Friday, May 30, 2014

Beyond the Grand Landscape E-Book

Desert Paradise Cover

Announcing our new e-book, Beyond the Grand Landscape: A Guide to Photographing Nature's Smaller Scenes

All of us at Nature Photo Guides (meaning Ron, Sarah, and our two cats) are excited to announce our third e-book, Beyond the Grand Landscape: A Guide to Photographing Nature's Smaller Scenes. Over the last few years, we have both been gravitating toward a focus on photographing nature's smaller scenes - including intimate landscapes, abstract photographs of natural subjects, and portraits of plants and flowers - and decided to share what we have learned to help encourage other photographers to pursue these types of subjects, as well.

We wrote this ebook to help photographers develop field practices and a mindset that helps to see and discover these scenes, as well as learn the techniques to capture them in the field.  Beyond the Grand Landscape, with 174 pages and more than 250 photos, includes:
  • A discussion of the different types of small scenes found in natural settings and why you should consider photographing them
  • 12 key creative concepts and field practices to help you discover and photograph small scenes
  • Field techniques for macro, flowers, and foliage photographs (note: we use a simple kit, so this ebook does not cover complex gear or lighting set-ups)
  • Field techniques for abstract photographs of natural subjects
  • Foundations of photographic composition
  • A discussion on the importance of light in photographing small scenes and how you can use light to your advantage
  • How weather and atmospheric conditions can enhance your photographs
  • A discussion of mood and its importance in establishing an emotional connection to viewers
  • Technical fundamentals (exposure, focusing, depth of field, plus additional topics)
  • An image showcase of twelve of our images, including a discussion on composition, light, mood, our thought process while in the field and post-processing choices for each
  • A discussion on our photo processing techniques and processing fundamentals, including three of our photos from start to finish
  • Exercises to facilitate your learning and application of the concepts
  • More than 250 images to demonstrate these concepts in a practical and immediately applicable manner. 

Buy Soon & Save!

You can learn more about Beyond the Grand Landscape by visiting or can buy it now by clicking on the button below.  If you buy Beyond the Grand Landscape by the end of May and use coupon code BGL15, you will save 15% off the normal price of $15.95.
Buy Beyond the Grand Landscape for $15.95
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If you have not purchased our other e-books, Forever Light: The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Iceland and Desert Paradise: The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Death Valley National Park, we are offering the two e-books as a bundle for the discounted price of $24.95 for both.  You can purchase this book bundle or learn more here

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