Monday, April 30, 2012

Universal Flash Filter Kit

      The Universal Flash Filter Kit, 20 Filters Designed to Make Lighting Easy & Fun

You’ve tried prisms, sprinklers, eating *lots* of Skittles, but harnessing the sheer beauty of a rainbow has proven to be a challenge.

Here’s a surprisingly easy way! The Universal Flash Filter Kit will shower gorgeous color onto your photos.
These 20 color filters easily slip on and off your external flash via an included band. They’re crinkle-proof, sized to fit over any external flash and come in a small carrying case.

Lighting will finally be what you’ve always wished it was: e-z and fun!

The Color Flash Gel Kit (20-Color Edition)
$30 at the Photojojo Shop

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tim Grey Lightroom Photo Project Workshop Maine Media Workshops

Lightroom Photo Project Workshop I'm very much looking forward to returning to Maine Media Workshops to teach my new "Lightroom Photo Project Workshop". In fact, I wrote about my excitement (and even included a silly photo of myself) in a blog post announcing this workshop.

In this workshop we'll take a project-based approach to help reinforce the concepts and workflow practices you'll want to consider in your own photography. We'll spend some time capturing photographs to use in the project, and then sort, organize, optimize, and share those images in the context of our project. As a result, you'll gain a strong understanding of best practices for putting Lightroom to use with your own photography projects, whether those are commercial or personal projects.

To learn more about this great workshop opportunity, or to register, please visit the Maine Media Workshops website here:

Tell Your Friends...
Recommend the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter to your photographer friends by pointing them here:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Imaging Night Open House

Imaging Night Open House

Thursday, May 3, 2012, 5:00 PM
Selected By: Jesse Thompson

Milford Photo 22 River St, Milford, CT (map41.222889 -73.056976

We'll keep the minilab up and running for this open house event. Stop in between 5pm and 8pm and make a 12x18 from one of your favorite files on us. We'll have other specials on most of our processing and framing services. Light refreshments will be served while they last and I'm conjuring a model shoot so we have something to photograph while you wait for your free 12x18. Bring your DSLR ready to shoot. This meetup is free to members. Please read notes below.

Event runs from 5pm to 8pm.

Each attendee will get a voucher for one free 12x18 print made that evening.

Orders placed that evening for reprints from 4x6 thru poster sized will be %50 off.
Custom and ready made frames purchased or ordered that evening will be %50 off.
Canvas Gallerie Wrap posters ordered that evening will be %50 off.
Albums and portfolio cases purchased that evening will be %50

While I never have I reserve the right to change any deets. jt

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Better Beamer Revisited

The Better Beamer Revisited


With flash speedlights becoming more popular than ever before, we thought we’d remind wildlife shooters of the essential flash accessory:  the Better Beamer.  Used by bird and wildlife photographers all over the world, the Beamer increases the range of your flash, shortens recycle times, reduces the drain on your battery and increases the output of your flash by 2 to 3 stops.

>From a hint of fill flash to eliminate shadows, to flash as main light, the Better Beamer is a must for wildlife photography.

Learn more here and get a FREE replacement lens ($10 value) with a Better Beamer purchase.

New Tripod Tote Universal Tripod Shelf

New Tripod Tote Universal Tripod Shelf

We’ve teamed with Essential Photo Gear, the folks who brought you the Kwik Camo, to release a great storage solution for shoots in the field!  The Tripod Tote attaches to any tripod and holds teleconverters, clamps, reflectors, flashes, batteries and more.  It’s also great for adding weight to your tripod for extra stability.

Learn more about this handy accessory here.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

new features of Photoshop CS-6

Thanks Bill!

Hi Lisa,

You might want to tell your blog to go to for over two hours of videos describing many of the new features of Photoshop CS-6. I don't know how long it will be available, but it is there now.

Best regards,


20% off Tim Grey Photoshop CS6 video training courses

Adobe Announces Photoshop CS6
Adobe has just announced Photoshop CS6 (it isn't shipping yet, but that will come soon). To help you make the most of this latest update to Photoshop, I've created a series of video training courses. You can get a 20% discount off these courses for a limited time by entering TIMCS6 in the Coupon Code field during checkout. Get started through my video2brain online store here:

The new titles include:

So, start learning now, before the final release of Photoshop CS6 is even available (you can follow along with the Public Beta version of Photoshop CS6). Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Enter photo contest devoted solely to the American Landscape!

Enter Outdoor photographer first photo contest devoted solely to the American Landscape!

From the carved red rock of the Southwest to the rolling hills of the Northeast and from the endless expanse of the Everglades to the temperate rain forest of the Pacific Northwest, the American Landscape has inspired photographers from the earliest days of silver-halide processes. We invite you to submit your best scenic photographs today!
Submit photos from January 25 through May 23

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photoshop CS6 preorders being taken

New Photoshop CS6
pre-orders being taken 

Below is copied and pasted from Adobe's site...

Photoshop CS6 delivers imaging magic with all-new additions to the Content-Aware technology family; powerful tools for editing video and designing superior artwork in fewer steps; state-of-the-art photography tools; unprecedented performance with the new Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine*; and so much more. See what's new.

Photographers can bring out the very best in their images with Photoshop CS6. Use new Content-Aware Move and Content-Aware Patch to retouch images with astonishing ease and control; get superior processing with the Photoshop Camera Raw 7 plug-in; intuitively edit videos and create entire movies; crop and blur photographs in new ways; selectively adjust distortion in photos shot with wide-angle or fisheye lenses; put more focus on your images with a modern interface; and edit at blazingly fast speeds with the new Mercury Graphics Engine.* See top features for photographers.

Content-Aware Move

Move or extend a selected object to another area of your image, and then watch as Content-Aware Move magically recomposes and blends the object for a stunning visual result.

Content-Aware Fill

Remove any image detail or object and watch as Content-Aware Fill magically fills in the space left behind. This breakthrough technology matches lighting, tone, and noise so it looks as if the removed content never existed.
More about Content-Aware Fill ›

Content-Aware Patch

Patch images with greater control using Content-Aware Patch, which allows you to choose the area that Content-Aware will use to create your patch.
More about Content-Aware Patch ›

Skin tone–aware selections and masking

Create precise selections and masks, enabling you to easily adjust or preserve skin tones; easily select intricate image elements, such as hair or faces; and more.

Photoshop CS6 is the professional standard in image editing, used worldwide by people who want to create and edit photos with superior results. Consider moving up to Photoshop CS6 if you want a more complete toolkit for editing raw photos, creating sophisticated image composites, creating stunning videos right inside the application, and pushing your creativity with extraordinary painting and warping tools. For more details, visit the Photoshop features page.

What about upgrade paths? Well the big news here is Adobe recently postponed big changes to the upgrade policy, so current CS3, CS4, and CS5 customers will be able to upgrade to their choice of CS6 products.
Owners of a CS5 or CS5.5 suite edition qualify for upgrade pricing to a CS6 suite edition. Owners of an individual CS5 or CS5.5 product qualify for upgrade pricing to the same product but not to a suite edition. Any version earlier than CS5 will not be eligible for upgrade pricing.

Owners of CS3 or CS4 individual products and suite editions will receive temporary upgrade pricing to CS6 until December 31, 2012. After that date, only owners of CS5 or CS5.5 products will qualify for upgrade pricing to CS6.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nine Quick Tips on Shooting in Harsh Environments

Nine Quick Tips on Shooting in Harsh Environments

by Scott Bourne
Guest Post by Catherine Hall

Follow Catherine on Twitter: @catherine_hall & @topmodelrelease

Over the years I have had to learn many things "the hard way". Hopefully, the below tips will save you some blood, sweat and tears.

Learn about humidity, dust, cold, etc. Read here:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Official CS6 Launch Date Announced

 posted by Paul DeCesare on 04/20/12 at 6:32 pm EST

And sooner than we thought! It's set for this coming Monday, April 23rd. For those of you who, like me, are obsessed with being an early adopter, you can watch the launch via webinar through this link.

It was interesting for ASdobe to release a beta version of Photoshop CS6, something they hadn't done with PS in about 7 years, and it really did get the buzz going. Over 500,000 people downloaded it, which is more than I would have guessed!

Anyway, the offer is still going for CS3 & CS4 owners: if you buy CS5 now at the Adobe Store, you get CS6 for free. Essentially they ARE giving the three-version upgrade one last time but that time is limited, I think the offer ends May 7th.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

John Shaw in teaching two intensive workshops on Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop programs


John Shaw in teaching two intensive workshops on Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop programs, at the Pacific Northwest Art School, on Whidbey Island, Washington. For information, see the photography workshop section at

June 1 - 4: Lightroom From Start to Finish

June 4 - 7: Photoshop for Landscape Photographers

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sony Announces World Photography Awards Winners

Sony Announces World Photography Awards Winners in Open and Youth Categories

The Sony World Photography Awards winners for the Open and Youth categories have been announced and the winning pictures are, as you might imagine, quite impressive. In the Open Competition gallery you can see the winner in each of 10 categories - Architecture, Arts & Culture, Enhanced, Low Light, Nature & Wildlife, Panoramic, People, Smile, Split-Second and Travel. You can check out a few more very impressive photos on the Youth Competition gallery. You can also check out videos from the Moving Image Award shortlist as well as photos from the Tate Collectives Award, and Save the Children Competition.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Andrey Pavlov's F-ANT-asy Photography

Andrey Pavlov's F-ANT-asy Macro Photography

I've always loved macro photography; investigating miniature worlds produces bold, artistic photographs popping with color, unique lines, and dynamic textures. Our Photo of the Day Contest is home to many memorable macro photographs. But I bet you've never seen anything like the work of Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov...Continue Reading on Steve's Digicam


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Canon 60Da infrared filter is specially made for astrophotography

Canon announced an all new DSLR! The Canon 60Da infrared filter is specially made for astrophotography.

It can pick up hydrogen-alpha light 3x better than any other Canon DSLR, which means it can capture richer photos of nebulae and the like when paired with telescope.

Read more:

Read more on Steve's Digicam too

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Water Drop Refraction Class

Water Drop Refraction New Class!

Starting date: May 4, 2012
Instructor: Ron Goldman Duration: 2 Weeks Cost: $99

If you love macro photography and have ever wanted to know how to capture a subject inside a water drop but have been unable to achieve the results you are after, then this class is for you! With the techniques taught in this class you will not only be able to create amazing images of subjects inside a single drop of water but also learn how to stack images with multiple drops as well as create some very cool abstracts using drops on glass.

This is a two week class so be prepared to hit the ground running because we will be covering a lot of information in a very short time!

There are some things you will need to have on hand before the class starts so you can immerse yourself into the wonderful world of water drops as soon as you read lesson 1:
A digital SLR with a true macro lens capable of at least 1:1 reproduction. If you have extension tubes, a bellows, or other methods of reaching even higher reproduction rates, even better!
A solid understanding of aperture and shutter speed and the ability to work in manual mode as well as using manual focus.
A good tripod and head are a necessity for all macro work and this class will be no exception. A shutter release or a self timer on your camera will help as well as using mirror lock up. If you are unfamiliar with these features, please read your camera manual and understand how they work before the class starts.
A "speedlite" type flash unit with the ability to fire it off camera while not an absolute necessity will really come in handy.

A syringe or eyedropper of some sort for placing drops. An 8x10 or larger piece of glass. One out of a picture frame works perfectly.
A variety of small subjects such as individual flower blossoms, colorful leaves, fruit, toys, just about anything you can think of that you would like to shoot.
8x10 (smaller or larger is ok too!) prints of your own work for some of the images we will be shooting in the lessons.

If you have any questions on this equipment, feel free to email the instructor at and he will help you get everything together that you will need.

Instructor: Ron Goldman

Ron Goldman is a photographer living in Washington State. Capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in photographs has always been one of Ron's passions. Whether outdoors with natural light or in his studio shooting with strobes, his strong sense of color comes through in all of his images.

Recent clients include Chef Magazine, Portland Menu Guide, Dealer Principal Magazine, Papa Haydn Restaurants and Microtrace Corporation. His stock images are represented by Super Stock, Acclaim Images, and Ad Stock Images. More of Ron's work can be seen here:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Connecticut Renaissance Faire's 2011 Photographic Legends contest

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Who won the Connecticut Renaissance Faire's 2011 Photographic Legends contest? Thanks for showing your support for the arts!

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire - Photo Contest  Escape to the past with your family at the CT Renaissance Faire. This unique fall fair is fun for the whole family.

way to go Rick!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New photography guide - DSLR - The Basics

Heads Up for DSLR Users

Just a heads up that professional photographer, Ed Verosky, has released his new photography guide - DSLR - The Basics and is giving it away for half price this week. A good way to come up to speed with your gear quickly. He's also agreed to share any proceeds with Light Stalking so we can keep bringing you great photography tutorials! Check it out here.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

John Shaw PANORAMA eBook

Just a quick note...

My first photographic eBook, an electronic version of the traditional "coffee table" picture book, is now available on my web site. PANORAMA showcases 48 of my panoramic images, and includes a section on how I shoot and process my pan images. Go to my home page,, and you'll find the link.

John Shaw

Friday, April 13, 2012

4 Things Every Photographer Should Know About Protecting Images on Social Networks

4 Things Every Photographer Should Know About Protecting Images on Social Networks

Thrive with caution on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ ...and whatever's next
By Mason Resnick

"The social media revolution is filled with opportunities for self-promotion, but it also poses challenges for photographers who are concerned about protecting their copyrighted, unique creative work. Here's a balanced approach to protecting your work.

Professional photographers as well as many “weekend warriors” and serious amateur shooters have a love/hate relationship with the Internet, espeically on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tubmlr, Google+, and Pinterest. On the one hand, it's a great way to display your work to potential clients, generate print orders, and promote your business. On the other hand, it has never been easier for your copyrighted material to be used without your permission. All you need to know is how to right-click.

The rapid rise of social networks—Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest among the biggest ones—has made it easier than ever to get your name out there, but it has also allowed copyright infringement to get out of control, according to many photographers."

Facebook Terms of Service

Flickr/Yahoo Terms of service
Pinterest Terms of Service
Tumblr Terms of Service
Google + Terms of Service
Read the whole article here:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Join Us for a 4 Day CAP Trip to the Philadelphia Area

Join Us for a 4 Day CAP Trip to the Philadelphia Area

May 3rd through May 6th 2012

Please contact Gerri Mahon at or 203-627-7440 As Soon As Possible if you are interested in joining us. Our hotel discount is only good for a few more days.

Be sure to leave a phone number where you can be reached if leaving a message.

We will be visiting some of the Philadelphia sites on day 1, Winterthur on day 2, Longwood Gardens on day 3, and on day 4 you can visit either Valley Forge or Eastern State Penitentiary.

Thursday, May 3rd: Travel to Philadelphia where we will photograph some of the city sites before checking into our hotel the Holiday Inn in Cherry Hill N.J. which is just a few miles outside Philadelphia.

Friday, May 4th: We will travel to Winterthur, Henry Francis du Pont’s boyhood home, to spend the day photographing the home and grounds which will be in spring bloom. Approximately 45 minutes from Philadelphia. Winterthur is set amidst a 1,000-acre preserve of rolling meadows and woodlands. Designed by du Pont, its 60-acre naturalistic garden is among America’s best, with magnificent specimen plantings and massed displays of color

Saturday, May 5th: We will travel to Longwood Gardens and spend the day there photographing the conservatory and gardens. Approximately 45 minutes from Philadelphia.
Explore one of the great gardens of the world, from the 4-acre Conservatory to the splendor of the outdoor gardens spanning 1,077 acres.

Sunday May 6th will have 2 options:

Option 1: Valley Forge – Approximately 25 minutes from Philadelphia. Valley Forge National Historical Park is nationally significant as the site of the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army under General George Washington. You will find historical landscapes, structures and people in costume to photograph.

Option 2: Eastern State Penitentiary is limited to the first 10 participants who enroll.  (See below.) We also require 10 participants.  Join in on a fun day of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography with Denise Ippolito as our guide and workshop instructor. We will visit the Graffiti Underground in Philadelphia, PA early in the morning spending 2 and a half hours capturing all of the interesting and graphic images that we can. We will break for one hour for breakfast at Mugsy’s which is located just across the street from the prison. Then we will enter Eastern State Penitentiary where we will explore the many creative and unique perspectives of the prison as well as having access to photograph some of the private areas. Rain or Shine

Date: Sunday, May 6 th 2012
Time: 8-10:30am Graffiti shoot
~1 hour break
~12-3pm Eastern State Penitentiary with some private areas.
FYI, you can stay from 3-5 on your own after the workshop

Cost: $100.00 per person. Group of 10 people plus Denise. Admission fees, tripod fees, private area fees included in the price.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April workshops -- Sign up NOW -- Flowers and HDR

Join Denise Ippolito for these two workshops in April!

These workshops are taking place before and after the CAP (Connecticut Association of Photographers) Bloomin' Ideas Dinner Program on April 28th

Join Denise Ippolito's for two fun workshops!

To sign up for one or both workshops go to the CAP website:  

April 29th Join Denise Ippolito for a fun and creative morning at beautiful Elizabeth Park in Hartford Connecticut. We will explore many creative options with our flower images including pleasing blurs, unique compositions, soft focus and more. Many of the techniques that I talk about Saturday night at my Bloomin’ Ideas lecture will be covered in the morning shoot. Folks are welcome to stay the day at the gardens and photograph till their heart is content or their memory cards are filled¬, whichever comes first.

Join Denise Ippolito on Saturday April 28th for a morning of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography!

Together we will explore this architectural gem. Denise will be giving instruction on the importance of proper HDR exposure, as well as image design and composition. Learning to see in a creative way will be paramount. CAP members Lisa and Tom Cuchara will assisting Denise and they will also be available for questions related to proper HDR exposure, reading histograms, etc. View some of Denise's HDR here

Folks will learn a variety of techniques for solid HDR photography as well as thoughtful compositions. This is such a beautiful, complex campus filled with an assortment of interesting photo opportunities. Bring a sturdy tripod and an assortment of lenses. Comfortable walking shoes are suggested

What is HDR?
According to "HDR imaging is a set of techniques that allows a far greater dynamic range of exposures than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to the deepest shadows. This is usually achieved by modifying photos with image processing software for tone-mapping."
Please note that you must be a CAP member to attend these workshops. CAP dues is just $8 for the year!

The Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP) is a state-wide organization for amateur photographers with both clubs and individuals as members. CAP has two meetings per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. These meetings usually include dinner and a program, though other events may be substituted for one of the dinner meetings. CAP also sponsors field trips and competitions for members and member clubs. CAP sends out e-mails as needed to inform the membership of upcoming events or, on occasion, a newsletter, The CAPtion. Members can receive the newsletter when published either by e-mail or by traditional postal service. Copies of previous newsletters can be downloaded from the Newsletter section of this web site. CAP is a member of the New England Camera Club Council. Annual membership dues in CAP are $8.00 per year and include all e-mail notifications and any issues of The CAPtion if they are published. Website:

CAP Spring Dinner/Seminar Denise Ippolito "Bloomin' Ideas" April 28th 2012

Please join the Connecticut Association of Photographers

on Saturday April 28th 2012 for our Spring Dinner and Seminar
Denise Ippolito will present "Bloomin' Ideas"
Hawthorne Inn 2421 Berlin Tpk Berlin, CT 06037 (860) 828-3571

Denise's one hour teaching program entitled “Bloomin’ Ideas” will cover the in-camera techniques that she uses to capture beautiful flower images: composition, depth-of-field and selective focus, the use of extension tubes and reflectors, and the use of natural light. You will learn to create impressionistic flower blurs by using your camera as your paintbrush. She will also go into detail explaining her creative processing and multiple filtering effects that she uses on a daily basis. You will be inspired to step out of the box and develop your creative vision and your own original works of art. If you love to photograph flowers this program is for you! Denise will also be leading workshops in Connecticut on April 28th & 29th
Connecticut Association of Photographers
The Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP) is a state-wide organization for amateur photographers with both clubs and individuals as members. CAP has two meetings per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. These meetings usually include dinner and a program, though other events may be substituted for one of the dinner meetings. CAP also sponsors field trips and competitions for members and member clubs. CAP sends out e-mails as needed to inform the membership of upcoming events or, on occasion, a newsletter, The CAPtion. Members can receive the newsletter when published either by e-mail or by traditional postal service. Copies of previous newsletters can be downloaded from the Newsletter section of this web site. CAP is a member of the New England Camera Club Council. Annual membership dues in CAP are $8.00 per year and include all e-mail notifications and any issues of The CAPtion if they are published. Website:
Denise Ippolito

I am a freelance photographer, artist and writer living in NJ. I am also a moderator for Bird Photographers.Net, an online photography site. My best selling eBook “A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects” is an expression of art and nature. I have co-led several BIRDS AS ART Instructional Photo-Tours with Arthur Morris, a Canon Explorer of Light. He is a world renowned bird photographer and teacher. I now offer on-line courses as well as workshops featuring avian, macro and HDR photography. I have received an honorable mention in the highly regarded Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice competition 2010 in the Creative Digital Category.  

I’m pleased to say that I have just finished my latest e-book, “Bloomin’ Ideas”. In “Bloomin’ Ideas” I present an overview of the in-the-field and post-processing techniques that I have used and developed over the past few years to make my flower images special. This eBook features 55 all-new photographs. Though some of the topics have been covered previously in either “The Softer Side of Macro” or “A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects,” this eBook represents the first time that they are available in a single package. Those who love photographing flowers as much as I do will want to get their copy as soon as possible.

April 28th 2012 -- Denise Ippolito's "Bloomin' Ideas" -- Registration Form

You must be a CAP member to attend, not a member? Join today! CAP dues (new members only) $8 ___
Please note this is a dinner meeting, you cannot attend just the program without dinner
The Registration deadline is April 20th

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Deservedly Smug iPhone Photo App

A Deservedly Smug iPhone Photo App

The app, called Camera Awesome, adds photography functions to your iPhone, including help touching up and framing your shot.

Camera Awesome says its Awesomize button is the critical feature. That button is a one-touch photo fix, touching up the exposure, color, clarity and vibrancy.

read the whole article

Buying Guide: Canon 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D800

Buying Guide: Canon 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D800

Use our handy utility to compare these two powerful new DSLRs

You can actually compare many (~60) different models here

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Add WiFi To Your Nikon D4 For $30

Add WiFi To Your Nikon D4 For $30
If you are one of the lucky few who now own a Nikon D4 there is a good chance that you wondered why Nikon did not include WiFi on its flagship.

It does include an Ethernet port allowing for wired control and live view, but no WiFi.

You could of course, add WiFi with the WT-5A, but that would mean saying goodbye to another $900. This is kinda weird of Nikon side, especially when the lower-end, soon to be announced, D3200 is rumored to have WiFi capabilities.

Nikon Rumors shares an interesting, and more affordable option to add WiFi capabilities to the D4 (or any camera with an Ethernet port for that matter) - using a VAP11G portable WiFi bridge.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

“Lighting Demystified Shiv Verma workshop

Lighting Demystified - 3 One Day Workshops

Announcing 3 One Day Lighting Workshops - April 15th, 22nd, 29th from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Please click here or on the following link for details:

Call Shiv at 617.759.0010 or email to register.

Friday, April 6, 2012

ASMP invites you to participate in the New York Chapter’s annual photo competition

ASMP invites you to participate in the New York Chapter’s annual photo competition:
Submissions are open to professional, serious amateur and student photographers.
First prize winners in each category (professional and student) will have their winning image published in a full page ad in PDN magazine as well as in a promotional mailer to be sent to 2000 art directors, art buyers and photo editors in New York and other major cities throughout the United States.
Galleries of winning entries in past years are available at
For contest rules, entry fees and submissions, go to

Submission deadline is May 1, 2012.

Image12 Judges: Elizabeth Avedon, Independent Curator and Writer, La Lettre Holly Stuart Hughes, Editor, Photo District News and PDNonline Jody Quon, Photography Director, New York Magazine Marc Sobier, Global Creative Director, Y&R NY Hosanna Marshall, Art Buyer/ Creative Producer, Saatchi & Saatchi NY

Image12 Sponsors: PDN Canon Modern Postcard Workbook Directory Print Space ASMP NY

PDNCanonModern Postcard
Workbook DirectoryPrint SpaceASMP NY

Canon is the Most Popular Camera Brand Says Survey

Canon is the Most Popular Camera Brand Says Survey

The folks over at Canon have reason to celebrate today as the online buying assistant Sortable have revealed that an even third of customers set out to buy Canon cameras. That's a cool 7% over Nikon, which is favored by 26% of users.


What's particularly interesting about the data that Sortable compiled is that customers are evenly split when it comes to point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras. 36% searched specifically for DSLRs, 36% searched specifically for point-and-shoots and 22% looked for mirrorless cameras. That leaves 6% of buyers who didn't have a preference.

Sortable says that while Canon clearly holds the lead, the increased focus on mirrorless cameras could result in other companies making a legitimate run at the top spot.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

spider woman

You can also check out our site ( to see more atrocities.

Robert Norman's Fauxtographor

Too funny not to share, Robert Norman's Fauxtographor promo ad.

Early-bird entries close Friday 20th April 2012.

Enter here

Over US $30,000 in cash and prizes! Entries closing soon

How to prepare your image files for entry
Open and Amateur Awards

-Jpeg with a minimum image ratio of 2:1 (the long side of the image must be at least twice the length of the short side)

-sRGB color space, 3000 Pixels on the longest side (therefore not more than 1500 pixels on the shortest side)

-300 dpi, saved as a jpeg at a setting of 10 or higher

-Please include your own name in each file name. Images will be assigned a random catalogue number for judging
360/VR Awards

-6144 by 3072 pixel (equirectangular) jpeg image

-jpegs must be 6144 x 3072, but may have black bands at top and/or bottom

-sRGB color space, JPEG quality setting 10

-no logos, watermarks or nadir caps (blank nadir caps or mirror balls are acceptable)

-You will be able to set pan and tilt when you upload each entry

-Final image display aspect ratio will be 16:9

-Initial field of view is set at 60 degrees

-Zoom limits are set at 30-100 degrees

-Please include your own name in each file name. Images will be assigned a random catalogue number for judging

All Bronze, Silver and Gold award winners receive a year membership to the IAPP valued at $75!

(International Association of Panoramic Photographers)

Special offer from Kolor!

Use the code EPSONPANO2012

to receive 10% off the Panogear Motorised Head, Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga image-stitching software, and Panotour and Panotour Pro virtual tour software!

Learn about Virtual Reality Photography from Scott Highton and enter the VR/360 Awards!

Or if you are already shooting VR, learn from one of the best in the business. Scott's book is available to purchase online here

NANPA 2012 Rye, NH Road Show Seminar April 14th Jerry Monkman host!

NANPA is pleased to announce the 2012 Rye, NH Road Show Seminar to be held in Rye, NH on April 14, 2012 at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH. Road Shows are indoor seminars hosted by well-known leaders - your host for this event will be Jerry Monkman, a nature and adventure photographer. Cost will be only $99.00 for NANPA members...
Online Registration is now open!

Just the Facts...

NANPA 2011 Rye, NH Road Show

Date: April 14, 2012
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Cost: $99 for NANPA Members / $129 for non-members
$110 for camera club members in groups of 4 or more...
Camera clubs please contact the NANPA office for
details on this offer.
Location: Seacoast Science Center, Rye, NH [venue details]
Last Date to Register: April 9, 2012

Jerry Monkman photo

Adobe Lightroom in a Day

Jerry Monkman photo

In this seminar, you will learn how to maximize your time in Lightroom by efficiently managing your photo archive, developing a consistent RAW processing workflow, and taking advantage of Lightroom's powerful printing engine.

In the morning session, Jerry will show how he uses Lightroom's Library module to easily track images and automate the process of entering keywords and other metadata. He will also simplify the process of editing RAW files using the Develop module.

In the afternoon session, Jerry will get more in-depth with the Develop module and explore the use of Lightroom plug-ins, including Nik HDR EFEX Pro and Helicon Focus. Wrapping up the seminar will be a discussion of how to use Lightroom's Print module to automate the print process, and how to use print profiles and Lightroom's sharpening algorithms to produce fine art prints.

Location Details...

Jerry Monkman photo

Located in New Hampshire's scenic Odiorne Point State Park, the Seacoast Science Center sits just yards from the Atlantic Ocean and the rocky New Hampshire shoreline. Several miles of walking trails skirt the shoreline and meander through oak-hickory forests. Inside is a state of the art education center with an aquarium and touch tank replete with marine life from the Gulf of Maine and nearby salt marshes. You can bring a lunch or pick one up in nearby Portsmouth, about a 10 minute drive from the science center.
[Seacoast Science Center website]

Address: Seacoast Science Center, 570 Ocean Blvd., Rye, NH [map link].

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Jerry Monkman is a nature and adventure photographer based in Portsmouth, NH. Specializing in adventure and conservation stories in New England, his work has appeared in publications around the world, including Outdoor Photographer, Audubon, National Wildlife, Backpacker, Men's Journal, and the New York Times. He has been leading destination workshops and teaching Photoshop and Lightroom seminars since 2003. Jerry is also the author of nine books, most recently, The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography. You can see more of Jerry's work at his [website].

Jerry Monkman

Down and Dirty with Wildflowers, Lightroom and Nik

Down and Dirty with Wildflowers, Lightroom and Nik

California poppy Hal Schmitt     Baby Blue Eyes Hal Schmitt

Instructor: Rob Sheppard

Scheduled Sessions: April 18-22, 2012
Course Fee: $895 Register
Early Bird $805.50

Prerequisites: This is an intermediate level course. You should be familiar with your DSLR camera or borrow one of ours!
About the Course

Join Rob for an awesome wildflower workshop. This course is designed to maximize time in the field photographing the flowers of the Central California Coast. Rob will show you shooting techniques with different types of lenses for various desired effects out in the field whether you are shooting 1 flower for isolation or a landscape scene.
Rob will demonstrate and instruct all of the tips, tricks, and techniques available to make exceptional images with pop and wow factor.
Once we have had our fill of flower photography we come back to the lab for Lightroom cataloging and downloading with additional instruction in the develop module to make your images sing! We will also learn to export from Lightroom into Nik software to push your images even further for an incredible image to publish, print or share.

Be prepared to stay in the field for long periods of time.
We also may do sunrise shooting to get the ice crystals from the morning dew on the flowers.
*Please note that though we are good at what we do, we cannot control mother nature. Every year we get wildflowers but from year to year the amount and types of flowers can vary.
Suggested items to bring:




Sun Hat

Rain Gear (it can get wet out there in the mornings with occasional frost where the flowers flourish!)

Knee Pads or Gardening Pad


Hiking Boots

Reflectors and Diffusers

Tripod (Center column option for getting low!)

All of your camera gear: Some of these out of the way places will have some incredible opportunities to see prairie birds, raptors, fields of gold, and a lot for close-up images.

**Please bring an extra pair shoes to change into when going back into the lab!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate Now Available

Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate Now Available
 Lightroom 4.1

New camera and lens profile support for Lightroom users

Welcome to the Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4.1 release candidate on Adobe Labs. A "release candidate" label indicates that this update is well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before it is distributed automatically to all of our customers.

The Lightroom team would like the community to help verify the quality of this update through normal usage as this will ensure that the application is tested on a diversity of hardware and software configurations not available internally at Adobe.

Download and Discuss

Download the Lightroom 4.1 release candidate

Discuss Lightroom

If you experience an issue with this release candidate, please submit a bug report. For more information on Lightroom 4, please visit the Lightroom product page on
Thank You

The following new cameras are now supported.

New Camera Support

•Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in the Lightroom 4.1 release candidate:

•Lightroom 4 did not properly open external applications when using the “Edit In” functionality.

•Point Curve adjustments made in Lightroom 3 have been restored.

•Addressed performance issues in Lightroom 4, particularly when loading GPS track logs, using a secondary monitor, and the controls within the Develop module.

•Ability to update DNG previews and metadata for more than 100 photos has been restored.

•This update allows for improved viewing of subfolders and stacks in folders with a large number of photos.

•It was possible that a layout of a saved book could be lost after quitting Lightroom 4.

The Lightroom team would like to thank all of the photographers on the Lightroom User to User forum who helped provide insight into the issues that we have addressed in this release.

Getting Started


Product Details
Follow these steps to get started with the Lightroom 4.1 release candidate:

1.See the summary of cameras and lens profiles that are now supported ›

2.Download the Lightroom 4.1 release candidate ›

3.Ask questions or share your feedback in the Lightroom forums ›

Can Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate be installed alongside Lightroom 4?

•Mac: IMPORTANT NOTE, the Lightroom release candidate installation behavior has changed with Lightroom 4 updates. This release candidate will replace your existing Lightroom 4.0 installation. If you wish to return to Lightroom 4 after installing Lightroom 4.1, simply reinstall Lightroom 4 from your original download after deleting Lightroom 4.1 release candidate.

•Windows: By default, this Lightroom 4.1 release candidate will remove or overwrite your existing Lightroom 4 installation. If you wish to return to Lightroom 4 after installing Lightroom 4.1, simply reinstall Lightroom 4 from your original download after uninstalling Lightroom 4.1 using the Windows add/remove program utility.
Both versions of the application share the same catalog format allowing your catalogs to be opened by either version without complications.

When will the Lightroom 4.1 release candidate expire?6/30/2012Will there be an upgrade charge for the final Lightroom 4.1 Release?No, Lightroom 4.1 will be a free update for all current Lightroom 4 customers.Where can I provide feedback on this release?If you experience an issue with this release candidate, please submit a bug report. Ask questions and discuss ideas with Lightroom customers in the Lightroom discussion forum.Will additional camera or lens support be available in the final release?It is possible that additional cameras or lenses will be supported in the final release.

photo tour to California and Yosemite National Park!

Greg Lessard

I am pleased to announce my photo tour to California and Yosemite National Park! The trip will start in San Francisco where we will see many of the highlights of one of America's most beautiful cities. We will then spend three days in and around stunning Yosemite Valley. Yosemite has been the inspiration for many of the greatest landscape photographers including Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell. We will visit many of the most beautiful sites including Washburn Point, The Gates of the Valley and the Wawona Grove. We will visit Tuolumne Meadows on our way to Mono Lake. At Mono Lake, we will photograph the otherworldly landscape of the salt tufas and the Eastern Sierra. This is a trip that will be sure to provide memories and photographs of a life time!

The fee for this trip is $2195 for Mass Audubon and PDP members, $2295 for non-members. This price includes lodging, ground transportation, activities including a boat ride and tram ride and photographic instruction. The trip will be from July 14-July 21, 2012.

To sign up you can call the Mass Audubon North River Sanctuary at (781) 837 9400. For more information you can visit the Mass Audubon website at

Sunday, April 1, 2012

You should attend this “How To Photograph Everyone” Seminar !!

Tom and I have seen Clay present before, we drove down to NJ a few years ago for one of his seminars. You will learn a LOT from him!! Clay is presenting in NYC and in Boston and it is well worth the trip. Clay studied under Monte Zucker -- THE portrait photographer. Tom took one of Monte's week long courses and learn a LOT, but Clay worked with Monte for years. I cannot image a better $59 workshop! Lisa

Adobe is proud to be a sponsor of Clay Blackmore’s 30-city 2012 “How To Photograph Everyone” Tour. The tour kicked off Monday evening, March, 26 in San Diego and runs through June 11, visiting cities throughout the US. Registration is $69, but you can save $10 and pre-register for only $59 with promo code ADOBE.
Don’t settle for snapshots and flash-on-camera images - you need to know the techniques to set yourself apart from the crowd. HTPE brings portrait photography back to where it started, with all the tools you need to make timeless photographs that sell.

How To Photograph Everyone Facebook Page

Clay will teach the following principles during the seminar:

Posing, Lighting, Lifting, and Refining - A live demonstration will take place with all participants looking through Clay’s lens as he creates elegant portraits on the stage.

Clay’s Flow Posing - Clay will demonstrate live how to create 10 portraits of a couple in five minutes.

“How to Photograph Everyone” - A descriptive analysis of how to make portraits of children, mother and child, maternity, men, women, high school seniors, business portraits, and small-to-medium groups.

The Perfect Portfolio - How to create an awe-inspiring portfolio that is sure to entice potential customers.

Weddings: Catering to the Modern Bride - Learn how to take photos that sell, and get your client to fall in love with the pictures before they even leave the wedding.

Big Portraits with Small Lights - Take cover! We’ll focus on working with scrims, reflectors, and window light to produce photographs that rival studio portraiture.

Post Production – Clay will show you several of his secret weapons for portrait retouching and enhancement.

DSLR Filmmaking Opportunities - Learn how Clay is bundling his photography with this new technology to increase his bottom line.

Don’t Just Survive—Learn to Thrive - Learn how to control the sale and increase profits.

Register using Adobe’s Discount and Save!

Registration is $69, but you can save $10 and pre-register for only $59 with promo code ADOBE.
Click here to register for a program near you!.
Clay Blackmore, one of the most passionate professional photographers working today, is a true innovator in the world of portraiture and wedding photography. One of only a few Canon Explorers of Light, Blackmore’s style blends the beauty and timelessness of classical portraiture with the spontaneity and appeal of photojournalism. His credentials were developed during his 25-year association with the legendary Monte Zucker as assistant, business partner, and co-educator. A celebrity and society favorite, Clay’s clients have included such luminaries as Larry King, Forrest Whitaker, Jenna Elfman, and Maria Sharapova. Renowned for his ability to photograph groups and cover events, Clay is consistently hired by corporate entities as diverse as the PGA and USGA and is a popular request for political inaugural balls. In Clay’s groundbreaking work on Extraordinary Women: Fantasies Revealed Clay photographically chronicles the dreams of 58 elite women, capturing intimate and energetic portraits of Madeline Albright, Dena Merrill, Joan Rivers, Cokie Roberts, and Dominique Dawes among others. Blackmore is an active and contributing member of the elite Cameracraftsmen of America.

For more details about the upcoming How to Photograph Everyone Tour, visit:

Get to Know Monte Zucker

Photographic Education
Monte Zucker Photographic Education was formed in 2007, shortly before Monte Zucker's passing, with the goal of continuing Monte’s expansive educational achievements. Our mission is to provide the finest photographic instruction in the world in honor of Monte’s legacy as a legendary instructor and mentor. Our approach uses all of the finest forms of education to provide the aspiring photographer with a comprehensive set of tools to reach his or her artistic potential. Monte Zucker Photographic Education authors books, produces DVD instruction, holds internationally-acclaimed tours, and offers classes at the largest photography educational tradeshows in the world