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See How These Photographers Took the Mundane Subject of Windows and Made Their Shots Interesting Click Here: See How These Photographers Took the Mundane Subject of Windows and Made Their Shots Interesting

See How These Photographers Took the Mundane Subject of Windows and Made Their Shots Interesting

Click Here: See How These Photographers Took the Mundane Subject of Windows and Made Their Shots Interesting


27 Exciting Night Time City Shots

27 Exciting Night Time City Shots

26 Clever and Creative Photographs of Hands

26 Clever and Creative Photographs of Hands

How to Keep Your Camera Running Perfectly in the Dead of a Cold Winter

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"For those of us that inhabit Northern climes, the winter is fast approaching. I am sure many may put their cameras into hibernation for the dark days, preferring the comfort of the digital darkroom to the harsh realities of the freezing conditions, for some, outside. However, by putting your feet up and ploughing through the [...]"

Click Here: Light Stalking

33 Magnificent Photographs of Horses

Light Stalking By Rob, the editor of Light Stalking. I try to keep this ship on course.

Forward This On to Any Photography Lovers! If You Got This from a Friend, Sign Up Here!

"Some subjects provide a lot of opportunities for great photography and horses fit comfortably into that category. With a little skill a great subject becomes a great photograph. We think these photographs of horses show what can be done quite nicely. Share your own horse photos in the comments and check out the collection of links on skills you can use to get similar photos at the end of the collection."

pride by Mustafa Khayat, on Flickr

Click Here: 33 Magnificent Photographs of Horses

Carnivorous Caterpillars

I always thought caterpillars were herbivores!

World's Weirdest: Carnivorous Caterpillars


"Found in wet forests and shrublands, 18 known species of Eupithecia in Hawaii are unique from all other members of the genus: unlike their herbivorous brethren, these Hawaii Eupithecia are carnivorous and capture live animal prey. All are species of inchworm, tiny (about an inch!), and camouflage themselves on sticks and fern fronds where they wait for unsuspecting flies, spiders and crickets to pass by. They anchor themselves with their rear prolegs and strike with six front tarsal claws when their rear setae (sensory bristles) are touched. Hawaii's killer caterpillars evolved to fill the ecological niche filled by insects, such as the praying mantis, elsewhere. They attack with speed, only about 0.1 second is required, and devour their prey alive."

Scientific name: Eupethecia staurophragma
Classification: Phylum: Arthropoda. Class: Insecta: Order. Lepidoptera. Family: Geometridae.
Origin: Endemic.
Status: Uncommon.
Distribution: Big Island.

"Insects better be careful around this guy! While caterpillars are normally vegetarians, a few in Hawai have become hungry for meat! They are clever in camouflaging themselves (this one pictured is the same color as the twigs on which it rests). In a flash, they snatch up insects in mid-air and start chomping—this one captured is a picture-winged Drosophila fly. Pretty humiliating to be eaten by a caterpillar."

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where To Buy Nik Software Programs

This was on Mike Moat's Blog today -- thought that I would pass it on....

Where To Buy Nik Software Programs

by Mike Moats

Daily Macro View

If you haven't figured it out yet, you can't buy Nik Software programs at your favorite photo retailer anymore.  Since Google bought out Nik Software, their great products can only be purchased through the Nik website as downlaods.  If you are looking to buy any or all of the six Nik programs like, Viveza2, Color Efex Pro 4, HDR, Difine, Sharpener Pro, or Silver Efex Pro, I can save you 15% when you purchase from their website.  Just use my discount code "Moats" and save yourself some money.
My daily macro view has this great look courtesy of the Detail Extractor filter in Nik's Color Efex Pro 4.

Add Picture-Perfect Hair to Your Photos in 10 Minutes or Less!

Add Picture-Perfect Hair to Your Photos in 10 Minutes or Less!

Ditch the toupee, the spray-on hair, and the brochures for pricey follicle transplant surgery.

If it’s hair you want, take our word for it: a little photo retouching is the quickest, cheapest, and most effective way to give yourself, your loved ones, your little ones, or your furry ones a brand new look.

Fill in bald spots, try out a stylish new mustache, a scraggly pirate beard, or sample some highlights. The possibilities are endless, dear friends.

Add Picture-Perfect Hair to Your Photos

p.s. We wanna see some bearded ladies in our Flickr group, people. Best bearded lady by Monday gets a free Magnetic Photo Rope. Make us proud.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photographer Has His Canon 5D Mark II Kidnapped and Killed by a Lion Read more at

Yikes: Photographer Ed Hetherington had his Canon 5D Mark II stolen earlier this month... by a lion. The cat ended up killing the camera on the plains of Zimbabwe. Before it died, the camera captured a series of photos showing the ordeal from its perspective. See them here:

Photographer Has His Canon 5D Mark II Kidnapped and Killed by a Lion mS8h2

Photographer Has His Canon 5D Mark II Kidnapped and Killed by a Lion ZLw1W

Get Your Lost Gear Back With SticKee Tags

Few things are worse than that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize you have left your phone, tablet, or other important item somewhere. The problem is that very few of our important items have any contact information on them, making it pretty hard for someone that wants to do the right thing to figure out how to return it. While some people take to adding complete contact info on their devices, it takes up a lot of space and is hard to fit on every device. SticKee.Me thinks they have solved this with their small stickers that you can put on your devices and items. Read the original post at Get Your Lost Gear Back With SticKee Tags

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Induro's Versatile Hi-Hat

Induro Hi-Hat. Introducing the most versatile
Hi-Hat available!
Induro Hi-Hat
Designed by filmmakers for filmmakers, Induro's 100mm Hi-Hat is a new take on a classic filmmaking tool. Rubber pivoting feet, adjustable and extendable legs provide exact positioning for low angle shots. Every Hi-Hat comes with a 100mm ball adapter with a 3/8" mount for ball heads and camera sliders.

Sturdy enough to hold 220 lbs and compact enough for travel, the Induro Hi-Hat is a great addition to any filmmaker's kit.
Induro Hi-Hat
Learn More

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DxO Black Friday Special


Cyber Monday @ - save up to 60%!
Peachpit's Cyber Monday Sale - save your way - up to 60% off!

Peachpit books 

Cyber Monday offer ends November 26, 2012. CMPRINT Coupon provides 35% discount off the list price of one, or 45% off the list price of any two or more print products. CMDIGITAL Coupon provides 45% discount off the list price of one, or 60% off the list price of any two or more eBooks or videos. Coupons may not be combined with any other offer, and are not valid for book + eBook bundles, eBook Deal of the Week, or Video Deal of the Week featured titles. Mobile Apps, Rough Cuts, Creative Edge, non-discountable titles, and titles on promotion with our retail partners are not eligible for this discount. If any items are canceled or returned, and the order is no longer eligible for a discount code that was applied to the purchase, remaining items will be invoiced at the standard discounted price shown on the website. Offer subject to change.
Peachpit Press, 1301 Sansome Street, San Francisco CA 94111
© Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

Sale on Training DVDs.

Huge 4-day Sale
Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale on Training DVDs.
Dear Lisa,

Great news!

For those of you who don't know; Black Friday (Day after American thanksgiving) is the biggest day for sales in stores (Many people line up at 4am for sales) and the following Monday is know as Cyber Monday, the biggest sales online. So no need to stand in line to save!

Our way of giving thanks back to the community is to celebrate with a huge 4 day sale on selected training.
This crazy sale absolutely ends on Monday at midnight.

There is something for everyone, so enjoy!!

Your partner in success,
4 days only. One time sale

50% off
Photographic Effects
Creating HD Video
Classical Portraiture Design
HDR and Photoshop
Hypercreative Method

Photoshop Type Effects

30% off
Digital Painting Techniques
Skin Retouching
Learning Indesign
Learning Dreamweaver
Fashion Flair

See all the deals and buy here

5 Quick Tips for Coastal Photography

There’s nothing like a great coastline to get me excited about photography. Whether it be unmarked sand dunes, sea grasses blowing in the sea breeze, rugged outcrops of rocks and cliff faces or a beach scene complete with all the color of families on their day at the beach – coasts can present photographers with some great opportunities.

Here’s 5 tips for your next coastal photography outing!

5 Quick Tips for Coastal Photography

Image by midlander1231

How To Get Started With Photoshop CS6 for Beginners

How To Get Started With Photoshop CS6 for Beginners

In this 40 minutes episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast, Terry White shows you How to Get Started With Adobe Photoshop CS6. See how to do the 10 things that beginners ask how to do the most including how to remove the background from an image and put it on a different background.

Retouch Pro-Tip: Using Layer Masks in Retouching Your Image

Retouch Pro-Tip: Using Layer Masks in Retouching Your Image

Layer masking in Photoshop is a powerful and non-destructive way to alter and introduce an element on top of your image. This can be another image, a layer adjustment, or even a solid color. I use it constantly when I only want to show certain portions of the layer.

If you do any sort of retouching work in Photoshop, then layer masking is your friend! Here is how I used layer masking for my editorial image of the X:Animo dance crew.

fotosiamo X Animo Dance Crew Retouch Pro Tip: Using Layer Masks in Retouching Your Image

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rod Barbee Workshops

I've got a lot of great trips planned for next year. Take a look at my 2013 workshop schedule at my website:

The schedule includes:

Iceland in the Winter
Slot Canyons/Monument Valley
Joshua Tree
Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls
Washington's Palouse Region
Colorado Mountains and Wildflowers
Olympic National Park (my back yard!)
Oregon Coast: Newport
Iceland in the summer
The Canadian Rockies
Grand Teton National Park
Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the Autumn
The Wineries of Oregon's Willamette Valley
Oregon Coast: Bandon
Zion National Park

Visit my website for all the details on each of these trips.

Rod Barbee is a professional photographer, writer, and instructor. He's been a regular contributor to Outdoor Photographer magazine and has also been published in Nature’s Best magazine, Mead calendars, Northwest Travel and Oregon Coast magazines, and more. His published books include The Photographer's Guide to the Oregon Coast, co-written with David Middleton; The Photographer's Guide to Puget Sound and Northwest Washington; and Oregon Coast Memories (Countryman Press).
Throughout the year, Rod leads and co-leads photo workshops across the country. He has taught with such well known photographers as David Middleton, David Muench, and Jack Dykinga. A gifted and enthusiastic field instructor, he likes nothing more than sharing his knowledge and ideas.
Besides his own workshops, Rod has led and co-led workshops and tours for Great American Photography Workshops, The Nature Workshops, and Photographer's Alliance Workshops.

Friday, November 23, 2012

High Impact Black & White Processing with HDR

High Impact Black & White Processing with HDR

by Richard Harrington

In this tutorial, join Richard Harrington as he explores the use of HDR photography for dynamic Black & White imagery.  You'll learn how to use Photoshop CS5's Merge to HDR Pro command.  You'll also learn how to use Vanishing Point to clone in perspective as well as crop to a targeted size.  Finally you'll see how to finish the image with adjustment layers to get a dynamic Black & White image.

from  Photofocus

25 Awesome Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts That You May Not Know

25 Awesome Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts That You May Not Know

(You can also check out this cool large wallpaper jpeg for more Photoshop keyboard shortcuts)

Photoshop Keyboard 25 Awesome Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts That You May Not Know

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Free Street Textures

Free Street Textures

The free texture set of today includes 12 high quality Street Textures, all around 2000px wide. This texture set includes a variety of smooth, rough, broken, and brick street textures. You can use them for free for personal and commercial use, but you can not sell them and claim them as yours. Have fun using them, and if you like them, don’t forget to check out our other textures on TutorialFreakz. You can download the full texture set in a zip file for free here and you can find a preview of the textures below.

30 Free Grunge Number Brushes

30 grunge number brushes free for personal or commercial use.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making Your Fur Monster

Painting fur is usually time consuming. Without good techniques, you cannot draw good fur for animals. In this time, here will show you to make your fur monster using photoshop brushes. After adding two eyes and a month, drawing for a cute monster is done.

(View This Tutorial)

Exotic Animal Photography in a Studio Setting

Wildlife photography is not reserved just for the great outdoors, bringing the exotic animals into the studio can bring a new element to to the form of portraiture. In a two minute look into Brad Wilson‘s life as a professional photographer, you can get a feel for what it’s like to be enclosed into a room with the potentially fierce animals during a photo session. You’ll see below that, while the animals can be intimidating at times, the experience is also quite moving (for those of you reading this by email, the video can be seen here).

Go to full article: Exotic Animal Photography in a Studio Setting

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions

Posted: 07 Nov 2012 05:00 AM PST
Visit the MCP Actions Blog.

The MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions Package is now available!

If spring mist, summer sunshine, fall leaves, or the first snowfall send you running to grab your camera, you’ll love the seasonal inspiration behind these actions.
With the new MCP Four Seasons™ Photoshop actions, you can speed up your workflow while adding just the right seasonal mood to your images.

The four seasonal action sets are:

  • SPRING SPLENDOR: Embrace the hushed hues of a spring morning with a base action that highlights the clean, crisp colors of spring. Then give your photos a fresh look with actions that add the perfect amount of soft haze, sweet vintage tones, or subtle rays of sunlight.
  • SUMMER SOLSTICE: Start with a base action that adds bold contrast and a sunlit feel to your images. Then choose from a variety of actions that make summery colors pop, whether it’s the bright hues of a beach party to the muted pastels of a seaside resort.
  • AUTUMN EQUINOX: Bring out the golden light and bold colors of fall with a base action that adds instant warmth and richness. From soft mattes to subtle vignettes, the autumn actions can enhance the deep reds or chestnut browns of the season—or magically transform any location into a fall wonderland.
  • WINTER WHIRLWIND: Convert your image into a classic black-and-white with just the right amount of contrast. Then customize it with rich plum hues, warm chocolate tones, a soft haze, or even a flurry of snowflakes. Switch back to color with one click, or adjust the opacity for an antique look.
 Each season is packed with actions including:
  • A unique base action to enhance the tones of that season.
  • 10-12 actions to get the look you want, whether it’s a dreamy haze or rich color pop.
  • Two comprehensive actions that let you mix and match effects.
  • 6-7 finishing actions to add extra effects unique to the season — like directional sunlight and haze for spring, vibrant color pops for summer, fall color tones for autumn, or film grain and faux snow for winter.
Plus, each season comes with a bonus pack of 25 fine-tuning actions to instantly sharpen, brighten, color-correct, and more!

Buy Them All and Save!

This is MCP’s most advanced set to date—each season includes the tools you need to polish, pop, and perfect your photos. Buy one season for $65, or purchase The MCP Four Seasons™ Photoshop Action Package for just $195—that’s a total of 108 actions, including all four seasons plus the Season Extras. It’s like getting the fourth season free!

Intro Offer:Buy Early/Save more!

If you purchase between now and November 21st, you can save more than 10% – for this short time each season is $58 and the package with all four is $175 (a $20 savings!)

buy now The MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions Package is NOW AVAILABLE!

What photographers are saying:
“No photographer should be without these essential actions.  >From soft and subtle to bold and vibrant, and every look in between, you’ll achieve beautiful results with these actions.”  -Ann Bennett,
“From the light haziness of Spring to the warm richness of Autumn, this set adds so much flavor to my photographs. These actions make my workflow easier and faster – and make my image quality better. I’m so pleased!  -Kali Shanti Park,
“I’m amazed at how fast I can change just one image to give a feeling of any one of the four seasons.  These actions will make your pictures simply gorgeous!”  -Diana Stevenson,

The post The MCP Four Seasons Photoshop Actions Package is NOW AVAILABLE! appeared first on MCP Photography Blog.

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Resolution for Print & Image Sizing

Resolution for Print & Image Sizing 

Not long ago I worked with a photographer who shot with an expensive digital back. The images were extremely detailed and large. Too bad the same could not be said for the prints, which were quite soft and pixelated. What went wrong? All the pictures were set to about 100 dpi in post production. Large, 20x30, prints were made from small 8x10 files. I hope this does not happen to you. 

Read the new article on our blog and find out which resolution you really need and how to size up, or downsize, your images for print. Check it out.

Quick Tips
  • Calibrate your monitor to our printers before you send an order.
  • Ensure that you work within the same color space across the board.
  • Ensure the the color profile is embedded (but don't embed our printer profile).
  • Image size and resolution should complement each other.
  • The resolution should be set to 300 pixels/inch.
  • Use the Image Size panel in Photoshop to control the quality/size of your images.
  • Don't use small size images for very big print sizes.
  • For big prints, increase the size incrementally in Photoshop.
  • Sharpen your images in the end.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park
Arches National Park
Love Utah? You owe it to yourself to take a look at Moab-based pro photographer Bret Edge's latest e-book, "The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park."

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book Review: 'Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Photographers' by Martin Evening

Book Review: 'Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Photographers' by Martin Evening

'Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Photographers' is the latest in Martin Evening's popular series of books, which aim to provide a complete guide to this industry-standard image manipulation software. In this book, Evening explains the techniques and tools that photographers will need within the program, making sure to cover CS6’s new features. Adam Koplan takes a look. 

Read full story →                    

Rick Sammon apps

Many people ask me, "What do your Rick Sammon apps do?"

I say, with a smile, they don't "do" anything, such as enhancing an image you take with an iPhone. They do, however, offer tons of tips, tricks and techniques - with text, photos and videos - that will make someone a better digital SLR photographer. That goes for outdoor, nature, HDR, studio and HDR photographers. Basically, they are interactive e-books that make learning fast and easy - as well as affordable.

So if you need some digital SLR photo advice that you can take anywhere with you, check out my apps.

As you'll see, I like to make learning fun.

Explore the light,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greatest Photos of the American West

Greatest Photos of the American West
Experience the majesty, spirit, and adventure of the frontier as captured by Nat Geo photographers.

Why do you have both Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 and Photomatix Pro 4?

Why do you have both Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 and Photomatix Pro 4?

Reader Alex asked this question: “I noticed you use both Photomatix in some articles and HDR Efex in others. Do you have an article describing when you will use one over the other?

If you don’t can you let me know why you use both and not just one?”

Which is a great question and one I’m sure many people have asked…or maybe even asked themselves.
Well the simple answer is; I’m a tool addict, my garage is filled with tools of all different types and uses and being such I often have many tools that do the same thing but in slightly different ways. I have Sanders, Belt Sanders, Orbital Sanders even Hand Sanding blocks. They all sand but in different ways and may have different tasks to them.

read the whole article here

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ian Plant Seminar Cancelled

Ian Plant Seminar Cancelled

"Due to circumstances beyond our control, we regretfully have to cancel Saturday's seminar with Ian Plant. We received word from Ian that he is unable to get a flight out of Peru in time for the seminar on Saturday due to weather conditions. It is undecided as to when we will reschedule this event. Please email us, so that we know you have received this cancellation notice and if you desire to have your registration fee refunded at this time. If you choose not to have your registration fee refunded at this time, your payment will be honored at the rescheduled event. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who may have been attending and was planning to pay at the door. We thank you for your understanding.
Peter Guerard
Seminar Chairman"

Spice Up Your Images Without HDR, with Ron Martinsen

Spice Up Your Images Without HDR, with Ron Martinsen

Tuesday, November 20 - 2:00pm CST (12:00pm PST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm UTC)
HDR is hot right now, but for many HDR shooters their “secret sauce” is really what they do AFTER they finish the HDR Merge. Pro photographer and photo blogger Ron Martinsen will demonstrate how he uses Topaz Labs products to make cityscapes from Seattle to New York City more dramatic and exciting using Adjust, B&W Effects and more.
Register Now »

Wolverine 20MP Film to Digital Converter

Wolverine 20MP Film to Digital Converter
The new Wolverine 20MP Film to Digital Converter is a stand-alone film scanner for use with all types of 35mm film. The scanner features a 2.4" LCD monitor, internal memory or SD/SDHC memory card storage and takes less than three seconds per scan. It can also be connected directly to a computer or a television.
Wolverine 20MP Film to Digital Converter
Price: $109.00