Thursday, August 15, 2013

Free eBook From Craft & Vision

Free eBook From Craft & Vision


A few months ago, Craft & Vision released an excellent ebook on photography for free. If you haven’t already downloaded and read that one, then I highly recommend checking it out. It’s packed with some great tips from lots of great photographers.

This week, they released another great ebook for free! It’s called TEN and it talks about ten ways you can improve your photography, without buying any gear. It was actually one of the first ebooks they released awhile ago, and it originally sold for $5, but now it’s completely free!

Get the FREE eBook now!

Note: due to their shopping cart system, it looks like they can only give away a certain number of ebooks per day. So, if you get an error message while trying to download the ebook, then wait a day, or subscribe to their mailing list to get the ebook immediately!

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