Monday, July 28, 2014

Art and Ann Yost earn honors at NECCC , they are now MNEC

Hi Lisa, I made this composite from two photographs of Art and Ann Yost getting their MNEC. If you don't get anything better you can use it for the Blog. Regards, Jim Dionne

Master Member, New England Camera Club Council – MNEC

Awarded to those who have performed exceptional service for the Council during a period of not less than five years, and/or have substantially advanced photography in the New England area through lecturing, teaching, judging, and through other administrative activities in photographic organizations for the same period. This honor is limited to a maximum of five each year.

The NECCC Honors are awarded in recognition of contribution to the advancement of the art and science of photography in the New England area. Quality of character, administrative activities, service through lecturing, teaching, judging, and writing are as important as an outstanding competition record. Before proposing a candidate, weigh carefully the responsibility you are assuming and your duty to the New England Camera Club Council. These considerations should transcend any desire you may have to do a favor for someone. Do not submit an application unless you are fully convinced that the candidate’s qualifications are far above average. Try to give the committee a verbal picture of the candidate as an individual as well as a photographer. Present all facts in a brief and concise manner, avoiding exaggeration. List the candidate’s qualifications under each of these general headings: (1) Administrative Activities (2) (A) Lecturing, (B) Judging, (C) Teaching, (D) Writing (3) (A) Photographic Achievements, (B) Exhibition Record, (C) Competition Awards (4) Other Qualifications

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