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September Program ~ CRAIG LAMERE ~ September 22nd

Get ready to enjoy...

September Program ~ CRAIG LAMERE
~ September 22nd ~ Hartford/Windsor Marriott Hotel, 28 Day Hill Rd, Windsor, CT

Sign up now to see Craig entertain and educate you for the WHOLE DAY with a mix of FASHION driven portraiture, LIGHTING patterns, and his post processing WORKFLOW that makes his life a whole lot easier!


"My name is Craig LaMere, I am a professional Portrait photographer from Pocatello, Idaho. I was a 39 year old commercial insurance agent making a great living but was sooooo unfulfilled as a person. I literally hated what I was doing with my life. As luck would have it Costco opened in my little town and I purchased a Canon Rebel as a creative outlet to my insurance life. To understand what buying that camera was to me, I would liken it to a person going into a convenience store, on a whim, buying a lottery ticket and winning the whole pot! Life Changer. As dumb or cliche as it might sound, when I picked up that camera I knew what i was supposed to do with my life. I was placed here to be a photographer. I feel so lucky and blessed that it and me crossed paths at the right time and as they say the rest is history!

I’m a pretty technical shooter and my shooting style is very light pattern driven. I feel if, you can master the fundamentals of lighting and the base lighting patterns, you will be able to create any image you want. I know we are in the greatest industry on planet earth and we are so lucky and blessed to do what we do.

My personal philosophy on life:
I believe the most important things in life are your family and friends. I believe that you should follow your dreams. I believe hard work does pay off. I believe you should be kind to others. I believe you should enjoy your life. I believe in my photography mission: Show my clients a great time and create the absolute highest quality art they will love."

Check out Seshu Photography's CTPPA sanctioned interview with Crag LaMere here:

An additional workshop is being offered after the all-day seminar for an additional cost of $100.00 for CTPPA members and $250.00 for non-members.  This workshop is limited to 15-20 people.  Craig will work 1-on-1 with the member of this workshop to enforce the material that he taught during the day. There will be several shooting bays with models for the hands on experience.  
We will also be raffling off a chance for six attendees to have lunch with Craig.  
Craig is sponsored by White House Custom Colour and will also be bringing lots of giveaways!
  • Includes, PPA, WPPI, PPANE, Other State PPA Affiliates.
  • Workshop from 6:30-10:pm
  • Not affiliated with any other professional association.
  • Hands On Workshop from 6:30pm to 10:00 pm
  • June 25, 2014
  • 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Crowne Plaza Hartford - Cromwell @ 100 Berlin Rd, Cromwell, CT 06416


  • A Guest of CTPPA who belongs to no other professional photography association
  • A Guest of CTPPA who belongs to another state PPA or professional photography association.

Join us at the Hartford/Windsor Marriott Hotel, 28 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT.   

Please register at

For any questions regarding registration, email
For any questions regarding the program, email


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