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Beyond the Grand Landscape E-Book

Desert Paradise Cover

Announcing our new e-book, Beyond the Grand Landscape: A Guide to Photographing Nature's Smaller Scenes

All of us at Nature Photo Guides (meaning Ron, Sarah, and our two cats) are excited to announce our third e-book, Beyond the Grand Landscape: A Guide to Photographing Nature's Smaller Scenes. Over the last few years, we have both been gravitating toward a focus on photographing nature's smaller scenes - including intimate landscapes, abstract photographs of natural subjects, and portraits of plants and flowers - and decided to share what we have learned to help encourage other photographers to pursue these types of subjects, as well.

We wrote this ebook to help photographers develop field practices and a mindset that helps to see and discover these scenes, as well as learn the techniques to capture them in the field.  Beyond the Grand Landscape, with 174 pages and more than 250 photos, includes:
  • A discussion of the different types of small scenes found in natural settings and why you should consider photographing them
  • 12 key creative concepts and field practices to help you discover and photograph small scenes
  • Field techniques for macro, flowers, and foliage photographs (note: we use a simple kit, so this ebook does not cover complex gear or lighting set-ups)
  • Field techniques for abstract photographs of natural subjects
  • Foundations of photographic composition
  • A discussion on the importance of light in photographing small scenes and how you can use light to your advantage
  • How weather and atmospheric conditions can enhance your photographs
  • A discussion of mood and its importance in establishing an emotional connection to viewers
  • Technical fundamentals (exposure, focusing, depth of field, plus additional topics)
  • An image showcase of twelve of our images, including a discussion on composition, light, mood, our thought process while in the field and post-processing choices for each
  • A discussion on our photo processing techniques and processing fundamentals, including three of our photos from start to finish
  • Exercises to facilitate your learning and application of the concepts
  • More than 250 images to demonstrate these concepts in a practical and immediately applicable manner. 

Buy Soon & Save!

You can learn more about Beyond the Grand Landscape by visiting or can buy it now by clicking on the button below.  If you buy Beyond the Grand Landscape by the end of May and use coupon code BGL15, you will save 15% off the normal price of $15.95.
Buy Beyond the Grand Landscape for $15.95
Desert Paradise & Forever Light

Get both Desert Paradise & Forever Light for only $24.95!

If you have not purchased our other e-books, Forever Light: The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Iceland and Desert Paradise: The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Death Valley National Park, we are offering the two e-books as a bundle for the discounted price of $24.95 for both.  You can purchase this book bundle or learn more here

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Nature Photography and the Digital Darkroom

A good commentary and article link from here:

"One of the program presentation that I do is called Nature Photography and the Digital Darkroom.  It has been quite popular and usually generates some good and lively discussion.  A significant part of the presentation is about techniques that require special actions in the field to be able to later apply the appropriate processing.  Examples include high dynamic range (HDR) processing, field depth extension (FDE), panoramic stitching, triangulation of foreign objects (TFO), and certain types of patching and background cleanup.  These are all adjustments or manipulations in varying degrees.  I was therefore very disappointed when the Photographic Society of America (PSA) came out with new rules that barred use of these types of post-capture edits.  I have outlined my position on these rules in an article which is available as a PDF paper: PSA Nature Definitions -- Editing, An Alternate View..Editing, An Alternate View..

In short these rules are excessively restrictive, inconsistent, hypocritical, and backward looking. I hope that PSA will quickly change their rules.  Until that happens, the serious photographer has three options: 1) comply with the rules and deny yourself many valuable benefits of digital technology, 2) don't dignify the rules by participating in events where they are operative, or 3) ignore the rules, and leave it up to judges to recognize violations, if they can. (After all, judges themselves regularly ignore the PSA rule that story trumps technical quality -- another poor rule).

Regarding editing, please realize that almost all images warrant/require some adjustment.  This is usually limited to balancing tonalities and background cleanup. My operating principle is that the image be faithful to the subject and its relevant, natural environment.  If significant manipulations are done, the image becomes called a photo-illustration."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get sharper photos after attending this workshop

Focusing Problems and Micro Adjustments – Your Camera May Be At Fault

"One of the most frustrating things that can happen in photography is seeing a perfect moment and snagging a shot, only to get back to your computer and find out the picture was barely out of focus."
"Probably not all photographers are aware that every lens bought from their manufacturer isn’t always perfect right out of the box. In fact, when it comes to focusing, most new lenses are shipped with an acceptable amount of variance in their auto focus. For your average picture, these small differences are probably pushed aside. But if you’re interested in getting your shot tack sharp every time as far as the camera is concerned, you may want to pay attention."
"With many cameras these days, it’s possible to test your lenses and make micro adjustments to your auto focus without having to send your lens back to your manufacturer." 
Read the rest of the article here Focusing Problems and Micro Adjustments 

Come to our workshop and learn how to adjust your lens.

Even if your camera cannot automatically handle microadjustment for your lenses it is still good to know if your lens back or front focuses so you can compensate when shooting. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bounce Flash Secrets – Bouncing Your Way to Better Photography

Bounce Flash Secrets – Bouncing Your Way to Better Photography

"If you have ever seen a professional photographer using flashgun on top of their camera, and wondering why the flash is not pointing directly at the subject, that’s because they are bouncing the flash. In this article I will reveal to you the secrets of bounce flash, which I have learned over the years working as a professional wedding photographer. I will unveil my killer techniques that will allow you to bounce your way to better photography. If you are new to photography you may be apprehensive about using flash. I understand. A lot of it has to do with when you first buy a point-and-shoot camera the flash on it just creates a horrible direct flash look and that is what you associate with flash photography. Once you master the art of bouncing however, I promise you will never look back.

read the article and see the photoshere
Bounce Flash Secrets – Bouncing Your Way to Better Photography

"What is bounce flash? Bounce flash is when, rather than firing your flashgun pointing directly at your subject, you point it elsewhere typically up or at an angle, bouncing off a wall or ceiling. The objective is to “bounce” light to soften it before it hits your subject."

Monday, May 26, 2014

Cuba!!! December 3 to 11th, 2014

Cuba!!! December 3 to 11th, 2014 
Join Boston Globe photojournalist Essdras M. Suarez and Amy Davies in December for 9 days and 8 nights on a memorable journey to this intriguing country before it changes forever.
All the details of this Cuban photography workshop can be found at our website:  
Dates: Dec 3 to 11, 2014 
Where: Arrival Miami, Fla., 1 night; flight to Havana (Cuba), 5 nights; coach to Varadero, 2 nights; coach to Havana for flight to Miami.
Meals and Lodging: Link HERE for details.
All transportation from Miami to Cuba and back are included.
Program Price per person: $4392 in a double (shared) room. Add $500 for single occupancy. All visas, most meals, lodging, guides and instruction included. Flight from Miami to Cuba and back included.
May 7th…8 spots available.
~Amy Davies

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Newborn photography class

Newborn photography class ... Coming very soon to USB Flash Drive  (6 hours of material to get you ready to photograph newborns) plus membership to a private group with ongoing videos and support. The drives are on the way from across the globe. Then, we'll be ready to go.
Would you like to be able to see a sneak peek before everyone else? And would you like the opportunity to pre-order? Comment below if you may be interested.
Cost is $299. Intro special (or preorders will be $249)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Epic Time-Lapse of the Arizona Night Sky

Epic Time-Lapse of the Arizona Night Sky

"a compilation of epic night and day shoots at Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park and Monument Valley Navajo Park, some incredible starscapes, meteors, and the clearest Milky Way I’ve ever seen!”"

Friday, May 23, 2014



Sweeten Your Photos by Shooting During the Blue Hour

Sweeten Your Photos by Shooting During the Blue Hour

"There is a period of time each day, just before sunrise and just after sunset, when the sun is below the horizon, when the light is known as “sweet light.” This period of time is known as “The Blue Hour.” This is a period of time each morning and evening when there is neither full daylight, nor full darkness. The light is almost ethereal, with a soft blue glow bathing the scene. The Blue Hour happens in tandem with the Golden Hour, making the beginning and end of the day exceptional for photography, providing two very different types of light within a single time span."

Read the article and see the photos here: Sweeten Your Photos by Shooting During the Blue Hour

Thursday, May 22, 2014

5D Mark II

Is anyone interested in a 5D Mark II ? I am upgrading to the Mark III this weekend. Camera shutter count is 26,000. Was cleaned in the fall and have cleaned the sensor myself recently. Also have an extra 50mm 1.4 to throw in with it that is in perfect shape. $1500

contact Lindsay Dahlheimer

Topaz Clean is on Sale

Topaz Clean is on Sale 

Topaz Clean lets you smooth edges and surfaces in your photos. It's great for subjects like cars and portraits, and you can also use it to create some interesting effects as well. Clean has three main controls:

* Smoothness: smoothes the surfaces of your photo. Useful for removing blemishes from skin, removing dust and noise, creating a "flatter" texture, and more.

* Edges: smoothly enhances edges with a unique process that looks "vectorized". This creates smooth and well-defined lines in your photo that work great on image features like hair and eyelashes.

* Texture: recovers and refines original detail in your image to keep it looking natural. For example, re-introduce original skin texture in your portraits to prevent your post-processing from looking too overdone or "plastic".

Topaz Clean is a great value: it's originally $29.99 but we're dropping it to just $14.99 for this promotion.

Topaz Clean, is 50% off until May 31 with coupon code "mayclean"

New Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 – Now Available

New Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 – Now Available

We are excited to announce Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 is now available!
Existing owners can download the update here OR by launching the product and choosing Help > Check for Updates.
This new update adds super-fast photo browsing, more file-management options, and improvements to the Perfect Eraser and Masking Bug tools. See the new features in Perfect Photo Suite 8.5. Learn more about Perfect Photo Suite 8.5.
Here is the press release:
Portland, OR – May 13, 2014 – onOne Software, Inc®., the leading developer of innovative digital photography solutions, today announced that Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 is now available, a new version of its full-featured photo editor, which works as a plug-in with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and Apple Aperture, as well as a standalone app. Version 8.5 includes speed and productivity enhancements to the Perfect Photo Suite’s Browse module, improved performance with the Perfect Eraser tool, and enhanced masking support in Perfect Effects and Perfect Layers. In addition,  RAW file support is now included with the Standard Edition in version 8.5.
Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 is available today as a free update to all owners of Perfect Photo Suite 8. It supports Photoshop CC, CS6, and CS5; Lightroom 5 and 4; Photoshop Elements 12, 11 and 10; and Apple Aperture 3.
onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite includes eight powerful, integrated applications, each one targeted to a specific photo-processing task:
  • Perfect Effects – The richest and most versatile photo-stylization tool available on the market today. It includes an extensive library of one-click presets, fully customizable and adjustable effects and powerful masking tools, all of which help make your photos pop.
  • Perfect Enhance – Offers essential tools for basic enhancements, including brightness, contrast, sharpening and color cast removal. Enhance also has retouching features like the Perfect Eraser and a Clone tool, which makes it easy to remove objects, fix dust spots and repair flaws in a photo.
  • Perfect B&W – Create stunning photos that recreate the timeless look created by the masters of black and white photography. Perfect B&W adds dramatic and elegant looks to photos, letting you easily create the many moods black and white photography can evoke, resulting in beautiful, one-of-a-kind photos.
  • Perfect Portrait – Offers simple, yet powerful, portrait retouching, with automated feature detection and enhancement tools to smooth skin, remove blemishes, brighten eyes and teeth, and correct skin color. Fast processing speeds also allow photographers to retouch images quickly for simply stunning portraits.
  • Perfect Mask – Creates high-quality masks quickly and easily with automated functionality and powerful tools that make selecting subjects and isolating backgrounds for removal extraordinarily accurate.
  • Perfect Layers – Gives photographers the ability to combine images and extend their photo-editing options in a layered file workflow without Photoshop. Photographers can create and edit multi-layered files with Perfect Layers directly from Lightroom, Aperture or when using the Perfect Photo Suite as a standalone application. Also included are blending modes, textures, borders, PNG file support, and the powerful edge-detecting Perfect Brush.
  • Perfect Resize – Still the industry standard for photo enlargement. It is renowned across the photographic and printing industries for its ability to increase image size well over 1000% without the loss of sharpness or detail that is normally expected. Proven Genuine Fractals technology has been applied to algorithms that optimize the clarity and detail of different photo types, including mobile snapshots.
  • Perfect Browse – Quickly get to the photos you want to edit wherever they’re stored—whether they’re on your computer, network, or on a cloud-based storage service. Now includes one of the fastest previews available for browsing photos. Also great for viewing photos side-by-side in a thumbnail grid or in a larger, more detailed view along with important metadata and navigate through them with intuitive keyboard shortcuts.
In addition, all Perfect Photo Suite 8 customers are automatically enrolled in the onOne Loyalty Rewards program. Each month customers receive free product add-ons such as presets, textures, backgrounds, ebooks, and other creative assets to help expand their photo editing arsenal and get the most from onOne products.
Availability and Pricing

Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 is now available. Existing owners of Perfect Photo Suite 8 are eligible for a free update. New users may purchase the Premium Edition for $179.95 or the Lightroom & Aperture Edition for only $99.95. The Standard Edition, a standalone application, is available for $79.95. Owners of earlier versions of the Perfect Photo Suite can upgrade to the Premium Edition for $99.95 or the Lightroom & Aperture Edition for $79.95.

See the New Features:

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Location Lighting with Rick Friedman Thursday, July 10, 2014

Location Lighting with Rick Friedman!

Hunt's Photo and Video

Thursday, July 10, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT)

Holyoke, MA

Join award-winning photographer Rick Friedman for his hands-on “Location Lighting Workshop™”. This intensive and interactive seminar is designed for portrait, wedding, corporate and event photographers, photojournalists and serous amateurs who desire to improve their knowledge of lighting.
This 1-day hands on workshop begins with creating interesting light with one Speedlight on camera and then with a single speedlight off camera. The workshop progresses to using multiple lights and mixing speedlights with ambient light. We work with Flashbenders, soft boxes, strip lights, beauty dishes, grids, reflectors, gobos and other techniques to control light, create hairline lights and add color gels to your images.
Rick has taught this workshop in cities across the US and in the UK over the last 10 years. Come join us for a couple of days of lighting and laughing.
Rick will also be sharing his portable location lighting techniques that keep his clients coming back. As a working magazine photojournalist and corporate photographer, his approach is always practical, innovative, and most of the time, fits in his camera bag. Rick’s clients include: Time, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, New York Times, der Spiegel, The Guardian and many other publications. Come join us for a couple of days of lighting and laughing. Rick teaches with both Nikon and Canon strobes. There will be lots of equipment for attendees to use and discounted pricing on certain products. Rick is also the creator of the Rosco Location Lighting Kit.
You can follow Rick on Facebook at Location Lighting Workshops and read his lighting blog Tuesday’s Tips at 
Have questions about Location Lighting with Rick Friedman!? Contact Hunt's Photo and Video

FLASH SALE! Get $100 off select workshops through 6pm today only...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Photograph Frogs!

Photograph Frogs! 
See some of my frog photographs here:

Due to popular demand we will be hosting two different types (one small, one group) of Frog photography workshops.:

(1) A "Hi-Jinx" type of setup with ($50 per person) where you will have the opportunity to photograph frogs on leaves and flowers. We will have light tents with lights all set up for you. Like the Hi-Jinx at NECCC, etc. you will put (our) pocket wizard on camera's your hot shoe and take some great photographs. This evening is about capturing frog images, it is not a formal teaching workshop. Sign up for the $50 group shoot here June 17th
We are also offering a small workshop (limited to two participants) where you will learn about macro photography and lighting, photograph frogs,and learn post-processing. In this small workshop you will have individual attention and learn about lighting and Frog-tog-raphy and you will have the opportunity to photograph frogs, not only frogs on leaves and flowers, but also on some creative things like chairs, buses, etc. This all day workshop is a teaching workshop which will expand your photographic creativity with awesome live frog subjects! 10-1 Light tent frog photography, 1-2 pizza lunch (provided), 2-5 post-processing.
Come join us and photograph some great frogs!! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Photo Tiles Show by Denise Saldaña

Photo Tiles Show
Denise Saldaña

I will be displaying my tiles from
April 23rd to May 28th at the
Maritime Center Bldg.
545 Long Wharf Drive
New Haven, CT
Front Lobby -Please Come Visit

Denise Saldaña Photography

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Painting with Light with Tom Hurlbut

Painting with Light with Tom Hurlbut

Painting with Light

Tom has enjoyed painting with light since discovering it as an art student long ago.  In a darkened setting or room, Tom uses time exposure and a variety of light sources as paint brushes to create unique images.  Come see the new Photomic Manipulator Mk II!!).  It's always a process of discovery.

  • 10 Jun 2014
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Tom Hurlbut Photography, Ashford, CT

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shoot for the Moon: Tips on Photographing the Moon

Shoot for the Moon: Tips on Photographing the Moon

"If care is not taken when photographing the moon, it is likely that you will get either an overly dark photo, a moon that looks like the sun, a very small moon, or all of the above. I would like to offer some tips on a different strategy for making compelling moon photographs."

For Further Training on Night Sky Photography:

Capturing star trails and other night sky scenes is truly one of the most technically difficult forms of photography due to the extreme low light conditions. This new in-depth guide was released to help photographers thrive in these situations. We were able to arrange a 25% discount for our readers, simply remember to use the discount code picturecorrect at checkout.

Found here: Shooting Stars – How to Photograph the Night Sky

Go to full article: Shoot for the Moon: Tips on Photographing the Moon

Friday, May 16, 2014

Taking Waterfall Pictures - Part I

Taking Waterfall Pictures - Part I
Winter snow melt creates fast moving rivers, which ever flows to the sea, producing dramatic waterfalls along the way.  As a photographer, who doesn't like to take waterfall photographs?

Learn how to take inspiring waterfall pictures.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

the next generation of Canon sensors

An exciting rumor has just hit the Canon rumor mill, and It has to do with the next generation of Canon sensors.
According to a report over on Canon Rumors, Canon is currently working on their next generation full frame sensor, which will be meant for both mirrorless, and prosumer DSLR use.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 - Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of Perfect Photo Suite 8.5. Version 8.5 is a free update for our Perfect Photo Suite 8 customers. The update adds super-fast photo browsing, more file-management options, and improvements to the Perfect Eraser and Masking Bug tools.
We are excited to announce Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 is now available! Existing owners can download the update here OR by launching the product and choosing Help > Check for Updates. This new...

Nikon D800 new firmware available

Digital Photography Review: All the latest digital camera reviews and digital imaging news. Lively discussion forums. Vast samples galleries and the largest database of digital camera specifications.

IMAGES 2014 at the Fairfield Museum

NHCC member Charles Haskes has an image accepted to IMAGES 2014 at the Fairfield Museum

IMAGES 2014 at the Fairfield Museum

On View May 11 – June 22, 2014
View the list of juried show winners here

The Fairfield Museum and History Center announces the sixth annual IMAGES 2014photography competition, which celebrates the exceptional work of talented regional photographers.  The call for entries is now closed.

A jury will select approximately 50 photographs for exhibition in the IMAGES 2014 show, which will be on view at the Fairfield Museum from May 10 to June 22, 2014.  The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for artists to connect with prominent collectors, gallery owners, fellow photographers, and the public.

IMAGES 2014 will feature an exhibition of world-renowned photographer and Fairfield native David LaChapelle. LaChapelle is known internationally for his exceptional talent in combining a unique hyper-realistic aesthetic with profound social messages.

IMAGES 2014 Gala
Saturday, May 10 from 7pm – 11pm
Buy tickets online >>

Museum After Dark: Artists’ Reception
Thursday, May 15 from 6pm – 8pm

CategoriesLandscape |  Portrait | Architecture | Nature | Abstract | Iconic Fairfield
New – Iconic Fairfield: to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the town of Fairfield, the museum invites artists to submit photographs that they feel are representative of the town.

One photographer from the Professional/Serious Amateur category and one from the Student category will be selected as Grand Prize winners. Among the awards for the Professional/Serious Amateur winner is a 10-day exhibition at the Southport Galleries in Southport, CT.  The Student Grand Prize winner will receive a portfolio review from Philip Trager.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Springfield Show features Tom Wyatt: Western MA photographer

Springfield  Show features Tom Wyatt: Western MA photographer

Tom Wyatt is one of five featured artists at an inaugural exhibit called 5 Narratives at the MassMutual Center 1277 Main St. in Springfield MA. Wyatt’s work consists of large prints on metal (40”x30” to 60”x40”) of Western Mass reflections, from the realistic to the abstract. There is an event called PLUG IN TO THE CREATIVE VALLEY at the show on Tuesday May 13 from 6-8pm, sponsored by The Western MA Economic Development Council. This is a time to see the show, hear brief artist talks and join in networking & creative conversation amongst area artists, entrepreneurs and businesses. There are not regular hours to see the show, because of ongoing events at the MassMutual Center; but this is a chance to see it.

This exhibit is the result of a juried process conducted in the fall of 2013 in which 5 Western MA artists were selected by curators from the Springfield Museums, the Smith College Museum of Art (SCMA), and the University Museum of Contemporary Art (UMCA).  It's a significant inaugural event for the MassMutual Center, which is actually the property of the State of Massachusetts, operated by a management company called Global Spectrum.  The state also owns both the Hynes and Boston Convention Centers in Boston; there have been art exhibitions in those facilities for several years, as part of the MCCA Arts Program,  This is the first program exhibit at the Springfield facility (the MassMutual Center). The emphasis of 5 Narratives is on large art and the featured artists are: Imo Nse Imeh, Faith Lund, Lydia Kann Nettler, Laura Radwell as well as Tom Wyatt. Refreshments provided! 

All are welcome! If you would like to attend please register by clicking on the link below. Thank you!