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Do You Know Wal-Mart Wants Your Friends To Be Able To Print All Your Facebook Images?

This was copy and pasted straight from David Ziser's Blog. I thought that we should all be aware of some of the possible pitafalls of this wonderful social networking

Do You Know Wal-Mart Wants Your Friends To Be Able To Print All Your Facebook Images?

I can’t say I’m a big fan of Facebook, or maybe better said Facebook privacy policies. Facebook ’s privacy policies, or lack thereof, have been the subject of great debate in many news circles for several months. Ya’ know, things just aren’t private anymore the way they used to be.

That’s why I bring today’s story to your attention. It seems Facebook and Wal-Mart have partnered to make Wal-Mart your convenient go-to source for all you digital printing from coffee mugs to paper prints.

That sounds just fine at first glance, but in reality your Facebook friends can also print any of YOUR images too! Does anyone other than me feel that Facebook has over stepped it privacy bounds once again by letting others print and distribute you images?

I was first alerted to the story originally by DPT reader Steve Chastain who also sent along a way to neuter the Facebook/Wal-Mart initiative. I’ll include it at the end of this post.

A.J. Wood, another friend of DPT, Adobe, Twitter, and Facebook guru, also did a piece on the Facebook/Wal-Mart issue. It’s a fascinating read - you can find the link right here. A.J. has included updates on the situation and even posted a video tutorial on how to neuter the process. Oh, BTW, be sure to check out AJ’s other content [link] – lots of good stuff.
Turns out that Facebook has partnered with more folks than just Wal-Mart. Count Walgreens, Target, and Snapfish in on the deal too. Give a read to the comments following A.J.’s post. Lots of folks are pretty upset about all of this and rightfully so.

I noticed that one of the commenter's mentions that it was not the large corporations (Wal-Mart, Walgreens, et.a.) ripping you off. It’s really your Facebook “friends” who are doing the “ripping” since they would be the ones able to print YOUR pictures. Ridiculous! I say the ones that give the thief the means is just as culpable in the crime.

Steve’s Fix:
Inside Facebook go to -
1. Accounts>Application Settings - if there is an app called Wal-Mart - delete it.

2. Accounts>Privacy Settings>Applications and Websites (bottom left of page) >Info accessible through your friends >Edit Settings -- from here uncheck the box that says My Photos.
These two steps will keep your "friends" from going to Wal-Mart's Photo web page [link], navigating to your Facebook page and printing any photo on your page.

Thanks Steve.

This is straight from Walmart's website

Did you know you can turn your Facebook photos into great collage Photo Gifts and Prints? You can choose from your own Facebook albums and from all your friend's Facebook albums too.

Prevent Walmart Printing of Your Facebook Photo Albums

by A.J. Wood on July 16, 2010

Thanks to Walter Van Dusen who brought to my attention Walmart is beta testing a new Facebook Connect application. This application allows access to your photo albums for printing. Many photographers have been using Facebook photo tagging as a way to generate word-of-mouth referrals from clients. I would assume a lot of folks have their album security set to “Friends of Friends”. Anyone who is listed with Friends access to your Facebook album will be able to print it via the Walmart application.

Before you decide to delete all your FB albums, it is possible for you to make a quick security settings change. Simply go to the Walmart Photo application and block it. Once blocked your albums will no longer show when someone uses Facebook Connect with Walmart Photo. The application ID on Facebook is 181585006811.

Here’s a quick video tutorial to show you how to block the app:

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