Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lens Mug !!

A Lens Mug!!!

Just a week ago, we walked into our local cafe, and our barista handed us our latte in a mug that looked just like a lens! She even topped it off with camera-shaped latte art and creamer in a film canister!

We just about died, but then we woke up instead.

Desperate for our dream to come true, we wished on shooting stars, wishbones, found pennies, fallen eyelashes…and sure enough, it worked!

Behold, the Camera Lens Mug, a mug that looks JUST LIKE a Canon 24-105mm lens!

It's equipped with a lens-cap lid (omg), rubber-grip focus and zoom rings (o…m…g), and an auto-focus switch that actually switches (OMG)! It's so realistic, you might have to use post-its just to remind yourself which is your mug and which is your lens!

Picture yourself sipping on a sweet tea vodka while basking in the sun or having the coolest desk in the office with your lenticular jelly-bean holder or scooping a delicious ice-cream fudge sundae out of your amazingly versatile lens mug. You can even turn it into a nifty flower-pot!

Consider yourself set for all future fellow photo friends' birthdays/graduations/weddings/long-lost-sibling-reunions! It's the best gift they'll get!

Hear, hear! You are hereby proclaimed King/Queen of camera-geek-dom, and the Camera Lens Mug is your chalice!

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