Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Prevent & Edit out Reflections on Glasses

How to Prevent & Edit out Reflections on Glasses
by Elizabeth Halford

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"Subjects who wear eye glasses can offer a unique difficulty for photographers. First, there’s the dilemma of whether they should wear them or not (will they not feel & look like themselves without them? Are they hiding fabulous eyes behind those glasses?) And then there’s the problem of glare and reflection. An attentive photographer will pay attention to this factor, but it does cause issues and where a photo might be perfectly composed and lit, but a little glare in the glasses can throw the whole thing off."

This article offers real time and post processing suggestions.

Another suggestion I have seen is to take two photos, one with and one without their glasses (you or an assistant removes their glasses in between shots) and then just take their eyes from one image and put them back into the image with the glare/glasses. Lisa

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Ralph said...

Great tips. The nice thing about glass and metal reflective surfaces is that the reflection is very predictable and can often be prevented by a tilt of the head. I for one would not remove the glasses of a person who wears them all the time. It is who they are and they're recognized for who they are with the glasses on.