Sunday, October 9, 2011

No Charge Photo Education for your members

Tom and I have gotten some interesting tips from this site, now they are reaching out to organizations... Lisa

As an organization that is involved in photography, you may be interested in knowing about It's a website that offers quality photo educational content for photo enthusiasts, emerging professionals and pro photographers. There's no cost to sign up and we never share or sell our members email addresses... honest! Watch the tiny video here regarding this:

We have over 100,000 members worldwide and continue to get new members every day. We also offer our high quality online video content at at no charge. Each month we present an hour long video that can be viewed right online for free... No sign up required. We've got over 70 videos available, presented by top photographers in the business. All of the videos are offered for purchase in our online store, and we provide discount coupons to qualified organizations.

Your organization's members can benefit with the following discount code that can be used at checkout in our online store,

Coupon Code: smarter25

It provides 25% savings on any DVD video product in the store, and the coupon does not expire.
We encourage you to include in any list of resources that you share with your members or list on your website. Feel free to use the logo shown below, or contact me if you need additional information.
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