Thursday, August 28, 2014

Acadia Astrophotography Workshops

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to send you this information about my new Acadia Astrophotography Workshops in case you wanted to forward it along to any possibly interested parties.  Thanks!

I'm now accepting bookings for a group astrophotography workshop in Acadia on September 20th!  See the link below to read about and book the workshop.  We will have about 2.5 hours of good viewing of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way but will be able to see the rest of the Milky Way all night.  We will likely be shooting around the cliffs of Otter Point.  Due to the time of year, the Milky Way will not really be in good position for shooting from places like Boulder Beach.  Please read everything on the page to make sure you have all the required gear, understand the risks, and agree with the timing and weather/refund policy.  If we go ahead with the workshop but clouds move in unexpectedly then we will do our best to find the stars and practice night photography and work on editing tips.

I'm rolling out the workshops slowly at this point.  I'm limiting the workshop to 4 participants, and as of this writing 2 spots are still available.  If it fills up I will consider doing another group workshop on September 21st or 18th.   I may also consider doing workshops on August 22 and/or 23.  If someone is interested in a private workshop they can contact me directly, my only private workshop date is booked at this moment, but I may be able to offer more around the above dates.

Again, please read everything on the page first before booking!  Thanks!!

Coming soon, editing workshops in Portland, Maine!

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