Monday, August 12, 2013

The Way I See It

The Way I See It ... 50 One Page Workshops is a Digital ebook version of the hardbound large format elegant coffee table book measuring 11X13. It showcases 50 of my favorite images as large Picture Spreads. Each of the picture spreads are accompanied by an in-depth workshop and lesson. The camera data/exposure settings, equipment used, and lighting information when sport strobes or Speedlights were involved are all included. Photographs of remote camera set-ups and arena sport strobe set-ups are also included. Chapter titles are; Sports Coverage and Athletes, Arena Sport Strobe Lighting, Off Camera Speedlights, and Lightpainting. Each chapter opener is a workshop in itself while each picture spread workshop far exceeds a normal Workshop at the Ranch article, ... a sort of Workshop on Steroids. The workshops are filled with my thought process that went into the making of the image, the procedures involved to accomplish it, and a variety of personal stories/anecdotes about life and business as a photographer. This is a beautiful ebook with instruction and technical information that I hope you all will enjoy and learn from.

Price: 29.95 USD  

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