Saturday, August 16, 2014

FOR SALE : Canon 1D Mk III Professional DSLR Camera Body

Please contact Mike at for more information (he has photos of the camera) 

I am finally getting around to selling my Canon 1D Mk III camera body and I wanted to give advance notice to my local email list and extend a special offer to local buyers.

I purchased the 1D Mk III new in September 2007 and it has rarely been used since buying a 1D Mk IV in May 2010. I have never had any problems with the camera but it has received all recommended service and updates from Canon Professional Services and it was just sent in for a complete maintenance and cleaning service last month in preparation for this sale.   As part of the maintenance service, Canon recorded the shutter actuation count as 44,040 and the camera is rated for 300,000 actuations.

It comes with all of the original accessories as shown in the photos below.
Please contact Mike at for more information (he has photos of the camera) 

I plan to list it online in the next few days and I will be pricing it at $1000 which seems to be at the lower end of the range of the going rate. But if I can find a local buyer first who will come to Bedford, MA to pick it up and pay in cash, I will sell it for $900.

Feel free to forward to local friends or camera club members!

Thanks for your time!

— Mike Milicia

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