Thursday, November 6, 2014

Five Photography Bad Habits to Quit Today

Five Photography Bad Habits to Quit Today

some good advice, including

"A pretty nasty habit to kick can be using too low of an ISO setting. Many photographers say they did such-and-such because they “couldn’t take their ISO above 800″. The fear of using a high enough ISO can be pretty strong and lead you to get blurry shots from a shutter speed that is too slow, or even prevent you from trying to get a shot altogether. A few reasons you want to kick this habit today:
You may be surprised at how high you can actually push your camera. If you have a good ‘fast’ lens (one that handles a wide aperture), make every use you can of its capabilities. Then take your ISO as high as you need to get the shot.
Post editing software these days can minimize the noise resulting from extremely high ISO amazingly well.
Grain/noise isn’t totally bad. For some photographers, it’s actually desirable. Many of us actually add more grain. So if you have a high ISO shot that would look beautiful edited in B&W, try that out and visualize all that noise as beautiful grain."

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