Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gitzo tripod for sale

please contact Jim if you are interested...

Hi Lisa,

I'm passing this on to local friends.

Because I'm a Bogen/Gitzo dealer I can get a personal purchase every couple years.  I've been using the Gitzo 3530LSV for a few years.  Last year I bought the latest model of the same pod just because I can and planned to sell my old one.  Still using the old one as it's just as good but figured I might as well put it into use.  New one goes for over $900.   I have the box and anything that came with it like the accessory video bowl as well.

It shows signs of use for sure but only cosmetic and works perfectly.

It's also customized with a disk under the legs that keep them from folding under the pod when you fold and lift over your shoulder etc.  I wouldn't use one without this mod.  It can easily be removed though if someone doesn't want it.  It also is a safety so even if the top plate came loose it wouldn't go anywhere.

I'd like to get $500 for it.  If you know anyone that might want one I'm always glad to do local instead of online.  Great pod.  I just put in my newsletter which is local too but first come first served for sure. 


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