Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Macro Photography!

Saturday October 15th

Hunt's Photo and Video
100 Main Street,
Melrose, MA 02176-6104

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Macro Photography!

Join Roman Kurywczak and Manfrotto for a fun filled and informative day on the fascinating world of macro photography...

Roman will discuss the basics of macro photography including depth of field and how to achieve even sharper images! Learn how to take your macro photography to the next level, and see how easy it is to solve some common problems encountered in the field using equipment that does not break the bank!

See also what a difference of just adding a reflector can make to the image, and learn how to control your flash so that it kicks out just the right amount of light! And for something really cool, check out the Metz 15MS-1 flash that has been especially designed for macro photography and gives out beautiful quality of light!

Roman will also discuss some more advanced methods, techniques, and products to use especially when stacking macro photos, and how the Manfrotto 454 Micro positioning sliding plate is a must in situations where large and critical depth of field is essential. After the presentation concludes, attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a “hands on” studio session utilizing the gear mentioned in the program.

So come join us, bring your camera, and lets go macro!

First Session: 10a.m.- noon
Second Session: 2p.m.- 4p.m.

To register, and for further information, please contact Hunt’s Photo & Video on: 781-662-8822

Meet the Professional

Roman Kurywczak

Roman has an incredibly strong passion for photography. Originally a graphic art major, he combined his love of hiking and travel with photography; and even though the art major never materialized, the interest in photography never waned. Primarily a landscape photographer at the beginning of his career, he has continually expanded his photographic pallet by branching out into the world of macro work, birds, animals, and most recently HDR photography. Roman has won numerous awards locally as well as nationally, and started his own tour company in 1993 for photographers catering to small groups of 4 only in the US for individualized attention. The company has since grown to include international destinations. To learn more about Roman, visit or his blog:

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