Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get sharper photos after attending this workshop

Focusing Problems and Micro Adjustments – Your Camera May Be At Fault

"One of the most frustrating things that can happen in photography is seeing a perfect moment and snagging a shot, only to get back to your computer and find out the picture was barely out of focus."
"Probably not all photographers are aware that every lens bought from their manufacturer isn’t always perfect right out of the box. In fact, when it comes to focusing, most new lenses are shipped with an acceptable amount of variance in their auto focus. For your average picture, these small differences are probably pushed aside. But if you’re interested in getting your shot tack sharp every time as far as the camera is concerned, you may want to pay attention."
"With many cameras these days, it’s possible to test your lenses and make micro adjustments to your auto focus without having to send your lens back to your manufacturer." 
Read the rest of the article here Focusing Problems and Micro Adjustments 

Come to our workshop and learn how to adjust your lens.

Even if your camera cannot automatically handle microadjustment for your lenses it is still good to know if your lens back or front focuses so you can compensate when shooting. 

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