Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photographic items for sale

If interested, they can contact Vid contact at VicKrasenics2@aol.com, or see me at the club.

From: vickrasenics2
To: photographer67
Sent: Sat, Sep 27, 2014 9:53 pm
Subject: Photographic items for sell.

Hi Lisa,
Could you send out to the club that I will be selling a couple of photographic items because I am moving to Florida?
Since I will be on the road from November to March, I feel that this is a good time to sell my Epson Stylus Pro 2880 printer.  This way it will not be sitting idle for 5 months.  It has been working great and I have never had any issues with it, such as clogging.  Besides the inks that are already in the machine, I have 13 new ink cartridges of various colors to sell with it.  The printer was originally over $700.00.   The ink cartridges are new and were approx. $15.00 each.        I’m asking $295.00 for everything.  It does a great job of printing 13” x 19” on Epson & Ilford Matte, luster and Fine Art papers.
The other item I’m selling is my Spyder 3 Studio kit.  It is a complete color management system for calibrating your monitor and generating custom profiles for your printer.  It includes the Spyder 3 Colorimeter, Datacolor 1005 Spectrcolorimeter & base, Spyder3print spyderguide.  I have not used it much and it was over $400.00 new.  I’m asking $250.00 for the studio package.
If interested, they can contact me by email at VicKrasenics2@aol.com, or see me at the club.
As we get closer to moving next year, I will be putting other thing on the market.

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