Monday, October 17, 2011

The $40 Ring Flash Speedlite Adapter

The $40 Ring Flash Speedlite Adapter
Photojojo's value-priced modifier tries to bring ring light to the masses.

By Stan Horaczek

Ring flash adapters for Speedlites aren't new. Orbis and Ray Flash have been offering very nice options for years now, but the draw for Photojojo's new O-Flash is that it costs just $40. That's substantially less than its main competitors and puts it almost on-par witht he cheap knock-offs currently available on eBay.

Like the Ray Flash, the O-Flash fits over the front of a mounted speedlite and hangs down around the lens. It fits most popular speedlites and secures with a nylon strap.

While it is nice to see a non-knock-off model at such an affordable price, the sample images on the product page make it immediately clear that (as you probably expected) it can't quite compete with the pricier flash adapters, let alone a full-on powered studio ring flash.

The main problem is the light fall off toward the top of the frame, which is likely caused by the arrangement of the internal reflectors. If you can take this into consideration when shooting, you might not mind it. Some of the sample photos on the product page have the subjects located toward the bottom of the frame to counteract the effect. But, if you're looking for a true ring flash effect, this won't quite do it.

It's also worth noting that the FAQ says you should be closer than 3-feet to get the typical halo effect. That means you're probably losing a decent amount of light to the modifier, so if you don't have a high-powered flash, you're going to have to get very close. But, for $40, it might make a handy addition to your macro kit or even just as a one-off portrait modifier.

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