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photography basics Scott Simmons

Getting Started

What is photography all about? What are you trying to accomplish with your photography? I want to be able to address these kinds of questions here without any real technical jargon related to exposure or composition. The posts below are organized with the beginning photographer in mind, so that you can start at the top and read the posts in order. I don't use any technical terms here except in parentheses, and whenever I do, those terms are linked to articles related to those terms so that you can jump ahead and find out what those terms mean if you like.

Part I, What's Photography all About?

Getting Started with Photography--This post simply introduces the concept of photography as a life-long learning process.

What Makes a Photograph--This post summarizes the three things that can make a photograph "good:" exposure, composition and interpretation.

Part II, Equipment



Mirror Lockup: When to use it

Spot Meter: When and how to use it.

Focus Modes. When to use the four focusing modes you have on your SLR

Selecting Focus Points. How to take control of how your camera autofocuses.


Lens Basics--A common sense guide for beginners on a budget

Lens Basics: Mid-Range Zooms

Lens Basics: Wide-Angle Zooms

Lens Basics: Telephoto Zooms and Primes

Lens Basics: Image Stabilization


The Tripod--This post explains why you need one. Yes you do; don't argue with me.

Filters (General)--This post helps you discern what filters you actually need for outdoor photography.

Circular Polarizer Filter--This filter is essential gear for outdoor photography. This post will teach you how to use it.

Cable Release--a must have for macro, landscape, and portrait photography.

Diffusers & Reflectors--a must for macro work.

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