Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Topaz Bundle only $199

Topaz is running a big promotion on our Bundle through July 7th. They are greatly discounting the Bundle from $299.99 to $199.99 during this time. The promo code for this discount will be: july4

I use Topaz ALL the time, I use Topaz Adjust on ~90% of my images, all of their products are great and this is a great deal if you do not have their software! Lisa

Open up new possibilities in your photos with 10 award-winning products specifically designed to help you develop more creative photos.

The Topaz plugin suite brings out the best in all of my images and allows me to simply achieve
the look I envisioned when I captured the image. It is just hands down the best I have ever used!
Joe Reardon, freelance photographer

The Topaz suite is hands down my favorite plug-in, which I use daily in my digital workflow. The products allow me to tap into my creative juices and make the images I imagined in the field.
John Barclay, workshop leader + photographer

Develop more creative photos with the Bundle at an incredible price until 7/7!

Purchase the bundle here, only $199 until 7/7

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