Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thanks Gary for passing this great series of articles along!

What we want in a macro shot - POV and special scenes

Erez Marom elborates about point of view in a macro shot, as well as the importance of finding and shooting special scenes.

What we want in a macro shot – Background

In this article Erez Marom demonstrates the important role the background plays in creating a successful macro photograph. Learn how to take control of this image-defining element.

What we want in a macro shot - Detail
In this article Erez Marom explains how lighting and depth of field can make or break a great macro photograph.

The what and why of wildlife macro photography
I this first part of a series on macro photography nature photographer Erez Marom explains what macro photography means to him and what rules he follows when

Erez Marom is a nature photographer based in Israel and a regular contributor to Composition magazine. You can see more of his work at and follow him on his Facebook page.

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