Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit

CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit

We are proud to introduce our new and improved watermark action kit, CoffeeShop Ultimate for only $25!

NEW!!!  I have put all of the watermark actions in a set that can be loaded in Photoshop CS and in Photoshop Elements 11 (PSE11).  Instead of loading each action individually, you can now load one single action set that contains all of the actions in a drop-down format.  Note:  Action sets can't be loaded in PSE6-PSE10, you will have to load the individual actions as normal.

The CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit includes everything you need to quickly get your images ready for your website or blog using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Each action crops and sharpens your images for the web with optional special features such as rounded corners, drop shadows, frames, and Polaroid effects, plus automatically watermarks the image with your own watermark/logo. 

Make your life easy. Within seconds of starting these actions your images will be ready to post on your blog or website. You can use virtually any type of watermark/logo and this action is also perfect for applying "proof" across your client's images.

The CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit includes the 3 sets listed below. These actions crop and sharpen your images for the web, add special optional enhancements such as rounded corners and custom colored frames, and automatically watermark you image (using the watermark template in this kit).

Set 1 is the Original CoffeeShop Watermarking kit and has 4 actions (plain jane, rounded corners, colored frame and drop shadow) and works in both PS (Photoshop CS versions) and PSE (PSE6-PSE11). These actions are the closest you can get to batching in PSE.  This set is best for those times you have several images that are edited that need to be made web-ready at once.  Once the action finishes running you can move the watermark any where you want on the image.

Set 2 has 6 actions that work in Photoshop CS and PSE6-PSE11 (plain jane, rounded corners, drop shadow, colored frame, Polaroid, and Polaroid text). These actions are the closest you can get to batching in PSE.  These are so incredibly easy to use and perfect for those times you want to make an image web-ready as soon as you edit it.  Just edit your image and start the action.  The action will flatten your image, sharpen and crop to a custom size for posting on your website or blog, add optional effects such as rounded corners or a Polaroid frame, and finally automatically apply your watermark on the bottom of the image.  Once the action finishes running you can move the watermark any where you want on the image.

Set 3 has two true batching actions (plain jane and rounded corners) that work in Photoshop CS1-CS5 (not tested in CS6 yet) and have to be modified by you to run on your computer. I include full instructions but you should have a working knowledge of Photoshop and editing/creating actions to use this kit because I can not provide any customer support. This set has not been tested in a Mac computer yet and I will not be able to provide support in either PCs or Macs.  For experienced users only!

Each CoffeeShop Utimate Watermark Action Kit comes with 10 actions that run in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, 2 batching actions that run in Photoshop only, a blank watermarking template you customize with your logo/text/images, sample watermark, and full instructions for only $25. 

Just pay via the Buy Now button below (you can pay using your paypal account or credit card) and once you make payment you will be directed to the download page.   

AUGUST SPECIAL!  I have packaged well over a 100 of my favorite CoffeeShop free actions in one convenient download for $39. This month I am including the CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit (value $25) in the download!  The first Buy Now link on this page is for the purchase of the Watermarking Action Kit ONLY.  Click here if you want the CoffeeShop Action Download AND the Watermarking Action Kit for $39 or check out the second Buy Now link below for the CoffeeShop Action Pack.  The third Buy Now link is for the CoffeeShop Megal Pack which includes the Watermarking Action Kit and the CoffeeShop Action and Digital Design Packs.  Terms, conditions and pricing subject to change at any time.

CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit for English version of Photoshop and PSE- $25 (payment by paypal or credit card, instant download)  NOTE:  This purchase is for the Watermarking Action Kit ONLY, and does not include the CoffeeShop Action Pack of over 100 actions from my CoffeeShop Blog.  

COFFEESHOP ACTION PACK (over 120 of my most popular actions for the English language version of Photoshop and PSE *these do not work in LightRoom, and for a limited time the CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit) - $39 (instant E-junkie download, pay via Paypal or credit card)

COFFEESHOP MEGA PACK (includes the CoffeeShop Design Pack, the CoffeeShop Action Pack and CoffeeShop Watermarking Action Kit -  save $44 over purchasing them separately) - $49 (instant download)

If you have any questions about the downloads, please email Rita at coffeeshopphotography@yahoo.com . If you order a kit with a CoffeeShop Designs Logo or Blog design you get a discount (visit links for details). :-)


Note: The same watermark will appear larger in horizontal images than it does in vertical images. This is normal.

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