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Making Lemonade When the Sun Don't Shine by Gary Crabbe

Making Lemonade When the Sun Don't Shine by Gary Crabbe

"At some point or another everyone has been on a trip where the weather gods chose not to cooperate with any intended or hopeful plans. In fact, why would it be otherwise? If we plan a trip or vacation, we hope for good weather. But for scenic landscape or nature photographers we often hope for storms. Now granted, none of us may feel like spending day after day stuck in the rain, but sometimes that's the price we pay because we're waiting for the special light which happens with breaks in the storm, or as the storm front is passing. The dramatic light which occurs as a storm is clearing, especially at sunrise or sunset, can create those portfolio-worthy shots that many scenic shooters define as ultimate trophy shot.
So there you are..., you are where you want to be. You're hundreds, if not thousands of miles from home, praying for that special light that will make the images from your trip worthwhile. But instead of getting great light and breaks in the storms, your vacation destination is covered in a blanket of solid gray clouds and rain. So you wait. Another day goes by, and it's the exact same thing. Perhaps you even catch a glimpse of the Weather Channel or access the Internet to bring up a satellite picture, only to discover an entire multistate region lies under the same solid, unbroken gray skies."

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tips for night-time/star photography

Tips for night-time/star photography

Many of your questions, and more, are answered in my tutorial here: Star Trail (and static star) Photography

Floris van Breugel
Seattle, Washington
Adventure Blog:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Water Drop Workshop

Water Drop Workshop

This four hour introductory workshop on Sunday September 18th is designed to introduce you to the exciting world of water drops. The workshop will take you from simple water drops to different colored water collisions, allowing you to get many breathtaking images. No equipment is necessary, as we will provide it for you! All you need is a CF card to attend this workshop. Co-led by Susan Candelario and Roman Kurywczak, they will guide you to some of the equipment that you can use from the basic to more advanced with the ability for you to capture the many phases of water drops as well as water drop collisions. They will cover tips on setups and lighting and every participant will get many chances to go home with their own liquid works of art! Cost is $100 and no previous experience is necessary. Check out some of Susan's high speed photos here:

Session #1-- 9am-1pm, limited to 10 participants (10 spots remaining).

Session #2-- 2pm-6pm, limited to 10 participants (5 spots remaining)

Day: Sunday September 18th, 9am-1pm OR 2pm-6pm

Place: Hunts Photos (Hadley, MA)

PayPal secure credit card payments are accepted by going to

If you prefer to register via snail mail then please send your $100 check to either Susan Candelario or Roman Kurywczak

Roman M. Kurywczak
115 W. Roselle Ave.
Roselle Park, NJ 07204

SDC Photography
Susan Candelario
Secaucus, NJ 07094
PHONE: 201.921.3492

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ask Tim Grey - Hurricane Preparations - August 27, 2011

Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter

August 27, 2011 - Special Saturday Edition

Learn more at

Hunkered Down

I'm hunkered down in New York City, awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene. I figured as long as I'm going to be sort of stuck indoors for a while waiting for the storm to pass, I might as well send out a special "hurricane edition" of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, addressing a query from a reader about hurricane preparations in the context of my digital photo library.

Today's Question: With a hurricane making its way toward you in New York, I'm wondering what sort of precautions you're taking with respect to your digital photo library?

Tim's Answer: Great question! This of course relates to any situation where a natural disaster or other circumstances put your property (and you) at some level of risk.

In this case I'm fortunate that Hurricane Irene seems to be weakening faster than originally forecast, so by the time it gets to Manhattan it may be a strong tropical storm rather than a full-blown hurricane. Unfortunately as I write this it appears that North Carolina isn't faring as well. But under circumstances such as these, obviously you want to take measures to protect the things that are important to you.

Personal safety obviously has to take top priority. If any circumstances were such that I had to make a quick exit without enough time to gather personal possessions, I'd just accept that my photos may be lost. I'd rather survive without photos than put my life at risk to protect my photos. Fortunately in this case I don't have to make that decision, since I am in a location that is relatively safe despite the storm.

As a result, I've been able to focus some attention on my digital photo library. One of the good things about hurricanes as natural disasters go is that you get some warning. I grew up and spent most of my years in California where earthquakes are somewhat common, and you don't get any warning for those. Yesterday I performed an updated full backup of my entire photo library, as well as all my other important data. I perform regular backups, but with the potential for power outages, water damage, and other problems, I wanted to be sure to have a full backup of everything.

As the storm approaches and conditions worsen tonight, I'll also disconnect my primary external hard drives from the computer and the power source. I only have the backup drives connected during a backup, but I'll take this extra precaution due to the additional risks involved with this storm. I will also move the drives into a location that is protected, away from windows, just in case the storm causes glass breakage (and thus water damage). The primary external hard drives are relatively small, so if it turns out that I do have to evacuate I'll likely be able to bring those along with me. If so, they'll get put into a watertight bag in an effort to keep them safe and dry.

I think the most important consideration here in terms of data protection is to have a reliable backup and to do all you can to ensure the physical protection of your data storage devices. This is true under any circumstances, but of course when a major storm or other higher risk factor is a consideration, you want to do all you can to ensure your photos and other important data are safe.

I send my best wishes out to everyone else who is in the path of Hurricane Irene. Be safe!

Digital Darkroom Quarterly

The Spring 2011 issue of Digital Darkroom Quarterly features articles on bit depth as well as the use of creative filters in Photoshop. If you're not already a subscriber and would like to take advantage of the great indepth information in each issue, sign up today! This newsletter is available in a PDF Edition delivered via email, or a Print Edition sent through the mail. Both options can be found through my online store here:

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Register Now for the Nature Visions 2011 Expo

Register Now for the Nature Visions 2011 Expo

November 11th – 13th

Produced by the Mid-Atlantic Photography Association

On November 12th and 13th come and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the annual Nature Visions photography expo. This is the premier nature photography event in the Mid-Atlantic Region. With 25+ vendors and manufacturing reps, over 300 images of nature photography, amazing and captivating lectures and workshops you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Register now for the 2011 Nature Visions Expo and take advantage of the savings. By registering early you can save up to $21 per pass, a savings of around 25%. This year in addition to our well attended lecture series, we will be offering 11 workshops throughout the weekend. The workshops are taught by experienced professional photographers and the pricing starts at $20. These workshops are in an intimate setting with seating of 15 - 40 people depending on the workshop whereas our lectures may have 200+ people in attendance. Take a look at the workshop schedule and sign up before they are sold out.

In addition you don’t want to miss internationally recognized photographer, Art Wolfe. Art will present a full-day photography workshop on Friday, November 11th. He will also deliver a multi-media presentation titled Between Heaven and Earth on Saturday afternoon, November 12th as the keynote speaker for this year’s Nature Visions Expo.

If you register in advance for the Nature Visions Expo you will receive a 15% discount on Arts Seminar.

Spread the word to everyone you know who loves photography. The Nature Visions Expo is 3 days on the latest and best in photography. Don’t miss it!

Click here to Register for the Expo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Registration for PhotoPlus Expo 2011 (and WPPI NYC) is Now Open

Registration for PhotoPlus Expo 2011 is now open
Registration for WPPI NYC is also open

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) announces that registration is now open for WPPI NYC – the first ever WPPI Expo to take place on the East Coast.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lecture Announcement: Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb, August 27 at 8PM

Lightroom 3 Enhancing, Effects and Integration

Lightroom 3 Enhancing, Effects and Integration

Jack Davis

Enhancing and Retouching - within Lightroom!

Follow along as Jack Davis, one of the world’s leading experts on digital imagery, guides you through ALL the incredible, life-saving features of Lightroom 3’s Develop module! Jack’s emphasis is always to explain the WHAT of a technique, as well as the HOW and the WHY behind it. And a technique is only great if it is also fast, flexible and easy to replicate, not only once or twice – but to hundreds of images at once, and that’s exactly what Jack will teach you! Whether it’s instant Optimizing, jaw-dropping Enhancing or subtle Portrait Retouching, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll be able to do within Lightroom 3’s Develop module, without even needing to open Photoshop! And when you DO need Photoshop, Jack will guide you through the Smartest way to integrate the two programs seamlessly!

Disks shipping right now, check it out here!

Save 15% with the code "Focus15"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New eBook – Making Light

New eBook – Making Light only $5

MAKING LIGHT is all about producing beautiful photographs with your off-camera flash. These practical techniques are specific to one remote flash so you can forget about all the fuss of using tons of equipment.

Learn how to fill in harsh shadows, balance ambient light, rescue fading evening light, or substitute for a complete lack of light. With the perfect blend of theory and easy-to-understand exercises you’ll gain the insight you need to rock your triggers and modifiers for both Canon and Nikon flashes. Through 9 case studies you’ll see just how simple and powerful your off-camera flash can be.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Denise Ippolito Workshop Sunday Sept 11th

Please sign up for Denise Ippolito Workshop Sunday Sept 11th

Date: Sunday, September 11th 2011 (Shooting and/or a Photoshop/Plug-in creative filtering and effects program)

Place: TBD (in CT)

Time: 2-5pm

This will be a 3 hour hands-on workshop.

PRICE: $100 per person includes a copy of “A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects”. See below

You must mail a check to me (Lisa Cuchara) in order to sign up for this workshop. Email me at to sign up, but your place is not confirmed until your check arrivals.

10-15 participants.

Gear: Tripods but some may wish to walk around and hand hold single image captures. Laptop

"I will also show you how to choose your backgrounds effectively so that they best set off your subject. We will carefully consider perspective and image design. My goal is to help you to create the images you have always wanted. While in the field participants are encouraged to ask me anything they like about capturing and processing their images. I will teach you how to create pleasing images in-camera in the field. We will carefully consider perspective and image design. I look forward to an exciting and fun workshop!"

“A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects” by Denise Ippolito. This 19,000 word, 146 page CD is fully illustrated and outlines many Photoshop Filters and Creative Plug-ins. Each detailed tutorial section is written in a clear, concise, simple, easy to follow style that can be followed even by someone opening up Photoshop for the first time. Retail Price: CD $42.00 (included with the workshop), downloadable PDF file $38.00

Below is a list of the filters and effects that are detailed in the Filter Guide. Filters with the ($) symbol require a separate purchase. Most of the others are Photoshop filters and one is a free download. The Filter Guide includes links to all available free trial downloads so that you can try before you buy. Though–as above–many of the filters can be found in various versions of Photoshop.

* Topaz Simplify, Clean, and BuzSim Filter ($)
* Flaming Pear Filter (including Swerve ($), Twist ($) & Vein-a free download)
* Fractalius (including Denise’s Soft-Fix preset creation) ($–Windows only)
* Adding Texture (Photoshop)
* NIK Color Efex Pro including Midnight Filter ($)
* Omni Lighting (Photoshop)
* Pinch Filter (Photoshop)
* Twirl Filter (Photoshop)
* Ripple Filter (Photoshop)
* Radial Blur (Photoshop)
* Find Edges Filter (Photoshop)
* Orton Effect (Photoshop)
* Blank Canvas Creations! (Photoshop)
* The Mixer Brush
* The New Paste Special Option in CS-5 (Photoshop)
* DAP ($)
* Polar Coordinates and Mini-Worlds (Photoshop)
* Holiday Lights Creations (Photoshop)
* Snap Art 2 Impasto Filter ($)
* Creating Composites (Photoshop)
* Creating Your Own Brush Presets (Photoshop)
* Using Blend Modes Creatively
* Using Layer Masks and Inverse Layer Masks Creatively (CS versions of Photoshop)
* Kaleidoscopes (Free Plug-in, Windows only)
* Combinations of all of the above

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adjustment Layer Guide

Adjustment Layer Guide

In this tutorial, we'll cover almost everything there is to know about Adjustment Layers. Adjustment Layers are extremely important in Photoshop, and understanding what they are, how they work, when to use them and why to use them, will give you the power and knowledge to create amazing things.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Photographing the Landscape at Night September 10 with Mark Bowie

Photographing the Landscape at Night

September 10

Worcester, Massachusetts

with Mark Bowie


Some of Nature’s most spectacular beauty is reserved for the landscape at night. And at night, the camera allows us to record phenomena we are physically incapable of seeing. Long exposures capture celestial objects in motion, creating metaphors for the passage of time and seasons. They register incredible detail and rich colors. The photographer can’t be sure what he or she will create, and that’s part of the allure and the excitement!

Night shooting specialist Mark Bowie, author of The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night, will lead an indoor instructional session followed by a nighttime field session. He’ll cover strategies, tips and techniques, including:

• Camera settings — RAW, BULB, ISO, white balance

• Consulting the histogram

• Composing and focusing in the dark

• Using LiveView at night

• Determining nighttime exposures

• High ISO test shots

• Shooting long exposures by ambient light

• Shooting time intervals

• Shooting base exposures and multiple exposures

• “Painting” with artificial light

• Photographing moonlit landscapes, the stars, planets, meteors, the Northern Lights and other celestial phenomena

• Photographing lightning and fireworks

• Noise Reduction in-camera and in post-processing

• Processing night images

• Combining multiple exposures, Layer Masks

Mark’s coverage of nighttime photography exposes participants to the many opportunities of capturing the natural landscape in the context of the heavenly skies. Come expand your image-making beyond daylight shooting, creating images that evoke the majesty, awe and wonder of the landscape at night.

Instructor: Mark Bowie

Who Should Attend: All skill levels welcome. Participants should have a basic familiarity with their camera’s features and operation.

Close X AmateurYou can find your way around the camera, but there are features you don't understand or know how to use. You don't feel that you can adequately capture what you see. You're hoping that the instructor can give you guidance on the when and how of using specific camera features, while also helping you to understand how to compose a good photograph.

Computer Skills

None needed, although a basic familiarity with Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture may be helpful.

Other Considerations

Locations visited during this workshop are easily accessible and do not require any strenuous hiking or climbing.

Group Size: 15 max.

Registration Fees

$99 tuition paid-in-full at time of registration. Click here for information on any discounts that may be available.



Indoor instruction on the possibilities for great night photography, determining exposures, focusing in the dark, field strategies, processing night images and much more.


Night field photography session at Worcester area venues.
\Note - The actual itinerary may vary considerably from this due to weather and other conditions that cannot be anticipated.



October 15 and 16, 2011

The Mountain Club on LOON 90 Loon Mountain Rd., Lincoln, NH 03251


Saturday October 15, 2011

9:30 am to 10:00 am: WORKSHOP REGISTRATION- Sign –in and pick up workshop info package, room voucher, Gondola Voucher

10:00 am to 12:00 pm: PHOTOGRAPHY INSTRUCTION - Class and discussion about digital photography techniques and ideas for making images in the White Mountains. We will cover landscape techniques, natural history subjects, and creative options like B+W, and panoramic photography. You will be provided a class handout with info about the techniques covered that you can bring into the field to guide your photography.

12:00 pm to 12:30 pm: LUNCH with Q & A discussion - Lunch buffet with a chance to discuss photo questions and ideas.

12:30 pm to late afternoon: FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY – Spend the afternoon exploring the area with your camera. Go to the locations provided in the class handout or any location that captures your eye and imagination. This self directed photography is chance to practice the techniques discussed in the class and to experience the White Mountain environment. Go as far and shoot as much as you are comfortable with- no pressure, just photographic pleasure.

Return to the resort when you are ready. If you have a laptop computer and are so inclined download your photography and select a few to include in the evening photography critique.

Dinner is own your own – there are many restaurant options nearby.

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm: PHOTOGRAPHY CRITIQUE SESSION – This is a great chance to get some feedback on your photography and to learn from the other photographers. We project the images on a screen and discuss your creative intentions and results. I find this to be an exceptional learning tool and a very valuable way to build photographic understanding.

After the critique session some folks gather in the resort lounge and continue the conversation, a wonderful chance to socialize and hang with some great folks.

Sunday October, 16, 2011

SUNRISE : OPTIONAL FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION – For the dedicated and adventurous photographer, early morning in the White Mountains can’t be missed. For others a warm bed is more important. Your choice. The early morning light can be spectacular and the photography potential is tremendous for those who venture forth.

Breakfast is own your own. The resort offers a nice buffet and menu options.

10:00 am to 10:30: GONDOLA RIDE to SUMMIT OF LOON MOUNTAIN - Enjoy the four-passenger Gondola Skyride and enjoy extraordinary scenery, while being carried to the 3,050-foot summit of Loon Mountain, in the heart of the New Hampshire's White Mountains. The ticket for this is included in the workshop package.

10:30 am to your choice: Summit photography – Explore the top of Loon Mountain with your camera. From the observation tower you can see the surrounding mountains and breathtaking views. There are alpine meadows and glacial caves to discover. There is plenty to see and photograph. The summit Café is open if you need a break from the weather or a cup of coffee.

11:00 am GROUP PHOTO on the deck of the SUMMIT CAFÉ – Join the group to record another great weekend in the White Mountains

Spend as much time on the summit as you like. Depending on your travel schedule spend the afternoon pursuing the photography subjects that interest you most.

AFTER the WORKSHOP: A few weeks after the workshop weekend I will create an online presentation of your photography to share with the group. I will provide submission guidelines if you want to participate.

If you have any questions about the schedule contact photographer Dan Splaine at

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photo Contest: The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Every weekend & Columbus Day from September 24 to October 16 The Connecticut Renaissance Faire Is hosting its first annual “Photographic Legends” photo contest. As a photographer myself, I thought you might be interested in this exciting event as photographers of varying degrees of skill compete to win prizes and recognition for their creativity and mastery of light.

If you’d like to learn more about this contest, please visit the Faire’s website at or visit the Photo Contest Page directly at . With hundreds of costumed characters ranging from peasant to noble, dozens of shows and street performances, and thousands of visitors, there are literally thousands of photo opportunities each day. The Faire is truly a photographer’s dream come true.

Please help me spread the word about this event to other photographers who might be interested in the challenge. Thanks in advance for your help. I really appreciate it.

Eric Tetreault – CoOwner/Photographer
The Connecticut Renaissance Faire 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ask Tim Grey - Image to RAW

Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter Learn more at

Today's Question: As I continue to organize photos in Lightroom, I have discovered a number of instances where I have a .psd file but no RAW file. Is it possible to recreate a RAW file from a .psd file by opening the .psd, going back to the open step (thus effectively undoing all the layer adjustments), and saving as a RAW file (NEF in my case)?

Tim's Answer: The short answer is that no, you can't create a RAW file from your PSD image. A RAW capture isn't a true image file, but rather a data file that contains the actual sensor values gathered by your digital camera when the photograph was taken. You can't create that original RAW capture data from the final converted pixel values.

Of course, my first concern here is how you lost the RAW captures in the first place. There is nothing in a normal Lightroom-based workflow that would cause you to lose the RAW capture when you create a derivative PSD image. Obviously if you created the PSD file and then deleted the original RAW capture for some reason, that would explain the loss of that RAW capture. But it is also possible that you have simply put the PSD and the RAW capture into a stack in Lightroom, and thus aren't seeing the RAW. It is also possible that you removed the RAW capture from the Lightroom catalog without deleting the file from the hard drive. In other words, there are a variety of possibilities, and if you didn't actually delete the RAW capture then you may indeed have access to the original file.

You could go back to the PSD file and remove all layers except the Background image layer, and that would get you back to the image as it was initially converted from RAW capture to actual pixel values, which at least would get you reasonably close to the original RAW capture. But if the RAW capture file has indeed been deleted without any backup copies available, then that original data is lost, and you can only work with what you have in any derivative images such as the PSD file.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photography Bucket List

From Scott Bourne
Photography Bucket List

"Perhaps you're familiar with the motion picture "The Bucket List". It's about two terminally ill men who escape from a cancer ward with a list of things they want to do before they die. I started thinking about that movie "The Bucket List" and decided I might want to build a photo version of it. How about you? Do you have a photography bucket list? Starting one should be easy. It doesn't have to be a formal list or look a certain way. You can make it anyway you like."

Monday, August 15, 2011



Posted by: Don Rosenberger
There are several ways to create an impressionistic look to your images. Some are done in-camera, while others are done with digital techniques or special software. Whenever possible in all of our photographic efforts, our preference is to create it under our own control, and not be at the mercy of software or filters. Sure there are times when using filters or high-end software can enhance creative vision, but generally you will feel better about the final product when you have created or manipulated an image using your own skills and creativity rather than just pushing a button to add a pre-set digitized effect.

This image was created on a rainy day in-camera with only one exposure and without the use of any software or digitized effects. Here is how to create your own “Drive-Thru” images:

Photographic Legends Photo Contest - The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Tom and I went last year, and again this Spring and had a LOT of fun! Definitely full of photo ops!

Photographic Legends Photo Contest - The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Every weekend from September 24 to October 16, and on Columbus Day, October 10, The Connecticut Renaissance Faire hosts its first annual Photographic Legends Photo Contest during King Arthur’s Fall Harvest Faire. We believe members of the Conn Assoc of Photographers, Inc. will find this exciting event interesting as photographers of varying degrees of skill compete to win prizes and recognition for their creativity and mastery of light.

Do your photos have what it takes to become legendary? Every year we receive numerous photos from both amateur and professional photographers, who capture all the merriment of the Faire. If you enjoy the Faire and want to share the fun you’ve captured, then please click here to read the photo contest rules. We will select one Grand Prize winner from all submitted photos, and one winner and one honorable mention in each photo category.

If you want to learn more about this contest, please visit the Faire’s Web site at or visit the Photo Contest Page directly at With dozens of shows and street performances, hundreds of costumed characters ranging from peasant to noble, and over 30,000 visitors, there are literally thousands of photo opportunities each day. The Faire is truly a photographer’s dream come true.

Please help us spread the word about this great event to other photographers who like a challenge. Thanks in advance for your help. We really appreciate it.

Nicole Soucy
Marketing Assistant
The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit

Improve your macro photography! I carry this with me!

Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit

Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit

Control your macro light like a pro with the Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit. With this handy combination of tools, you can use and control your light sources to shoot all day long, indoors or out.

With this Kit, you can either hand-hold your diffuser or reflector, or use the Wimberley Plamp to hold one or the other. The Plamp is also great for holding flowers or other objects stationary while shooting.

The Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit includes:
  • Westcott 14" 1-stop Collapsible Diffuser
  • Westcott 14" Silver/White Collapsible Reflector
  • Wimberley Plamp Articulating Arm & Clamp
  • Finding Character in Nature ebook by Mike
List price on these items purchased separately is $89.25, but we are able to bring the Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit to you at a discounted price of $69.95.
Keep this compact kit with you in your bag on your shoot, and make the most of your available light!
List price: $89.25
Your Price: $69.95 (save 22%)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ask Tim Grey - Calibration Tools

Today's Question: In yesterday's answer you suggested monitor calibration using a colorimeter. Can you recommend a good product for performing this task?

Tim's Answer: There are a wide variety of solutions for monitor calibration and profiling, and generally speaking they will all provide good results. I do, of course, have my personal favorites.

I've been a longtime fan of the i1 Display product, with the latest iteration being the i1 Display 2. This product is available from X-Rite (originally created by GretagMacbeth, but the two companies merged some years ago).

Another product I like a lot is the ColorMonki, which is also from X-Rite. The benefit of the ColorMonki is that it provides you with a complete color management solution in one package. If you would like to be able to produce your own custom printer profiles the ColorMonki is worth a serious look.

The PANTONE huey package is also very good, and is probably one of the lowest priced solutions that I would recommend.

There are, of course, other solutions, and most of them will more than meet your needs. But the above products are the ones I recommend most for monitor calibration and profiling.

Big Discount on Adobe Bridge Video Training. My "Bridge CS5 Deep Dive" DVD, featuring almost 2.5 hours of HD video to help you master the use of Adobe Bridge, is almost sold out. To clear out the final inventory, I've reduced the price of this DVD dramatically to only $15. That's 40% off the normal price of $25. And Ask Tim Grey Members can even take their 10% discount off this incredibly low price by using their special Discount Code during checkout. To take advantage of this great offer, simply purchase this item through my online store here:

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How to Create an Image Within an Eye

skip the first five minutes and then you will get into the actual tutorial. The first five minutes is a soap box, but after that the tutorial is useful. Lisa

How to Create an Image Within an Eye

In this tutorial you will teach you how to create a highly realistic Mangekyou Sharingan from the popular show Naruto - essentially a complex design within an eyeball.

If you don't have any photos to work with, here are the ones used in the video:

Brown Eye:


Friday, August 12, 2011

All Photos Are Manipulated

All Photos Are Manipulated

There is no such thing as absolute truth in photography. Understanding how and why photos are edited will make you a better shooter and a smarter viewer.  Written by Ben Long on August 3, 2011

"Manipulation Starts in the Viewfinder"

Read the whole article here

"All images are Photoshopped. Or Lightroomed, or iPhoto'd, or dodged, burned, re-touched, cross-processed, developed with more or less agitation in the tank, at warmer or cooler temperatures, and so on and so forth. This has been true since the beginning of photography. Understanding the representational nature of photography will help you take better pictures because you'll better understand how to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of the medium. But perhaps more importantly, it's important to understand that all images are manipulated. Still photos are the dominant communication medium used for everything from entertainment to artistic expression, journalism to sales. Becoming a more informed, understanding viewer will make it easier to understand when and whether there's any "truth" in the images put before you."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lisa Keller is selling Nikon 18-200mm VR lens

Selling the following Nikon lens with 2 filters for $625

* Nikon 18-200mm VR lens

* Hoya 72mm Circular Polarize Filter

* Hoya 72mm UltraViolet UV (0) Haze Multi Coated Filter

Seldom used lens in excellent condition with box.

Original paid price $853. Asking price $625

If interested please contact:
Lisa Keller

In Camera and Post-Processing (Editing) for Beginners and Intermediates

The Image Enhancement Series: Taking and Making GREAT Photographs!

In Camera and Post-Processing (Editing) for Beginners and Intermediates

Get ready to learn how to make your “pictures perfect”!

From taking better photographs with your camera to importing them into your computer and editing them -- make your pictures look the best they can be!

Saturday, September 17, 2011 9-12 or 1-4
at the Milford Fine Arts building 40 Railroad Avenue, Milford, CT
$49 per person
Register online at  

Register for the Photoshop CS4/5 workshop by August 17th and receive a FREE video portfolio review which includes both in camera and post-processing image analysis and advice, $25 value.

Class sizes are limited (Camera 12 people, Editing 30 people)

Bring your camera or your laptop* – these are “hands-on” classes!

*If you do not have a laptop and are comfortable with listening to the instruction, you are also welcome to attend. You may also share a laptop with a friend if you wish.


Elements (9) - Hazel Meredith, MNEC
Photoshop (CS4/CS5) - Lisa Cuchara, MNEC
Digital SLR Basics – Tom Cuchara, MNEC

Digital SLR Basics : Got a new camera? Always wanted to learn how to take better photographs? Want to improve your photographs for camera club competition? Want to learn how to take better photographs of your kids? Want to learn how to use some of those great features in your camera?
Then this workshop is for you! This workshop is designed to help you improve your SOOC (straight out of the camera) photographs. Learn about composition and the “rule of thirds”. Learn how to adjust depth of field even if you are “program mode” and learn how to preview your depth of field. Tom will show you how to take photographs using assorted camera settings (shutter speed, depth of field, etc.) and creating better compositions of landscapes, people, etc. At the end of the session some of the images taken by the workshop attendees will be viewed and discussed with regards to things that could have been done IN the camera to improve the image. Bring your camera and your lens/lenses and your camera manual. Tom will show you how to take better photographs.

Photoshop CS4/CS5: In this Photoshop workshop for the Beginner and Intermediate user Lisa will demonstrate “non-destructive” editing techniques which will enable you to make your "good" photograph "better". She will walk you thru layers and adjustment layers, show you some of the most often used filters and demonstrate some popular editing tools, such as crop, clone, patch, heal. In addition, the workshop will cover how to sharpen an image, how to create black and white and color images, and how to apply an effect to a selected area of your photograph via the use of layers and masks. Attendees must bring a laptop pre-loaded with Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements 9: For the Beginner and Intermediate Elements user. Begin with downloading your photos from your memory card to the Organizer in Elements. Hazel will review the workflow of your image, beginning with Layers - why they are important and what they do. She will demonstrate basic editing techniques - cropping, resizing, straightening; fixing color and lighting; fixing "problem" areas; a few basic filters; and finally, sharpening. If time allows we will move in to some of the more "creative" techniques. Detailed notes and sample photos will be supplied so you can also practice at home. Attendees must provide their own laptop pre-loaded with Adobe Photoshop Elements.


Hazel Meredith, MNEC: Hazel is currently president of the Huntington Photographic Society; immediate past-president and current treasurer of the Greater Bridgeport Camera Club; president of the Connecticut Association of Photographers; and a member of the New Haven Camera Club and the Photographic Society of America – of which she is also the PSA “Journal” Camera Club Columnist. Her photos have won many awards and competitions in the past few years in both local club competitions and international salons. She is a multi-star exhibitor in PSA, where she has also received four bronze stars and one silver star for her journalistic efforts. In 2008 she received an honors distinction of Master Member of the New England Camera Club Council (MNEC). Hazel has had several exhibits of her photographs at local libraries, restaurants and businesses throughout Connecticut and also enjoys teaching classes and seminars on Photoshop Elements and Pro Show Gold. She has taught for the Bridgeport Adult Education department as well as local camera clubs. She enjoys being active in the photographic community and helping others find the joy and satisfaction in taking beautiful images.

Lisa and Tom Cuchara, MNEC: Lisa and Tom are passionate about photography, both behind the lens and in the digital darkroom. They love to photograph nature, but find capturing the essence of people equally intriguing. From moose to birds, flowers to landscapes and brides to babies, they appreciate the world around them and embrace the challenge of interpreting what their eyes see and their hearts feel via the camera lens. Tom & Lisa are both very active in many local, national and international photography organizations. Both Tom and Lisa have the honors distinction of Master Members of the New England Camera Club Council (MNEC) They enjoy presenting a wide variety of photo presentations, instructional programs and workshops. They have been photographing weddings, babies, parties, portraits, etc. professionally for over 14 years and have their own Photography Studio. Their portrait philosophy is based on “We do not remember days, we remember moments” and they are honored to be able to create lasting memories at each step of your life. They have had many successful gallery exhibitions and their photographs have appeared in Adirondack Life, Wild Bird, Birder’s World, in calendars, on the cover of the Wolf Conservation Calendar and on the cover of paperback novel.
Register online at

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Denise Miotke's 4-week online course: Travel and Landscape Photography: Better Photos of Places

Vacation Photography: Get Creative!

Imagine taking your photography from just OK to trul y outstanding! Check out Denise Miotke's awesome new 4-week online course: Travel and Landscape Photography: Better Photos of Places

How to Paint with Light

How to Paint with Light

A Quick and Easy Guide to Light Painting.

Light Painting is all the rage these days. Or, more specifically, has been all the rage for the last few years. But here's a fun fact: did you know that Picasso did light painting as far back as 1949? Check it out right here.

What is a Light Painting exactly?

Well, friends, Light Painting is the process of using a bright, often colorful light source to draw in mid air while your camera's shutter is left open in a dark environment. The resulting long exposure captures the moving light as an often solid 3D image floating in the space of your composition.

Read the REST of the article here.
Bat(man) on Fire
("Bat(Man) on Fire" by Mina Mikhael)

Fun, right?  Try it out and then post your Light Paintings on Steve's Facebook page!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ilford and Canon Team to Offer You a Free Photo Print

I just sent my image in! Lisa

Ilford and Canon Team to Offer You a Free Photo Print

Higher end photo printers can be a hard sell for folks. Obviously, they're made specifically for the task, but convincing a casual photographer or even an enthusiast to shell out $500 for a printer when the local big box store has photo printers for $100 is a challenge.

Canon's latest idea to help promote their costlier printers is to allow people to see the results for themselves. For a limited time, you can submit a picture to Canon and they'll print it out for you on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper and send it on over to you for free. You don't even pay the shipping.

"Canon USA has long been a great partner for us here at Ilford and we look forward to helping photographers produce superb photographic prints through this new campaign," says Ilford president Tim Maher. " I'm confident that the prints they receive on our Galerie media, produced on the latest Canon professional inkjet printers, will really blow them away."

You can find out more and arrange to have your own photo printed at Try My Photo.
Free Photos.jpg

Video on "Imaginary Realms"

I have now launched a YouTube video on my “Imaginary Realms” series of fine art photography. As you know, this work involves the macro photography of stones & crystals.

This short 15-minute video presents background info, process, my recent solo show at eo art lab, narrations, and a slide show of images. I also have a full-length 30-minute version which goes into more detail…and I may launch it as a 2-part video in the near future.

So…, I welcome you to check out this short version…! I also welcome your comments that you can add on the YouTube weblink after watching the video.

George Fellner

PS I wish to extend my many thanks to Linda Beutelschies for her fine work as videographer and to Travis Johnides for his fine work in editing the video. Their ideas and invaluable input made it all possible…!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mike Moats MACRO webinars

Here is the new macro webinars scheduled for August.

Webinars are a live session where you will be able to see my computer screen on your screen, and hear me talking.

Any one from any where in the world can partisipate in these webinars.

I have set-up two time slots for each webinar to hopefully accommodate different time zones.

Macro Composition Webinar, August 9th, 1-2 pm, US(EDT)

Macro Composition Webinar, August 9th, 8-9 pm, US(EDT)

Macro Depth Of Field Webinar, August 11th, 1-2 pm, US(EDT)

Macro Depth Of Field Webinar, August 11th, 8-9 pm, US(EDT)

Finding Charater In Nature Webinar, August 23rd, 1-2 pm, US(EDT)

Finding Charater In Nature Webinar, August 23rd, 8-9 pm, US(EDT)

The Art Of Flower Photography Webinar, August 30th, 1-2 pm, US(EDT)

The Art Of Flower Photography Webinar, August 30th, 8-9 pm, US(EDT)

For information on each webinar or to sign up, visit my storefront and search for the webinar you are interested in Here

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Microsoft Camera Codec Pack Makes RAW Files Viewable in Windows Explorer

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack Makes RAW Files Viewable in Windows Explorer

I found this here
Microsoft has released a Camera Codec Pack that (finally) allows you to view RAW files from a variety of cameras when browsing through Windows Explorer. This is a really nice addition for photographers on the Windows platform.

Download the codec pack here.
Note that this is for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

Finally! A Camera Codec pack from Microsoft that allows you to view your RAW files on your Windows PC. The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack lets you view RAW files from over 120 digital SLR devices. With Photo Gallery, you can even create a copy of the RAW image to touch up with Photo Fuse and Panoramic Stitch! Download it here today:
Microsoft Camera Code Pack

The Essentials of Masks and Layers in Photoshop

This tutorial covers the basics of masks in Photoshop. First we will quickly go through Layers, since you can not understand what a mask is or does before you understand what a layer is. Once we're done with layers- we will continue to learn what a mask is, when we use it, how we use it, and a few shortcuts and tips.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk Scott Kelby Oct 1&2

I would love to attend one, is anyone around the Hamde/New Haven/Milford/Hartford/Madison area planning on leading one?? Lisa

Have you heard the good news? Scott Kelby announced that his 4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk would be held on October 1 and 2 this year. We're super excited that it's being held over a weekend in October so now you can choose to walk on either Saturday or Sunday, and it will be much cooler weather!

Please join this amazing event again this year. You can Find a Walk scheduled in your area, or if you feel like leading a walk yourself, you can apply to be a leader. Just follow the instructions under the Lead a Walk section of the website.

If you've already signed up for a walk - awesome! Help us spread the word by telling all of your friends, family, and colleagues so we can make this the biggest Photo Walk yet!

Again, it is free to participate in the walk, and there will be some really great prizes for one grand prize winner and 10 finalists courtesy of our wonderful sponsors and partners. Plus, Scott Kelby will be awarding one of his latest books - Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It - to each leader and winner from each walk location. (The book is not yet available, but it will be hitting the bookstores before the Photo Walk.)

To stay on top of Photo Walk happenings, you can visit the website or go to the official Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalk page on Facebook.

That's it for now. Hope you join us this year for another record breaking social event for photographers all around the world.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hunt's Upcoming Workshops & Seminars!

WPPI Road Trip August 25, 2011 Boston, MA

This seminar is full of information about the ins and outs of photography, tailored for professional wedding and portrait photographers. For more information about this seminar please visit link below,

Bryan Peterson Understanding Exposure and Learning to see Creativity September 17, 2011 Plymouth, MA

This is an intensive all day course with Bryan Peterson, great for intermediate photographers. For more information about this seminar please visit link below, or call 617.794.2132

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hunts Camera Club Weekend

Hunts Camera Club Weekend -- Upcoming Workshops & Seminars!

August 12-13, 2011 100 Main St Melrose, MA 02176

Expand your Creativity! Two Great Days of Educational Seminars! Instructors Ken Hubbard and David Guy will be teaching exciting courses like Exploring Digital Black & White Photography (Ken Hubbard) and Macro and Nature. (David Guy) Free to All Camera Club Members and a small fee of $20 to Non Club Members. For more information and to register for classes please visit link below or call 781.662.8822 to speak to any of our highly trained sales associates. Hope to see you there!

DON’T FORGET IT”S A TAX FREE WEEKEND! All purchases under $2500.00 NO SALES TAX!

Southern Adirondack Fall Color Tour with Mark Bowie

Southern Adirondack Fall Color Tour

October 9-12

Lake George, New York

with Mark Bowie



Lake George, “The Queen of American Lakes”, is arguably the most beautiful lake in the United States. It’s a 32-mile long, fjord-shaped body dotted with over 300 islands. Black Mountain, Buck Mountain, the Tongue Mountain Range and others rise above it, carpeted with a unique mix of northern and southern tree species. The lake’s regal beauty has made it the most popular Adirondack destination since tourists began coming to the grand hotels that once graced its shores.

The lake is encompassed by the Lake George Wild Forest, over 71,000 acres of protected woodland: stately white pine, hemlock, cedar, spruce, and hardwoods — maple, beech, birch, oak, cherry — that explode with color in autumn.

The grand lake and nearby waters reflect the landscape’s many moods and increase the beauty through reflection. Photographically, there’s so much from which to choose. The tour is designed in a series of day loop trips with a variety of subjects, from grand to intimate. Depending on conditions, we can chase the colors along Lake George and on nearby Brant and Schroon Lakes. For more intimate settings we can visit the Hudson, Schroon and Sacandaga Rivers, and Luzerne and Buttermilk Falls, all with the goal of shooting great autumn color in great light.
Mark Bowie is an authority on the Lake George region. He grew up here. He worked for his famous grandfather, Richard Dean, whose photography business catered especially to Lake George tourism for 60 years. Mark has also photographed the area extensively for his three Adirondack books. He will be your photo guide and conduct in-the-field lessons on reading natural light, looking deeper to fine-tune compositions, techniques for achieving critical focus, and state-of-the-art multiple-shot techniques, including stitching panoramas and creating high dynamic range images. Come shoot the incredible autumn beauty of the Lake George region side-by-side with a noted teacher and guide.
Weather permitting we’ll photograph throughout the day, and especially around sunrise and sunset to take advantage of magical light.
Instructor: Mark Bowie

Who Should Attend: All skill levels are welcome. Users of all types of cameras are encouraged to attend.

Computer Skills: None needed.

Other Considerations: Locations visited during this workshop are easily accessible and do not require any strenuous hiking or climbing.

Group Size: 15 max.

Registration Fees: $450 registration fee

Deposit of $250 required at time of registration. There is a 5% discount if you register before July 9. Click here for information on any other discounts that may be available.


Day 1

Participants gather at the Fort William Henry Hotel, Lake George. Pre-tour orientation session and opening presentation by Mark Bowie. Night shooting if weather permits.

Day 2, 3

Morning field trip followed by breakfast. Late morning field trip followed by lunch. Afternoon field trip. Dinner. Sunset shoot. Night shoot if weather permits..

Day 4

Morning field trip followed by breakfast. Late morning field trip. Tour wrap-up.

Note - The actual itinerary may vary considerably from this due to weather and other conditions that cannot be anticipated.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Speed Up Lightroom Loading Times

How to Speed Up Lightroom Loading Times

by Mark

How to Convert Brown Eyes to Blue Eyes in Photoshop

How to Convert Brown Eyes to Blue Eyes in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to change brown eyes to blue eyes in Photoshop. Includes information on selection tools and using multiple adjustment layers.

Advanced Hair Adjustment in Photoshop

Advanced Hair Adjustment in Photoshop

This photoshop tutorial will show you how to tackle difficult hair color situations in Photoshop. It is much for difficult to convert dark hair to light hair than going the other way and this tutorial explains everything.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 13-14: “On to Richmond” Civil War Reenactment in Woodbury, CT.

From Don Brooks...

August 13-14: “On to Richmond” Civil War Reenactment in Woodbury, CT.

Features military camp and civilian town, military drills, artillery firing, battlefield medicine and surgery and period music. For more information go to