Tuesday, March 31, 2009

photo reminder cards

These photo reminder cards ($16) have become kind of a popular thing among many. Both designs of the photo reminder cards have all of the same content and information. They are a set of 10 double sided cards (about the size of credit cards) that are bound with a metal ring. Each card has reminders on the front, and examples on the back. The cards are color coded by technical, lighting, or composition reminders so it's way easy to find what you are looking for quickly.

Topics included on the cards are:

• Aperture (an example of f 1.8 wide open and f16 stopped down)

• Shutter Speed

• ISO• White Balance

• Outdoor Light

• Indoor Light

• Using Flash

• Get Closer

• Change the Angle

• Rule of Thirds


Monday, March 30, 2009

Hit counter reveals LOTS of useage!

http://lifethrulisaslens.blogspot.com/ Wahoo! Three months into 2009 and this Blog already has more hits that the entire year for 2008! Glad to see that people like reading it and finding it interesting!

Have an article, please pass it along!
Having a show or won an award, pelase pass it along!
Have something for sale, please pass it along.

and remember -- you can always log on to the Blog and read old posts, everything is searchable and archived!
What most surprised me was how many different states and different countries were represented by our readers AND what time of day people are reading this. The LEAST popular time is between 2pm and 5pm -- while the MOST popular time is midnight to 10am -- lots of early risers and late night owls!

Jerry Farber

Jerry was such a energetic, kind, pleasant and interesting man, he will be missed by all of us. Lisa

SOUTHBURY — Jerome R. Ferber, 89, of Heritage Village, died Tuesday, March 24, 2009, at his home. He was the widower of Rosalind Unger Ferber.Dr. Ferber was born March 31, 1919, in New York City, the son of the late Harry and Rose (Sharp) Ferber. He was a captain in the U.S. Army, having served in the European Theatre during World War II. He graduated from Long Island University and from the Dental School at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Ferber owned his own practice in Hempstead, Long Island, N.Y., where he and his family also resided for many years. They moved to Heritage Village almost 25 years ago where he became active in the Camera Club and Golf Club.

He is survived by two sisters, Anita Brodsky and Sheila Auslander, both of Florida; a daughter-in-law, Carol Makovich Ferber of Roxbury; a grandson, James I. Ferber of New York; and several nieces, a nephew, grandnephews and grandnieces. He was predeceased by his son, Andrew H. Ferber.

The family will have calling hours at 602A Heritage Village in Southbury on Saturday, March 28, from 1 to 4 p.m. Burial will be held at the convenience of the family.

Memorial contributions can be made in Jerry's memory to the American Heart Association, 5 Brookside Drive, Wallingford 06492.

The Southbury Funeral Home of Munson–Lovetere, 235 Main St. North, is in charge of arrangements. To send an online condolence, please visit www.munsonloveterefuneralhome.com.



Join us!





Sunday, March 29, 2009

12 In-Camera Ways to Add Creativity to Your Photography

From the Digital Photography School

12 In-Camera Ways to Add Creativity to Your Photography

One of the wonderful things about digital photography is the creativity that you can engage in once you’ve got your image on your computer and in Photoshop. All kinds of effects can be achieved to make your shots look any number of ways.

But what about in-camera techniques for more creative and artistic shots?

Here are twelve fun in-camera hacks to experiment with to get more abstract and artistic shots - the results are only limited by your imagination! http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DigitalPhotographySchool/~3/YofMOUGvTBc/adding-randomness-to-your-photos

The article has examples of and explains the details of each of these 12 methods....

  1. Move your Camera
  2. Zooming While Shooting
  3. Creative Focusing
  4. Shoot from your Boots
  5. Over expose your shots
  6. Slow Sync Flash
  7. Get Up High - Monopod extenders and Kite Aerial Photography
  8. Multiple Exposures
  9. Go Grainy
  10. White Balance
  11. Master the Bulb Setting
  12. Infrared

Saturday, March 28, 2009

10 More Tips for Stunning Portrait Photography

Thanks Wayne for passing this along!

This might be a possible entry of interest for your blog 10 More Tips for Stunning Portrait Photography http://digital-photography-school.com/tips-portrait-photography#high_2


Adobe Photoshop CS4 11.0.1 update

Adobe Photoshop CS4 11.0.1 update

The Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 11.0.1 update addresses a number of issues discovered after Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended (11.0) software were released.

The most significant fixes in the Photoshop CS4 11.0.1 update include the following:

• A number of issues that could cause slow performance have been addressed.

• Pen barrel rotation with Wacom tablets now works correctly.

• Photoshop now correctly recognizes 3D textures edited by a plug-in.

• The quality of the results of Auto-Blend Layers (Stack Images) has been improved.

• A problem that could result in a crash when pasting formatted text has been fixed.

• A crash that could result from a corrupt font no longer occurs.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Cape May School of Birding Spring 2009 Birding Workshops

Now is the perfect time to enjoy some of the best birding in North America and improve your birding skills with the Cape May School of Birding! Presented by New Jersey Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory, School of Birding workshops feature expert, fun and attentive leaders, and a range of birding topics suitable for birders of any experience level. Coming workshops include Field Sketching, Basic Birding Skills, Birding by Ear, Warblers, and Spring Migration. The full slate of spring workshops is below. Visit the School of Birding web site, or call the Cape May Bird Observatory at (609) 861-0700 for more information or to register.

Cape May School of Birding Spring 2009 Birding Workshops:

Building Basic Birding Skills Sat, Apr 18, 2009 -- Sun, Apr 19, 2009
Meet 8:00 a.m. at CMBO/CRE in Goshen With Don FreidayThe bulk of this workshop is not about bird identification, but rather the methods that lead up to it. We’ll review fundamental and fine points of binocular use, how to get close to birds, how to see and hear better, understanding weather and tides, and the best fundamental approach to identifying birds. Birding often demands the same gear and approach as hiking, camping or hunting, so we’ll also review the best field clothes and gear for birding. Plenty of time in the field to refine bird finding and identification skills. Don is a master of the birding craft - check his on-line Birding Fieldcraft column. Pre-registration required. Cost: $150 members, $190 nonmembers.

Birding by Ear: Southern Forest, Field and Marsh Sat, May 02, -- Sun, May 03, 2009
Meet 7:00 a.m. at Belleplain State Forest field office in Woodbine With Michael O’Brien
Everyone’s dreamed of learning bird songs, and everyone can. Even experienced birders spend time each spring “getting their ear in,” re-learning the songs they already know. Jump-start your audio-recall by learning how to listen critically, group and categorize song types, and (as your song and call repertoire grow) gain confidence and skill. Many of southern NJ’s breeding birds are back and singing heartily, and migrants will be joining the chorus, too. Second leader (if registration warrants): Louise Zemaitis.Pre-registration required. Cost: $170 members, $210 nonmembers.

Warblers by Sight and Sound Mon, May 04, 2009 -- Tue, May 05, 2009
Meet 7:00 a.m. at Belleplain State Forest field office in WoodbineWith Louise ZemaitisIt’s been suggested that without the excitement of warblers in the spring, there would be no bird watching as we know it today. No family of North American birds is so colorful, vocal, and animate. No spring is complete without a trip seeking warbler waves. Here’s your trip. Timed to catch the peak of the northern migrant wave with species like Blackburnian and Canada, and also to find southern breeders like Hooded and Prothonotary. And did we mention that vireos, thrushes, and tanagers will also be about? Second leader (if registration warrants): Michael O’Brien.Pre-registration required. Cost: $170 members, $210 nonmembers.

Spring Migration: Peak Week Tue, May 12, 2009 -- Thu, May 14, 2009
Meet 7:00 a.m. at Cape May Point State Park With Louise Zemaitis
Birding for everything! Celebrate spring with migrating songbirds deposited by the night sky and shorebirds teeming on the mudflats. Hooded and Kentucky Warblers sing in the shadows of Belleplain State Forest, while Summer Tanagers “piki-tuck” overhead. Red Knots and Sanderlings feed in mosaics of rust and silver on the Delaware Bay shore, and egrets and herons dot the back bay meadows. This workshop is all about diversity, and focuses not only on identifying the birds, but also learning about their lives. Second leader (if registration warrants): Michael O’Brien.Pre-registration required. Cost: $255 members, $295 nonmembers.

Birding by Ear: Appalachian Birdsong Immersion Fri, May 29 -- Sat, May 30, 2009
Meet 4:00 a.m. (optional) or 7:00 a.m. at High Point State Park Headquarters, Sussex, NJ With Don FreidayThe School of Birding goes on the road! With forests, hemlock glens, marshes, streams and bogs, there is no better place than northern NJ to hear a diversity of bird songs in a concentrated area, from Cerulean and Blackburnian Warblers to Ruffed Grouse and Barred Owls. We’ll recommend a place for lodging in Milford, PA (or you can find your own), and concentrate on High Point State Park and Stokes State Forest in Sussex County, NJ. Plan to start early each day, break for a siesta, and (optionally) head back out in the afternoon for more listening. This workshop will be entirely in the field, and yes, we will look at birds as well as listen to them - last year featured excellent views of Cerulean Warbler and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, for example, amidst well over 100 species heard or seen. Second leader (if registration warrants): Mark Garland.Pre-registration required. Cost: $190 members, $230 nonmembers.

NEW! Shore Birds: Terns, Herons, Rails and More Thu, Jun 25 -- Fri, Jun 26, 2009
Meet 7:00 a.m. at Cape May Point State Park With Michael O’BrienWho says summer is the birding doldrums? Tern nesting is in full swing, and the Cape May “Rips” can be alive with Common and Forster’s Terns - learn to tell this difficult pair apart, and perhaps pick out one of the rarer species like Sandwich or Roseate. In some years shearwaters join the terns within the reach of shore. In the back bays, herons and egrets are in their nuptial finery, not so much identification challenges as simple visual delights. Clapper Rails skulk their “thin-as-a-rail” way through the marsh grass, while Seaside and Salt-marsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows play hide-and-seek in it and “Eastern” Willets call their name. Summer is a period of abundance in Cape May - see so for yourself. Second leader (if registration warrants): Mark Garland.Pre-registration required. Cost: $170 members, $210 nonmembers.

PEEC workshops

PEEC is one of the most respected and recognized residential environmental education centers in the northeastern United States. This unique public/private partnership has with-stood the test of time and has served the education community for over thirty years. Approximately 24,000 people visit our non-profit facility annually. RR2

Box 1010 Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328 • 570-828-2319 • peec@peec.org

Photography Workshops

Three day weekends include 6 meals (Friday dinner - Sunday lunch) and program. Rates include Friday & Saturday night lodging at PEEC.


May 15-17, 2009

Lodging: Member $215/Non-member $235 No lodging: Member $165/Non-member $185

Join professional photographer John Barclay as he photographs wildflowers, abandoned barns, ferns and waterfalls. Barclay will teach participants about exposure, composition, depth of field, quality of light and more. This workshop will focus on the use of SLR cameras. Includes lodging, all meals (Fri dinner –Sun lunch), transportation to field trip locations and program.


May 29-31, 2009

Lodging: Member $215/Non-member $235 No Lodging: Member $165/Non-member $185

Photographer and teacher Raymond Klass will bring new light to your digital photos and spark your creativity. Get hands-on digital practice outdoors and tips to enhance your photos with Adobe Photoshop. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to bring a laptop with Photoshop CS, CS2, or CS3 installed. Includes lodging, all meals (Fri dinner-Sun lunch) and program.


October 16-18, 2009

Lodging: Member $215/Non-member $235 No lodging: Member $165/Non-member $185

Capture the beautiful fall colors that can be found surrounding PEEC with professional photographer John Barclay. Photograph waterfalls, reflections in streams, and old barns. This workshop will focus on the use of SLR cameras. Includes all meals (Fri. dinner-Sun. lunch), lodging, and transportation to field trip locations. Register by October 2nd


October 23-25, 2009

Lodging: Member $215/Non-member $235No Lodging: Member $165/Non-member $185

Photographer/teacher Raymond Klass will bring new light to your digital photos. Get hands-on digital practice outdoors and tips to enhance your photos with Adobe Photoshop. Participants are encouraged (not required) to bring a laptop with Photoshop CS, CS2, or CS3 installed. Includes all meals, lodging (Fri. dinner-Sun. lunch) and program. Register by October 10th


May 1-3, 2009 Lodging: Member $155/Non-member $170No Lodging: $105/Non-member $120Enjoy guided hikes with experienced field leaders as they identify birds by sight, sound, and habitat. Evening programs compliment the day trips. Over 25 species of warbler and 100 total bird species could be identified during the weekend. Includes all meals, lodging (Fri dinner-Sun lunch) and program. Register by April 20th

May 8-10, 2009 Lodging: Member $155/Non-member $170No Lodging: $105/Non-member $120Register by April 20th

August 15, 2009 ~ 6am - 6pm Member $30/Non-member $35Join us at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in NY City as we observe thousands of migrating shorebirds. Bring binoculars, field guides and a bag lunch. Limited to 12 participants, transportation provided. Register by August 1st

September 12-13, 2009 Member $85/Non-member $100 Join experienced field leaders as we search in and around the Delaware River Valley for migrating fall warblers and raptors. Includes all lodging, meals (Fri dinner –Sun lunch), and program. Register by September 1st

September 26, 2009 ~ 8am - 2pm Member $15/Non-member $20Join PEEC staff as we travel to Sunrise Mountain in NJ to witness the autumn raptor migration along the Kittatiny Ridge. Bring a bag lunch and a chair. Transportation provided for the first 12 registered attendees, then carpool. Register by September 13th

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Content Aware Scaling in Photoshop CS4

From The Photoshop Roadmap News

How to Use Content Aware Scaling in Photoshop CS4

The latest version of Photoshop CS4 offers a variety of new features that save time and work. One of them is the newly added Content-Aware-Scaling feature, which automatically preserves important areas like people, buildings, objects, as you resize your images. It saves you a lot of time, since there's no time-consuming cropping and retouching required anymore. How and why you should use this? That's what we'll cover in this tutorial!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Intuos4 tablets from WACOM

Just announced TODAY 3/25/09 the new Intuos4 tablets from WACOM


The Intuos4, available today, comes in four sizes to meet varying workflow and workspace requirements

With a new design and features inspired by members of the professional creative community, Intuos4 redefines the pen tablet experience. Featuring the new Wacom Tip Sensor and 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, the Intuos4 pen captures the most subtle nuances of pressure, allowing you to dynamically adjust exposure, brush size, opacity and more. User-defined ExpressKeys activate frequently-used shortcuts and modifiers, while the accompanying illuminated ExpressKey displays on the medium, large and extra large models provide a constant reminder of each key’s function. The finger-sensitive Touch Ring quickly controls up to 4 different functions such as canvas rotation, zoom, scroll, brush size and more.

Come see the new models at our booth or Wacom's booth at Photoshop World TODAY!

Click HERE to download a free Expo admission coupon to Photoshop World!

Also Nik Seminar - Photoshop World Saturday March 28th 1pm - 4pm

At the Exposure Place Studios at EP LevineLEARN FROM THE EXPERT!Janice Wendt, Nik Expert will make a rare Boston appearance to share her knowledge of this amazing software. Whether you need ...more info!

Plugin SmartCurve for Elements

Thanks Wayne for passing this along!

Hi Lisa: this is a plug- in that is worth sharing on your blog:

"Photoshop Elements offers in opposite to its professional version no curves command. That's a pity, because curves are a valuable tool for image editing.

To remedy this shortcoming this site offers the plugin SmartCurve to upgrade this ability. Of course this plugin can be used from all programs which can integrate Photoshop plugins."Web site: http://free.pages.at/easyfilter/curves.html

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moose Peterson Yellowstone Big Game

Too much fun -- Moose Peterson's latest class on Kelby Online Training...

Yellowstone Big Game Photography with Moose Peterson from the scriv on Vimeo.

How to Keep a Log of Your Work in Photoshop

From Digital Photo School

How to Keep a Log of Your Work in Photoshop

How many times have you created a neat effect on an image using Photoshop and then wanted to duplicate the effect on another image? The problem is that unless you’ve taken notes about what you’ve done, it is often difficult if not impossible to remember exactly the steps you took to get the final image.

While Photoshop has a History feature this is of limited use. One problem is that, by default, Photoshop only stores 20 history states so, if you’ve performed a lot of steps they may not all appear in the list. The second problem is that, even if you have configured Photoshop to store a large number of history states, all you see in the History panel is a brief description of what you did to the image such as Gaussian Blur, Apply Image, Blending Change and you don’t see the actual settings used.

The History panel in Photoshop lists the basics of what you’ve done but not the detail.

Here are some ways to improve on the basics and keep a log of your work. Read the rest here, explained step by step...http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DigitalPhotographySchool/~3/R-nMoCdDAgE/how-to-keep-a-log-of-your-work-in-photoshop

March Book Shipping Offer from Scott Kelby

Want to learn Photoshop® tips from Scott Kelby? Or discover the power of layers from Matt Kloskowski? How about learning more about photography, Lightroom®, Photoshop Elements, or the iPhone? So many to choose from! Kelby Training wants you to have it all! March is a great time to stock up on training books. You'll learn more, be inspired, and save money! Because this month, you can get FREE SHIPPING when you spend $50 or more on books at Kelby Training. Call 800-201-7323 or visit www.KelbyTraining.com to take advantage of this great offer.

Make sure you use the code FREESHIPPING when you order. And don't take too long to pick what books you want, because this offer expires March 31, 2009!

Photoshop World (Boston)

Thank you everyone, I received this email letting me know that your interest in Photoshop World from THIS Blog has been recognized!! Glad to see the Blog being used! Have something for the Blog, email it to me, I love fodder! Lisa

On behalf of everyone here at NAPP HQ, I'm happy to announce that you are one of the Ten Runner-up winners of the Photoshop World/ Top Ten/Midnight madness contest.

Please choose one of the following as part of your prize:
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Selections and Masks DVD with Dave Cross
Photoshop CS4 for Digital Photographers BOOK by Scott Kelby

Lastly, the Top Ten T-shirts will be made available for pick up at Photoshop World. Please let me know if you will or will not be there!!! I will arrange to ship you your T-shirt after PSW if you will not be there. I don't think we'll ever hold a contest like this again so you'll have a "collector's item" for sure! ;D

BTW - The only other person in the world (besides you) who own one of these shirts is Scott Kelby. =)

Monday, March 23, 2009


LIGHTING WORKSHOP at The Silvermine Guild Arts Center, 1037 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, CT 06840, 203-966-9700.

Tues., 03/31/2009 for 2 days, 7-10pm, $100.

This workshop will cover a range of techniques for both studio and candid assignments. Learn to take control of various lighting situations, working with tungsten and strobes, and also with reflectors, direct light, bare bulb, umbrellas and soft boxes. Designed for all skill levels, with film or digital cameras.

More info at: http://www.silvermineart.org/art-school/course_detail.cfm?classID=1821

Excellent wedding photographer Seminar

David Ziser is about to kick off his "Digital WakeUp Call" 2009 tour. David is one of the country's top wedding and portrait photographers, a frequent speaker at the Photoshop World Conferences, an instructor on Scott Kelby's "Kelby Training" website and a prolific blogger. His blog is one of the most frequently visited sites in the world. Check it out at http://www.digitalprotalk.com/. You'll be enlightened, delighted, informed and inspired.David is doing a 58 city tour this year and everyone interested in taking pictures of people should plan to attend this seminar. His mastery of off camera flash is unparalleled.

He'll be in Hartford, CT on October 6th and NYC on October 7th & 8th.

The cost of the seminar is $79.00, but there are many $20 off discount codes (ZTPDWC09 the price will be $59.00). A great value when everyone attending will walk out with more than $250.00 in materials. Additionally, at every city, there will be door prizes raffled worth more than $2500.00.

Master Your Lighting - Master Your Market
David will present an intensive session on creative lighting and exciting composition. Considered by many to be a "master of lighting", David will demonstrate just how easily and quickly you can light your images beautifully and dramatically, making them stand out from the crowd. Watch how he uses on-camera flash, off-camera flash, filtered flash, bounce flash, and many other lighting techniques to create images that really rise above the crowd in a wedding market that has been diluted with so much flat, one dimensional photography.
Don't shoot weddings - no problem. David's techniques work equally well for the portrait and senior photographer seeking to differentiate their creative look and style from the "rest of the pack."

In This Lighting and Photography Segment David Will Show You:
32 ways to make the best use of your on-camera and off-camera flash for creative and dramatic effects;
Composition - the secret ingredient of a great photograph; lens selection and camera settings for the best possible results with your gear;
How to get the best results out of the new ISO cameras;
And lastly, how the new video capabilities of these new cameras can transform your product offerings.

"Magic Bullet" Techniques to Make Your Production Headaches Disappear
Are you tired of hearing the term "workflow-this" and "workflow-that" everywhere? Well, it's about time we move beyond mundane digital production processes and open our eyes to new, streamlined methods of running our digital studios efficiently, effectively, and profitably. David will be discussing 5 major software "Magic Bullets" in the course of his presentation.
Lightroom 2.0 - 5 Wedding/Portrait specific techniques guaranteed to shorten your time at the computer and make your images sing.
How to use other software "magic bullets" to add pizzazz to your wedding/portrait images and make digital workflow nearly effortless, highly efficient, and fun.
David will discuss and demonstrate one today's software best kept secrets. He will show you how to design an album with only one mouse click and then "fine-tune" it to perfection with only a few more clicks.
He will discuss album design - good and bad, but concentrating mostly on how to make your albums become a reflection of your studio's identity.

Making Your Business More Profitable
Whether you are a seasoned pro, or part time professional, or just getting started in your business, David will point you to creative, profit building strategies for growing your business. Digital has changed the rules for many photographers. David will discuss and suggest how "digital" opens doors to new possibilities for all of us wanting to grow our business.
He will share with you his very successful marketing strategies that have enabled his studio to reach the best clients in his market and deliver his highly profitable and most beautiful products ever.

David's discussion will include 20 new products and solid marketing ideas to increase your sales using today's digital technologies. These products and marketing ideas are targeted to today's customers and work for any photographer - aspiring pro to seasoned professional - and will add substantially to your bottom line.

Atka the Wolf -- at the Peabody Museum

Atka the Wolf will be at the Peabody Museum
Saturday, March 28 at 1:00 and 2:00 pm

We welcome back Atka, an arctic wolf who lives at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York. Founded in 1999, the Center promotes the conservation of this often misunderstood species by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment, and our role in their protection. Join us for these very special presentations.

Fill Text with Images in Photoshop

A picture's worth a thousand words. And when your words are a picture, it's worth a million! Find out how to make it happen using Photoshop's clipping masks.

This article shows you two different ways to achieve this.

The image below (© iStockphoto.com / KONRADLEW) is a good candidate for this technique.

to this

more freebies

Are you looking for a fast, free way to resize a bunch of images? How about free templates for CDs and DVDs? Or free vector art? Could you use a designer-friendly diagramming and flowcharting application? Then this, my friend, is the article for you.

Memory cards on sale

Found on http://weeklyphototips.blogspot.com/

Yup, you can get a 5 pack of SanDisk 2 GB Extreme III memory cards for just $49.95 and the shipping is free!Adorama is offering this sale in two flavors, compact flash or secure digital (SD) cards.The 5 pack of SanDisk Extreme III compact flash cards are here and the 5 pack of SanDisk Extreme III Secure Digital (SD) Memory Cards are here.

Adorama has a great deal on Lexar 8 GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Cards for only $14.95 with free shipping.It is speed-rated as Class-2 with a minimum sustained write speed of 2MB/second with an erasure-prevention switch means that your data cannot be accidentally deleted or copied over.These cards come with a five year warranty.

Hummingbird Migrations

Thanks Gary for passing this along!

Here they come!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

PhotoFreebies Version 2.0 for Windows

The Plug-in Site released Version 2.0 of PhotoFreebies for Windows. PhotoFreebies 2 is a collection of 12 Photoshop-compatible plug-ins for performing simple but useful photo adjustments and effects. They can be used with more than 60 different image editing applications e.g. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, PhotoImpact and many others. PhotoFreebies is a part of the PhotoWiz product line.

What is new in Version 2Version 2 contains a new Color Blind plug-in for simulating red/green color blindness, which can also be used for special color effects. The BW plug-in now offers a dialog with 7 black and white variations. All PhotoFreebies 2 plug-ins are scriptable, which means that their parameters can be recorded in actions or scripts and that they can be used as smart filters in Photoshop CS3/CS4. The dialogs were made resizable and support XP/Vista visual styles. Additionally the Remove Transparency plug-in now works correctly on grayscale images, the plug-ins are compatible with Data Execution Protection (DEP) and offer improved compatibility with some applications. Their installation can be conducted in 38 languages and uses a Plug-in Installer tool that also supports localized versions of Photoshop.

PhotoFreebies 2 are available as 32bit as well as 64bit versions. The 64bit versions can be used in 64-bit version of Photoshop CS4 under Windows Vista 64-bit.

The PhotoFreebies collections contains sepia effects, saturation gradients, B&W conversions, a color blindness simulation, color space transformations and many more. All plug-ins can be used on 8bit and 16bit RGB images, except the Histo Fix plug-in which only works on 8bit images. The Remove Transparency plug-in works in many different image modes that are provided by Photoshop. Some of the plug-ins have a dialog with a zoomable preview and adjustable controls whereas a few are applied instantly without displaying a dialog.

Availability & System RequirementsPhotoFreebies 2 is currently only available for Windows. Version 1 is also available for the Mac. PhotoFreebies is downloadable freeware. We also offer five more advanced PhotoWiz plug-ins as commercial products.

Plug-in DescriptionsThe Sepia plug-in from PhotoFreebies lets you apply five sepia effects with the help of a combo box, a color slider and a Contrast Fix check box.

The BW plug-in lets you turn an image into black and white using seven option resembling a luminosity conversion and six color filters.

Color Blind simulates red/green color blindness and offers a Keep Blue check box.

The Desaturation Gradient plug-in gradually desaturates the image in four possible directions, so that e.g. the left side is colored and the right side is black and white.

Luma Negative turns the image into a negative without changing the colors whereas Chroma Negative inverts the colors without inverting the image luminosity.

Histo Fix fixes the chopped histogram of a repeatedly filtered image by interpolating lost image information. It offers an option to regain 1/2 bit, 1 bit or 2 bit of information.

The Remove Transparency plug-in makes a transparent layer fully opaque again.

Last, but not least there are also four plug-ins that transform RGB values into HSL or YCbCr values and back again without leaving RGB mode. That allows you to manipulate images in color spaces that aren't provided by most image applications.

A Poor Man's Studio: Indoor Lighting for Flower Photography

On the nature photographer's network an interesting article about indoor flower photography...

A Poor Man's Studio: Indoor Lighting for Flower Photography

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spot Sharpening with a Faux Layer Mask in Photoshop Elements

From Digital Photo School
Spot Sharpening with a Faux Layer Mask in Photoshop Elements

One of the features on the wish list of most advanced Photoshop Elements users is Layer Masks. It is one of the key features that separates Photoshop Elements from Photoshop - but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to create faux layer masks in Photoshop Elements if you know how – and today, I am going to show you how.

One of benefits of this approach to creating faux layer masks in Elements is that it uses features built into Elements and it doesn’t rely on a third party plug-in so it works with most versions of Photoshop Elements.

A bit of background

While Photoshop Elements doesn’t support layer masks for regular layers, it does provide them for all its adjustment layers. This faux layer mask solution takes advantage of this by forcing an adjustment layer’s layer mask to behave like a layer mask on a regular layer just as it does in Photoshop. The trick is to apply an adjustment layer to the image which does nothing to the image at all – so you get the benefit of the layer mask but without forcing any unwanted change on the image. Once you’ve done this you have a layer mask you can borrow.

In this step by step example, I’ll show you how to use the mask to paint some additional sharpening onto an image. What I’ll do is oversharpen an image – well beyond the level of sharpening which the image should have and then I’ll remove the sharpening with the mask and paint is back over selected parts of the image – again using the mask.

While this technique is shown using Photoshop Elements you can use the same technique in Photoshop – only in Photoshop you won’t need to use the fake mask as you can add a layer mask to the oversharpened layer itself.

Read the rest here: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DigitalPhotographySchool/~3/52AEAjXast0/spot-sharpening-with-a-faux-layer-mask-in-photoshop-elements


From Digital photo school
How Flickr Can Make you a Better Photographer

In this post naturalist, photographer, and computer scientist Steve Berardi from Photo Naturalist explains how Flickr can make you a better photographer. If you’re not using Flickr yet, then you’re really missing out. Not only is it a great way to store and share your photos, but it’s also an excellent place to get feedback and learn from other photographers. When I first joined Flickr, I merely saw it as a way to store my photos and serve as yet another backup source, but after using the site for a few months, I became addicted, and quickly realized how the site could make me a better photographer.

Here are few ways Flickr has made me a better photographer:

1. Learning by example
Albert Einstein once said: “Learning by example isn’t the best way to learn–it’s the only way to learn.”

2. Getting feedback

3. Scouting out locations

How to get started

Are you ready to start using Flickr to help you become a better photographer? Great!! Here’s how to get started:

1.) Signup for a free account at www.flickr.com

2.) Upload your favorite photos (make sure you add tags, titles, and descriptions!)

You can also participate in our own Flickr group...
Click here to view/join: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1018989@N23/ and post TWO photos at a time. Include the shooting information when you post the photograph. What camera and lens did you use, tripod? what shutter speed? what f stop? anything different? high iso? laid down on your stomach? etc.

For EACH photo that you post please comment on TWO other photographs, that way we will generate comments. This group will only be as good as everyone's efforts here.Things that you can comment about: What was your first impression of the photograph. Is the composition pleasing? What parts do you like best? what could be done to improve the photo?

CT Photo Workshops


Mission statement: CT Media/Photography Institute (CTPhoto Workshops) is committed to supporting the perpetual desire of human beings to record their perception of reality as an image of edge defining, reflective light. Although technologies will continue to rapidly change, learning “how to see light” will always remain a constant.

I’m David Archambault, the Program Manager of the CT Media/Photography Institute Workshops (CT Photo Workshops) and I want to give you a little background information as to what we are and why we are here in Connecticut.

I have been a professional studio photographer for over 35 years with studios in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and Hartford. About 7 years ago I began teaching photography and found many of my top students wanted to go on for more intensive training. After conducting a search of various workshops I found that CT, MA, RI, NJ and even New York City did not offer workshops with the depth of courses and instructors I found in Maine and Santa Fe. And so, I began to plan to develop one here in CT.

I am happy to report that our CT Workshop will host 25 of the top photographer/Master teachers in the country here in Connecticut.

Workshops. Note: we are still populating this list as information comes in. This list is not exhaustive, so check this page soon for updates.

July 5 — 11, 2009
July 12 — 18, 2009

July 19 — 25, 2009

July 26 — August 1, 2009

We are located here in CT because:

• We are close to everything!
• Most students will probably be able to drive to the Workshops & save on airfare & lost travel time.
• Many of our teachers are photography professional/teachers are from Boston, Providence, and New York.
• The CT Photography Workshops break the mould and are purposely not located in what I term “vacation destination location”. We are in the middle of the mainstream of action in the photography industry.
• We are committed to developing a reputation of being the premier photography Workshops in the country that stays on the cutting edge of the industry.
• Close to two major cities, Boston and New York giving our teachers the ability to take their students to shoot in these cities if they want.
• There are over 175 locations ½ -1 hour from the Workshop campus to shoot at.
• Break and lunch are included in the price of the Workshop course.
• 3 Brand new studios spaces, the most up-to-day MacPro computers, screens, Epson large format printers, scanners, digital projection equipment, etc.
• Studio visits as part of the workshop course such as The “I Spy” book series photographer and writer. And others in Boson and New York.

Please re-visit the website for more information and the expanded listing of teachers and course. If you have any questions about the courses, where you might fit in, your level of experience or who might be the best choice of instructor, give me a call and I will be more than happy to give you one-on-one time to discuss these matters.

Take care, David Archambault
Program Manager, Photographer
CT Media/Photography Institute Workshops Farmington, CT

860.255.3701 CTPhoto@txcc.commnet.edu

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Orton Effect: Mimicking darkroom processes in Photoshop

From the Digital Photography School

Lisa's note: I have an action that I recorded to achieve this effect, which I do use a lot on portraits and most people really love it (I have also tried it on landscapes and it creates an interating effect that displays well but does NOT compete well).

The Orton Effect: Mimicking darkroom processes in Photoshop
Posted: 11 Mar 2009 01:49 PM PDT

Photoshop gives us tools we can use to create effects which previously could only be obtained in the darkroom using images which were captured specially. One such process is the Orton effect named after photographer Michael Orton. This process results in a somewhat surreal image which has a slightly out-of-focus look while retaining lots of edge detail.

In the darkroom this effect is created using two images one of which is slightly out of focus and both of which are slightly overexposed. Sandwiching these together and taking a print yields a photograph similar to the one above.

Thanks to Photoshop we can create this effect from a single well exposed image and create the overexposed and soft focus looks digitally.

To learn how to create this Orton effect on an image from your collection read the rest of the article here: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DigitalPhotographySchool/~3/v4FaUv07cTQ/the-orton-effect-mimicking-darkroom-processes-in-photoshop

Using Photoshop Elements?
The same effect can be achieved in Photoshop Elements but you will need to perform step 1 the long way. To do this, duplicate the Background layer twice, set the top layer’s Blend Mode to Screen then choose Layer > Merge Down to merge it to a single layer. There is no Apply Image command in Photoshop Elements.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top Ten Annoying Things That Photographers Say to Each Other

Top Ten Annoying Things That Photographers Say to Each Other

Top Ten Annoying Things to Say to a Wildlife Photographer

Lisa's comments -- you have to read these, both of these -- there are so many that apply it is hilarious! And the comments that people have in rsponse to these, some people added their own, some have a long list that goes along with these. Too funny!

Just today I got a call from a bride who was talking about her budget (or lack thereof) and she did say to me... "…in these tough economic times…" I just bit my tongue, but I wanted to say that I am living in these economic times too and I too worry about finances. So, yes we could work out a better price -- for me...

Top Ten Annoying Things That Photographers Say to Each Other
Posted on 13. Mar, 2009 by Paul Burwell in Everything, Top Ten Lists

Last week’s list of the Top Ten Annoying Things to Say to a Wildlife Photographer was quite popular and it generated a lot of great comments. It listed quotes like "Wow, you must have a really nice camera!"

That has inspired me to produce another Top Ten list for this week. Today’s list compiles the top ten things that other photographers have said to me that I’ve found to be annoying. And, the more often I’ve heard something the more annoying it tends to be. That’s just the way I am.

If you’re a photographer who is easily offended or you can’t take a little bit of sarcasm, please don’t read any further. I don’t want your delicate sensibilities to be offended.

With that out of the way, presented in traditional count-down order, here are today’s Top Ten Annoying Things that Photographers Say to Each Other.

1TB LaCie External Hard Drive. Only $99.99!

1TB LaCie External Hard Drive. Only $99.99! http://wbhunt.com/lacie_promo.htm
At Hunts
Gary Farber
800-221-1830 or 800-924-8682 ext 2332
Email digitalguygary@wbhunt.com

for sale

3 Besler BesFile Archival 3 ring binder storage boxes for slides. Each box is heavy duty pure archival polypropylene plastic, and each holds approx 20 pages for storing slides. The boxes originally cost $10.00 each (price still on them and I fibbed - only $9.97 each!) and I have a good stack of the heavy polypro slide pages. Each slide page holds 20 slides. Asking $20.00 for all 3 storage boxes and the stack of slide pages for the storage boxes (about 1/2 price). If interested, email Gary at: gprestash28@comcast.net .

Outdoor Photographer Nature's Colors Photo Contest!

want to see impact at its finest -- check these out! Lisa

Outdoor Photographer is pleased to announce its Nature's Colors Photo Contest! The world is full of beautiful colors, and outdoor photographers know how to capture them.

The Winners!

Check out the Finalists Gallery

and the Complete Contest Gallery.

Outdoor Photographer readers from all over submitted more than 8,600 colorful photos! It took some time, but our judges excitedly came up with a batch of finalists. Here are the top photos as chosen by our editors. View the winners in the Winners Gallery!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Hahnemuhle Gallierie Wraps Make Canvas Easy

Inkjet-compatible canvas media looks its best when it's stretched over a framework, giving the print the appearance of a true painter's canvas. The problem: stretching canvas can be difficult and time-consuming (or expensive, if outsourced). To make canvas printing and mounting more accessible to photographers, Hahnemuhle introduces Gallerie Wraps. These new kits contain everything you need to easily produce a high quality fine art canvas presentation.

The Gallerie Wrap system is simple. In each pack, you receive a framework and two sheets of Hahnemuhle's Monet or Daguerre canvas. After printing your image, the pre-spaced framework is laid on the back of the canvas. A few basic folds and some quick cuts is all it takes to get an artistic look that can hang directly on a wall.

To see just how quick and easy it is, watch the brief video tutorial.

Gallerie Wraps come in 8.5 x 11" and 13 x 19" sizes in each of the following canvas types.

Daguerre Fine Art Canvas: High white brightness for fresh colors and exceptional contrast. 400gsm with a soft, honeycomb-structured surface.

Monet Fine Art Canvas: Neutral white color that is perfect for art reproduction. Traditional canvas texture, made of 100% cotton at a 410 gsm weight.

Watch the Tutorial Video »
Make Better Canvas Prints with Gallerie Wraps »

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Try these to make a HDR (High Dynamic Range) image

From smashandpeas.com

HDR (High Dynamic Range) images have been around for a while, but have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, due in part to the increased availability of HDR imaging software like Photomatix. These types of software go some way to taking the pain out of the creation process, by aligning and combining images, leaving the photographer to tweak various settings to achieve the desired result.

But before you start tweaking, you’ll need some images to play with: Series of images created from one image in Photoshop, final tone mapped HDR image at the end.

An Introduction to HDR
Images taken with most cameras today can only capture a limited range of brightness without under-exposing or over-exposing the image. HDR imaging looks to increase this range by combining the dynamic range (brightness values from shadows to highlights) from a series of images of the same scene into one HDR image. You’ll probably find that the best candidate for an HDR image will contain a large dynamic range ie shadows and highlights, and a scene with a similar spread of brightness i.e. all shadows, or all highlights, will tend not to work so well as an HDR image.

Read the rest here: http://www.smashandpeas.com/hdr-photography/

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tripod alternative

OK, I know that some of you loathe tripods even though you know that photos taken with one are sharper and ou can use slower and more creative shutter speeds -- well, check this alternative out!

From smash and peas.com http://www.smashandpeas.com/gorillapod-flexible-tripod/

The Gorillapod, a flexible tripod made by Joby is an ideal piece of photographic equipment. With flexibility, it can be twisted into positions where a normal tripod wouldnt be able to reach. From winding around a tree to clinging to a rockface, the Gorillapod is a sure fire hit for the more adventurous photographer.

Get Yourself One
Joby Gorillapod for your point and shoot camera
Joby Gorillapod for your SLR
Joby Gorillapod for your SLR Zoom

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New birding platforms at Stone Harbor Point

Linda and I had a great weekend of birding here a few years ago. The platform is a nice addition.

New birding platforms at Stone Harbor Point

Stone Harbor, N.J., recently announced the completion of two viewing platforms that received approval by an esteemed guest, a Snowy Owl, to the south Jersey shore.

The platforms at Stone Harbor Point -- located about 15 miles north of Cape May -- were built with funds from a grant obtained from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (for which WildBird's Conservation Corner columnist, Peter Stangel, works). The NFWF grant also allowed for a stewardship program conducted by Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey; during nesting and shorebird stopover seasons, monitors will manage and conserve the area. New Jersey Audubon Society will help with educational signs at the platforms.

One last look at that beautiful owl on the new platform:

Easy Photoshop Technique to Make Your Pictures Pop!

Easy Photoshop Technique to Make Your Pictures Pop! by Darren Rowse. This tutorial with photoshop techniques for making your images ‘pop’ has been submitted by Elise Hennen from 28 Studios.


1. Duplicate your picture layer by dragging the layer to the ‘new’ icon in the layers palette (ctrl+j).

2. Apply a gaussian blur (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur…). Blur it enough that the detail disappears but the shapes mostly keep their form.

3. In the layers palette, change the blending mode from ‘Normal’ to ‘Overlay.’

4. If you look at the before and after, you can see that this method makes the light tones lighter and the dark tones darker while softening it a touch. Basically, it softly boosts the contrast. If you want a more dramatic effect, try changing the blending mode to ‘Vivid Light’ instead of ‘Overlay.’

Try it on all kinds of shots: portraits, nature shots, you name it. I use this method ALL the time. It works so well with everything!

Digital Photography School... Get more tutorials like this via with their free weekly newsletter.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photoshop Elements 7.0 $30 coupon Costco

Thank you Joe for passing this along!
Hello Friends,Now is your chance to get or update to Photoshop Elements 7.0. From March 16 to April 5th, Costco has a $30 coupon in their latest coupon book. I have a coupon for anyone that would like it. I don't know the going price is but Costco usually has Elements for $79.95. If you are a member but did not receive the coupon book, they normally have extra coupons at the register. Joe

Exposure Fusion: What is it? How does it Compare to HDR? How Do I Do It?

From Digital Photography School


Exposure Fusion: What is it? How does it Compare to HDR? How Do I Do It?

Today Mark Evans from Smash and Peas Photography Blog shares an explanation and starting points with Exposure Fusion.

Lets set things straight from the start, Exposure Fusion is not a kind of HDR. Exposure Fusion is a fairly new concept that is the process of creating a low dynamic range (LDR) image from a series of bracketed exposures.

In short, EF takes the best bits from each image in the sequence and seamlessly combines them to create a final ‘Fused’ image. Or more technically, the fusing process assigns weights to the pixels of each image in the sequence according to luminosity, saturation and contrast, then depending on these weights includes or excludes them from the final image. And because Exposure Fusion relies on these qualities, no exif data is required, and indeed, if you wanted to, you could include an image with flash to bring darker areas to life.

Using this process actually has a few advantages over HDR.

Read the whole article here: http://digital-photography-school.com/exposure-fusion-what-is-it-how-does-it-compare-to-hdr-how-do-i-do-it

7 Photoshop Dodge & Burn Tool Video Tutorials

From: http://www.metavophoto.com/blog/

7 Photoshop Dodge & Burn Tool Video Tutorials
December 30th, 2008

Photoshop has numerous powerful tools that can be used to make all or parts of the image brighter or darker. From levels, to curves, to contrast, to brightness, it can be difficult to choose which to use. This article rounds up some of the better video tutorials that demonstrate basic and more advanced uses of Photoshop’s dodging and burning tools. But first:
Read the rest…

Friday, March 13, 2009

PSA-CPID Individual Portrait Competition

PSA-CPID Announces Individual Portrait Competition

Color Projected Image Division (CPID) is happy to announce the newest opportunity for members to showcase their work… The New Individual Portrait Competition! This competition is for portraits of humans only.

There will be a Special Award for the Best Female and Best Male Portrait in each judging.

So… look thru your portfolio and sharpen up those pixels and send in your entry.

First Competition Deadline is: April 1, 2009. The results will be posted by: April 15, 2009

Click below for digital entry form:


Conditions of Entry…

  • To Celebrate the 75th PSA Anniversary there will be no fee!
  • A First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mentions will be awarded for each of the three competitions.
  • A final End of the Year Judging for all images receiving Award and HM’s will take place after September 1, 2009.
  • Two images per person per competition (digital or slides, can’t be mixed)
  • Maximum digital Image Width (Horizontal) is 1024 pixels.
  • Maximum Image Height (Vertical) is 768 pixels.
  • Please keep each image file size to no more than 800 KB and the maximum aggregate size of all images to 20 MB
  • You do not have to follow any naming convention for your jpg files when you enter. The web pages properly rename your files to meet the needs of the competition software.
  • All Slide Entries Must be mailed to the P.O. Box below.
  • This competition is not open to the Chairman or the judges.

Complete Rules available online at:

Slide Entry Information

Mail slide entries to:
Susan Cowles
P.O. Box 262
Norco, CA 92860

Slide Entry Form:

How to Sharpen Photos: An Introduction

How to Sharpen Photos: An Introduction
by Helen Bradley

We’ve received quite a bit of feedback from Post production readers asking us to look at the issue of sharpening photos. Sharpening is one of those everyday tasks that most photos can benefit from. In this post I’ll explain what sharpening is, when you should perform it and how to do it. The information here, although it is explained using Photoshop, is relevant to all photo editing programs.

Please click images to enlarge in this tutorial - it will illustrate much better the points being made with images at full size.

Read te rest of the DPS article here: http://digital-photography-school.com/an-introduction-to-sharpening-photos

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photography Tutorial: Get the Right Light

When shooting portraits, good lighting is all-important. To make sure you have it, you can buy expensive lighting rigs and multiple flash units. Or you can spend a few bucks and carry just the right mix of sun and clouds in your pack.

Photography Tutorial: Get the Right Light


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2009 final reminder to enter

Hurry, last chance to enter the world’s greatest nature photography competition – and win £10,000

Closing date for postal entries (CDs only): Friday 20 March 2009

Closing date for online entries: Midnight (GMT) Friday 27 March 2009

‘To win this competition really is the crown jewels of wildlife photography – you cannot get anything more.’ Norbert Rosing, professional wildlife photographer

The contest is open to anyone with an imaginative eye, a love for nature and a passion for fresh, innovative nature photography.

How to submit your pictures


  • By post save your pictures onto one CD (labelled as per rule 6)
  • download an entry form and enclose your payment (adult entrants only)
  • post to the competition office, to arrive by Friday 20 March 2009

All winning and commended pictures are showcased at an international exhibition that debuts at the Natural History Museum, London and are featured in a hardback portfolio book. Winning images will also be included in a special free supplement with the November issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine. Prize-winning and commended photographers are invited to London to attend the awards dinner held in the grand setting of the Natural History Museum’s Central Hall. The dinner is attended by industry greats and is where the overall winners are revealed.

Full details on how to enter, rules, category definitions, prizes and insider tips from the Chairman can be found on our website.

Hurry, don't leave it to the last minute If you have any questions, please email wildphoto@nhm.ac.uk

FREE Tim Grey Videos digital photography & imaging


Selections Video:

Videos from author and educator Tim Grey covering digital photography and imaging.
Tim Grey is regarded as one of the top educators in digital photography and imaging, offering clear guidance on complex subjects through his writing and speaking. He loves learning as much as he possibly can about digital imaging, and he loves sharing that information even more.Tims work combines several of his greatest passions: technology, teaching, photography, writing, and travel. All of these have been part of his life in some way for as long as he can remember, and became a major focus starting in high school. He has been focused on digital photography and imaging for over 10 years.

Tim has written more than a dozen books on digital imaging for photographers, including the best-selling Photoshop CS4 Workflow and Take Your Best Shot. He has also had hundreds of articles published in magazines such as Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, and PC Photo, among others. He publishes the Digital Darkroom Questions email newsletter, as well as the Digital Darkroom Quarterly print newsletter. Tim teaches through workshops, seminars, and appearances at major events. He is a member of the Photoshop World Dream Team of Instructors.

This weekend

Sullivan Farm Open Sugar House , New Milford (860) 354-0047 The New Milford Youth Agency sponsors this great family event at Sullivan Farm. Stop by and walk through three centuries of Maple sugaring history. The day will include Costumed Interpreters, Maple Candy Making and Cooking Demonstrations. Drop by this free event Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm

Photo Expo 2009 , Milford (203) 878-6647 The Milford Fine Arts Council will host this event at the Center for the Arts in Milford. Stop in to see a wide array of photographs taken by local enthusiasts whom wish to share their pieces with the public. The amazing photos will be on display Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 5 pm through the 27th.

March 15 – St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Greater New Haven – Downtown New Haven, Grove Street – Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06510. Time: 1 p.m. Since the mid-1950’s the St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Greater New Haven has become one of New England’s premier Irish events. It is the largest, single-day spectator event in the State of Connecticut and is one event you won’t want to miss. Admission: Free. Phone: (203) 484-0556

Warning: These 9 Photoshop Techniques May Result In Great Photos

Warning: These 9 Photoshop Techniques May Result In Great Photos
By Brian Auer

Post-Processing (or photo editing) is what makes a good photo great. Cameras produce a good starting point, but post-processing is where the magic happens. If you’re feeling a little bored with your current arsenal of Photoshop techniques, try out some of these creative post-processing tricks to boost your artistic style.







Upcoming Classes in Photoshop and Lightroom

BusinessRules, Inc. Rhinecliff, NY

Adobe Photoshop Jump Start March 28, 2009. In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Use, and customize, the basic Photoshop workspace
  • Perform basic photo corrections
  • Retouch, and repair, photos
  • Use layers to enhance and composite images
  • Create, and work with, selections to make isolated correction/adjustments
  • Acquire, and correct, RAW images files from Digital SLR cameras
  • We supply all courseware and a catered lunch.
  • Save 10% when you sign up for both Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom JumpStart! classes!
  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Jump Start March 29, 2009 BusinessRules, Inc. Rhinecliff, NY
In our 1-day Adobe Photoshop Lightroom JumpStart! In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Navigate, and customize, the Lightroom workspace modules
  • Import, categorize, and organize image files for easy retrieval using Library
  • Color- and tone-correct, RAW, JPEG, PSD and TIFF files using the Develop module
  • Output, and customize, slide shows and web galleries from your files
  • Produce, and customize, high-quality print output
  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS

Photography Show by Fred Rosenthal

Fred's reception is coming up on the 15th

Photography Show by Fred Rosenthal

Some of you may have already heard that I am having a one-man photography show at the Wellness Gallery in Branford. This is a collection of some of my favorite photos. To mark the occasion of the opening (of my first show), I’m having a reception on March 15th. Please save the date and I hope to see you there.

Best regards,Fred

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Breathtaking Landscape Panoramics by Kirk Hille

Found on: http://www.smashandpeas.com/ Breathtaking Landscape Panoramics by Kirk Hille

Kirk Hille is an extremely talented amateur landscape photographer from Perth in Western Australia. Kirk has only been dabbling in photography for just over a year but the results are far from amateur! http://www.smashandpeas.com/breathtaking-landscape-panoramics-kirk-hille/

ebook about Macro photography

Scott just had a friend of mine contact him about an eBook he put together about Macro photography. It's really good!

He produced this eBook after receiving a lot of questions from his subscribers about this topic.

Roy Barker is well known in our market and knows a thing or two about photography. I've read through the eBook and it's filled with useful information you can use immediately.

I think you know by now, I don't promote other peoples products unless I reviewed it and see a lot of value in it. This is a no brainer if you want to learn more about Macro photography.

Roy's giving a special link for our subscribers to get a special discount. He's selling this to the public for $25, but he's giving it to us for only $18. So, if your interested in Macro photography and you would like to learn more about this style of photography...Check it out Here

Here's a few tips Roy wrote that should help you regardless if you get his eBook or not.

Macro Photography Equipment Tips
What is macro photography? Macro photography is the art of taking close-ups of small things and the subjects tend to become larger than life. It is the opposite of micro photography and often the subjects are things like a water droplet on the petal of a flower or a line of ladybirds as they go about their daily business.

What Camera to use for Macro Photography
You can get great results with just an ordinary point and shoot digital camera, but the serious macro photographer will want a single-lens reflex camera. You can attach special-purpose macro lenses and the viewfinder shows you what the end result will be on the sensor.

What is a Macro Lens?
It is easier to find a good quality single focus lens for macro photography than it is to find a good quality telephoto zoom lens. The best types of macro lenses have a ranging length of between 50 mm and 200 mm, and will focus continuously from infinity to 1:1. A macro lens helical has floating elements to change the optical design to give good quality results in close-up macro photography. This is why you get beautiful, sharp images that are focused at all distances in macro photography photos. So how do you choose a lens for macro photography? The same way you would choose a telephoto lens. You choose a macro lens to suit the purpose you want to use it for. For example, you may want to photograph that incredible butterfly perched on the edge of a pale pink rose petal early in the morning so you will need a 200 mm lens if you are going to capture it before it flies away. If your purpose is to compress the facial features of your subject then you will probably use a 105 mm lens over a short wide angle one.

Macro Photography Lighting
A hand held flash is handy for lighting your subjects and is powerful when used a few inches from the subject. Try using it on one side of the subject while someone holds up a white piece of paper on the other side as a reflector. This will give a harsh, stark effect. For softer light, experiment with other material to diffuse the light from the flash, for example, colored gels. If you have a fascination for capturing close-ups of small things then get out and experiment with different techniques for taking macro photographs, and see what amazing results you can get. Check it out Here

Scott 2172 Helderberg Ave, Schenectady, NY 12306, USA

Reminder: Irish Slide show Presentation

An Irish Slide show Presentation is taking place this "Wednesday night in Milford at 7:30 PM at the Milford Fine Arts Council building.

I hope that you and other members of your club can join us! It's going to be fabulous! We will be having a 50/50 raffle for cash and other great items......

Thanks and hope you can make it!

Best Regards, Monica

Monday, March 9, 2009

NEW Homer Bald Eagle workshop March 23-26, 2009

As I recently Blogged here Jean Keane has passed away and the end of an era of eagle feeding will soon be forever gone. If you can go on one of these types of trips this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Lisa

NEW Homer Bald Eagle workshop March 23-26, 2009

This new workshop will be the last chance to attend a workshop targeting the legendary Homer Eagles before the Homer city eagle feeding ban goes into permanently effect on March 27th. This workshop is limited to 6 participants for maximum individual attention and value for your dollar. This workshop will feature three in the field photography sessions and one classroom session each day. We will have unbelievable opportunities for Bald Eagles in flight, feeding and perching. Also we should have chances to photograph Long-tailed Ducks, Golden Eye and Barrow's Golden Eye duck. Possibly Surf and Black Scoter, Sea Otter, Harbor Seal, Common Guillemot in basic plumage, cormorant, and different species of gull and even more.

Bald Eagle workshop March 23-26, 2009 4 DAYS: $1299. Limit 6, openings 3. This workshop is expected to sell out so please contact me ASAP if you would like to secure a spot, Don't hesitate and let me know by phone or email if you would like to join us. Please act quickly as my last 3 workshops in February sold out quickly. 2009 workshop schedule available here

e-mail: Robert@RobertOToolePhotography.com

February Bald Eagle workshop series update Recently I had the privilege of leading 3 sold out Bald Eagle photography workshops for a really great group of people. The workshops were all very successful and everyone on the workshops had plenty of chances to make dream images of Bald Eagles. The opportunities were just unbelievable. We had all different kinds of weather and great winds most of the time without any blizzards or extreme temperatures. Due to the overwhelming success of the February workshops I have scheduled one last 4 day workshop in March.

Images © 2009 Robert OToole Photography. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.