Monday, June 29, 2015

Topaz DeNoise sale ends June 30th

Shooting Night? Fireworks? dark locations without a tripod? Topaz Denoise is for you. I have tried them all and this is the best noise reduction software, others remove noise but they also remove detail - Topaz Denoise rocks! Sale ends tomorrow. 

The discount code is for 25% ($20) off, reducing the price to $59.99 for the month of June. 
The coupon code is: JUNEDENOISE. 
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Photographing Fireworks Cheat Sheet

Fireworks Cheat Sheet
Photographing Fireworks Cheat Sheet
by Nick  |  Read the Full Story
"Taking pictures of fireworks is a lot of fun, but getting that perfect bouquet of exploding light isn't as easy as it looks. Equal in quantity to the amount of fireworks pictures are the amount of fireworks photography tutorials out there. I'm not going to reveal any groundbreaking tips that you won't find through a basic Google search, but if you somehow found yourself here and are still scratching your head, fear not. Here is another one."             

Friday, June 26, 2015

for sale Canon 5D and Sigma 28-70

for sale Canon 5D and Sigma 28-70

Canon 5D for sale in very good shape, Shutter count in the 40ks
Also Sigma 28-70mm 2.8 very clean glass
$725 for both, $450 for camera$300 for lens

contact William at

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Topaz DeNoise on sale

Topaz DeNoise on sale

Out of all the noise reduction software out there I like Topaz DeNoise the best. Many programs actually do a decent job of removing noise, but they also remove detail. I find that Topaz Denoise does the best job of removing the noise while keeping the details!

Topaz is having a promotion on their plugin Topaz DeNoise. The discount will be for $20 (25%) off, reducing the price to $59.99 for the month of June. The coupon code is: JUNEDENOISE DeNoise specializes in removing difficult High ISO noise and can make ISO 1600 look like ISO 100. Unlike other tools, DeNoise uses information from the whole image to remove noise and recover detail. Easily handle extreme cases like debanding, shadow tone restoration, and color casts so your night skies show stars, not foreign objects.

less noise + more detail =  quality images

Topaz DeNoise removes distracting High ISO image noise and preserves important detail. Whether you're shooting in low light, using fast speeds, or encountering other conditions where you need to increase your ISO, DeNoise gives you the peace of mind to know that you'll end up with a clean, clear, and noise-free result. You can link directly to the DeNoise product page here

Monday, June 15, 2015


look out for gear being posted at too good to be true prices...

LENSPROTOGO ROBBED PRESS RELEASE: June 15, 2015 - At 8 AM on Monday June 15, 2015, LensProToGo employees arrived to work to find a smashed window; we had been robbed. We hope they at least got to wear cool Mission Impossible outfits, but we sadly aren’t sure of that detail.

For those who have current orders placed with us, rest easy. We will be working with our partners to fulfill all orders. Our customers are our top priority and we understand the importance of getting gear for your shoot. We WILL be in contact if we are unable to fulfill an order. Because we are all hands on deck responding to the matter, we kindly ask that you allow us the day to take stock of the situation. If you have an emergency, we are more than happy to assist you, as always. Starting Tuesday June 16, 2015 at 10AM ET we will be resuming normal operations.

So what exactly happened? An unknown amount of gear mostly Nikon, Canon and Sony equipment was taken out through the new "hole in the wall" and smashed window.

Though this may seem like a large hit to our still growing company, we are in tremendous spirits as a very large amount of our total inventory was out of the building on rentals. We are also truly lucky to have our good friends at at our side during this time, they're ready to step in and help us fulfill orders as well if need be.

We are now contacting our customers and letting them know about our situation. We will be posting a list of gear that was stolen, along with serial numbers, as we expect whomever committed this crime will be attempting to sell the gear. As a rental company, it’s crucial that we retain all the serial numbers of absolutely every single product that we own, right down to HDMI cables and memory cards. This information will be given to the officials as well as shared through a network used to track gear being sold online.
The good news for our company is no one was hurt during this. Though this is a big blow, our LensProToGo family and our customers are much more important to us than physical cameras and lenses. We are working extremely hard, as always, to make sure that our customers remain our number one priority.
An update will be posted later in the day. We ask that when we post the list of gear and serial numbers you please help us share the story to make sure whoever did this is caught.

For additional information on the matter, please contact

Updated June 15, 2015 @ 3:16PM ET
As an update to our above story and to address the small number of you with concerns over customer data, no company computers were stolen and company data resides offsite. This event seems to clearly be focused on physical gear.

LensProToGo Robbed