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David duChemin's Books and eBooks

Sometimes he pretends he has a Golden Labrador called Kodak because it seems authors should have a dog, and also because he always wanted his own Kodak lab (how long will that joke mean anything?)


David duChemin

David duChemin is a nomad, a world and humanitarian photographer, the accidental founder of Craft and  Vision, and the author of Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic VisionVisionMongers, Making a Life and a Living in PhotographyVision and Voice, A Vision Driven Workflow for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and Photographically Speaking. David’s latest book, The Print and the Process: Taking Compelling Photographs from Vision to Expression was published November, 2012.

David’s work and blog can be seen at www.davidduchemin.com.

(Way Too Much) About the Author

David duChemin is a humanitarian and world photographer, previously based  in Vancouver, Canada. He wrote this book in airports around the world in a jet-lagged stupor, and while living in his 1983 Land Rover Defender, Jessie, while traveling a long slow circle around the North American continent and trying hard not to think of himself as homeless. He did this until he fell off a wall while teaching in Pisa, Italy. The rest of the book was written while he rehabilitated and learned to walk again, so there was a great deal of pain meds involved. When you get to the fuzzy bits, that’s why.

David is a formally trained photographer, though that formal training was not actually in photography, but theology, in which he graduated with a four-year degree (which took five years) in order to pursue a twelve-year career in com-edy before stepping off the stage, to the relief of his audiences, to return to his cameras and begin photographing vocationally and leaving pieces of his heart on seven continents.

David likes single malt whisky from Islay, hammocks, and also long walks on the beach. Sometimes he pretends he has a Golden Labrador called Kodak because it seems authors should have a dog, and also because he always wanted his own Kodak lab (how long will that joke mean anything?). He is also a best-selling author, which means he will one day inherit the basement full of his books that his mother has been furiously ordering. The three books preceding this one are Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision; Vision Mongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography and Vision and Voice:
Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. He’s also the author and publisher of a growing library of ludicrously inexpensive ebooks, which can be found at CraftAndVision.com. 

David’s work can be found at www.DavidDuChemin.com, as can his blog and the growing community of kind and talented people who read it.

David also has many ebooks:

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David duChemin's eBooks

Vision is Better 3

Become a Better Photographer, Make Better Photographs

David duChemin Curating the best from his blog, David has put together a 50 articles, including tutorials and photographic essays–including larger images and two brand new articles–that make this 145-page eBook an amazing addition to every photographer's digital library. Learn more.

LR Develop Presets (duChemin)
36 Adobe Lightroom Presets
David duChemin  
This Lightroom Develop Preset Package is 36 of David duChemin's most used presets and an 18-page PDF guide, which includes a How-to installation process, and complete Before and After photographs of each preset to give you a sense of what these presets do. Presets as extremely helpful in making one's workflow more efficient. Learn more.

Portraits of Earth
An Introduction to Landscape Photography
David duChemin 
This is a landscape eBook for all levels, photographers will find the education and inspiration to make beautiful photographs of their own, no matter what adventure awaits them. It features sections on Gear, Composition, Light, Land, Water, Snow, and Detail Shots, and is accompanied by large, beautiful photographs, all with complete EXIF data, many of them previously unseen, from travels on all seven continents. There's also Behind the Shot sections that discuss topics like exposure blending, maximizing sharpness, using ND and polarizer filters, and shooting in weather, like fog. Learn more.

The Inspired Eye I
Notes on Creativity for Photographers, Vol.I

David duChemin 
Understanding and nurturing our creativity is the first step in breaking out of our ruts. Learn more.

The Inspired Eye II
Notes on Creativity for Photographers, Vol.II
David duChemin Get out of your funk and chase your muse. Learn more.

Drawing The Eye
Creating Stronger Images Through Visual Mass

David duChemin Learn how to lead the eye of the viewer to create more powerful images. Learn more.

Chasing The Look
10 Ways to Improve The Aesthetics of Your Photographs

David duChemin 
Learn more.

Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involves Buying Gear.

David duChemin Improve your craft with the ebook that started it all. The title says it all but the link below will give you more info. Learn more.

Ten More Ways To Improve Your Craft
David duChemin This is the follow-up to TEN. It’s just ten more. Learn more.

Vision is Better
Free the Mind, Free the Camera

David duChemin A compilation of 50 articles, originally published on the Pixelated Image blog. Become a better photographer by developing your most important asset – your mind. 50 articles about the photographic craft and life. Learn more.

The Inspired Eye III
Notes on Creativity for Photographers, Vol.II

David duChemin Jumpstart your creative fires and learn to understand, trust, and hone your photographic process. This eBook leaves technical proficiency at the door and helps you gain new insights about what inspires you and how to make creative decisions that take your photography to the next level. Learn more.

A Deeper Frame
Creating Deeper Photographs and More Engaging Experiences
David duChemin An introduction regarding the illusion, or perception, of depth that is removed when the camera flattens the three-dimensional world into two. Learn more.

The Vision-Driven Photographer
Notes on Discovering and Refining Your Vision

David duChemin Make stronger photographs by identifying or re-discovering your photographic vision through practical insights and exercises. Learn more.

Iceland, A Monograph
The Print and The Process Series

David duChemin ICELAND, A Monograph is a showcase of exceptional photographs which holds nothing back with respect to how the images came to look the way they do. Learn more.

Venice, A Monograph
The Print and The Process Series

David duChemin A collection 30 of David's Venice photographs, accompanied by a discussion of how and why the images were created. Learn more.

SAFARI, A Monograph
The Print and The Process Series

David duCheminThe gear used, the techniques employed, and the lessons learned while on a 10-day safari in Kenya. Learn more.

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