Monday, May 14, 2012

Global photo project on May 15th - Join the TEST of TIME PHOTO

Join me for a Fun Photography project - MAY 15th
Tomorrow  thousands of photographers from all over the world for a fun photography project. On May 15th you're invited to photograph your daily life and share your images with a global community.

The website is seeking photography of daily life from all over the world which captures every day experiences. The images will be collected and displayed on a website that will provide a permanent display of our collective experiences and perceptions of the world we live in.

Here is great chance to challenge your inner photojournalist and participate in a terrific social documentation project. I am certainly going to participate and hope you jump in too!


We can team up for this project so I created the TEST OF TIME PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS team for you to join. When you upload your photos to the website tag them with our team name so we can represent our work as group to the whole world!.


Go to the website and register.  Directions for uploading and ideas about what to shoot are listed there.  Get your camera ready and spend some time tomorrow making you images!

The Swedish nonprofit foundation Expressions of Humankind is organizing the project and they will not use you images for any commercial purpose. A book from the project will be produced and you images may be selected for use in that production!

I look forward to see how the TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS team show the world their talent.


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