Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photoshop World

Don't miss your chance to get top-notch training for less at Photoshop World. During the three-day conference, you'll not only experience pulse-pounding Photoshop and photography education from the industry's best and brightest minds. You'll also learn how to turn your passion into serious moneymaking opportunities.

More than 40 instructors won't just be sharing their tips and techniques, they'll also spill the secrets of their success in the business, including invaluable insight that you can use to make a living, too!

Along with the usual tracks dedicated to Photoshop, Lightroom and photography, this year's conference includes a track devoted to Social Media/Business. From learning more about model releases to the importance of a Facebook account, the dedicated business track will arm you with the tools to make extra money!

If you're ready to spend a little money to make money, make sure to sign up for Photoshop World no later than Friday, July 30 to save $100.

Don't miss the Early Bird Registration deadline and take your work to the next level!

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Ralph said...

I'd love to go to this but I have a pretty large trip planned for October. I did a PS workshop with Ben Wilmore last year when they came to Hartford. It was really good. I'm sure PS world in Las Vegas is going to be great.