Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On-line course The Softer Side of Macro with Denise Ippolito

The Softer Side of Macro by Denise Ippolito an on-line course

This course covers all the basics needed to create my signature soft approach to flowers. I’ll explain all my techniques for capturing and creating this pleasing side of macro photography. If you like the soft dreamy looking flower images but have had trouble recreating them then this course is for you. The use of reflectors and natural lighting will be covered. Composition and “seeing” your subject in a new light will also be covered. The use of flash will not be covered in this course. During this 4 week course we will go over how f-stops and shutter speed will affect your image as well as lighting direction and creative thinking. So put your gardening gloves down and get out your camera –let’s create some beautiful images together.

How does this course work? Each week you will be sent a PDF of information outlining your assignments along with all the information you will need to complete the weekly assignment. At the end of the week you will submit images for critique to the instructor. Your instructor (in this case Denise) will critique the images and give you her thoughts and suggestions for improvement. You will then move on to the next step. Due to schedules and time constraints students will be asked to complete the weekly assignment in a timely manner..

4 WEEK COURSE $179.00
Course Description:
Week 1: What key elements are needed to create a soft or dreamy look.
We will start by covering the fundamentals of image capture. We will go over
camera settings, lighting, aperture, shutter speed and tripod use.
An outline of equipment that can be helpful but not necessarily needed.

Week 2: Getting started.
During this week we will concentrate on composition and image design.
Choosing the right format for your composition and considering your subjects
essence and how to capture that will all be covered.
We will go deeper into the use of different apertures and how they affect your image.
I will share with you some of my techniques for handholding and I will
give you instruction on getting in close and manually focusing.

Week 3: Lighting
This week we will cover the use of reflectors as well as creative use
of natural lighting and the many possibilities there are to create beautiful looking
images with the use of ambient light and reflectors.
We will also cover the use of diffusers and how they can work effectively for you.

Week 4: Fine tuning Your Images.
This week we will cover processing your images with the help of
Photoshop. Cropping and sharpening as well as noise reduction. Adding more
punch to your photos in Photoshop, or learning how to apply a subtle
Orton Effect. Detailed critiquing of your images from the week.

Recommended Gear:
• A digital DSLR camera
• Macro lens
• Photoshop Elements or CS. (It is not really required but it can be helpful in the processing)


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