Sunday, February 16, 2014

"A Simplified Method to Workflow" Video Series Now Available for Purchase!

Don Smith Photography
"A Simplified Method to Workflow" 
Video Series Now Available for Purchase!
Don Smith, a 40-year professional landscape and sports photographer, has created a series of 26 videos detailing with how he goes about processing his images. The series will teach anyone the easy steps involved in processing beautiful images repeatedly.

Capturing images in the field is only half of the equation with digital cameras. The other half resides in getting the most out of your RAW files. This video series is a culmination of 12 years of workflow refined and presented in and easy-to-understand manner. In short, Don shows you what works and doesn't waste your time with useless experimentation.
Don is a contract photographer with Getty Images and teaches 14 workshops per year around the western United States to all levels of students. He is also team photographer for the NHL's San Jose Sharks.
These videos unlock the secrets of getting professional looking results with your images. Don will give you the time-tested techniques that he uses on a daily basis with his post-processing.
Some of the topics covered are: proper methods of RAW conversion, working with Nik filters, traditional methods of Photoshop processing, blending multiple images of a single scene, double processing RAW files, luminosity masking (5 videos), proper cloning techniques, proper methods of sharpening a file for output, converting images for web usage, selective sharpening with colors and masks, 32-bit processing, understanding blend modes, tips for processing night images, how to prep an image via soft-proofing, focus stacking, and more!
In total, you will get 6 1/2 hours of video instruction. Don also guarantees that you will be able to process a RAW file for printing in under 10  minutes following his repeatable formula!
Don's workshop participants spend thousands on his workshops making him one of the most sought-after instructors in the country.
Now, you can have much of what he teaches for the low price of only $75.00!

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