Monday, August 5, 2013

Now that image manipulation is so easy, it seems for many to be more unacceptable.

Written by: Charlie Borland

Pro Nature Photographer

Read the entire article here; I have copied/pasted a few excerpts here...

  • "Now that image manipulation is so easy, it seems for many to be more unacceptable."
  • "So are we visual reporters or visual artists?"
  • "My eye does not see the world in B&W or with the perspective my 15mm fisheye provides. 
  • "If I remove the stick along the lakeshore I am photographing, I am altering reality and changing the scene as it was, but nobody would know! Yet once on the computer does this same task of digitally removing the stick become unethical?"
  • "The debate over whether or not image manipulation should be done and whether it is ethical or not rages on and in my opinion, much of it is unnecessary."
  • "The opinions vary widely over disclosing what is real and what is not and some question whether any digital photograph can be believed. There are now even attempts to set ethical standards for digital photography manipulation."
  • "Images have been manipulated since photography was invented and some of the most recognized photographers in history were heavy manipulators, like Ansel Adams among many others. You have probably already heard this argument. His and many others works are celebrated today as the Master’s of the medium."

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