Friday, September 26, 2014

sale - on photo equipment that we use


Hunts has put together a sale on equipment that Tom and I use. If you are one of our workshop or class participants or one of our blog readers you can use the coupon codes to save on equipment. FYI, we do not receive any commission  if you order these items, and we only list items that we personally use. 

Contact Gary Farber 781-462-2374 to order or call the store if you have any questions. Hunts always works with you for your photographic needs.

Gisteq Flashmate LED Video Light. - $10 off Use coupon code: 9wz7b

11% off any Gitzo Tripod or Head - Usse coupon code: dBUdI 

15% off  any MEFOTO TRIPOD - Use coupon code: 15MEFOTO

15% off any MeFOTO Walkabout Monopod Use coupon code: 15mefoto

10%  off any Acratech ball head Use coupon code: 9rU0O

15% off  any Kirk L-Bracket Use coupon code: uGzV8

15% off Phottix 3-Ring Extension Tube (Nikon or Canon mount) Use coupon code: 0WbmX

15% off  Promaster Auto Extension Tube Set (Nikon or Canon mount) 
Use coupon code: FuMoT

10% off Kenko Macro Extension Tube Set (Nikon or Canon mount) Use coupon code: UWBMr

10% off any Tiffen Variable Neutral Density ND Filter Use coupon code: tmqFq

15% off  Tamrac ZipShot Mini Ultra-Light Tripod Use coupon code: TX622

10% off Wimberley Plamp 2 Articulating Arm Use coupon code: 311gx

10% off Thompson Photographic FMS Field Macro Support Clamp Use coupon code: Z2rVH

20% off any Promaster reflectors 12", 22", 32" or 41" Use coupon code: DX7eo

$8.99 off PROMASTER SystemPro Lite Tent with 3 Backdrops Use coupon code: dgveC 

20% off Promaster LS-4 Professional Light Stand Use coupon code: qmOwW 

20% off Promaster LS-2 Professional Light Stand Use coupon code: qmOwW p=qmOwW 

20% off Promaster LS-3 Professional Light Stand Use coupon code: qmOwW 

WB Hunt Co., Inc.
Gary Farber
100 Main St., Melrose, MA 02176
Ph:781-462-2374  f:781-662-6524


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