Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Epson 2200 printer for sale

A friend of Gary Prestash has just purchased a new inkjet printer and now has a used but in otherwise excellent condition Epson 2200 printer that he would like to sell. If you are getting started in printing your digital images, this Epson 2200 would be a fine first printer. It is capable of prints up to 13" X 19". The owner is local to Hamden and does not want to get involved in shipping, etc, so this would be for folks in and around the Hamden area who could come and see it and take it with them if interested. The printer was originally over $600.00 new but you can have it, the remaining inks, etc, for $50.00. If anyone is interested in this printer, email Gary at: and he can set up a time for you to see the printer.

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