Monday, May 5, 2014

Up-Close & Captivating: Essential Techniques for Floral Photography

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Capture the perfect floral photo!
Photographing Flowers
Compelling floral images
Up-Close & Captivating: Essential Techniques for Floral Photography
Flowers have long been camera magnets—they present you with striking color, shape and contour impossible to find elsewhere. Often though, it's a challenge to effectively capture these natural beauties on camera. Join me, photographer and best-selling author Harold Davis, in my new online class, Photographing Flowers, and learn to navigate exposure, focus and artistic techniques for spectacular floral photos.
Add sharpness
Follow me on a field shoot as we explore the foundations of great floral photos, starting with how composition and framing can be used to draw in the viewer. Then, discover why exposure is paramount to successful flower photography. You'll learn to control exposure for any lighting situation as we experiment with ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
We'll dive into macro photography using affordable tools like extension tubes and filters for extreme close-ups, and I'll reveal why using auto-focus with a macro lens is usually a big mistake. You'll transform your images by manipulating depth-of-field and controlling aperture, and use selective focus to create photos with stunning sharpness. In addition, I'll share some of my favorite techniques for imaginative abstract photos. We'll use unexpected angles, and play with depth-of-field and exposure to turn a simple garden shoot into your personal Impressionist masterpiece.
Create dreamy effects
Then we'll leave the garden and delve into indoor flower photography. I'll reveal tips for selecting, composing, and shooting bouquets with a simple black background. Plus, join Photographing Flowers now, and you'll also learn innovative and eye-catching ways to present your prints in a polished portfolio.
I've authored many bestselling photography books, including most recently The Way of the Digital Photographer and Photographing Flowers: Exploring Macro Worlds with Harold Davis. It's been a lifelong photographic passion of mine to capture the dramatic beauty of flowers, and you can further explore my enthusiasm for floral photography when I share Botanique, a limited edition artist book containing some of my widely collected floral imagery.
Master your macro
I teach sold-out workshops across the globe, but Craftsy lets you bring my class straight to your computer or mobile device for on-location expertise without any travel! Craftsy's innovative online platform also offers you the incredible opportunity to ask me questions during the class and upload your photos for my personal feedback.
Sign up for Photographing Flowers today for only $44.99 (that's 25% off!), and harness the photography fundamentals you need to take floral photos that are every bit as beautiful as their subjects.
Harold Davis | Craftsy Instructor

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