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You're invited to a HDR Workshop with tripods at Grand Central

You're invited to HDR (High Dynamic Range) Workshop with tripods at Grand Central Terminal
Two dates!

Added by Lisa Cuchara

Sunday, April 14, 2013 11:30 AM
Grand Central Terminal 89 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10168
Price: $55.00 per person
Pay online

Come and photograph the majestic Grand Central terminal -- capture all of the details in the shadows and highlights with HDR photography!
We have special permission to use tripods during this five hour workshop.
We will meet at 11:30 am at GCT an...
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013
9:30 AM
Grand Central Terminal
89 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10168
Price: $55.00 per person
Pay online

We will meet at 9:30 am at GCT and...

Come and photograph the majestic Grand Central terminal -- capture all of the details in the shadows and highlights with HDR photography! We have special permission to use tripods during this five hour workshop.

On March 6th  we will meet at 9:30 am at GCT and then you will be shooting from 10am until 3pm. Tom and I will be helping you with compositions, checking exposures, etc. You will be taking 3-10 exposures in order to capture all of the details in the shadows and highlights. Meet at 9:30am outside of the station master's office, there is an area to the left of the SMO. The SMO is the customer waiting area with the glass doors on the upper level of the terminal, at the top and just to the right of the escalators on the west side of the building (near tracks 34/35 and the Transit Museum store.

On April 14th we will meet at 11:30 am at GCT and then you will be shooting from 12 noon until 5pm. Tom and I will be helping you with compositions, checking exposures, etc. You will be taking 3-10 exposures in order to capture all of the details in the shadows and highlights. Meet at 11:30am outside of the station master's office, there is an area to the left of the SMO. The SMO is the customer waiting area with the glass doors on the upper level of the terminal, at the top and just to the right of the escalators on the west side of the building (near tracks 34/35 and the Transit Museum store.

As an added benefit for attending this workshop you are entitled a video where I will process and edit one of your HDR series. Send your series of RAW files to me via this link. I will tonemap the exposures and then edit the processed image in Photoshop, recording each step as I go along in voice and capturing cursor movements and send you the video to watch and learn and pause and rewind as needed. I cannot guarantee that I will process the image the same way that you would have, but you are bound to learn more about photomatix and photoshop by watching me process your images.

We will also be offering a separate optional post-workshop workshop to demonstrate Photomatix, the most popular HDR processing software.

This was from a recent article -- GCT is turning 100

"Grand Central Terminal, the doyenne of American train stations, is celebrating its 100th birthday. It made its debut in the heyday of cross-country train travel, faced demolition in the era of the auto, and got a new lease on life with a facelift in its eighth decade. Opened on February 2, 1913, when trains were a luxurious means of traveling across America, the iconic New York landmark with its Beaux-Arts facade is an architectural gem, and still one of America's greatest transportation hubs."

"It is also the Big Apple's second-most-popular tourist attraction, after Times Square.

"We are among the top 10 most-visited sites in the world," boasted Dan Brucker, manager of Grand Central Tours at Metro-North Railroad, the commuter rail service that operates from Grand Central. "Every day more than 750,000 people come through Grand Central Terminal - that is the entire population of Alaska that walks through here every day. It is the entire population of the state of North Dakota," he noted."

read the rest of the article and see their photographs,0,7767514.storyome and photograph the majestic Grand Central terminal -- capture all of the details in the shadows and highlights with HDR photography! We have special permission to use tripods during this five hour workshop.

Moose workshop for the ladies

Ladies, get your imagination clicking – combine a relaxing Maine vacation with a creative learning experience! Come photograph and learn new photography skills while you enjoy the beauty and wildlife of Maine's North Woods!

Join Anita Mueller and Mary Dysart-Hart for an all-inclusive, four day, photo workshop vacation in and around the Mt. Katahdin - Baxter State Park Region of Maine that promises to be both educational and relaxing!

Photograph northern Maine's abundant wildlife and spectacular landscapes while being guided by two of Maine’s most experienced women nature photographers. During the day, you will  photograph in remote wildlife habitats and at the most picturesque locations in the Katahdin Region via kayak, (instruction provided, flat water only) and pontoon boat, as well by van - on dry land. In the evenings you will relax while dining at the acclaimed River Driver Restaurant and lodging in a luxury cabin at New England Outdoor Center's Twin Pine Camps on Millinocket Lake in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin.

All skill levels welcome! Our blend of casual format and hands on learning will provide a relaxed and informative workshop experience regardless of your skill level. We will share all the techniques and tricks we have learned photographing nature in Maine’s North Woods. From getting the most
out of your DSLR to marketing and publishing you will learn more than you thought possible in four short days.

Can't decide which photo workshop to participate in? Maybe we can help.

Mid June in the Katahdin Region provides opportunities to photograph a world coming to life after a long winter. Picturesque indigenous wildflowers, rushing waterways, boreal birds as well as other flora and fauna, including Moose and their newborn calves provide abundant inspiration and opportunities to learn new photography skills.

The September workshop coincides with the Fall Moose Rut and spectacular Fall Foliage that the region is noted for. Landscape photography opportunities in the Katahdin Region are magnificent and truly inspiring this time of year. This is the best time to capture the often elusive Moose in courtship and mating behavior with a backdrop of autumn color that illuminates the region each fall.

For either photo workshop, our days will begin at first light, and other than a mid day break to relax, will end at last light each day. There are no long hikes involved, with most of our photography occurring near the vans or on the water.

Registration is limited to 8 participants.

Workshops begin at 3pm on the start date and continue through to mid day Sunday.
Check in time is 2 pm.

Package Price includes four nights lodging (private room/shared bath accomodations), the fixing’s for continental breakfast in your cabin each morning, four picnic style lunches, four evening meals, snacks, kayak rental, pontoon boat reservation, transportation to and from shooting locations during the workshop as well as expert photography instruction.

Package Price: $1400. USD per person.

Meet your workshop leader - Anita Mueller has been photographing since she was seven years old when she insisted on taking possession of the family camera while on a childhood camping trip to Maine. She has been shooting wildlife digitally since its inception with Birds as her favorite subject.
For the last 5 years she has co-led photography workshops in the Katahdin Region of Maine with her partner Mark Picard. She leads the Marketing efforts for Mark Picard Wildlife Photography and manages their Moose Prints Gallery in Millinocket, Maine.

Mark Picard Wildlife Photography
MOOSE PRINTS Gallery and Gifts
58 Central Street
Millinocket, Maine 04462

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Water Drop Workshop with Susan Candelario

Water Drop Workshop with Susan Candelario

Join us for an amazing waterdrop workshop on Sunday June 9th -- be introduced to the exciting world of water drops! The workshop will take you from simple water drops to different colored water collisions, allowing you to get many breathtaking images. No equipment is necessary, as we will provide it for you! All you need is a CF card to attend this workshop. Led by Susan Candelario, she will guide you to some of the equipment that you can use from the basic to more advanced with the ability for you to capture the many phases of water drops as well as water drop collisions. They will cover tips on setups and lighting and every participant will get many chances to go home with their own liquid works of art! Cost is $75 and no previous experience is necessary. 

 Check out some of Susan's high speed photos here:

Session #1-- 10am-12pm, limited to 10 participants (5 people per station)

Session #2-- 1pm-3pm, limited to 10 participants (5 people per station)

When: Sunday June 9th 

Where: Stratford, CT

PayPal secure credit card payments are accepted by going to  

Questions? Contact Susan Candelario PHONE: 201.921.3492 E-Mail:

Epson 3800 Ink Jet Printer for Sale

note from Lisa, I love this printer, use it all the time!

Anyone interested in purchasing a gently used high-end ink jet printer please contact John Murphy at 860-518-8509 or .

Information about the printer follows:

The Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer is standard inkjet printer which prints professional quality photographs and documents. Built with Ultrachrome K3 Ink technology and tri-level black ink system, this standard inkjet printer delivers stunning prints with remarkable colors and clarity. The 8-channel print head with auto-sharing black ink feature of this Epson color printer automatically installs nine inks simultaneously. The Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer automatically switches between Photo and Matte Black ink using the same physical ink channel. The Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer is capable of printing on 17-inch by-22-inch sheets, fine art paper, and 1.5-millimeter-thick poster boards. The 2.5-inch backlit LCD panel on this Epson color printer displays the printing status as well as makes the operation easy. Enjoy high productivity and performance with the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer.

• 8-channel print head with Auto-sharing Black Ink technology
Innovative print head design allows for all nine inks to be installed simultaneously. Without any user intervention, the printer automatically switches between Photo and Matte Black ink while utilizing the same physical ink channel.
• Ultramodern photographic screening technology
Highly precise screening technology uses an algorithm for determining dot placement, resulting in an extreme level of photographic image quality. Produces extremely fine, photographic prints, even in bi-directional and lower resolution print modes. Compensates for various ink densities between resolutions – allowing for a single ICC profile to be used per media type.
• Advanced MicroPiezo AMC print head technology
One-inch wide, high performance print head offers a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi. Produces variable-sized droplets as small as 3.5 picoliters to greatly decrease print times, while optimizing photographic quality. Proprietary Active Meniscus Control (AMC) technology precisely controls the curvature of every ink droplet within each nozzle before releasing it onto the media. Extremely sharp and accurate placement of ink droplets consistently delivers outstanding photographic print quality from sheet to sheet.
• Automatic print head alignment and cleaning technology
Built-in sensor reads printed data for highly precise alignment of all color channels. Built-in sensor analyzes a printed nozzle check pattern and automatically cleans the print head if any problems are found – even partially clogged nozzles.
• Epson PreciseColor technology
In order to ensure consistent printing between multiple Epson Stylus Pro printers of the same model, Epson has enhanced the production process to include colorimetric calibration. This system evaluates and adjusts each printer at the manufacturing stage, assuring you’ll get consistent color output from printer to printer.
• Advanced 8-color pigment-based ink system
Unique, high-density pigments for an extremely wide color gamut. Professional print permanence ratings for truly sellable quality prints. Microcrystal Encapsulation technology for reduced gloss differential. Superior scratch resistance from improved pigment and resin chemistry. Stable color immediately after printing – no short-term color shifting. Black density up to 2.3 with an L value as low as 4.1.
• Three-level Black ink technology
Significantly improves the gray balance while eliminating color casts. Delivers impressive midtones and highlights for a smoother tonal range. Virtually eliminates the metamerism and bronzing of basic pigment chemistry. Enhances the ICC profiling process for ColorSync and ICM workflows.
• Advanced Black-and-white printing technology
Unique driver technology taking full advantage of Epson’s three-level Black system to produce professional black-and-white prints from color or grayscale image files. Includes proprietary Epson screening technology developed specifically for black-and-white printing. Produces a truly consistent image with no color crossover or color cast. Represents the standard for producing sellable quality neutral and toned black-and-white prints.
• Two Auto-sharing Black Ink modes
The Epson Stylus Pro 3800 automatically utilizes two different Black Ink modes – Photo Black or Matte Black. This innovative solution optimizes the Black ink density for various media types. Whether printing on traditional photographic medias or unique, fine art paper, this technology dramatically improves the final print quality.
Key Features
Printer Type Large Format Printer
Family Line Epson Stylus Pro
Technology Inkjet
Output Type Color
Black print speed up to 11 ppm
Max Resolution (BW) 2880 x 1440 dpi
Max Resolution (Color) 2880 x 1440 dpi
Platform Mac, PC
Technical Features
Extend Printer Technology Micro Piezo
Computer Operating System Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP Home
Interface 10/100BaseTx, Ethernet (RJ-45), USB 2.0
Form Factor Desktop
Printers Special Features Borderless Printing
Media Type Photo Paper, Plain Paper
Max Media Size 17″ x 22″
Media Capacity 120 Sheets
Networking Type 10/100BaseT
Data Link Protocol Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
Width 27 in.
Depth 15 in.
Height 10 in.
Weight 43.2 lb.

You may view the latest post at

Your Personal Bucket List of Places or Subjects to Photograph

The Photo List:Your Personal Bucket List of Places or Subjects to Photograph
by Andy Long

"Every photographer has one. In fact, most people have one. It might contain one thing, ten, or who knows how many. How it’s generated is up to the individual person. What is this thing that every photographer has--or should have? It’s a list of photography locations or particular subjects that should be added to the image library.
Is it important to have a list of must-get shots or must-see locations? Yes. No one with a camera who takes his hobby seriously just wanders from place to place to take pictures. He has a list of places to visit. This listing concept is so common there are even books and a movie detailing the top things to do or places to see before you die.
How is a list built? Each person may do it differently. For me, items that have been included on my list have come from my looking through old magazines, tearing out articles of interest to file, and coming across several articles about a location and/or subject that spoke to me. One entry came from seeing a book about a subject that completely captivated my interest. Others came from seeing pictures or talking to people about different locations or seeing something on television that piqued my adventurous side."

Photoshop is a city for everyone: how Adobe endlessly rebuilds its classic app

Photoshop is a city for everyone: how Adobe endlessly rebuilds its classic app

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The Massachusetts Camera Naturalists is an informal organization founded in 1959, dedicated to the appreciation of nature and the natural environment.

 Through its members, it seeks to promote:
  • A closer fellowship among serious nature photographers and naturalists,
  • A greater appreciation of nature through the exchange of ideas and techniques for nature photography and observation; and
  • The development and education of the general public in nature photography, the appreciation of nature, and the conservation ethic.


The second Camnats International Exhibition of Nature Photography is now open for entries.

Please Click Here

The link opens menu of 6 items, two of which are the Terms and Conditions and the entry form.

There are 4 sections: Open, Wildlife, Landscapes/Seacapes and Botany. The fees are: $8 for 1 section, $10 for 2 sections, $12 for 3 and $14 for all 4 sections

The closing date is May 8, 2013.

Multiplicity Photo Montages

Multiplicity Photo Montages

These days digital imaging is beyond our imagination. You could do many things on your photo. Old and (or) new photo could be created to a new concept. These are photos of Indonesian architect Ari Mahardika that made multiplicity montages with fabulous result.

freaky photo montages

photo montages

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Quick Tip: Don’t Shoot That Frog!


Quick Tip: Don’t Shoot That Frog!

"We do know law enforcement sometimes picks on photographers. It is a widespread tendency, increasing as there are more and more people taking pictures. But not being able to shoot a frog in a public park is getting on my nerves. It is all due to having a long lens!"

read the whole article here

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25 Images You Won't Believe Weren't Photoshopped
25 Images You Won't Believe Weren't Photoshopped

Flash for Digital Nature Photographers

Hello, I will be offering a one day seminar on the use of flash on Saturday, May 18 in Bedford, MA : Flash for Digital Nature Photographers

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Bedford Center for the Arts.
Thanks! Mike

Mike Milicia, Nature Photographer and Shoot The Light Instructor
Michael Milicia Photography, LLC
500px Portfolio | Web Site | Facebook

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Get a new headshot

Get a new headshot -- March 27th 6:30-9 pm. $42

Sign up here 

This is a chance to get a good photograph of yourself to print, use as your profile on Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn, your website, your business card, etc.

Tom and I have had a Portrait Studio here in Hamden since 2008 and we realized that we have never had an open house; so we are combining one with a headshot party.

Come see our Studio and get your picture taken!!
We know that, as photographers, we like being on the other end of the camera, but we all need a current headshot.

We have a bathroom where you can even change into a different outfit if you want something formal and something casual.

Only $42
You will receive four copies of the (one) photograph that you pick (two copies will be in color and two copies will be in B&W. One of each will be high resolution sized for printing and the other pair will be sized and color spaced for the Internet). You may purchase additional pictures if you want more than one look.

We have a lot of friends who look like this

We want you to look like this

We normally charge $100 for a headshot session that includes the studio time, editing and one JPG file with shared rights for printing. Come to this event it will cost you less than half (only $42) that amount. Sign up here 

Check out some of our headshots here:

We will instruct you how to sit and look your best by demonstrating. We will take a traditional full face pose and a 2/3 view pose and we will have you smile and be serious to provide few different of images for you to choose from. The images will be posted in an online gallery for your to view and select from.

We perform custom post-processing/editing on the chosen image (we edit blemishes, lint, soften the face a little, etc. ). Note that we only remove beauty marks, moles, freckles and such if requested, each person can let us know if they would prefer a little "glamour editing" at NO additional charge)

What to wear
We recommend simple a outfit, nothing too busy (avoid stripes, plaids, etc). Jewel tones (blues, greens, maroon, etc.) photograph very well. Avoid tank tops, sleeveless tops as bare arms overpower the face and can make us appear heavier than we are. Avoid white shirts as the brightness draws the viewers attention away from the face. This will be a head and shoulders photograph, not a full frame photograph, you could wear sweats or shorts on the bottom but sometimes it is beneficial to be fully dressed as it changes your affect and the way that you carry yourself. Your clothing should be appropriate for the type of portrait you desire, casual or formal. You can bring two outfits if you want two different looks. If you know for sure that you want two different looks you can register for yourself and a friend and pay for two; you can also  purchase individual JPG files with shared rights later..

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"East meets West" Western Horses and Cattle Photography workshop on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

"East meets West" Western Horses and Cattle Photography workshop on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

I attended their "East meets West I" and it was awesome -- I highly recommend it!! Both the photo shoot and the post-processing afterwards was GREAT!

East meets West ~ Western Horses & Cattle Photography Workshop

east meets west photography workshop

Betty Wiley and Susan Candelario are pleased to announce our second
"East meets West" Western Horses and Cattle Photography workshop on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013.

The last fall workshop was very popular and this one promises to be an action-filled afternoon with great photo ops and lots of fun as well. We have arranged for this private workshop to be held indoors at a Rodeo  Arena  which not only provides a great venue, but will also allow the participants to escape the typical outdoor snippy temperatures during this frigid winter month.  We have reserved the Arena exclusively for our workshop participants.

giddy up horse picture
East meets West ~ Western Horses & Cattle Photography Workshop ©2012 Betty Wiley

We will have several riders who will be working and riding a herd of flashy horses including some very exotic Paint Horses. Aside from the horses we will have cattle, which will provide plenty of photos of hooves flying as well as lots of dust and dirt being kicked up as the horses and cattle are driven by the riders thru the dirt filled arena.  Aside from the action filled photo session we will have plenty of western tack available for detail shots and the opportunity to create beautiful portraits of the riders and animals, just to mention a few. The riders will will be dressed in the usual western attire and will perform several wardrobe changes during the photography workshop in order to afford us with a variety in our photographs.

cowboy picture
Cowgirl & Cowboy
~ A view to the barn thru leather pants of a Cowgirl caressing a Buckskin Quarter Horse named Cowboy.
©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

This workshop is not only for intermediate to advanced photographers looking to photograph the action
and details up close and personal, but also for beginners which are looking for special attention with one-on-one instructions with camera settings, compositions, etc in order to learn and capture great images of their own. If you wish to attend the shooting portion of the workshop only you can deduct $100 from the total cost of the workshop. After the photography session part of the workshop we will enjoy a quick early dinner
together which is included in the cost. The post processing session will follow.  Participants will have an opportunity to upload their images from the workshop and process them using various creative techniques which will be demonstrated by Betty Wiley and Susan Candelario.

Ride em Cowboy Picture
East meets West Western Horses and Cattle Photography Workshop ©2012 Betty Wiley

It promises to be a great time and we are hoping you can join us!
So… escape the winter doldrums and come and photograph the action with us! We hope to see you there!
This workshop will also make a great Christmas or Holiday gift for that special photographer in your life.
You may purchase a Gift Certificate, which is sure to make a special and very much appreciated gift.
Please email us if you should require additional information on how to personalize and present your gift. We will be happy to assist you.

Cowgirl and Horse picture
Photograph of cowgirl riding a Buckskin Quarter Horse which has been digitally enhanced for a soft painterly feel and look.

Please note that we are limiting the number of attendees in order to have a manageable group in which participants will have plenty of space to capture the images without having to jockey for position and in order to be able to provide adequate instruction to participants that may require it. We already have several RSVP's prior to this announcement. So if you are interested in attending early registration is highly recommended.

Date: Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 rain, snow or shine
Time: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Photo Session
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Early Dinner
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Creative Processing Techniques

Location: Western New Jersey in Warren County (the exact location and address will be provided to workshop participants after sign-up)

Total Cost: $295
* A special courtesy 15% off discount is available to participants who attended the fall "East meets West" workshop. (not to be combined with any other discounts)
* Door Prices will be raffled during the processing session
* If you wish to attend the shooting portion of the workshop only you can deduct $100 from the total cost of the workshop
To sign up and secure your spot a $150 payment is due at sign up with balance due no later than February 15th, 2013.
The deposit or payment in full is non refundable unless your spot can be filled
if you should need to cancel for any reason.
By signing up to the East meets West photography workshop you acknowledge our cancellation policy.
To sign up please visit the following link: SDC Photography Checkout and submit total applicable payment due by clicking on the secure and encrypted Pay-Pal button.
In the Pay-pal screen that you will be presented with, please enter the amount and fill in the workshop name and date in the description field.
Please note that we are now able to offer, no payment, no interest for 6 months if you checkout thru Pay-Pal and choose the Bill Me Later option. See terms
If you would rather pay via check or money order, you may do so. Please contact us for mailing information and to secure your spot.
An email containing a .pdf file with complete details as well as recommended gear, nearby accommodations and instructions will be emailed to signed up participants.
If you should have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact either Susan CandelarioBetty Wiley or Anthony J. Candelario.
susan candelario meet up group
Susan Candelario SDC Photography MeetUp group

How to Choose the Correct ISO Setting for Your Shot Click Here: How to Choose the Correct ISO Setting for Your Shot

How to Choose the Correct ISO Setting for Your Shot

Click Here: How to Choose the Correct ISO Setting for Your Shot

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Shooting a Snowy Winter Panorama by Mark Bowie

Shooting a Snowy Winter Panorama

Panorama of snow-covered barn and evergreens, Wevertown, Warren County. Photograph by Mark Bowie

Mark Bowie teaches photography for the Adirondack Photography Institute. He’ll lead their annual winter photography workshop February 14-17, 2013, in Lake Placid. For information, including program descriptions and pricing, see For more on Mark’s work, visit his website:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Topaz B&W Effects 2 Released

Topaz B&W Effects 2 Released

Create stunning black and white conversions
Topaz B&W Effects 2 uses powerful technology to create beautiful black and white photos. It is a complimentary upgrade for existing owners of B&W Effects 1.
Upgrading from v1? Get step-by-step instructions to download and install v2 for free.
Don't have B&W Effects? Get it for 30% off until the end of
the month with the coupon code bwfx2 (expires on 2/28/13).
This code also works for the complete bundle.
Enjoy these new features and improvements directly inspired by your feedback:
Introduction video

Color filter improvements

Filters give you selective control over tone values in your black and whites. B&W Effects 2 significantly improves how color filter and sensitivity options work.

Better grain engine

B&W Effects features realistic grain creation from a true digitized grain library. This major upgrade improves our grain algorithms even further.

More control over effects

Get easier access to the 200 one-click effects in 8 collections with the new preset QuickView and Preview functionality.

Redesigned user interface

New re-imagined interface designed with speed and functionality in mind. Use quick tools, a new loupe, viewing enhancements, and a cleaner interface.
Learn how to create amazing black and white photography with Nichole from Topaz:
Beautiful black and white photography uniquely sparks creativity and enhances artistic vision. Use B&W Effects 2 to explore a new way to create amazing art.
Upgrading from v1? Get step-by-step instructions to download and install the complimentary upgrade. If you like it, please tell your friends about our software!
Don't have B&W Effects? You're missing out on a whole new dimension of photography. Get it for 30% off with the coupon code bwfx2 until February 28.

Happy Birthday, Ansel Adams!

Remembering Ansel Adams: A Hands-on Experience

Ansel Adams(c) James Alinder. Jim recounts Ansel describing these photos, “The print on the left is a straight image. No dodging and burning. This is what Ansel saw on that November afternoon in 1941. And the print on the right is what he felt.”

Ansel always called the trash can the most important tool in the darkroom!

Read more here

HDR Tutorial

HDR Tutorial

I would like to introduce you to an HDR Tutorial, that will hopefully open new doors to help improve your HDR workflow. I’ve been shooting HDR for about 3 years. Maybe not a very long time, but after pushing sliders around in Photomatix I wasn’t quite satisfied. Eventually I reached that ah-ha moment when introduced to new techniques, so I hope with this tutorial to help you achieve your very own ah-ha moment. Be sure to look for Part 2: Image Management in Aperture 3 and Part 3: HDR Tone-Mapping!

Photo Gallery: Photographing the Night Sky

Photo Gallery: Photographing the Night Sky

 Picture of the Milky Way above Arizona Sky Village

B&H webinars

Laura reminded me last night of this wonderful resource, free webinars (and free live programs) at B&H

Real Exposures: John Paul Caponigro
By BH Event Space Videos

In this episode of Real Exposures, David Brommer interviews John Paul Caponigro, a photographer with an artist's heart. The interview covers varied topics including the value of choosing and attending photography workshops, harnessing creativity, and integrating spiritualism in your work.

Bridging the Gap: Classical Art Designed for Photographers
By BH Event Space Videos
Many of the design problems that photographers face have been addressed by classical artists. Bridging the gap between classical art and street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson combined the two practices and set the world of photography on a new course. He and his followers at Magnum converted the lessons from classical artists into photojournalism, street photography and portraiture. This video introduces the visual language, examining its basic grammar and the ways in which photographers can build up each element in their own work. Specific examples from master painters who were proto-street photographers are examined and discussed. One should come away from this video presentation with a completely new way of viewing the design accomplishments of classical art. Museums and galleries will breathe with new life as the geometry of art and design is decoded specifically for photographers. Be enlightened by the list of “common compositional mistakes” that many photographers make, because the rules are only taught to fine artists. Also revealed is where the “Rule of Thirds” comes from, as well as a look at additional techniques to use in the photographic format.

A Flash of Brilliance: A Hands-On Experience With Canon's Radio Based Wireless E TTL System
By BH Event Space Videos
Join Canon's John Stoilov for an informative and inspirational session on the new radio-based Wireless E-TTL flash, the Speedlite 600EX-RT, and get an up-close look at its features and capabilities. This new speedlite revolutionizes what's possible with off-camera flash, starting with its ability to communicate up to almost 100 feet from the camera—and still preserve full automatic flash exposure, along with ratio control. At 1:00 p.m., Stoilov will begin by introducing you to this tremendous new system and its features, and walk through its operation. He will also discusses the accessory Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT, and how it fits into a radio-based wireless flash system. Following a break, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., we'll have a live demonstration of how this exciting new technology works, and discuss different ways you can utilize it in your photography. Whether you're an enthusiast hoping to invest in one or two new speedlites, or a location-shooting pro who is considering investing in several, here's an opportunity to see them and their capabilities firsthand.

What's in Your Bag?: Traveling Light on Assignment with Model Shoot
By BH Event Space Videos
This is a question often asked of photographers, with a range of answers. There are some photographers who work with an austere kit, carrying a camera, a few lenses, and the bare essentials, while others carry everything—including the kitchen sink. Watch as headshot and editorial photographer Bob Harrington takes inventory of the contents of his bag for a day's work. There are no secrets here, or a bag of tricks. Harrington uses simple gear that fits into two travel bags. Whether Harrington is making corporate, editorial, personal images or running a workshop, his kit is simple and packed well into these two cases. He also describes how he modifies the kit to accomodate short assignments and travel.
Harrington shares with you not only what’s in the bag but also part numbers and certain essentials you should never be without so you, too, can build a kit that is efficient and cost effective for your work.
Like all of Harrington’s presentations and workshops, this event is broken into two parts:
• Part 1: Slideshow, Lecture, Q+A
• Part 2: Live shooting demonstration with a model. Harrington shoots as if he had been given an assignment, and shows you how to work at a given location with minimal gear.
Let professional photographer, author and photography educator Bob Harrington share his tips and techniques on how to acquire the shot, and help you build your own efficient kit.

Harold Davis: Creative Vision and Craft in Digital Photography
By BH Event Space Videos
In this exciting presentation, Harold Davis will demonstrate his unique vision, which blends painstaking craft and respect for the aesthetic traditions of art and photography with an informed attitude toward the tools of digital photography and today’s latest technologies. Davis will show some of the imagery that he is best known for, including his night photography, digital monochrome and floral imagery. There will also be a special showing of his handmade prints.

The Paradoxical World of Claire Rosen
By BH Event Space Videos
Inspired by fashion and fairy tales, photographer Claire Rosen constructs whimsical worlds, designs costumes and captures beauty with her camera. As both a fine art and commercial photographer, Rosen explores the dualities that exist in life. By working with themes and imagery popularized by fables and children’s stories, Rosen investigates universal truths while appealing to our desire for fantasy. Lightness and darkness, the real and the imagined, the beautiful and the bizarre—all of these paradoxes permeate Rosen’s work. Because of their contradictory nature, the tension generated by these pairs of elements entices us to behold, inhabit and get lost in Rosen’s photographic narratives. Once inside, we take part in an adventure. Despite having no clear destination, our adventure proves valuable. We encounter unusual characters, stumble upon enthralling situations and overcome obstacles. We are challenged by the unfamiliar and then rewarded with experience and knowledge. Luring us into worlds that blend fact and fiction and along journeys that make us question that which we know, Rosen encourages us to look at the familiar in new ways. She spurs us into exploring the human condition. She allows us to gain insight into ourselves and each other. She lets us live in a fairy tale. In this presentation, Rosen will share both personal and commercial work while highlighting her process from inspiration through execution.

The Documentary Project: A Long-Term Engagement that Culminates in a Book
By BH Event Space Videos
Join professional photographer Magdalena Solé for an information-packed lecture on her documentary project. The talk is based on her two years of work in the Mississippi Delta, culminating in the release of a book. By introducing her new book "New Delta Rising," she will explore a series of topics including the process of photographing spontaneously and intuitively, how to photograph in cultures other than one’s own, how to edit photographs so they reveal a story and how to make a strong connection with your subjects and develop a personal style of shooting.

Digital Workflow: Working Efficiently to get You back Behind the Camera
By BH Event Space Videos
Today, photographers are spending more time at their computers than they are behind their cameras. While all that editing software is amazing, this also means that a lot of time is being spent away from the customers and making more money. Jeff Cable, who is one of our most requested speakers, has come up with a very efficient workflow process for anyone shooting a lot of images. Whether he is shooting countless images at the Olympics, or thousands of images at a Bar Mitzvah, Jeff has a system that allows him to go through all of the images and post them online within 2 hours of any event. He will teach you about the hardware, software, and his secrets for saving time and working efficiently. If you shoot any events (sports, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs) at which you need to capture lots of images and edit through them quickly, you want to be part of this session.

Mapping Your Photos in Adobe Lightroom
By BH Event Space Videos
In many cases, the location in which a photo was captured is an important piece of information. Having that location information included with your photos provides a variety of benefits. The information serves as a helpful reminder of the location and also enables you to browse your photos on a map. Best of all, it isn't difficult to add information to your images using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. In this session, Tim Grey shows you how you can have location information added to your photos at the time the images are captured, how you can utilize reference photos for location information, and how track logs can be employed. You’ll also learn how to add and update location information using a map. And of course, once you have that location information added to your images, you’ll likely want to be able to find that information later. Tim shows you how to review location information, as well as how to search and browse for your images, based on where they were captured.

Using Photography to Create Visual Narratives
By BH Event Space Videos
Cig Harvey shares her work and creative process. Her photographs are intertwined with a rich narrative and autobiography. She uses the medium of photography as a way to tell stories. Harvey’s photographs have been exhibited widely and are in the permanent collections of major museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY. She was a recent finalist for the prestigious BMW Prize at Paris Photo and had her first solo museum show at The Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway, in the spring of 2012, in conjunction with the release of her monograph You Look At Me Like An Emergency, Schilt Publishing, 2012. Harvey’s devotion to visual storytelling has lead to innovative international campaigns and features with New York Magazine, Harpers Bazaar Japan, Kate Spade and Bloomingdales.

Michael Melford Talk: Qualities of Light, Composition
By BH Event Space Videos
National Geographic Photographer Michael Melford presents a two-part talk: "‘Hidden Alaska: Bristol Bay and Beyond," images from his most recent book published by National Geographic, and "Qualities of Light, Composition, and What’s in my Bag." If you want to learn, learn from the best. Michael’s brilliant images are always an inspiration, and his explanations of how he got the shots, as well as his practical tips, will help photographers of all levels to improve their own work and aspire to something greater.

Organizing Photos with Adobe Lightroom
By BH Event Space Videos
As you continue to capture new photographic images, it becomes increasingly important to keep those photos organized so you have the confidence that you’ll be able to find the photo you need when you need it. In this informative and entertaining session, Tim Grey will share his expertise and experience to help you stay organized using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lenses for Bird and Nature Photography: Birds As Art Style

Lenses for Bird and Nature Photography: Birds As Art Style

Watch Arthur Morris, arguably one of the most famous and most successful of all time explain and share his knowledge about his most used lenses in the Canon arsenal. Arthur shares some of his awe-inspiring work too as well as and the occasional gem here and there. You can watch it on YouTube HERE or if you ar viewing this on the web you can click on the video below.

You can also enjoy Arthur’s amazing gallery HERE or visit his blog HERE

Bill Diodato Presents Tuesday Evening

Bill Diodato Presents Tuesday Evening 

© Bill DiodatoBill Diodato
February 19, 2013
6:30 p.m.
Dodge Room, Reed Campus Center
40 Park Street, Easthampton, MA  01027

Free and open to the public
Internationally recognized photographer Bill Diodato, a native of New England, launched his career in New York in 1990 after completing the program at Hallmark School of Photography in Turners Falls. Since then, he has developed a career as an acclaimed commercial and fine-art photographer. He has photographed for magazines including Allure, Marie Claire, Glamour, Self, New York Times Magazine, Travel & Leisure, and Interview. His commercial clients include Hollister, Clinique, Clairol, John Frieda, Biore, Victoria’s Secret, Cole Haan, Niemann Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdales. 

He has received awards for his portraits, still-life, product, and fashion photography including the Cannes International Photo Festival, Graphis 100 Best in Photography, Communications Arts, the International Photography Awards, and Kodak.

Diodato’s personal projects include his first monograph, Care of Ward 81 (June 2010), which received several awards including the International Book Award. The book, with a foreword by photographer Mary Ellen Mark, documents the closed Oregon State Mental Hospital, which was the setting of the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Diodato writes, “My intention in publishing these images is to present the physical crumbling and decaying cells, which represent the end of old, corrupt, poorly-run asylums and bring about a sense of closure for the women of Ward 81.” The book has been widely recognized, with scores of articles in magazines including Esquire, Discorsi Fotografici, ASMP, and Photographer’s Forum and awards including the Eric Hoffer Book Award, Communications Arts Photography Book Award, and the PDN Photo Annual.

Following the presentation, Diodato will sign copies of Care of Ward 81, which will be available for purchase.

Join the event
Directions to the school

For information, or to be added to our mailing list, contact Kathleen Unruh at or (413) 529-3211.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturday March 9th Canon Explorer of Light Jennifer Wu presents Nature’s Elusive Beauty

Join the New Haven Camera Club 

on Saturday March 9th 2013
for a presentation 
by Canon Explorer of Light 
Jennifer Wu

Sponsored by Canon

Who -- Canon Explorer of Light Jennifer Wu

What -- Nature’s Elusive Beauty – Composition for Nature and Landscape Photography

Where -- Whitney Center 200 Leeder Hill Drive Hamden, CT 06517-2749 (203) 281-6745

When -- Saturday, March 9, 2013 -- 9am to 4pm, plan to arrive by 8:30am

How much -- the program is FREE
Optional lunch $10.50 per person 
Lunch: Assorted Sandwiches, Beverage (Soda, Water), Chips, and Cookies
Note that while lunch is optional,  there are not a choices in the vicinity of the seminar. 

To register please mail your registration (and optional check made out to New Haven Camera Club for lunch) to Denise Saldaña 52 Westminister St, Hamden CT 06518 -- your registration arrive by by Feb 21st (we need to provide the head count on Feb 22nd)

Name _______________________________________________________________
Address  _______________________________________________________________
Email  _______________________________________________________________
Phone number   __________________________________________________________

All tickets will be held at the door. 
If you wish confirmation, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

For questions please email Tom at

Nature’s Elusive Beauty – Composition for Nature and Landscape Photography

This inspiring and entertaining presentation is a must see for any one interested in nature and landscape photography. Jennifer will teach you the elements of photographic composition and share her techniques to get those great shots. She will discuss five elements of composition. You will learn about selecting specific lenses and how each lens makes visual impact. Discover how creating depth in an image creates visual interest and how isolating the subject will make a striking image

Short Break

Tips and Techniques: Jennifer will discuss techniques for getting great shots including tips on using polarizing and neutral density filters, use of white balance settings, keeping the contrast in the photograph, using reflectors, use of hyperfocal distance focusing and more. 


Maximizing Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop:  Learn as Jennifer demonstrates the incredible capabilities of Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Jen will show you how you can take care of much of your image optimization in ACR and she will show you her workflow for processing images. She'll discuss the tools and best practices when adjusting your images; touching on features like the tone curve, lens correction and local adjustment tools. She shares her tips  

Short Break

The Amazing Night Sky: Photographing after sunset and before sunrise offers a whole new world of images and photographic opportunities. We mistakenly  think it is too dark to photograph, but the camera can pick up the subtle light. The seemingly infinite darkness of the night is lit by the stars and planets. The camera picks up light from the gasses of the Milky Way and more stars than our eyes can see. Learn how to photograph the stars, the full moon and the crescent moon, and get tips on when to photograph them, and how to appreciate the quality of light at night and how to use evening  light in your photographs. Twilight displays beautiful light after sunset and before sunrise. Jennifer discusses light painting techniques for illuminating  trees, rocks and buildings, adding another dimension to night photography. Jennifer will takeyou on a dramatic visual journey through of the night sky in time-lapse movies. This inspiring and entertaining presentation is a must-see for any one interested in photographing  twilight, the stars, and the moon.

About the Photographer:
Jennifer Wu, a professional photographer since 1992, is a nature and landscape photographer as well as a photographer of the stars and the night sky.

Jennifer was named by Canon USA to the elite group of photographers, The Explorers of Light.  Canon states, "The Explorers Of Light program is a group of 62 of the world's best photographers, united in their love and passion for photographic excellence. They also share a common desire to contribute back to the industry with a willingness to share their vision and passion with others."  Jennifer enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and passion for nature photography in lectures and workshops for Canon. She is especially proud that Canon publishes her spectacular sky photographs in their professional camera brochures.
Her images, featured in numerous magazines and books, have won a wide variety of prestigious awards. Whenever she is not on nature expeditions at some of the most beautiful locations in the world, she exhibits her images at galleries and art shows.

Jennifer, born in Illinois in 1968, grew up in Davis, California. She moved to Sacramento to attend California State University, Sacramento, where she received a BA in Photography. She currently lives in Sacramento.

She taught photography and digital imaging at California State University Sacramento. She now enjoys lecturing, teaching seminars and speaking events as well as leading workshops for Canon and aFilm International Film Workshops Barcelona, Spain. She leads workshops to Alaska, Hawaii, Yosemite, Death Valley, Namibia and Iceland. 

View her images at 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

HDR and Macro at Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum

HDR and Macro at 

Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum

This Farmstead museum is chock full of things: kitchen, store, farm equipment, you name it. It has all of the details for macro and is also perfect for HDR. We will meet on Sunday at 12:30. Tom and I will be providing instruction on composition, exposure, HDR, etc. for the first half and then we will also be photographing this wonderful place.

We have posted some images in the photo album from our last trip there.

"The Museum property was once part of John Holcombe's "Plantation", according to his will of 1742. In 1968, the Farmstead was donated to the Hunterdon County Historical Society In 1984, the property was deeded to the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead, Inc. The Museum is housed in the restored three story bank barn that was built into the hillside to make both floors accessible from ground level. Livestock were kept on the lower level, crops above. Today, some of the exhibits arranged in the barn cover the tools and equipment used by the farmer to raise and harvest the crops that provided fodder for livestock and commodities to sell. Other displays cover the domestic chores of the farmer's wife in the preparation and preservation of food and the making of clothing. Early examples of now common implements and appliances give the visitor a sense of passing time. The Museum's volunteers and Trustees have restored the property and added outbuildings for the Post Office, General Store, Blacksmith Shop, Carriage Shed, and Print Shop."

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free CS6 Superguide

Your free 77 page CS6 Superguide is ready for download

Your Free Creative Suite 6 Superguide is now available.



Following the huge success of the free CS4 and CS5 Superguide, we have just released the free 77-page CS6 Superguide eZine. The new features of most of the CS6 Products are covered in depth, with articles from industry leaders such as Jack Davis, Colin Smith, David Blatner, Janine Warner, Stephen Burns, Chana Messer, Weston Maggio and more.

Everything is available in a single PDF that you can take with you. View on your laptop, iPad or iPhone, print it or store it online.Best of all it's free.

This time around, it's interactive, meaning that all the hyperlinks and the table of contents are clickable. You can click back to the TOC from the bottom left of any page.I hope you enjoy this publication as much as we have in creating it. Note: You will need the free Acrobat reader from Adobe to view this publication.

If you like this, then please send your friends to sign up for free here

Thanks and enjoy!