Friday, February 14, 2014

Harvesting Light Seascape Series ebooks

We are delighted to announce the publication
of the final e-book in the Harvesting Light Seascape Series.

Multiple Frame Techniques

When I began planning the Harvesting Light Seascape Photography Series it was my intention to write a course of study that would offer a complete guide to making images by the coast in any weather, at any season and in any light. To do that involved working through the whole Creative Cycle in a progressive and analytical manner to ensure that all the necessary skills were included in the eBooks.

In the third eBook in the series - Single Frame Techniques, we pushed single RAW files as far as we could go; in terms of the usable dynamic range they can contain, available depth of field and processing them.

When you can go no further and you're still falling short of your creative vision, it's time to turn to the most up to date contemporary landscape photography techniques to push boundaries, release your artistic soulds and make magic.
40 pages - 28.9Mb Digital Download pdf.
+ 1hr 45 minutes of HD Video available online.
Buy Now US$15

Other book in the Harvesting Light e-book Series

Seascape Photography - Introduction
Seascapes - Vision & Composition

Single Frame Techniques

The Harvesting Light Seascape Photography Series of e-books has been a work in progress for the last couple of years. I have long been drawn to coastal landscapes (seascapes!).

In total there will are four e-books in this series, creating a complete course of study allowing anyone to progress from the most simple techniques through to complex conceptual and expressive images.
Introduction | Vision & Composition | Single Frame Techniques | Multiple Frame Techniques

The 33 page Introduction is a FREE DOWNLOAD as it creates a framework of my philosophy and introduces my concept of the Creative Cycle.

Seascape Photography is a holistic process and in the course we cover everything you need to know to make excellent and expressive images.

For more details and to purchase any of our e-books, please click the red button below. Many thanks for your continued support.
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