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6 Tips for Successful Macro Photography

good article with some great photos

6 Tips for Successful Macro Photography

"Macro photography is often casually referred to as “close-up” photography. While it’s probably a safe bet that no one is going to be shunned by their fellow photographers for tossing around such a loose definition, the classical definition of macro photography is a photograph in which the subject is magnified to life size or greater. Typically, subjects of macro photography are very small, such as insects or flowers; larger objects may also prove useful as macro photography subjects if, for instance, you want to focus on some very specific, smaller detail of the large object in question. Macro photography can be incredibly fun and rewarding, but it can also be a challenge. While I don’t profess to be any sort of macro wizard, I have acquired a certain level of proficiency and am inspired to share my knowledge with those who may be looking to take the plunge into macro photography."

Click Here: 6 Tips for Successful Macro Photography

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Winter Elk in Pennsylvania Wilds

Winter Elk in Pennsylvania Wilds

Friday, January 18, 2013 - Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Elk in Pennsylvania Wilds

You don’t have to travel to Yellowstone or other western parks to photograph elk, Pennsylvania has a wild herd of 800 in the north central part of the state. This area is the Pennsylvania Wilds, on a high plateau of few people lots of space and of course elk. We will be working from the town of Benezette, with mid-January high temp average of 33 and lows around 15, we are almost certain to have snow on the ground and maybe some falling while we are there, the perfect backdrop for shooting elk.

All day Saturday and Sunday will be spent searching for and photographing elk, good opportunities should exist for some bull elk with impressive antlers as well as the winter herd that grazes near Benezette, a group of cows, calves and bulls that number over 100. Particular attention will be spent on how to get proper exposure in a snowy environment, as well as composition tips for large mammals. If time permits we will also photograph some snowscapes as well as icy creeks and waterfalls.

Included in the price of the workshop will be lodging at the Kunes Cabin near Winslow Hill, a very popular site for elk viewing and photography.

Staying together will allow the group to view and discuss photos from Saturday’s shoot as well as having a full kitchen at our disposal.

Other accommodations are available in and near Benezette at participants own expense.
Arrangements will be made by instructor Sean Quintilian to car-pool from Southern Pennsylvania on Friday evening returning late Sunday. You can of course meet us there.

This will be a cold weather shoot (temps in the teens and 20’s with wind), proper footwear, gloves, parka, hat etc…is a must, so please contact Sean with questions.

Register here -- Winter Elk in Pennsylvania Wilds

Instructor: Sean Quintilian
Since he first bought a used Pentax K1000 in 1989 Sean Quintilian has traveled over much of North America in search of outstanding wildlife and nature photographs. His body of work includes images from 14 U.S. National Parks and dozens of National Wildlife Refuges, with over 100 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles recorded. Sean has spent over 600 days on location over the past 17 years including 20 weeks in Yellowstone National Park alone. His work has appeared in publications, exhibits and even a CD jacket. His fine art prints have graced the walls of many offices and homes. During the past three years Sean has started a growing portrait and wedding business. Sean lives in Abingdon Maryland with his wife Jessica and daughter Juliana.

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Rick Sammon - Canon Explorer of Light 1-14-13

Rick Sammon - Canon Explorer of Light
  • Monday, January 14, 2013
    7:00 PM to 
  • 10 Lyons Plains Road, Westport, CT(map)

  • Rick Sammon is one of the most renowned and respected photographers. Rick, who has photographed in almost 100 countries around the world, gives more than two-dozen photography workshops and presentations around the world each year. Rick has published 36 paper books, including Secrets of HDR Photography, Exploring the Light, and Digital Photography Secrets.
    Rick is also a leader in iPad and iPhone photography apps. When asked about his photo specialty, Rick says, "My specialty is not specializing."

    Norwalk Camera Club

    PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to bring camera equipment to the seminar, but you will want to
    bring something for taking notes.

    For more info email or call 203-­‐981-­‐0192

    Monday - January 14 2013
    7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
    This Seminar is free

    Westport Unitarian Church
    10 Lyons Plains Road 
     Westport, CT 06880

    Rick Sammon, a Canon Explorer of Light, is one of the most active photographers on the planet. The dude just can’t sit still !

Rick has published 36 paper books, including Secrets of HDR Photography, Exploring the Light, and Digital Photography Secrets.

 Rick is also a leader in iPad and iPhone photography apps. 

     His apps include:
• Rick Sammon’s Light It! – a collection of live-action movies that show Rick’s basic lighting techniques.
• Rick Sammon’s HDR Portfolio – an interactive iPad app that shows the user the wonders of HDR photography.
    • Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet – an e-book that offers 24/7 access to Rick’s best photo tips, tricks and techniques.

     iPhone and iPad versions available.

Rick’s book, Flying Flowers won the coveted Golden Light Award, and his book Hide and See Under the Sea won the Ben Franklin Award.

 Rick, who has photographed in almost 100 countries around the world, gives more than two-dozen photography workshops (including private workshops) and presentations around the world each year.

 Rick co-founded the Digital Photography Experience podcast ( with Juan Pons. 

Rick also hosts several classes on

Rick, who has been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame, is considered one of today’s top digital -imaging experts, cutting through lots of Photoshop “speak,” making it fun, easy and rewarding to work and play in the digital darkroom.

When asked about his photo specialty, Rick says, “My specialty is not specializing.”

See for more information.

    The Explorers of Light concept came out of Canon USA in the mid 1990s as a broad-ranging initiative for photographic education and inspiration. Today, the group is comprised of more than 50 of the most influential photographers and cinematographers in the world, each a master of the their creative specialty. 

    The Explorers share their photographic passions and technical expertise with eager audiences of photo professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts in a variety of personal appearances, seminars, and gallery showings through the United States.


    Craig Perry
    Norwalk Camera Club

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5 Simple Secrets To Sharper Photos

from Digital Photography School
"Many factors play a part in image sharpness, not the least of which is the lens.  Most of us who ever pick up a camera judge our images, at least in part, on overall sharpness.  Before you go out and plunk down some hard earned cash on that top of the line pro-level lens you’ve been drooling over, think about these steps you can take with the lenses you already own to get sharper images."

read the article here

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Flower Photography Seminar/Workshop at Longwood Gardens

Flower Photography Seminar/Workshop featuring denise ippolito

$99.00 ~ limited spots available, open to all levels-beginners, intermediate and advanced

March 22, 23, 24

Sign up here
564552_368876213185997_1884139906_n-1451-Edit (2)

For this seminar you will need to bring your camera, macro lens and tripod as we will have multiple shooting sessions in a classroom setting. Creative set-ups and assistance along with several stations so there is no waiting around. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops to follow along and also work with their images- processing them in Photoshop and enhancing them using Nik Software, OnOne Software, Topaz Labs, Fractalius and Snap Art (free downloads are available for each of the programs that we will be using and a list of software will be available at sign-up).

The optional in-the-field workshop at Longwood Gardens in PA will be a great way to roll up your sleeves and apply all of your new techniques in the field. Longwood Gardens will be displaying their Orchid Extravaganza on Sunday, we will be photographing inside the conservatory which is HUGE!!

Friday 6:00pm to 8:00pm ~ Lecture series

Lecture Series:
The lecture series will be based on Denise's popular eBooks BloominĂ¢€™ Ideas & The Softer Side of Macro. Images will illustrate many of the techniques that will be covered during the classroom shoot and in-the-field workshop.

Saturday 9:00am to :00pm ~ Classroom instruction including hands- on shooting and Photoshop instruction. $99.00 for both Friday evening & Saturday all day programs.

Classroom Instruction:
Choosing the best lenses, tripods & heads, extension tubes, working with natural lighting, using reflectors and diffusers effectively. Camera settings including ISO and shutter speeds, shooting modes and more…

Composition- controlling depth of field with f-stops, selective focus, choosing your backgrounds, visual weight and its importance, going with the flow of the subject and how to find that flow.

Hands-on photography instruction using creative demos and set-ups. Denise will share some of her favorite indoor shooting tips. Several shooting stations with lots of assistance.

Photoshop Instruction:
How to use layers and layer masks to selectively apply all of your Photoshop tweaks.
Texture Overlays- how to apply them easily.
Image enhancement using Nik Color Efex and Vivesa.
Creative Filtering using a variety of programs and techniques.

Sunday 9:00am to 12:00pm
~ Optional Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza Photography Workshop
 $195.00 per person-admission included
($30.00 discount when you register for both the seminar & the workshop).

In-the-field hands-on instruction, participants will be photographing a variety of subjects that are on display in the Conservatory. We will put all of our classroom instruction to use in a live setting. Composition, DOF, Selective Focus, use of extension tubes, reflectors, diffusers and more!

Rain or shine, a detailed PDF with additional information will be sent upon sign up.

We will meet just outside of the front doors at 8:45 sharp Sunday morning. Bring your tripod as they will be allowed in the conservatory.

Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square
815 E Baltimore Pike
Kennett Square, PA 19348
Tel: 610-765-1006

March 22, 23, 24
Friday 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm with a lunch break
Sunday 9:00am to 12:00 noon

1001 Longwood Road, Kennett Square , PA 19348

Sign up here


New ebook: Sense of Place

passing this along...from here

This new eBook is designed to help readers experience a place more fully, see it with wider eyes, and photograph it more intentionally. It is a 42 page travel photography eBook with ideas on how to hone one’s ability to see and express, not just point the camera. This guide is more theory driven than technique driven. Now available here: Sense of Place

sense of place book

New: Sense of Place 
The author, Younes Bounhar is a scientist turned travel, architecture, and landscape, photographer. He is based in Ottawa, Canada. His clients include St-Joseph Media, Apex Publications, K2 Impressions, National Institute of Scenic Arts and Music (Spain). His photographs have been featured in several magazines in Canada and abroad (including Canadian Geographic, PhotoLife, PhotoSolutions, and Photography Monthly.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction
  • At Home
  • Act Like a Tourist
  • The Power of Self-Assignments
  • Abroad
  • Take Your Time
  • Act Like a Local
  • Make Repeat Visits
  • Increase Your Awareness
  • Seize the Moment
  • Details Tell the Story
  • Simplify
  • Seek the Light
  • Break Your Habits
  • A Human Element
  • Gear Talk
Pages from Sense of Place (Click to See More)

It can be found here: A Sense of Place – Finding Your Eye at Home & Abroad

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The photographers were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of great light danced in their heads.

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house.
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that new photo gear soon would be there.

The photographers were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of great light danced in their heads.
Dreaming of great images they soon would make,
pictures of animals, field, forest, and lake.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
I grabbed my camera and snatched up my flash,
tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow,
made magic the light on the objects below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St Nick.
I must get this shot and I must be real quick,
I push down the shutter, but alas there’s no click!

I can’t believe the luck, my batteries are dead,
where is a spare set I think in my head.
I fresh set of lithiums I have in my bag,
If only I could get there, man what a drag!

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof,
the prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
I think to myself I know his next move,
down the chimney he’ll come, I really must move.

I grab the fresh batteries and say a few prayers,
I load up my camera as I dash down the stairs.
I hit the landing and stopped with great awe.
Standing before me I must relay what I saw.

He was dressed all in fur,from his head to his foot,
and his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.
A bundle of new photo gear he had flung on his back,
all kinds of new gadgets filled out his great sack.

His eyes-how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
I stood there slack-jawed utterly dumbfounded,
my camera at my side, all my plans were confounded.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
and filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk.
With a twinkle and a nod, up the chimney he rose.
I fired off the camera. All I got was his toes.

Once he was gone I snapped out of my trance.
I smiled as I realized I had missed my big chance.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, good luck and good light!”

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Macro Workshop

Macro Workshop

Just wanted to let you all know that I am leading a macro workshop for the Ridgewood Camera Club MeetUp group on Feb. 24th.  You can find all the information here.  You have to join the meetup group but that is free to do.  Cost will be $40.  This will be a hands on workshop.  I will be teaching you how to get tack sharp macro images with maximum depth of field.  I will also introduce you to the exciting world of cross polarization.  Bring your camera and flash as we will be covering the use of flash in depth.  As usual, you have a few weeks advanced notice to sign up for this event.

You can find more updates on my other tours and workshops as well as all the detailed information on my schedule page.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at or call me at home 908-241-2248.
Roamin' with Roman Photo Tours
115 W. Roselle Ave.
Roselle Park, NJ 07204

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save 20% on everything at Software Cinema

save 20% on everything at Software Cinema

December Holiday sale. Save 20% off everything!!

Save 20% off everything at Software Cinema from today until end of December: Code: SCNL1212

Click here to get some cool deals!

DVD's make great stocking stuffers.

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photos with the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales.

Saturday Dec. 22, 2012
The Anheuser-Busch Merrimack, NH brewery is offering guests the opportunity to bring a camera and pose for photos with the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales. The event takes place 1 to 3 PM at 221 Daniel Webster Highway, Merrimack, NH. For more information, 603-595-1202 or

Transcending Travel – A guide to Captivating Travel Photography

Transcending Travel – A guide to Captivating Travel Photography

Read more:

Taking a Trip? You’ve Got One Chance To Get Your Pictures Right…

Travel book book graphic1-2.jpg
  • The dreamgoing on a trip with dreams of capturing the magical experiences that you have and returning home with a camera full of captivating images to show your friends.
  • The realityyou return home wonderful memories, but a camera full of uninspiring images that don’t do your adventure justice, and leave your friends and family disinterested… when they could have been mesmerized.

What if you could spend time being coached by one of the top travel photographers in the world?

Transcending Travel is an eBook designed to give you the skill and inspiration to take riveting travel photography images, ones so striking you’re friends won’t be able to stop talking about and sharing them.
The great thing about it is that it’s just as applicable whether you’re traveling near or far from home.

Best Still – as it’s a downloadable eBook you can have it today (with no need for delivery fees) ! It’s just $19.97 USD.

Read more:

About the Author

Mitchell Kanashkevich is a freelance travel and documentary photographer. He travels the world and shoots personal projects as well as travel related stories and stock photos for Getty and Corbis Images. Mitchell’s work has appeared in some of the world’s top photography magazines, on book covers, in ad campaigns and has made its way into private photo collections around the world.
dPS is excited to work with Mitchell and are sure you’ll be both inspired by his images and informed by his extensive knowledge of travel photography. Also keep in mind that much of what’s covered will also help you in your day to day photography, whether you’re planning a trip or not.

Read more:

Scott Kelby's Adobe Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers $9.99

great book, we have it and love it, Lisa and Tom

$9.99 eBook Deal of the Week

Scott Kelby's Adobe Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers

  • By Scott Kelby
  • Published Jul 12, 2012 by Peachpit Press. Part of the Voices That Matter series.
  • Pages: 480
  • eBook (Watermarked)
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers
This is the eBook version of the printed book. Are you ready for a Photoshop book that breaks all the rules? Updated for Adobe Photoshop CS6, this top-selling book breaks new ground by doing something for digital photographers that's rare-it cuts through the bull and shows readers exactly "how to do it." It's not a bunch of theory; it doesn't challenge readers to come up with their own settings or figure it out on their own.
Learn More

Terms & Conditions

* Each week, on Sunday at 12:01 AM PST / 7:01 AM GMT, a new eBook is offered at $9.99 for a one-week period. Check back each week for a new deal.

Look at this Instagram Song Goes Viral

Look at this Instagram Song Goes Viral

from here:

"If any of you uses (or tried to use) Instagram, you’ll certainly understand what this is about. For those who are not familiar with it, Instagram is a widely popular social network application (firstly for iOS devides, then Android and now for the web) in which users are allowed to post their photographs, after applying filters that instantly turn every picture into some kind of vintage work of art — pretty much like good old cameras used to shoot. College Humor, in their comedic way of looking at things, made this funny video depicting all these people who continually keep posting pictures as if it meant a lot more than it actually does:"
check it out, too funny!

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From Concept to Creation Presented by Captain Kimo

From Concept to Creation Presented by Captain Kimo

For all of you who missed my last Topaz Live Webinar here is the recording. I cover how I created my Bull Elk image from Yellowstone using Photoshop and various Topaz Plugins.

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Book Signing with Peter Kayafas 12/20

Please join photographer Peter Kayafas at ICP.
December 20 | Thursday | 6–7:30 pm
Totems by Peter Kayafas

Socio-documentary photographer Peter Kayafas explores the abandoned buildings of the West in this elegant monograph. His timeless images are often considered contemporary extensions of the visions of luminaries such as Walker Evans and Lee Friedlander. The crumbling churches, barns and houses—once maintained as part of vital communities of farmers and migrants—now stand in various states of decay. He photographs buildings as he might photograph people: he creates formal portraits to capture the dignity and resilience of the simple but extraordinary structures that seem to call out for recognition.

Peter Kayafas
Reserve a copy online
$55.00 | Members $49.50

Please note that due to professional obligations, photographer's book signing dates may change without notification. Limit of two signed copies per customer. Pre-orders and reserve orders are not guaranteed but every effort is made to fulfill orders. Books must be purchased from the ICP Store. If purchased before date of event, please bring your receipt. For more information, call 212.857.9725.

MUSEUM | 1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 | 212.857.0000 | Fax 212.764.6422
SCHOOL | 1114 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 | 212.857.0001 | Fax 212.857.0090

William Barnett, MPSA Awarded PSA Editorial Award


William Barnett, MPSA Awarded PSA Editorial Award 

William Barnett, MPSA of Milford, CT was awarded the Elmore R. Chatham Memorial Award by the Photographic Society of America (PSA). The award is given annually to a PSA member who is the author of
the best PSA Journal feature story for the prior year.

The award honors the late Elmore R. Chatham, who was the Mid-­‐Atlantic Zone Director from 1987 to 1994. William Barnett's feature article on infrared photography, Beyond Human Vision, was published in the August 2011 PSA Journal. The award was presented at the 2012 PSA International Conference of Photography held in San Francisco, CA in September.

The Photographic Society of America (www.psa-­‐ founded in 1934, is a worldwide organization of both amateur and professional photographers in over 70 countries.

eBook - How To Win Photo Comps

eBook - How To Win Photo Comps
Written by Peter Eastway
Would you like to win a photography competition? Are your photos up to it? Is it a realistic desire? Or doesn't it matter as long as your photography improves?

I have judged a lot of photography competitions and there are lots of little things that entrants forget to do. If only I could let them know before entering the competition, they would do so much better!

Well, as a judge I'm not allowed to ring up and help entrants, but I can write a book that distills what I have learnt over the last twenty years that will give you a great head start.

Of course, no one can give you an iron-clad guarantee that you will read my book and then win the next photo competition you enter - and I explain why in the book. However, what I can guarantee you is that if you read my book, you will improve the quality of your photography. You see, whether you're aiming to win a photography competition or just take a better photograph, the advice is very similar. And I know that the techniques and approaches I've developed over the years will help you capture and produce better photographs.

My book is called How To Win Photo Competitions.

It begins with a little about me. After all, it's easy enough to write a book about winning photography competitions, but it's better if you have a little bit of experience. Fortunately for me, I've been lucky enough to win quite a few competitions, plus I have a lot of experience as a judge. I can talk to you about both sides of the competition. Add in the fact I've been a magazine editor for 30 years and I hope I'm able to communicate my message pretty well. So, in just a couple of pages (I don't want to bore you), I explain why I know what I'm talking about (even though my Dad told me not to boast).

We then look at competitions and how they work, how you should approach them, and how to use the results to assess your own photography. It's important to set the scene before we get into creating photos that win competitions.

The next two sections are the nitty gritty. We begin by talking about taking a great photograph in the first place. Competition winners begin with the camera and so we talk about camera technique, colour, composition, framing and so on - little tricks and hints that will make a world of difference to your photographs.

From here we step into post-production - using the computer to improve the images our camera has captured. Most readers will have dabbled with Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom and this is all you need to enhance your images so they are in the running for a competition win. These days, no matter how good your camera is, you simply must do a little post-production to finesse your entry.

I finish the book with some useful background information about how competitions work (generally speaking), and then I analyse some of the images that have won awards for me, pointing out the aspects that the judges responded to in a positive way.

The book has lots of photographs and illustrations to explain exactly what I'm talking about. It is easy to read on a computer, laptop or iPad, and you need Adobe Reader (Acrobat) to view the book.

I have created a sample book for you to look at - click here to open it on your screen now.

If you like what you see and you'd like to purchase a copy, visit the online shop on this website or click this link to go there now.

"Scotch Tape" project

Photographer Wes Naman recently shot a series of strange and silly portraits for a personal project called "Scotch Tape." For each photo he distorted his subject's face with strips of tape. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Beyond the Rule of Thirds

I received this great article about composition, check it out here

Your email is blocking our tutorial. Please enable it. :)
Beyond the Rule of Thirds

"There are many ways of composing a picture, and the golden section is a great guide. Also known as the golden mean, golden ratio, divine proportion, the golden section is like the rule of thirds on steroids.

The rule of thirds is a simplified version of the golden ratio. The golden ratio, which affects the 1:1.618 ratio of a picture size, can help determine a placement of a subject, leading to better composition.

In this week's blog post, we are discussing different golden rules: The Golden Spiral, The Golden Triangle, and the Golden Rectangle. Together, we'll learn how to view and compose our pictures in a different light.

Check out our new article, Beyond the Rule of Thirds and don't forget to like us on Facebook. Our Facebook fans are the first to receive Photoshop tutorials and photography articles written by our staff."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Be Careful Out There – Safety & Security While Photographing

Be Careful Out There – Safety & Security While Photographing

by scottbourne

Good article, I like his response here, I have felt uncomfortable a couple of times, especially when  in a remote area, when asked this question...have to remember his response.

"When a stranger comes up in a strange land and says something like "Wow that's a nice camera, I bet it was expensive." I always say "What? This old thing? It's not worth much. It barely works any more." Better to downplay the value."

He could also worn  the OP shirt...

"Caution: Photographer at Work" T- Shirt

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Natural Light Portraiture Workshop - 24 Feb 2013

Natural Light Portraiture Workshop - 24 Feb 2013


Great portraits look as though they were achieved effortlessly and in this workshop, David and Peter will share with you all the skills needed to create portrait masterpieces of your own using available light.
The location is on David’s farm in the magical Hunter Valley. We’ve timed the workshop so can drive from Sydney for the day, or you can stay overnight nearby and make a weekend of it. We will shoot in David’s purpose built studio and around the farm, so bring your camera, laptop and plenty of storage cards!
  • Two grand masters for the price of one!
  • Bookings are on a first come basis. A minimum of 10 participants is needed to run. There is a maximum of 20 participants.
  • No refund unless we can re-sell your place.
  • Price is $495 for the day. The Early Bird price is $395 if you book by 31 December 2012.
  • Please bring your camera! Laptop and card reader optional.
  • It takes around 2.5 hours to drive from Sydney, or you can stay overnight nearby (ask us for details).
  • Price includes a wonderful country lunch and there’s free parking on the farm!
For more details, please download the full workshop program here. (You will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to read it.)

Price $495 - or $395 Early Bird if you book now! Early Bird bookings close 31 December 2012.
For more information, email David or Clare at or phone (02) 9484 0448.

To download details on how to get to David's farm and accommodation options, please click here

Friday, December 14, 2012

the ultimate stocking stuffer for any photographer

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

This is the ultimate stocking stuffer for any photographer

Hazel Meredith Awarded PSA Service Plaque

Way to go Hazel! Congrats!

December 12, 2012
To: Lisa Cuchara
From: PSA

For Immediate Release


Hazel Meredith Awarded PSA Service Plaque

Hazel Meredith was awarded the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Service Plaque in 2012 for her meritorious service to the Society. The Service Plaque is awarded as a thank you in recognition of time freely given to ensure the success of the Society.

Hazel served as Camera Club Services Committee Chair before her present position as PSA Council Services Committee Chair. She is also the Camera Club & Council News Column Editor for the PSA Journal. In addition to her other PSA activities, she serves as Moderator for the Camera Club Sparkle.

PSA is a worldwide organization of both amateur and professional photographers, with members in over 70 countries. The PSA web site at contains information about PSA, its activities, benefits, and membership opportunities.

Canon lens caps join the 21st century!

Canon lens caps join the 21st century!

Lens caps usually don’t make headlines, especially on the same day as a new Canon “L” lens and the first-ever stabilized normal prime. But I know there are a handful of Canon users out there who are shouting “FINALLY, CANON!”

In case you’re wondering what the big deal is; I’ll explain it- The old lens cap design was horrible for use with a lens hood. And over the past few years, every other manufacturer has updated their lens caps to a more modern, center-pinch design that is far easier to use when you have a hood on your lens. Not just Nikon but also Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, …even the generic lens caps from Ebay are center-pinch! So now, years late to the party, Canon has finally updated their lens caps. Dear Canon engineers: Congratulations, you did it! It must have taken tons of R&D money, and many hours of stressful deadlines. Or in this case, I guess you had no deadlines whatsoever lol…

Of course, I jest. This is the biggest non-deal-breaker in the history of Canon VS Nikon. This will not affect your image sharpness at all, heck it probably won’t even protect your lens any better. But at least now you can easily put on a lens cap while using a a lens hood.

For those of you who never put a hood on a lens in their life, either because you run in the UV filter crowd or because you’re just downright reckless, this may not be a big deal at all. However to those of us who use hoods 99% of the time, even indoors, this is a huge deal. Yay. Can you tell how excited I am?

Click HERE to check and see if they’re in stock at yet

Take care,

canon new center pinch lens caps 620x413 Canon lens caps join the 21st century!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Day with Ian Plant

Charter Oak Photographic Society, Inc. presents

A Day with Ian Plant

April 13, 2013, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Trinity-on-Main Cultural Center
69 Main Street
New Britain, CT 

A full-time professional nature photographer, writer, and adventurer, Ian Plant has been photographing our natural world for almost twenty years. Ian travels the world in order to find rare convergences of light, composition, mood, and moment, looking to transcend mere scenery to produce a compelling view of his nature subjects

His photographs and instructional articles have appeared in a number of books, calendars, and magazines, including Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Le Monde de la Photo, Nature Photographers Online Magazine, National Parks, Common Ground, Blue Ridge Country, Adirondack Life, Wonderful West Virginia, and Chesapeake Life, among others. Ian also writes a regular blog column for Outdoor Photographer online.

Ian’s mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain others in the art of nature photography. To that end, Ian launched the Dreamscapes photoblog, which is now a collaborative blog involving several other professional photographers. To see more of his work, visit his web site at:


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10 Great Gift Ideas for Photographers

10 Great Gift Ideas for Photographers

Don’t know what to get your FAVE photographer this holiday season? Well, we’ve got you covered!! We’ve put together a fabulous list of 10 Great Gift Ideas for Photographers. These fun and unique gift ideas are perfect for any photography enthusiast!

10 Great Gift Ideas for Photographers

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Travel 365: 20 Most Popular Photos of 2012

Travel 365: 20 Most Popular Photos of 2012

Nat Geo Travel

photographer's rights

I have heard a few stories in response to the "photographer's rights" post -- so I wanted to share some resources for dealing with being harassed. Remember, it is OK for security, police, etc. to ask you what you are doing, we want people to be aware and question people. But you do have the right to photograph, so smile and explain yourself, but you should know your rights.

Bert P. Krages II, Attorney at Law

The Photographer’s Right. A Downloadable Flyer Explaining Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography

"The Photographer’s Right is a downloadable guide that is loosely based on the Bust Card and the Know Your Rights pamphlet that used to be available on the ACLU website. It may be downloaded and printed out using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may make copies and carry them in your wallet, pocket, or camera bag to give you quick access to your rights and obligations concerning confrontations over photography. You may distribute the guide to others, provided that such distribution is not done for commercial gain and credit is given to the author."

"As the flyer states, there are not very many legal restrictions on what can be photographed when in public view. Most attempts at restricting photography are done by lower-level security and law enforcement officials acting way beyond their authority. Note that neither the Patriot Act nor the Homeland Security Act have any provisions that restrict photography. Similarly, some businesses have a history of abusing the rights of photographers under the guise of protecting their trade secrets. These claims are almost always meritless because entities are required to keep trade secrets from public view if they want to protect them. "

Bert Krages is an attorney who concentrates on intellectual property and environmental law. He is recognized nationally as an advocate of the right to take photographs in public places, having appeared in media such as National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, Popular Photography, Shutterbug, and Wired.

(2) ACLU

This is a great  resource -- worth reading!!

Know Your Rights: Photographers

"Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right – and that includes federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police and other government officials carrying out their duties. Unfortunately, there is a widespread, continuing pattern of law enforcement officers ordering people to stop taking photographs from public places, and harassing, detaining and arresting those who fail to comply. "
Learn more »

Your rights as a photographer...

The ACLU does not believe that restrictions on photography in the public areas of publicly operated airports are constitutional.
If you think your rights have been violated at an airport, let us know >>

(3) Free App

There is an iPhone app called "Photographers Rights" --> carry it to know your rights (in different countries).

"The app explains what can be and can not be done, what is legal and illegal. What are your rights, how should we behave in case to be approached by an police officer and so forth. It also provides common questions in French, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian that can be played using the iPhone speaker. So a photographer that doesn't understand the language of a specific country, can still ask common questions using the iPhone."

It's available in the iTunes Store, search for Photographers Rights, free

(4) card for your wallet -->'s_Legal_Rights_Card.pdf

Monday, December 10, 2012

West Nyack, NY Event/Triple Header: Art Morris, Robert O’Toole & Denise Ippolito

Tom and I went to the weekend workshop in staten Island and it was GREAT -- if you can go to this GO!!! You will learn a LOT and be inspired. They cover in camera techniques, post-processing techniques, straight out of camera images and creative images. Wow! At $10 this is a steal!


West Nyack, NY Event/Triple Header: Art Morris, Robert O’Toole & Denise Ippolito

Each of the three talented photographers above will each present a unique program on Saturday, December 15, 2012 (10:00 am to 5:00 pm) at the Palisades Center Mall, 1000 Palisades Center Dr, West Nyack, NY.

Arthur Morris (Canon Explorer of Light/sponsored by Canon USA):

Arthur Morris is a free-lance nature photographer, teacher and writer specializing in birds. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier bird photographers and photographic educators. His images, published the world over, are noted for both their artistic design and their technical excellence. His fitting credit line: BIRDS AS ART. His book, “The Art of Bird Photography” is the classic How-to work on the subject. The all new follow-up, The Art of Bird Photography II (916 pages of CD only) was released in 2006 to rave reviews. Artie, one of the original “Explorers of Light,” has been a Canon contract photographer for the past fifteen years and continues in that role today. He is a co-founding publisher of A popular speaker, he has conducted more than 500 slide programs and seminars over the past two decades. He currently travels, photographs, teaches and speaks his way across North America and the world while leading BIRDS AS ART/Instructional Photo-tours and Photo-Cruises each year. Art will talk about and show you “What Makes a Good Nature Photograph.

Robert O’Toole:

Robert, a professional photographer for more than a decade, now specializes in wildlife and nature. He is an accomplished photographic instructor; he got his start co-leading BIRDS AS ART/Instructional Photo-Tours with Art Morris. He has written two Photoshop tutorials and a Nikon camera User’s Guide for BIRDS AS ART Books. In his presentation, Robert will share the inspiration, the passion and the creative vision that drives his photography. Robert will share some of his favorite images,equipment,and techniques and the stories behind them.

Denise Ippolito

Denise Ippolito is a freelance photographer, artist and writer living in NJ. She is a moderator in the Out of the Box Forum at Denise has co-led several BIRDS AS ART Instructional Photo-Tours with Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART. Denise offers her own workshops featuring avian, flower and HDR photography. As a former award winning floral designer and garden center owner, Denise has worked extensively with flowers; her most recent eBook “Bloomin Ideas” reflects her love for flowers and art.
Denise Ippolito and Arthur Morris co-authored the hugely popular eBook, “A Guide to Pleasing Blurs.” Her program will cover the great variety of techniques that can be used to create pleasingly blurred images in the field, and at times, during post-processing. Topics that will be discussed and illustrated include pan blurs, zoom blurs, camera movement blurs including flame- and jiggle-blurs, subject movement blurs including moving water blurs, long exposure blurs, the need for accurate focusing, managing your ISO settings, in-camera multiple exposures, subject to film plane orientation, choice of shutter speeds, and how subject to sensor distance affects the degree of blurring.
With the advent of digital photography and the popularity of intentionally blurred images in prestigious nature photography competitions, more and more people are enjoying the challenges and rewards of creating pleasing blurs. Whether you photograph wildlife, flowers, people, street scenes or landscapes, this is one program that you will not want to miss if you would like to learn to unleash your creativity.

A Great Opportunity

Triple Header represents a great opportunity for all levels of photographers to learn and enjoy. The programs will run from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. with several breaks including a lunch break. Thee vent will be be held in the Adler Room, 4th floor, on the Macy’s side of the mall (by the Ice Rink). There is plenty of available parking at the mall which is conveniently located right off a major highway. Join us to learn from three outstanding photographers and lecturers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Approximate schedule:
10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Robert O’Toole, A Passion for Photography
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Denise Ippolito, How to Create Pleasing Blurs
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lunch
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Art Morris, What Makes a Good Nature Photograph

The mall has a large food court or you can bring your own. Price: $10.00/per person. For more info or to sign-up, click here. The event is a Ridgewood Camera Club Meetup Group program.

Photographers Rights Gray Card Set

Photographers Rights Gray Card Set

Image 1

Image 1

Image 1

Image 1

This white balance card set allows you to wear your photography rights around your neck while you're out shooting, and can be easily shown to anyone who challenges your legal right to photograph. Text is only printed on one side of the cards.

These durable plastic cards are 5.4cm by 8.5cm and are attached to a white lanyard via a detachable clip, which makes using the cards while shooting a breeze.

Here's a copy of the guidelines that are printed on the cards. Feel free to print them out and carry them with you if you decide not to purchase this card!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

DSLR Shooting Time-Lapse of the Night Sky Captures Its Own Theft Instead

DSLR Shooting Time-Lapse of the Night Sky Captures Its Own Theft Instead

After seeing the story of the DSLR-stealing lion that we published last night, Zurich, Switzerland-based photographer Alessandro Della Bella sent in an unusual camera theft story of his own. While shooting time-lapse photographs of the night sky using three intervalometer-trigger DSLRs, one of the cameras was stolen by a thief. What’s interesting is that the camera documented the whole event through time-lapse photos! The video above shows the time-lapse that resulted.
Read more…

Portland Maine Lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth During Sunrise

Here’s one from my last trip to Portland, Maine at the Portland Head Light during sunrise. This is a three exposure HDR image processed in Photomatix Pro for detail and color.

wpid17495-Portland-Maine-Lighthouse-at-Cape-Elizabeth-During-Sunrise.jpgKim Y. Seng
a.k.a. Captain Kimo

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Artizen HDR Software Review

Artizen HDR Software Review

artizen hdr software review sample screen capture 490x306 Artizen HDR Software ReviewPosted February 25 2011 – Artizen HDR is the first of 13 HDR software that I’ll testing out and posting my opinion on. I’ll post a link to the full list of high dynamic programs once I finish reviewing them all.
Operating System – Windows Only
Price – 45.95 Canadian
Standalone/Plugin/Both – Standalone
Processing RAW files - Yes
HDR from Single RAW – Yes
Overall Speed – Average
Visit Official Websitehttp://www.fhotoroom.comGo to Artizen HDR Download Page

Read the entire review here: