Monday, February 17, 2014

Focus Pyramid – Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool

Focus Pyramid – Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool for Micro Focusing Adjustments

 Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and more!
List Price $29.95 USDRetail Price $24.95 USDPromo Price $19.96 USD (includes 20% discount)
Once calibration is set, each and every time you snap on a new lens your camera body will automatically dial in the autofocus correction required.
  • 100′s of Hours of Research and Design
  • Assembles in Seconds
  • Calibrate Lenses in Minutes
  • Low Cost – High Quality – High Value
  • Made In The USA
  • Patent Pending
Our products remain affordable and easy to use without sacrificing performance!

Give your lenses a new lease on life! Focus Pyramid autofocus lens calibration tool makes it easy and affordable at half the size and cost of similar products!

Canon ( 50D, 7D, 6D, 5DMkII, 5DMkIII, 1DMkIII, 1DMkIV, 1DsMkIII, 1DIV, 1Dx, 1Dc )
Nikon ( D7000, D7100, D300, D300s, D700, D800, D800E, D3, D3s, D3x, D4 )
Sony ( A850, A900, SLT-A77, A99, NEX-x with LA-EA2 )
Olympus ( E-30, E-620, E-5 )
Pentax ( K20D, K2000, K200D, K-5, 645D, K7D )
Hasselblad ( H4D, H5D )
Sigma USB Dock (any camera body)

Some lenses ( i.e. Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG with USB dock) now allow for focus adjustments within the lens which provide fine-tuning with any cameras!

Most modern DSLR camera bodies allow for AF Fine Tuning / AF Adjustment. Contact your camera manufacture if you’re uncertain your camera will allow for autofocus calibration and micro adjustment.

If your camera does not allow for Fine Tuning of its Autofocus System, don’t worry! By using this product you will immediately know which of your lens front focus and which back focus and most importantly by how much. This provides you the information needed to make sharper photographs at the time of capture. (ie. When shooting portraiture, most agree focusing on the eyes is a good rule to follow but you may find that to obtain sharp, crystal clear, eyes may require you to focus on the persons ears or possibly tip of nose due to focusing problems found using this AF Lens Calibration Tool)

In the convenience of your home or studio the Focus Pyramid will help you achieve the sharpest photographs possible.

• Have you ever taken what you thought to be an amazing portrait only to find the models eyes are out of focus but the tip of their nose is perfectly clear?

• Does your compact point and shoot camera take sharper images than your $2000+ DSLR Kit at times?
For these and countless other reasons we developed the Focus Pyramid; a compact, low cost and easy-to-use autofocus lens calibrator. Using the Focus Pyramid in conjunction with one of the many modern cameras, you’ll have the option of making a global adjustment or lens specific micro focus adjustments. Remember, with the latter, each and every time you snap on a new lens your camera body will automatically dial in the correction required.

Take complete control over your DSLR’s focusing system today!

After 100′s of hours of research and design, we developed the patent pending Focus Pyramid. Constructed of heavy board, the Focus Pyramid is a great alternative to the other high priced products on the market. Assembles in seconds, calibrate all of your lenses in minutes, repeat as desired! A quickeasy and cost effective solution to auto focus lens calibration that simply works!

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