Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flickr Camera Club Critiques

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I sent out an invitation to join a new Flickr group. People have already joined and some people have even sent this invitation out to others -- anyone interested in photography can join. Please pass this invitation along to others.

I wanted to invite you to join a cool group on Flickr! It's called Camera Club Critiques, and it's a big bunch of fun! If you would like to join this group, click on the following link (or copy and paste it into your web browser). Then you can see what this group is all about!

This can be a place where images are displayed, shared and/or critiqued. It will only be successful IF we post pictures and IF we ALL comment on the posted pictures. After talking with several members and after our own executive camera club board meeting I think that many people would like more comments on their photographs. Perhaps this is a forum that can help everyone and visually deilight us all in the learning process. Anyone with an itnerest in photograph can join.You will be able to subscribe to the group after you join so you will know when new things have been posted to the group.

Feed – Subscribe to Camera Club Critiques discussion threads

This is a place for you to upload your photograph so that others may enjoy it, comment on it and/or critique it. During the monthly competitions it is not possible to get comments on every photograph but everyone learns when we critique and are critiqued.We ALL love to see photographs and learn what might be done to improve them.

Constructive criticism only, remember the maker took that photograph for a reason and they chose it to compete for a reason. You can offer constructive criticism and you can also "score" the photo if you want (0-10) and please break it down into the 4 categories below so people can learn.

Please remember that what constitutes a GREAT photo for CAMERA CLUB competition does not necessarily constitute a GREAT photo for hanging on your wall, in an art studio, on the cover of a magazine, etc. Camera club competition is but one set of guidelines. If you want to be on the cover of a magazine you usually shoot vertical and leave lots of sky (or negative space) for the TITLE and words. This same image would have to be cropped tightly to do well in camera club competition.

See you there!
Lisa Cuchara

The Inauguration of President Barack Obama - The Big Picture

Thanks Bill (Hoikala) for passing this along
The Inauguration of President Barack Obama - The Big Picture -

Georgetown In Winter Workshop

Georgetown In Winter:
This safari will explore the lovely streets of Georgetown in a wintertime setting. Starting with the Old Stone House on M Street, we will wind our way through the streets of the 18th century town that preceded the establishment of the nation's capital.
If we are lucky, we will find snow on the streets, outlining the picturesque homes and storefronts. We will also photograph the unique architecture of homes along the C & O Canal and the lovely Grace Episcopal Church on lower Wisconsin Avenue and the exciting design of the Washington Harbour complex along the Potomac River.
Offered Saturday, February 7, 2:30pm-4:30pm.
Only $59
Meet at entrance to Old Stone House at 3051 M Street NW

To register this safari, go to

Friday, January 30, 2009

Camera Club Critiques

I have just started a new group on Flickr.

This can be a place where images are displayed, shared and/or critiqued. It will only be successful IF we post pictures and IF we ALL comment on the posted pictures. After talking with several members and after our own executive camera club board meeting I think that many people would like more comments on their photographs. Perhaps this is a forum that can help everyone and visually deilight us all in the learning process. Anyone with an interest in photograph can join.

You will be able to subscribe to the group after you join so you will know when new things have been posted to the group.

Feed – Subscribe to Camera Club Critiques discussion threads

About Camera Club Critiques

This is a place for you to upload your photograph so that others may enjoy it, comment on it and/or critique it. During the monthly competitions it is not possible to get comments on every photograph but everyone learns when we critique and are critiqued.

We ALL love to see photographs and learn what might be done to improve them.

Constructive criticism only, remember the maker took that photograph for a reason and they chose it to compete for a reason.

You can offer constructive criticism. You can also "score" the photo if you want (0-10) and please break it down into the 4 categories below so people can learn.

Please remember that what constitutes a GREAT photo for CAMERA CLUB competition does not necessarily constitute a GREAT photo for hanging on your wall, in an art studio, on the cover of a magazine, etc. Camera club competition is but one set of guidelines. If you want to be on the cover of a magazine you usually shoot vertical and leave lots of sky (or negative space) for the TITLE and words. This same image would have to be cropped tightly to do well in camera club competition.

At a John Shaw seminar John remarked "If you are attending my seminar in hopes to improve your camera club competition scores then I will NOT be able to help you as my images would not necessarily do well in camera club competition. Howver, I have made my living with them and they have been published in many places".

The bottom line: Shoot what you love.

Judging Guidelines:

Light and exposure

0= badly over or under-exposed.

1= Use of light is appropriate with some tolerance for exposure range.

2=Use of light and exposure well handled & absolutely correct with no obvious lighting problems.

3=Light and exposure have been used effectively, beyond mere recording. The exposure may be deliberately unusual but correct, and the image shows skill in the use of light direction, character, and color.


0=the subject image is not sharp or as sharp as required in subject areas

1=the subject area is sharp (blurred areas are an enhancement)

Composition and Design

0=composition is careless with significant distractions. Design is not apparent or not satisfactory.

1=Composition and design are satisfactory. Distractions may be apparent but not dominant.

2=Composition and design are without fault. There are no distractions.

3=the organization of the elements is critical to the success of the image. Composition and design are both with out fault or distraction.

Mood, Impact, Subject Matter

0=the image has little emotional appeal and fails to communicate an objective.

1=the image initiates some emotional response or recognition of the makers perceived objective.

2=the subject conveys a sense of place or an event and is accurately rendered. There is an automatic emotional response.

3=the image is powerful and evokes an immediate emotional response which is strong and lasting. The subject matter is well selected and portrayed.

My personal opinion is that many photographs can be technically correct, lighting and exposure, but the "impact" portion is only a 1 or 2 and the composition portion is only a 2 leading to a score of 7 or 8 by a judge (21 or 24). You can improve on technical features but impact is hard -- either it is ther or it is not there. And sometimes a photograph has impact to US because we were there and the photograph brings back the emotion that we were feeling that day at the time that we tripped the shutter. That does not necessarily mean that a viewer that was not there feels the same impact as you did because you were there and they were not there.


David is returning for a hands-on Photoshop workshop on March 22nd. For this event attendees will bring their own computers and work along with David as he demonstrates various techniques used to enhance and improve their images. He will demonstrate and explain the very overlooked task of calibrating a monitor. Then David will teach you the best ways to enhance an improve your scenic and nature images. He will also show you the best methods of retouching a portrait including retouching any skin blemishes, eyes, eye lashes, teeth, lips etc. You will also learn the best ways to use Photoshop's powerful "layers" feature, which you may find is one of the most important tools for the type of photography you do.

Pre-register now!

DATE: Sunday, March 22nd
SCHEDULE: 9:30-12:15 - Workshop 12:15-1:15 - Break for Lunch (not provided)1:15-3:00 - Workshop PRICE: $125.00 per person LOCATION: Photo Connection of Colchester

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jerry Monkman workshop New Hampshire's White Mountains

Join me for three days of shooting winter landscapes in the heart of New Hampshire's White Mountains - Feb. 27 to Mar 1. Based at the Appalachian Mountain Club's beautiful Highland Center Lodge in Crawford Notch, this workshop will teach you how to enjoy photography in the quietest of our seasons. We'll talk about gear (and photographer) safety and the nuances of winter light while exploring some of the White's best landscapes.

Due to a heavy workload the rest of the year (Marcy and I are writing three guidebooks this year,) I will not be offering any outdoor workshops this summer and fall. This was a tough decision for me, but I do plan to resume a normal workshop schedule in 2010. Hopefully, I'll get to see you this winter in the White Mountains!

Our Price: starting at $512.00, includes lodging, meals, and instruction
Learn more about Light and the Winter Landscape here.

Jerry Monkman classes

I've also added two new classes - Photoshop Elements, for those of you who don't need all of the features of Photoshop CS4, and Intermediate Photoshop, for photographers who have mastered the basics and want to move on to the next level.

Photoshop Elements and Lightroom in a Day will be offered on Saturday and Sunday, March 28 and 29. Basic Photoshop and Intermediate Photoshop will be offered on Saturday and Sunday, April 25 and 26. All seminars will be held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and will run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our Price: $110.00 for one seminar, $200.00 for a full weekend.
For more info, visit

For Sale Canon EOS 1HV film camera

I have a Canon EOS 1HV film camera. It's the top pro canon film camera. It's actually the only one they still make. It has the 10 frame per second motor drive.. it's absolutely mint shape!!

At BH photo right now it's over $2,000. i'd like to sell it for $900.

Interested? -email Frank Gilroy

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

easy red eye removal

This tutorial explains how to do the best red-eye removal technique that works in practically every situation and most versions of photoshop (as well as other photo editing software programs).

Moose Peterson Yellowstone Big Game

From Moose Peterson

What impeckable timing them folks at Kelby Training have. Here I am in Yellowstone photographing big game again and they release my Yellowstone Big Game training. Here’s what we covered.

So what you’ve got here is the Moose Cam on steriods, a ton of info getting you up and going with the best techniques for photographing successfully and safely big game. Stop on by and say Howdy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Charles Darwin's

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species, UConn professor (and part-time Darwin scholar) Kent Wells has put together an exhibit in association with the UConn libraries.

You can get details:

If you are interested in Darwin's legacy, the BBC has a whole bunch of programmes on the topic - many of them available via streaming audio on-line at
You can even upload pictures of yourself (or your friends) and see waht you look like as you "devolve".

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nikon lenses for sale

Winter Closet Clearance Sale

While cleaning up the closet, I found a few Nikon lenses that I haven't used in a while. Rather than keep them stored away, I decided to sell them in the hopes that they will get some use. I've checked them all out, all are in perfect working order. Glass is perfect, there are a few very tiny scuffs on the paint but you'll have to look hard to find them. KEH would rate these as Like New minus. All are Nikkor AF series, with AF via screw drive (non-AFS). They will not AF on the Nikon D40(x), but are fine on the rest as far as I know. All come with both caps, all are USA lenses. All are from the film days which mean they will work on either DX or FX.

Nikon 35-70 f2.8 AF $465
Nikon 20mm f2.8 AF w/hood $350
Nikon 24-50 f3.5-4.5 AF w/hood $90

Warren Disbrow 860-632-2463

Jungles exhibition by master photographer/naturalist Frans Lanting

Saturday, February 7 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
A family night full of fun and surprises! Here's your opportunity to see the Museum after hours and enjoy exceptional family fun amidst 4 billion years of Earth history! Come enjoy our wonderful Jungle Exhibit, which is on display. Jungles is a personal exploration of nature in the tropics by master photographer and naturalist Frans Lanting. In the unique collection of images taken over 20 years in jungles from the lowlands of Congo to the cloud forest of the Andes. See the Great Hall of Dinosaurs and other exhibits come alive with games, crafts, face painting, scavenger hunts, a magic show, and special surprises. Hunt for souvenirs and prizes and visit behind the scenes collections rarely open to the public. Live critters on hand include snakes, a red foot tortoise, tarantula, hissing roaches, guinea pig and more. Live birds include the Eurasian collared dove, peach-faced lovebird, white-faced cockatiel and umbrella cockatoo.

Sold out in the past, “A Night at the Peabody Museum” tickets are $12 for members, $18 for non-members – are available only by advance sale.

Go to or call (203) 432-6646. Get your tickets early so you don’t miss out. Then get ready for excitement after dark.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Milford Fine Arts Council Photographic Expo 2009

I cannot post PDF files (or any files) in a Blog so I tried to copy and paste the text from the PDF file here. If you are interested in entering this contest please email me and I will send you the entry form.

. . . a photo exhibit & sale

Milford Fine Arts Council Photographic Expo 2009

March 4 - March 27, 2009

Print Receiving: Saturday, February 28 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Snow Date March 1)

Reception & Awards Presentation: Saturday, March 7 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Open House: Saturday, March 21 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Viewing & Sale Hours: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Print Pick Up: Saturday, March 28 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Photographic Expo 2009 provides an opportunity for all photographers to have their work displayed in the Center for the Arts. Outstanding works will be acknowledged.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all photo enthusiasts.

$10 per entry.
Up to three prints will be accepted.
Entry fee must accompany all entries.
Make checks payable to: Milford Fine Arts Council.


1. Only framed Black & White and Color prints will be accepted.

2. Each photographer may submit no more than three (3) prints. Prints may be commercially done or computer generated.

3. The categories are as follows:
- People/Portraits
- Landscape/Seascape
- Animal/Nature
- Open (Architecture/Still life, etc.)
- Black & White
- Creative Computer Manipulation* —

*Computer manipulation must be created by the photographer and an original 4x6 print(s) MUST accompany entry (“Creative” consists of highly manipulated images - “altered reality”; composites of one or more images, etc.)

Exhibitors should indicate the category, however, the committee reserves the right to reclassify any entry.

4. All prints must be matted, framed and wired for hanging. Actual mat dimensions must not be less than 8” x 10” and not exceed 16” x 20”. These dimensions will be strictly enforced. Unframed photographs will not be accepted. If frames are not wired, wiring kits will be available for purchase on drop off day. You must wire your frames before submissions will be accepted.

5. Photos or mats may NOT be signed on the front.

6. Works previously submitted to “Photo Expo” will not be accepted.

7. Photos must remain exhibited during the duration of the show (whether they are for sale or not). NOTE: Photos are judged through a light box, not hung on the walls, so all photos are judged with equal lighting.

NEW FOR 2009 - EXHIBITION CATEGORY - Prints on Canvas

This is a new media that many photographers are beginning to explore. This category will have a separate prize of $50 for best entry. Prints must be gallery wrapped, and may be framed (no
glass needed). Prints must be wired for hanging and may not be signed on the front. (Min. of 6 entries must be received for prize to be awarded.) This counts as one of your three allowed entries and there is a limit one entry per person in this category.

Please fill out and attach one identification label to each photograph submitted. Label should be affixed to the back, bottom center of the frame. (PLEASE PRINT) (Category subject to confirmation by the committee and may changed if necessary.)

Best-In-Show print in the competition: $250

Prizes are awarded in each division as follows:
1st Place: $100 2nd Place: $75 3rd Place: $50

Additional Awards:
Trans-Clean Corp. Awards
$100 - Best Nature Photo
$100 - Best Landscape Photo
Dr. Robert T. Kroepel, Jr., D.M.D., P.C. Awards
$100 - Best Creative Photo
$50 - Best Canvas Print (special category)
Milford Photo Award
$100 - Best Open Photo
The Monroe Group Award
$100 - Best B&W Photo
Joe Holt Award
$50 - Best portrait of a man, woman or child

Although every reasonable precaution will be taken with works submitted to “PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPO 2009”, the Milford Fine Arts Council, its officers, members or representatives will not be
liable for any claim, loss or damage. Submission of work indicates acceptance of this policy.


Harold Shapiro is celebrating his 27th anniversary as a professional photographer. He is known for his sensitive portraits, interpretive architectural photographs and his images of industrial subjects. He is head of the photography department at the Creative Arts Workshop where he has been teaching since 1984. He served for many years as a board member of the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. He is also recognized as a dedicated volunteer, working with several
area groups that utilize photography in their programs. He was recently inducted as an Associate Fellow at Jonathan Edwards College at Yale University.

Rob Macfarlane has been a member of local camera clubs for over twenty years. Currently a member of Castle Craig, as well as their past president, vice president, newsletter editor
and program chair. Rob is a board member of the Connecticut Association of Photographers, and has been a camera club judge for over 15 years. Rob, an aerospace mechanic, likes to shoot all subjects including nature and abstracts, and for inspiration visits the Essex train yard. He is involved in several sports including shooting sporting clays, skeet and trap shotguns, enjoys hunting and fishing, and raced cars and motorcycles in competitions. He is also a member of the CT Lighter than Air Society providing crew support and chase for hot air balloons.

Patricia Brundage, MNEC, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Association of Photographers, past president of the Greater Bridgeport Camera Club, member of the Photographic Society of America, member of the National Association of Photoshop professionals. She has had several exhibits of her photos at local venues, and competes in local, regional and national juried competitions. As a member of the Nature Photographers Network, her portfolio was featured internationally for the month of July 2007


From New York : I-95 to Exit 37, High Street exit. Take right off ramp, cross over Route 1. Go straight to first stop sign, take left onto West Main Street. Take second right onto West River Street (Parsons Complex and Church are landmarks ). Go straight until reaching railroad underpass. Take immediate right after underpass and proceed to Center for the Arts (former eastbound Railroad Station).

From New Haven : I-95 to exit 39A, Milford Exit. Ramp feeds into Route 1. Proceed to left lane. Traffic island with Downtown Milford sign will be on your right. Continue straight onto Cherry Street. Continue straight until fourth traffic light . Bear left at light onto River Street. Go straight until reaching railroad underpass. Take immediate right after underpass and proceed to Center for the Arts (former eastbound Railroad Station).



If you are getting into bird photography or some other photographic interest that requires a rock-solid tripod to hold a large camera/lens combination steady but the price of carbon fiber tripods is out of your current reach, I have a Gitzo Model 1410 aluminum tripod for sale.
I have owned it for about 4 years and it is in excellent shape. It is rated by Gitzo to hold nearly 40 lbs and it is an especially good tripod for a taller photographer. The tripod sold new for $355.00 and I added a set of Laird Tripad camoflage pads covers, adding to the total price.
I'm hoping to purchase a carbon fiber tripod now so I am offering my Gitzo model 1410 aluminum tripod for sale for $175.00.

If you are interested in it, you can reach me by email at:

more details (& photos) about this tripod see:

HDR webinar

What you will learn in your 80-minute webinar
Process HDR in 'Photomatix Pro'(Mac & PC Compatible)Process HDR in 'Dynamic Photo HDR'(Windows & Intel-Based Macintosh running Tiger 10.4 and Leopard 10.5 OSX)Process HDR in Photoshop
Removing digital noise with , 'Neat Image'(Mac & PC Compatible)Removing ghosting, moving people/objects,in PhotoshopCreative finishing steps in PhotoshopAdvanced sharpening in PhotoshopAll software programs are purchased separately from their developers.
Movie tutorials are included on everythingfor your reference after the Webinar.This relieves you from having totake notes during the webinar.Photoshop is the best program for the vast majority of photo enhancement. But in my opinion, those two HDR specific programs are better at processing HDR.Thank you.Gavin Phillips
back to top
We answer e-mails within 2-18 hours.We pick up the phone.gavin@photoeffects.biz630-854-2340

Movie TutorialsIncluded with WebinarPhotoshop HDRPhotomatix Pro 1Photomatix Pro 2Photomatix Batch ProcessingDynamic Photo HDR 1Dynamic Photo HDR 2Diminsh Noise in 'Neat Image' Removing ghosting, moving people/objects,in PhotoshopCreative finishing steps in PhotoshopAdvanced sharpening in Photoshop
Webinar Dates Black River Clients
Times (Central Standard Time)

Monday Morning January 26th
10:00 am to 11:30 am (CST)
Click here for pricing
Sign-up for this webinar closesFriday January 23rd.
Wednesday NightJanuary 28th
8:00 pm to 9: 30 pm. (CST)
Click here for pricing
Sign-up for this webinar closesMonday January 26th.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Seminar Lightroom: Organizing and enhancing your images

"Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Organizing and enhancing your images" with Lindsay Adler

This full-day course will introduce you to the interface and capabilities of Lightroom. You will learn how to use it's power to catalogue, organize, enhance photographs and much more. Throughout the course Lindsay will provide you with tips to improve your photography, whether nature, fashion or travel images. With this blend of information you will leave with not only a good understanding of Lightroom, but many new picture-takingtechniques.

ABOUT LINDSAY: Lindsay Adler is a professional photographer and photo lecturer working in New York and London. While she focuses her attention on fashion photography, she is also passionate about portraiture, travel and nature photography. She teaches photo workshops on a variety of topics including fashion photography and Lightroom through her business, "Adler Photo Workshops". She writes and creates tutorials for a variety of publications including Popular Photography and Professional Photographer magazine. Although just having graduated from college she has won dozens of photography awards and taught thousands of other photographers.

DATE: Sunday, February 22ndSCHEDULE: 9:00-12:00 - Workshop12:00-12:45 - Break for Lunch (not provided)12:45-4:00 - WorkshopPRICE: $79.00 per person

LOCATION: Photo Connection of Colchester



If you are getting into bird photography or some other photographic interest that requires a rock-solid tripod to hold a large camera/lens combination steady but the price of carbon fiber tripods is out of your current reach, I have a Gitzo Model 1410 aluminum tripod for sale.

I have owned it for about 4 years and it is in excellent shape. It is rated by Gitzo to hold nearly 40 lbs and it is an especially good tripod for a taller photographer. The tripod sold new for $355.00 and I added a set of Laird Tripad camoflage pads covers, adding to the total price.

I'm hoping to purchase a carbon fiber tripod now so I am offering my Gitzo model 1410 aluminum tripod for sale for $175.00.

If you are interested in it, you can reach me by email at:

see more details (& photographs) about this tripod

Gitzo Tripod Model 1410 Description
By Roy_Sewall Roy Sewall, March 2003

The Gitzo 1410 is a real beast of a tripodsuitable for shoring up sagging buildings and rigidly supporting 35 mm and largerformat equipment.

The Gitzo G1410 Pro Studex Mk2 Performance Tripod (around $355) is a beautifully-made, rugged, no-compromises aluminum unit. Figure 1 shows the 1410 with its middle and lower legs partly extended. This tripod provides the ultimate in support for 35 mm camera equipment in the field. It is adaptable even in rocky terrain and holds still in the wind. This helps achieve that nirvana of outdoor photography: sharpness.

Figure 1. Gitzo 1410 Tripod

A tripod is most comfortable when the camera's viewfinder eyepiece is at the same height as the photographer's eyes. This means no leaning over and no sore back.
With its 3-segment legs fully extended and set at the nominal angle, the platform is 5' 4.5" off the ground.
After adding a ball head and a Nikon F5 camera body, the camera's viewfinder is 6' 2" off the ground. I am 6' 2" in shoes, and my eyes are 5' 9" off the ground. That means the tripod has 5" more maximum height than I need. This extra margin can come in handy when I need to stand uphill from the lowest leg, since it allows me to lengthen some legs and shorten others. The result is I don't have to stoop to look through the viewfinder.
Even if I pivot the camera 90 degrees via the ball head for a vertical shot, the viewfinder is 5' 7" off the ground; I only have to drop my head down 2", which I still find comfortable.
The leg diameters are 1.375" for the upper section, 1.25" for the middle section, and 1.125" for the lower section. The legs are made so well that when you push a leg section in to the next section, it slips back out 2 inches for a few moments due to air buildup inside the section - like a bicycle pump. Then it hisses and slowly recedes into position. After all these miles I still enjoy this little show.

Figure 2. Adjusting the Legs

Adjustment of the length of the middle of the three sections is easy with the large winged leg locks that can easily be reached from the photographer's normal position with minimal bending over (see Figure 2). With less sturdy tripods it is preferable to shorten the length of the lower rather than middle section, because the lower section is thinner and could induce wobble if fully extended. However, this is not the case with the 1410; the lower leg sections are plenty rigid for almost any situation. Using the middle leg section for fine-tuning height and level is fast and easy, and the big wing nuts can be adjusted with one hand - no bending and you don't even need to take your eye away from the viewfinder.

Figure 3. Ground-level Position

The legs have a normal fixed angle position of 24 degrees, plus two wider fixed angle locking positions at 55 and 80 degrees. In fact, each leg can be put at any angle in this range and hold ground solidly, but I'd recommend using one of the locking positions to prevent unexpected leg swing-out. When the legs are collapsed and at the maximum angle, the platform is only 7" off the ground (see Figure 3).
The leg lock is an L-shaped tab that slides in and out just below the leg's pivot point (photos below).
When the a leg is pivoted to vertical, the tab can be pushed all the way in; then the leg swings out and stops at the normal 24 degree position (Figure 4).
When the tab is pulled out the leg is free and can be set at any angle (Figure 5) from 0 to 80 degrees.
To get to the other two fixed angles the tab is pulled out, the leg swung out to one of the wider angles, then the tab is pushed against a notch in the top of the leg (Figure 6).

Figure 4. Normal 24 Degrees Position

Figure 5. Pull Out Tab, Swing Leg

Figure 6. Push In Tab, Lock leg

The 1410 weighs 8.4 lbs. which contributes to its sturdiness and helps you get those sharp pictures. But it will surely wear you down if you don't have an effective way to carry it (discussed below). It will support 22 lbs, which is more than the heaviest 35mm rig (unless you're sporting a 1200mm f/5.6 lens).
The platform is 4" in diameter. It is designed to handle 8x10 view cameras and video equipment. Most ball heads supporting 35 mm equipment will look puny on this platform, but that is not any kind of problem.
Several center columns are available for the 1410. I initially bought an 11" center column with mine because I thought it would be easier to make vertical adjustments of the platform with a center column than with the legs. To install the column, remove the center plate from the platform. Then install the plate that comes with the column; it accepts the column and provides a winged column lock collar. All of these components are heavy duty.

I wrapped the legs with Gitzo leg wraps (also called "leg protectors") to make it more comfortable to carry the tripod on my shoulder for short distance. These are Styrofoam-like hollow cylinders with a slit that you wrap around the leg like wrapping a water pipe. A tough nylon sleeve fits tightly over the wrap to hold everything in place. I used a strip of two-sided tape between the leg and the wrap to make sure the wrap would not slip around the leg.

Paper & ink SAVE Before Feb 1st Price Increases

Citing recent changes in the global economy our major manufacturers have all announced price increases on select items, effective February 1st. To this end, we have provided lists of those affected parts on our website so that you may take advantage of pre-increase savings.

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We thank you for your continued business, ATLEX.COM

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heavenly sunrises and sunsets anywhere

You can shoot heavenly sunrises and sunsets anywhere.
Written by Jeff Wignall on January 16, 2009

When I was in high school and beginning to get seriously interested in photography I had a powerful hankering (as John Wayne might say) to be out in the Wild West shooting scenic images of canyons and deserts and cow pokes (whatever they were) minding the range. Unfortunately, I was stuck in the 'burbs in Connecticut, and the wildest scenery I had available was a nearby beach on Long Island Sound. I soon discovered, however, that if I went to those beaches at the right time of day--sunrise or sunset--they would be magically transformed into splendid scenic settings. The wildness (or, in my case, tameness) of the location simply didn't matter: A great sunset is a dramatic and colorful event no matter where it occurs.

Read his tips and the rest of the article here...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Our Eyes See vs. How Our Camera Sees

Thanks Wayne for passing this along...

Here is a good article for your blog audience.I remember this from my early photography classes and it is a valuable piece of information to be aware of for any entry-level photographer : How Our Eyes See vs. How Our Camera Sees

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ink and paper supplier

I buy all of my ink and most (I use a Red River Satin Pro 16x20 that they do not carry) of my paper from They ship quickly, have good prices and good customer service. Their website is easy to use and you can sort or search paper and ink in many different ways.

I have also purchased printers from them.

They also sell sample kits if you are interested in trying out different paper types.

"Discounts up to 35% on printers, ink cartridges, printer paper, photo and large format paper and more! Save on genuine printer supplies from Epson, HP, Canon, PremierArt, Hahnemuhle, and ILFORD and more. Most orders ship the same business day."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Sale Canon EOS 5D SLR camera (body only)

I am interested in selling my Canon EOS 5D SLR camera (body only) which has 12.8 megapixels with a full-frame sensor, and is in excellent condition. Here is an opportunity to upgrade to a full-frame sensor SLR camera at a reasonable price. I paid $3000 for it 2 ½ years ago. Note that B&H is selling this camera at $2000 (new) and at $1400 (used). My selling price is $1300.

If anyone is interested, please contact me directly at:
Thank you,
George Fellner
CVCC Program Director

Camera includes:
· BP-511A Lithium-Ion Battery
· Battery Charger
· USB Cable
· Video Cable
· Body Cap
· Neck Strap
· EOS Digital Solutions CD-ROM
· User's Guide

Nikon raising prices on most lenses SOON

f you have been thinking, drooling or just plain old lusting after that new piece of glass from Nikon, you still have time, but not too much time!

Nikon will be seriously raising their prices on most lenses on 2/1/09.Examples of the increase based on Nikon MAP is as follows:

Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 AF-S VR
Now $1799
Feb 1st $2114

Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 AF-S
Now $1699
Feb 1st $1889

Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR Macro
Now $734
Feb 1st $984

Nikkor 300mm f2.8 AF-S II VR
Now $4699
Feb 1st $5499

Monday, January 19, 2009

Carl Heilman workshops

Happy Winter! We've had a few extra busy months here since I wrote last. Both the 'Coast of Maine' book and the 'Lake George' book are at the publisher / printer and things are starting to settle down some here in the office. I hope everyone had a good holiday season and is enjoying the winter. We have about 2 feet of snow on the ground here - fairly consolidated with about 6" of fresh powder on top. It's been great backcountry skiing and snowshoeing when I've had the chance to get out.

I thought I'd write to make mention of a couple of upcoming events.

First is the 'Extreme' snowshoeoing clinics we'll be doing this coming Martin Luther King weekend (Jan. 17, 18) at the Mountainfest in Keene Valley. It promises to be the best year we've had in some time now for the Mountainfest weekend. Cold temperatures right through the weekend will make for plenty of ice for the climbers - though a bit brittle - and plenty of snow for doing some steep climbing and glissading on snowshoes! If interested, register through The Mountaineer at .

On Sat. Jan 24, I'm doing a morning program and book signing, and an afternoon photography workshop at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. There are a few great places nearby to photograph in the afternoon - and I'm looking forward to getting up to the Wild Center again to introduce a viewing of 'The Wild Adirondacks'. If interested in the afternoon photo workshop, please contact the Wild Center directly at - and click on Upcoming Events.

Next, we have our winter digital weekend coming up Feb. 14, 15... Yes - that is Valentines Day weekend which might make it tougher to get away for the weekend - but it is also the holiday - Presidents weekend. We will extend the 'early bird' discount through all of January ($425 vs. $465. after). Information on the class - Photoshop and photography - is on the web at .

There is one space left right now in the Winter Landscapes workshop on Feb. 21 .

And the Spring Landscapes class has been filing up quickly. One day is full already, and 4 spaces left on May 16. It's possible that we will schedule an additional day on May 17 as well if there is enough response.

Please note that for anyone interested in attending the Maine workshop at the end of June, I really need to know by March 15. If I don't have enough people sign up by then I need to cancel so we aren't responsible for costs with the hotel for facilities that would be under contract.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions! The whole listing of 2009 workshops can be found on our website at .

Looking forward to seeing you out on the snow this winter!! (That is - for those of you who are in the north country and enjoy snow). For those in the warmer climates, I wish you lots of nice warm sunshine.

Best wishes,
Phone (518)-494-3072
Mon - Fri 9 - 5 Eastern Time

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joel Truckenbrod's e-book (free!)

Joel Truckenbrod has recently released an e-book (free!) of his photography focusing on Banning State Park in east central Minnesota.

Anyone interested in a beautiful, sensitive and comprehensive examination of one location should hurry over to his website right now and download this ebook. It's lovely and I personally find it inspiring. You won't find any icons or familiar locations - you will find some lovely, artistic nature photography. Get the download at

What happens to Jean's Eagles?

Here is a seven minute video that has Jean Keene in it as well as a nature photographer and a biologist talking about eagles:

From NPN...

Just to start off, It is amazing to see all of the positive & heartfelt comments that have been left here, and across the internet at several photography forums, regarding the passing of our friend Jean Keene. I always knew that, through her daily feedings, she touched not only the eagles hearts but also the many photographers who visit her yard throughout the many winters she has been doing this. I have been in contact with her son, Lonnie, and I think it is safe to say that he has been literally blown away by all the amazing things said regarding his mother. He deserves a big thanks as well, as he kept many of us up to date regarding her health. He chose to keep us "in the loop" with information that very easily could have been kept personal and within their family.

So, what happens now? I've been told that the Homer City Council has decided to allow Jean's assistant of many years, Steve, to continue feeding in her stead until January 24th. The City Council will meet January 26th to decide whether or not to extend his privileges through the rest of the season - which traditionally ends April 15th. An Federal biologist stated in the ADN that some of the eagles may die due to starvation if the feedings do not continue. Some may argue that this is natural selection - I will leave this argument to more intelligent (and less biased ) people.

Please take the time to write to the Homer City Council and/or Mayor with your thoughts on allowing the continued feeding of the eagles, even if you do not plan on visiting there yourself.

There is a great deal of money involved. I know of many photogs who had already purchased flights to Alaska, secured rental cars and lodging to get to and stay in Homer. Homer will see a huge financial hit if they decide to cancel the feedings - not to mention the loss of life for some eagles.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Emails for the Mayor and city council members.

Mayor Hornaday

Dennis Novak

David Lewis

Francie Roberts

Barbara Howard

Byran Zak

Dave Taylor Wasilla, Alaska Sixtyone North LLC

Sensor Dust Is Evil

From Photojojo Sensor Dust Is Evil. Here’s How to Banish It.

Dust gets into your camera whenever you change lenses or caps, so dust accumulates over time. It mostly shows up as specks on areas of flat color, like a blue sky or white wall. Dust tends to show up at narrow apertures, so if you always shoot at f1.8, you’ll never notice it. Too much dust can cause your photos to look flat, even if you don’t see the individual specks.

If you want to see how much dust is on your sensor, set your camera to its narrowest aperture (f22 or thereabouts) and take a picture of a clear blue sky, white wall, or all-white computer screen. Then upload your photo and view it at actual pixel size. You’ll see fuzzy spots throughout the picture.

The Quick & Dirty Rundown

To sum it all up, here’s what to do if you have dust on your sensor.

#1: Most Safe Use the automatic sensor cleaning function, blow all the dust you can off the filter, and retouch or map out the remaining dust after the fact.

#2: Less Safe, More Effective Use a very clean antistatic brush to sweep away the dust, and map out or retouch anything that’s left.

#3: Less Safe, Most Effective Use a Sensor Swab to clean the filter, make sure there aren’t any streaks or dust left, and you’re done.

Read on for the pros and cons of each method, how to avoid dust in the first place, and loads of delicious nutritious information.

** The Best Solution is Prevention**

Read the full article here: Sensor Dust Is Evil. Here’s How to Banish It.

Also see here:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big Moose Photography workshops

Mark Picard, a self taught wildlife and nature photographer, has been capturing images for over 30 years - specializing in his exquisite work on Moose. He has been conducting workshops in the North Woods of Maine for 5 years and photographing the area for over 30. He is noted for his creativity in the field; not only in composition and lighting, but also in his use of equipment, blinds, and knowledge of animal behavior.His images have appeared in numerous national and international publications, books, and calendars, including AUDUBON, SIERRA CLUB, ANIMALS, CANADIAN WILDLIFE FEDERATION, MAINE SCENE, NATURE CONSERVANCY, BIRDER 'S WORLD , DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE, WILD BIRD , BIRD WATCHER'S DIGEST, SCHOLASTIC, NORTHERN WOODLANDS, ONTARIO OUT OF DOORS, CHASE AND PECHE, WILDLIFE CONSERVATION, TIDE- MARK PRESS, RANGER RICK, YANKEE and others.

Mark also presents educational programs and slide shows to many schools, camera clubs, and nature organizations and leads local photo workshops as well. A member of the Fuji Pro Talent Team, he is well versed in both film and digital formats, including post production digital workflow and Photoshop. He also has led the Nikon sponsored L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery School Moose Photography Getaway.

Join us for an exciting, and comprehensive three day weekend photo workshop/tour in and around northern Maine’s Baxter State Park region. During peak viewing each weekend, we will travel to one of Maine’s most abundant Moose habitats, where you will learn how to photograph these magnificent creatures. Moose country is wild and beautiful, providing photographers with a variety of subjects including other wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Professional wildlife photographer Mark Picard will teach you all the techniques and tricks you’ll need to know to capture it all on memory cards or film. All aspects of outdoor photography will be discussed in detail, including lighting, composition, animal behavior, proper digital and film camera operations, and more. Rise before sun up each morning to capture moose feeding in the day’s most glorious light! The course runs from 4:00 PM on Friday and continues through to Sunday at noon.
*Package Price: $795. per person
*Package price includes two nights lodging at The Big Moose Inn

Included in the fee are: breakfasts, snacks and bottled water, two picnic style lunches, two 4 star dinners at the Inn, expert photography instruction, transportation to and from locations during the weekend, lectures, and handout materials.

To register for the workshop or more information, please contact Mark at:, or 413-268-7434

Join Mark Picard on an exclusive day long photo workshop/tour in the Mt. Katahdin – Baxter State Park region of northern Maine, designed to offer the participants an in depth learning experience to maximize their photographic skills and proficiency. All aspects of nature and wildlife photography will be covered including proper composition, lighting, equipment, lens selection, animal behavior, special techniques and more, while utilizing Mark ’ s 30 years of experience photographing in this breathtakingly beautiful area. Each participant’s individual photographic needs will be addressed to insure the best instruction possible. Moose photography, or any wildlife photography for that matter, is often at times, fast moving (commonly referred to as “seat of the pants”), so intangible, but equally important aspects such as anticipation of subject movement and behavioral patterns are also taught. Mark is well versed in either digital or film camera formats and both are welcome. With the advent of digital technology, these workshops offer the most “ bang for the buck ” by allowing the instructor to critique and assess the participant ’ s images in real time while actually out in the field. Post production, workflow and PhotoShop after the image has been captured are all also covered.

*Fee: $395. per person/per day (3day max.)
*Meals and lodging not included. To register for the workshop or more information, please contact Mark at: or 413-268-7434

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Photoshop Hands-On Videos -- Tim Grey

New Photoshop Hands-On Videos

I'm happy to announce I am in production on a series of instructional videos that will be produced as a DVD shipping around the first of February. The first DVD is called "Photoshop Hands-On: Selections", and as the name implies it will include complete coverage of creating excellent selections in Photoshop. The videos on the disc are "screen shot" videos, which means you'll be watching me perform the steps in Photoshop as I talk about what I'm doing, so you can watch, listen, follow along, and learn in a hands-on way.

The "Photoshop Hands-On: Selections" DVD will sell for $25, but DDQ Members will receive a $5 discount and only pay $20. You can pre-order the "Photoshop Hands-On: Selections" DVD using the order form found here:

Note that your credit card will not be charged for the DVD until it actually ships to you around the first of February.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogs that I follow

Someone recently emailed me and asked where I get my information...

everywhere that I can.

I subscribe to many different photo related newsletters, I read magazines, I visit websites, I subscribe to Blogs, photo newsletters, etc. etc.

So what are some my favorite Blogs?
  1. Photoshop Insider
  2. David Ziser
  3. MCP Actions
  4. Perfect Picture School of Photography
  6. David duChemin
  7. WildBird
  8. David Tejada
  9. I like keeping an eye out for these:
  10. Camera Dojo
  11. Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures

and some of my favorite websites?

  1. NAPP
  2. Nature Photographers Network
  3. BirdPhotographers (more than birds)
  4. Dpreview and reviews
  5. North American Nature Photography Association
  6. National Geographic Magazine
  7. Professional Photographer
  8. Better Photo
  9. Photo Attorney
  10. DIY
  11. Camera Dojo

and my favorite email subscriptions...

  1. Tim Grey's DDQ
  2. Birds as Art (Art Morris)
  3. Popular Photography
  4. Weekly photo Tips
  6. Creative Daily New
  7. Photoshop Lady
  8. Photoshop Roadmap
  9. Shutterbug
  10. PSD Learning
  11. Calumet eNews

Digital Photography School has had a makeover

Digital Photography School has had a makeover.

Drop by the site today and you'll not only see a new look (good-bye blue) but you'll also see:

New Front Page - our front page now actually has content you can read - it acts as a portal that aggregates content from around the site.

New blogs - we now have a tips and tutorial blog (the one we've always had), a cameras and gear blog and a post production blog.

Polls, new forum design, comment avatars, reader photos and more!You can read full details of the new design in this post which walks you through the changes.

Darren Rowse
Digital Photography School

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eagle Lady Jean Keene soaring into Heaven

Just to pass this on, from Lonnie (Jean's son):

Hello Everyone,

It is with a very heavy heart that I let you know that my beautiful and amazing mother has departed this mortal coil and is soaring over the mountains into a gorgeous sunset...

Thank you all for so much. I truly appreciate it. The celebration begins now, OK?

Lonnie has been gracious enough to keep us informed by joining the Naturescapes forum. I don't think anyone else could have said it so eloquently, and so appropriately, other than her son. God bless, and rest in peace.

Connecticut Flower & Garden Show

Thursday - Saturday, 10am - 8pm Sunday, 10am - 6pm
"America the Beautiful"is the theme for the 28th Annual Connecticut Flower & Garden Show

Explore over 200 booths overflowing with fresh flowers, plants, herbs, bulbs, seeds and gardening books.The Convention Center will be transformed into a breathtaking event for floral and garden enthusiasts.

View beautifully landscaped gardens nearly double in size than previous years with spacious aisles.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eagle Lady Jean Keene not well

I don't have ANY specifics, I just read of this on another forum - just posted. Apparently Jean Keene is not expected to survive the night. Again, I don't know anything more than this, but her health has been poor for quite a while now. Regardless, please keep her & her family/friends in your thoughts. If true, this is sad news indeed. I will post more when I hear more.

previous articles about this wonderful lady...

even Wikipedia has her

Bald eagles Conowingo Dam (Maryland)

I happened upon this interesting Blog. I used to live in DC and was interested in some of the memorial photo shoots.

What is DCPG?
DCPhotoGuide is a blog specifically designed for DC Metro photographers. Here we’ll talk about being a photographer in DC, let you know about upcoming events you can photograph, opportunities to show your work in local art/photography shows, and tips and tricks for photographing this photogenic city of ours.

Anyway, here is the post on the Bald Eagles...

I also googled and found some additional information...

Every fall I take a look at my finances to see if I can take a few days off and go to Haines, Alaska, to photograph Bald Eagles. Unfortunately, if I have the vacation time, I don’t have the money and, if I have the money, I don’t have the vacation time.

So, while I was doubtful, I was intrigued when I recently heard about the Conowingo Dam, near Conowingo, Maryland, on the Susquehanna River. I was told that Bald Eagles use the area around the dam as a rest stop on their annual migration and some even make it their home. Well, yesterday, I spent the day at the dam and its true.

While I arrived at sunrise and got some nice landscapes, it was late morning and the two hours before sunset that were the most interesting. During these times, Bald Eagles were fishing downstream of the dam and flying directly overhead with their catch.
Blue Herons, Black Cormorants, and gulls also make the dam their home and you can photograph them flying and fishing as well. Occasionally, you might even see Ospreys and Peregrine Falcons.

The Conowingo Dam is an electricity generation plant and, when the generators are running, fish are caught by the turbines and stunned or killed, which makes them easy prey for the Bald Eagles, Cormorants, and Blue Herons. You will know when the generators are going to start because ten minutes and just before the generators are started, an alarm will sound to warn the people fishing in boats downstream of the dam to move out of the way. The birds (don’t ask me how)recognize the sound and will get in position to fish. Be prepared because the eagles will quickly swoop down, catch a fish, and head away to eat its meal.

According the other photographers at the dam yesterday, it was a slow day. Peak season is still to come, beginning in late October and continuing through December and the winter months. Also, don’t ignore those other photographers. It is largely a group of very friendly “regulars” and they know each other well enough for some of them to have nicknames. They were a great source of information so be sure to introduce yourself and ask any questions.

Directly downstream, next to the dam is a small park for those wanting to fish and those photographing the bald eagles. The entrance to the park is located off of US Route 1, just south of the dam and river; turn east on Shuresville Road and then take the first left (it is really more of a u-turn) onto Shures Landing Road. While it will be tempting to climb down to the water’s edge, stay on the grass along the parking lot. This will put you above the water and near the trees directly over the river and allow you to easily move around to get the best view of the river.

Finally, you will need your longest lens and, if you have a second camera, bring it along with a medium telephoto lens so you can capture some of the birds that pass close to you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Photography Show by Fred Rosenthal

Happy New Year to all of you! Some of you may have already heard that I am having a one-man photography show at the Wellness Gallery in Branford. This is a collection of some of my favorite photos. To mark the occasion of the opening (of my first show), I’m having a reception on March 15th. All the details are in the attached flyer. Please save the date and I hope to see you there.

Best regards,

Adorama print sale

Maybe you got a great digital camera as a gift, or just took a ton of great pictures of the whole family around the tree. Whatever the reason, there’s no better time than right now to get great prints at great low prices!

To start 2009 off right, we’re offering up prints on our Kodak Royal Glossy paper starting at just 9 cents each for 4x6s, 29 cents for 5x7s, 99 cents for 8x10s and $1.99 for 11x14s.

That’s a lot of bang for your print buck! If you like Glossy paper, you’ll love having the opportunity to lock in these low sale prices with our prepaid print packages. We’ve crammed as many Glossy prints of each sale size as we possibly could into prepaid packages for just $49.99 each.

Our quality always makes a big impression. No matter how many prints you order or what size, we’ll hand-inspect each one before it leaves our lab to make sure it’s up to our standards, and yours.

What are you waiting for? Get your new year underway with a bang, and order your Glossy prints NOW. If you’re interested in ordering prepaid prints (and at these prices, who wouldn’t be?) click here to get started!

Cordially,Herman KleinDirector of

*Sale prices only on 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 prints on Kodak Royal Glossy paper. May not be combined with any other offer. Prepaid prints are non-refundable. Prepaid prints are sold as packaged, in bundles of $49.99, by size and paper type. Sale prices not applicable to previous purchases.

Sale ends January 19th.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Planning a Trip? Top places to see in 2009

From the NY Times (only 8 are in the USA)

The 44 Places to Go in 2009

From the Aegean Sea to Zambia, this year’s most compelling destinations are awash in sublime landscapes, cutting-edge art, gala music festivals, and stylish new resorts.

Turn Photo into a Canvas Painting

Turn Photo into a Canvas Painting

A tutorial from best photoshop tutorials on how to turn your image or photo into a canvas style painting. This canvas painting effect will look nice on a scenery image with lots of colors blended together.

I created an action which goes through these steps automatically. Lisa

Saturday, January 10, 2009

HDR Photo Contest

For all the details, click here

HDR Photo Contest

Until January 31, software maker Ariea will be accepting entries in a contest for the best photos processed with HDR MAX. To participate, download the free trial of HDR MAX, process up to three photos, and submit them.

After the deadline, all entries will be reviewed, and the winners will be contacted and announced on their site.PRIZES* 1st prize is a new 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.* 2nd and 3rd prize is a free copy of HDR MAX.

Lisa & Tom at the Funky Monkey gallery

We have a photography exhibit for the month of January at the Funkey Monkey Cafe and Gallery in Cheshire.

We have both framed photographs and canvas on display. To view (and/or purchase) these photographs please visit our website gallery:

Do YOU have an exhibit coming up? email me and I will post it here...

Photoshop World (Boston)

Are YOU going to Photoshop World this year?

Register for Photoshop World by February 20, 2009 and save $100 on your registration fee.

Here are some great Reasons Why YOU Should Attend Photoshop World

Portfolio Reviews - Only Photoshop World designates time for you to receive the feedback of a lifetime with one-on-one portfolio reviews by some of the most highly acclaimed professional photographers in the industry today!

Pre-conference Workshops like "Shooting for Photoshop!"

If you're approaching digital the same way you shot film, then you have a lot to learn about shooting to take full advantage of the digital tools available. In this session you'll learn how to produce images that would be impossible in a traditional darkroom.
Ben Willmore
Track: Pre-Conference Workshops Early Bird Price: $89.00 Price: $99.00

I have heard lots of comments over the past few years, and even excuses during photo competitions about how little "in camera" techniques people now know and/or utilize. This seminar seems like it would address getting back into the CAMERA.

This regular workshop covers a similar topic -- the CAMERA!

Photography for Photoshop
The best images start in your camera. Learn the essential camera settings, shooting strategies, and recommended equipment to take the best source images to create high-quality panoramas, High Dynamic Range, Helicon Focus, and noise-free images.
Instructor: Katrin Eismann Track: Photography Track

Help Desk LIVE! - Photoshop author and NAPP's resident Help Desk guru Peter Bauer heads up a team of professionals to answer all your Photoshop questions!

NAPP Photo Safari with Moose Peterson & Joe McNally

Spend the day with legendary photographers - Moose Peterson and Joe McNally - learning how to work with models, landscapes, and flash photography techniques on location in the Boston area. There's no better way to learn photography than getting behind the camera shooting side by side with these two pros.
Lunch included, limited to 65 participants.
Instructor: Moose Peterson & Joe McNally Track: Pre-Conference Workshops Price: $279.00

The Guru Awards

The Guru Awards are a special Photoshop special Photoshop competition is just for Photoshop World attendees. We know that we have some VERY talented Photoshoppers among our ranks so the GURUS were created to honor and recognize their amazing skills. Conference attendees may enter up to three pieces for judging in any one (or more) of the seven available categories.

In addition to the awesome trophies, prizes, and feature showcase in Photoshop User magazine, all category winners will find their work displayed prominently for all to see at Photoshop World!
Plus, we have discovered that the accolades lauded upon our winners carry over into their careers too. Seriously, there's no better (or more fun) way to get your work noticed by your peers and the industry!

Art of Digital Photography

The Art of Digital Photography is without a doubt one of the most inspirational, moving, and most talked about sessions in Photoshop World history! The chance to witness the passion, the emotion, the tears, and the laughter that truly amazing photographers can bring through their work, makes this a night you'll never forget.

Join some of the world's most celebrated masters, and true living legends of photography, as they bring their amazing talents together for a night of pure magic in this special, free, after-hours event.

Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech - Every year, Photoshop World turns to one man as its keynote speaker, John Loiacono - senior vice president of the Adobe Creative Solutions Business Unit.

"Johnny L" (as he is affectionately known) is responsible for the development, delivery and marketing of Adobe's entire creative software portfolio. His easy-going attitude and sense of humor has really helped shape the Photoshop World keynote speech over the years and his ability and willingness to share some of Adobe's largest news nuggets exclusively with the Photoshop World audience has helped put us firmly on the map.

... Of course, this does not mean that he's off the hook when it comes to our practical jokes, which is the other great thing about our keynote speech. With Scott and the "Photoshop Guys" at the helm, it's more like a rock concert or a comedy club than a conference.

Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness - Between all the intense classes and events on the Expo floor, you'd think we'd fall into bed exhausted at the end of each day at Photoshop World that's where you'd be wrong!

Midnight Madness is the most highly-caffeinated audience participation Photoshop-themed game show in history! The only thing we promise is that you won't learn a thing about Photoshop here's but you'll have the most fun doing it! Plus, there are always many fabulous prizes to win, as long as you don't mind getting singled out a little. Bring your coffee mug and your sense of humor!

Tickets for Midnight Madness are available at Photoshop World on a first-come, first-served basis. However, these tickets go FAST and people have been known to camp out for them. Of course, you can always win them by entering this here Photoshop World Top Ten/Midnight Madness contest!

Dinner With A StrangerWednesday, March 25

An important part of the Photoshop World experience is making new friends, and if you're coming to Photoshop World by yourself, we've got a great way to do just that. It's called "Dinner with a Stranger" and here's how it works:

At our registration desk, we'll have a sign-up sheet with the names of some great nearby local restaurants. Add your name to that list, and then grab a red pin that reads "I'm a stranger."

Then later that night (the first night of the conference), you pin it on, and head for the restaurant. When you get there, you'll find a number of other people who are wearing the same pin, and you'll be joining these other "solo flyers" for a fun dinner and great conversation in a dining room reserved just for us "strangers."

It's a great way to meet new friends who share your passion for great food and Photoshop. Seating is limited, so sign up early on the first day of the conference (March 25, 2009) at the Main Registration Desk.

Conference Workbooks

Without a doubt, one of the most amazing things you get at Photoshop World is the conference workbook. It's more than 800 pages of detailed notes supplied by the instructors, complete with screen captures and graphics that follow right along with your classes. We have attendees tell us year-after-year that this workbook alone is worth the entire price of the conference.

Inside the workbook you'll find each instructors personally written notes for your class, so you can sit back, relax, and soak in the techniques you're learning in class, knowing that you've got detailed notes to refer back to after the conference. You'll find yourself referring to this workbook again and again, long after the conference is over, because it's packed with information you can only get at Photoshop World.

Best of all, you not only get notes for the sessions you attend--you get notes for every conference session, in every track, from every instructor that has provided their notes. This one-of-a-kind workbook is one of the things that's helped make Photoshop World a truly unique experience, and this incredible resource is all yours when you attend.


Are YOU going to Photoshop World this year?
Register here:

Create a magazine cover with Photoshop

I have fun with these -- Bride magazine, Toddler Times, etc.

Create a magazine cover with Photoshop

Easy magazine cover in Photoshop

Friday, January 9, 2009

Edie Francouer -- photography exhibit -- 300 George St

Congratulations to Edie Francouer who has a photography exhibit at 300 George St., in New Haven.

Please join her for an artist's reception on Jan. 16th form 4:30 to 7pm.

Lisa & Tom Photography Exhibition

Lisa & Tom have 32 framed photographs on exhibit at Borders in Fairfield.

Owls, Wolves, Great Blue Herons, sunsets, etc. etc. Even one canvas of a dog in watercolor. Borders #419 1499 Post Rd., Fairfield, CT, 06824 (203) 256-1619

We posted the photos on our website for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure:

Here is the tri-fold brochure that we left there...


Thanks to Edie & Hazel and Special Thanks to Pat!

Take a look. We would love to hear back from you on which one is YOUR favorite photo.

Milford Camera Club presents "A Sea View"

Milford Camera Club presents "A Sea View"
Wednesday, January 14th

Our presentation is going to be fabulous. The following is abrief introduction from our member, Kevin Swanepoel, about what we will beseeing: "A Sea View" A social project involving the photographic documentation of the beach andwaterfront community in Milford. This small school project is developinginto a useful resource for the greater Milford community and businesses. The visual documentation of the waterfront properties along with the outdooractivities in the region make this an exciting community project that shouldhelp promote Milford and it's wonderful coast. The project is due to be completed by Fall 2009, get the first look and if you have some resources you would like to share or contribute please contactKevin Swanepoel at

There will be a slideshow presentation about this as well as an overview from Kevin about how all this started and the book that will be published onit in the near future.

JPG magazine stops soon

I was disappointed to learn that JPG magazine is calling it quits. I will post a few of their useful hints and fun articles over the next few days and their days wind down. Sorry to see them go....

JPG Magazine -- Get it while it lasts!

Bag 'em and Tag 'em
By Christina Rudy
11 April 2008

Required materials:
Prints (I prefer matte finish)
Moo Cards or Business Cards
Glue stick
Acid-free Archival or Scrapbooking tape
3M Photo Adhesive Spray
Mat kit (includes mat, back and bag - has some good deals)
1 Sharpie in your preferred color
1 Feline Assistant (optional)

Step 1- The print meets the mat.
Place small pieces of acid-free tape to the corners of your print. Take your mat and tape the print to the back of the mat. This will keep it from slipping while you assemble your kit. Now is the time to make sure that the print isn't off-center or crooked.

Step 2- Things get sticky.
Gather up your spray adhesive, your print/mat and head outside. You don't want this stuff in your house. Plus, it's best if your feline assistant isn't helping with this part.
Spray the cardboard back with the adhesive. Be sure to get plenty of adhesive towards the edges. This is one of the easiest ways to make your print look professional. If the edges aren't firmly attached, then it might separate from the print and mat and we don't want that, do we?
Once you've got a good coat of adhesive, quickly place the mat/print on the cardboard back. Make sure the edges are all flush, and then you can press the two together so they stick well. Once you get inside, you might want to place a heavy book on it for a few minutes while the adhesive dries.

Step 3- Sign on the dotted line.
Once you've perfected your rock star signature, grab a Sharpie and sign away. I use silver because it's subtle but still visible. And I keep it small. Others prefer to use a pencil or they number their prints. Do your own thing.

Step 4- Tag!
Having a tag on your photo is a great business idea. It ensures that the buyer can find you again for more photos. And it easily identifies your work if you're selling at an exhibit with other artists.

Grab a Moo card or a business card and your glue stick. On the side that does NOT have your contact information, cover it in glue. Again, make sure you get the edges.
Flip your print over, and in the bottom right hand corner, place your card sticky-side down. Do your best to line up all your edges again.

Step 5 – Bag 'em!
The last step is to place the finished product in an acrylic bag and seal it up! The only thing you really need to remember here is that you want the seal on the back of the print and if you've got a bunch of these, its best if the seals are all on the left or all on the right.

Aaaaaaaaand we're done! It took me a few tries to get it perfect, but it's not a difficult process. Lots of luck!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Type the Sky

I was disappointed to learn that JPG magazine is calling it quits. I will post a few of their useful hints and fun articles over the next few days and their days wind down. Sorry to see them go....

JPG Magazine -- Get it while it lasts!

Type the Sky
By lisa rienermann
31 July 2007

In 2005 I spend a semester abroad in Barcelona.

Standing in something like a little courtyard in Barcelona I looked up. I saw houses, the sky, clouds and a "Q". The negative space in-between the houses formed a letter.

I loved the idea of the sky as words, the negative being the positive. If I could find a "Q" other letters should be somewhere around the corner.

The following weeks, I kept running around looking up to the sky. Bit by bit I found all the letters of the alphabet.

The application of the alphabet is a booklet with a folded poster inside. While folding out the poster slowly some words show. You, at, me, look... "Will you look at me?", the poster or the sky ask you.

The answer comes with the last step of folding it out. "Will you look at me? Yeah!"

The Project was a free Semester-Project in Typography at the University of Essen.

It was awarded a certificate of typographic excellence by the Type Directors Club New York 2007.