the hotel lobby to board your bus. The glass doors slide open, you step outside, and your heart slowly sinks into your stomach.
Why? Because your chosen day has dreary and dull weather.
This has happened to us all. It’s heart-wrenching to finally make it to a location you’ve always wanted to photograph and you’ve got…
A Lousy Weather Day!
Because we all know, when the sun isn’t shining (or at least partially shining), it ain’t pretty!
And you end up with flat, low contrast images that don’t sparkle.
Sure there are things that you can do in Photoshop to try and pump some life into that image. But quite often too much manipulation leads to unsightly artifacts and ultra-high contrast images that aren’t all that appealing.
We would like to offer another alternative – HDR

Read the entire article here: How to Save Dreary Weather Photographs With HDR

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About White Balance

Everything You Need to Know About White Balance

What is Color Temperature?
How to Set the Correct White Balance
Manual Settings for White Balance
Creative Uses of White Balance

Friday, December 27, 2013

Lightroom Presets Collection Pastel Passions


Pastel Passions

Have you ever wondered how some photographers get that gorgeous muted pastel effect with their photographs?
The answer is that their shooting style and setup combined with their treatment of the image in post-production gets them this effect which is extremely popular with a lot of portraiture clients.
To help you get the same look, we have developed this set of Adobe Lightroom presets.
Pastel Passions is a premium set of stylish Lightroom presets designed to enhance and control pastel colours in your photography.
This gorgeous set of 12 high-quality presets allows you to get a look that has become extremely popular with many photographers in recent years. The two main user cases are outdoor portraiture (such as the images shown on this page) and also some specific instances of food photography (think brightly coloured pastel cupcakes with window lighting).
This set includes the following presets:
[+] Apricot
[+] Blue Note
[+] Blush
[+] Citrus
[+] Earthtone
[+] Flannel
[+] Honeydew
[+] Powder Puff
[+] Roasted Chestnut
[+] Touch of Lavender
[+] Wheat

Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to Read and Use Histograms

How to Read and Use Histograms

One more handy thing on your camera – the “blinkies”

How to Read and Use Histograms

Darlene Hildebrandt is the Managing Editor of dPS. She is also a photographer and educator who teaches aspiring amateurs and hobbyists how to improve their photography skills through photography classes, and photography travel tours. Darlene has a FREE ebook 10 Challenges To Improve Your Photography and a new online self-pace course, use the code "dps10off" to save $10.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to Photograph Snowflakes with a DSLR

How to Photograph Snowflakes with a DSLR

How to Photograph Snowflakes 2

All of my snowflake photographs are made on the same old black mitten. It’s an essential component in my images, and there are plenty of reasons why:

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sale on Landscape Photography eBooks by Christopher O'Donnell

Landscape Photography eBooks Christopher O'Donnell Photography

Chris is having a holiday sale on his eBooks from Black Friday (Nov. 29th) to Jan 1st, 2014.
It will be 50% off any individual eBook as well as the collection (the collection is already 25% off retail) so that would be a large discount. The discount code will be “holiday” and will not be case sensitive - keeping it simple :) 
Landscape Photography eBooks Christopher O'Donnell Photography

Click here to visit Christopher ODonnell Photography.

purchase the complete ebook collection at 25% off Click here to view more details

The Complete eBook Collection: 25% Discount
Receive 25% off the purchase price if all eBooks are purchased as a single transaction: The Complete eBook Collection by landscape photographer Christopher O'Donnell

You can now purchase the entire landscape photography eBook collection 
at a 25% discount if purchased as a single transaction.
What's Included. In this eBook package, you’ll receive all of my landscape photography 
eBooks at a 25% discount. To read more about each individual eBook, click on the links below:
  1. The Art of Color Processing
  2. The Art of Bokeh
  3. The Portfolio of Bokeh
  4. The Golden Hours
  5. The Golden Hour Portfolio
  6. Exposure Blending

Landscape Photography eBooks
Cover for The Art of Color Processing, a photography eBook guiding the creative development in Photoshop® CS6.
In The Art of Color Processing, I explain my color processing workflow in a step-by-step fashion, guiding you through each stage from start to finish. In addition to learning the details of my processing, I also discuss the history of my creative development and what led me to discover my own techniques. These important milestones in my photography can direct you towards the development of your own unique color workflows, and provide the key to unlocking the full potential of your creative connection for unlimited possibilities.
Processing an image is more than performing corrective edits – it’s a fundamental part of the complete creative workflow, and your artistic vision should flow seamlessly from the camera into the digital darkroom. If you have an identifiable disconnect between your vision and your final image, then the roadblock – whether it be technical or inspirational – needs to be removed. That is the focus of this eBook: to detail my own processing workflows while also explaining how to develop your own for a complete creative experience that will strengthen your connection and your ability to process with a vision.

Cover of Exposure Blending: A free eBook from camera to processIn this free step-by-step guide, I discuss the entire process of exposure blending by detailing my personal workflow – from auto-bracketing in the field, to combining different exposures in process – available at no cost.
As you've probably noticed, it can be difficult to capture a balanced exposure in the field (especially landscapes with a sky). Your camera sensor is limited to one aperture and one shutter speed at a time – it’s not possible to have two different settings within the same frame, which can be detrimental to a scene with a large tonal range. This will result in a landscape with a washed out sky, a darkened foreground, or disappointing combination of both. Exposure blending is a revolutionary digital dark room technique that will help you to overcome the limitations of your camera and photograph a landscape with the complete tonal range.


Cover to The Golden Hours eBook, a photography guide to sunrises and sunsets with additional eBook on exposure blending.The Golden Hours: A Guide to Photographing the Light of Sunrises and Sunsets is an eBook written to help guide photographers through the unique challenges that this light presents. Many photographers will often note that their sunrise and sunset images rarely represent the scene they saw. I help to explain why this is so, and more importantly, how to transcend the disparity between your view and your results, allowing you to create realistic images of this beautiful light.
The “golden hours” refer to the window of time when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, just before it sets or right after it rises. As the sun nears the horizon, the light begins to dramatically transform the landscape before you. The atmosphere becomes thick and golden, shadows are lengthened, and highlights are brightened. Soon, your scene develops texture, depth, and becomes a stunning show of light. It’s a highly-coveted time to photograph the landscape, but is also challenging to many photographers as the uniqueness of this light requires some specialized knowledge to capture.


The Golden Hour Portfolio eBook is a monograph on the light of sunrises and sunsets, detaling the camera workflow of landscape photographer Christopher O'Donnell for each of his golden hour images.The disparity between learning a photographic technique and knowing how to apply it creatively to your environment is a source of much frustration for landscape photographers. This portfolio study can show you how to overcome this roadblock, and unleash your inner creativity.
With The Golden Hour Portfolio eBook, I can help to bridge the gap between your vision and your creation by explaining how I approached each of my golden hour images – and more importantly, why. By reading about my camera workflow, you can learn how to critically analyze a scene and decide on the best method to use that compliments your creative style.
I discuss many aspects of my creative process – some examples include how I find inspiration, choosing a strong focal point, pivotal moments in my creative development, and the importance of applying photography principles to your composition (such as contrast and symmetry).
Also discussed is the technical side of each image – what settings I use, how to compensate for exposure, and how to judge a scene before deciding what methods to apply.


Cover of The Art of Bokeh, a guide to using shallow depths in landscape photography.The Art of Bokeh: A Guide to Using Shallow Depths in Landscape Photography was written to inspire photographers to think beyond the confines of a deep depth of field. It’s focused on guiding landscape photographers of all levels to widen their aperture and see the environment as light and shapes, and to create abstract, ethereal images that have a deeper meaning and interpretation. This is my first eBook, written from my perspective and experiences, and I’m thrilled to present it.
By using a shallow depth of field and thin slices of focus, you can completely transform a landscape, manipulating an environment that usually can not be changed or controlled. You can create a complex or simple photograph by changing your depth, and this guide shows you the steps necessary to capturing beautiful bokeh.


An ebook monograph on the bokeh portfolio of Christopher O'Donnell, using shallow depths in landscape photographyWith The Portfolio of Bokeh, I can help to bridge the gap between your vision and your creation by explaining how I approached each of my bokeh images. By reading about my camera workflow, you can learn how to critically analyze a scene and decide on the best method to use.
In this eBook, you will find 22 full page examples of my strongest bokeh images in high-resolution color. Each photo is paired with a full page spread that contains a wealth of information on how I created each image. I discuss many aspects of my creative process – some examples include how I find inspiration, choosing a strong focal point, and the importance of applying photography principles in your composition (such as contrast and symmetry).
Also discussed is the technical side of each image – what settings I use, how to compensate for exposure, and how to judge a scene before deciding what methods to apply…for example, how and when to decide if a scene needs to be panostitched or auto-bracketed.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Focus Pyramid – Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool

  • 100′s of Hours of Research and Design
  • Assembles in Seconds
  • Calibrate Lenses in Minutes
  • Low Cost – High Quality – High Value
  • Made in The USA
  • Once calibration is set, each and every time you snap on a lens your camera body will automatically dial in the autofocus correction required.

Autofocus lens calibration tool for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Pentax. With the Focus Pyramid, lenses get a new lease on life! Autofocus lens calibration made quick, easy and affordable! A Lens Alignment tool that just simply works! Fine AF micro adjustments & Lens Alignment can be done in minutes. Learn More

Click Here to download our FREE eBook "10 Tips For Creating Tack Sharp Photos"

10 Tips For Creating Tack Sharp Photos | A photographer’s guide to sharper images

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Partial color in a B&W photograph

Partial color in a B&W photograph

This tutorial will teach you how to paint color into a photograph exactly where you want it, while making the rest of it Black and White.

Check it out

Why Is The Snow In My Pictures So Blue?

Why Is The Snow In My Pictures So Blue?

"Correcting for blue snow can be as easy as selecting the “Shade” white balance setting on your camera before you begin shooting. While that setting might not have seemed important before, it is vital in removing the blue colorcast most evident when viewing snow photos."

Read the entire article and see the photos here: Why Is The Snow In My Pictures So Blue?

Whales and Wildlife weekend with Bob Singer and Jim Pennypacker

Whales and Wildlife weekend with Bob Singer and Jim Pennypacker Friday-Sunday, June 13-15, 2014

Join instructors and award-winning photographers Bob Singer and Jim Pennypacker as they share their tricks and techniques to help you capture your own spectacular whale and wildlife images in this fun and action-filled marine mammal photo workshop!  

Enjoy three days of photography, fun and discovery as you capture the action aboard Cape Cod's most modern whale watch boat, along with the Cape's newest eco-tour boat, in attendee-tuned workshop sessions packed with state-of-the-art shooting tips and constructive critiques. You'll bring home your own great whale and wildlife shots when the action peaks in June on Stellwagen Bank and the Barnstable Harbor marshlands. 

Admissions, excursions and lunches aboard two whale watch trips included. Lodging and other meals are separate.

Click here to register (this will take to CCAA's registration page). A $50 non-refundable deposit will reserve your spot.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Come join us a Photo Hi-Jinx (photo setup) Workshop

Come join us a Photo Hi-Jinx (photo setup) Workshop

  • Saturday, Jan 11, 2013, 1:00 PM to 
  • Sign up here
  • or pay here

Number of workshop participants

  • Gardner Lake Volunteer Fire Company 429 Old Colchester Rd., Salem, CT, 06420
  • 429 Old Colchester Rd, Salem, CT
  • Price: $70.00/per person

  • Come join us a Photo Hi-Jinx (photo setup) Workshop. smoke, dancing paint, flowers, still life, glass, etc., etc.]. Bring your camera & tripod, Tom and Lisa will help create great images!
    We will be walking around helping you create great images.

    Where: Salem, CT, 06420
    When: Sat Jan 11th : 1-5