Saturday, August 9, 2014

Online class - Learn essential DSLR tips to take better photos

Learn the DSLR essentials!
The Essential Guide for Better Photos with Your DSLR

Digital cameras put the power of photography in your hands, but great images aren't as simple as point and shoot. I'm Sante Fe Photographic Workshop instructor Rick Allred, and I'm going to help you move beyond the snapshot with a step-by-step guide to using your DSLR. Join my online Craftsy class Basics of Digital Photography, and discover how to get better photos every time you pick up your camera!

From adjusting camera settings to creating a compelling composition, you'll learn everything you need to know to start taking great photos. Understanding your camera is the first step to becoming a better photographer, and we'll start with an introduction to essential DSLR features, regardless of brand. Find out how to set your focus for sharper images, and adjust your camera to capture a bigger range of colors.
Then, join me in the field and learn how to assess light like a pro. Discover the difference between hard and soft light, and which to use for a flattering, diffused glow or a gritty, high-contrast image. We'll experiment with shooting in bright sunlight and in shadow, and you'll learn how to harness light from any angle to emphasize color, texture and form.

If you're not satisfied with your photos, often incorrect exposure is to blame. I'll show you how to adjust three key components to solve this problem, starting with shutter speed. We'll use this setting to freeze fast-moving subjects in their tracks or add artistic blur, so you never miss a spontaneous moment or high-energy action shot again!
Discover the difference that depth of field makes in your images, whether you want a soft-focus background or a tack-sharp subject. We'll also explore ISO--your camera's sensitivity to light--as a great tool for capturing quality images even in low light.

Once you've mastered exposure, you're ready to get off auto and explore the creative control of manual shooting modes. Learn how to choose the right shooting mode for every situation, and ensure you're always ready to capture your subject at the perfect moment.

Lens choice plays an important role in the quality of your images, and I'll share my tips on selecting and shooting with prime, zoom, wide angle and telephoto lenses. I'll also show you how to use a polarizer to make bright colors pop and remove reflections from windows and water.
Finally, learn to make your shots instead of just taking them with a lesson on composition. Get my tips for finding the best light, eliminating distracting background elements and using the rule of thirds to make your subject stand out. Train your eye to look for pattern, texture, color and detail, and discover the inspiration that awaits around every corner. Join Basics of Digital Photography today, and jumpstart your photography journey with tips for finding creative, compelling images wherever you are!

I've been involved with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops since 1996, when I helped launch their digital photography program. Now in my eleventh year of teaching, I'm still as inspired as ever by the limitless possibilities of photography. I'm excited to partner with Craftsy for this online class, and to help you get the shots you've always wanted to take.

Get the essential guide to DSLR, and start taking amazing photos anywhere, anytime!

Join me in Basics of Digital Photography for only $39.99 -- that's 33% off today!
Rick Allred | Craftsy Instructor

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