Friday, July 9, 2010

Makeup 101: A Makeup Artist Divulges Her Secrets

This came from digital anarchy, who make the green screen software that has been on my wishlist for many moons now.

While working on Beauty Box Photo, we discovered that a lot of photographers (especially those of the male persuasion) don't have a good understanding of how makeup is used and what it's really doing. Sure, most of us guys sort of understand what it does, but unless you spent your formative days stealing your sister's Seventeen and Cosmo magazines, most of us don't know exactly how makeup works. If you're doing retouching it's REALLY important that you know exactly what it's doing. After all, we're using Photoshop and Beauty Box to fake what a makeup artist would normally do. If we don't know what a makeup artists does… how good is our digital retouching going to be?

So, we had Esther Thai, a San Francisco based makeup artist, write an article for us… giving all of you some basic makeup tips and explaining how it works and what you're trying to achieve. Of course, she also gives you the Makeup Artist perspective on all this retouching stuff, which is... Hire a makeup artist!

It's a great 4 page article and well worth the read (especially if you can't hire a makeup artist).

You can download it here:

Of course, if you find it interesting and want to know more, click below for 5 tips on retouching:

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