Thursday, February 26, 2015

Upcoming workshops with Lisa and Tom Cuchara

Workshops with Tom and Lisa Cuchara. Please email Tom and Lisa at if you have any questions or would like to signup without joining the meetup site. 

Feb 28th - Photograph Frogs! 
A small hands on workshop where you will learn about macro photography and lighting, photograph FROGS, and learn post-processing. See more of my frog photographs here: In this small workshop you will have individual attention and learn about lighting and Frog-tog-raphy and you will have the opportunity to photograph frogs, not only frogs on leaves and flowers, but also on some creative things like chairs, buses, etc. FYI, you the participants are the only ones photographing the frogs during this workshop, not us. Message me to sign up or Sign up here 

February 20th Lens Calibration Microadjustment
Frustrated with slightly out of focus images? Purchase a Focus Pyramid and come to our workshop, you can learn how to calibrate your lens and then bring your knowledge home to work on other lenses. If Amazon is out of stock, then PhotoWhoa has them too. Autofocus microadjustment is a procedure that allows a user to correct for small errors of front- or back-focusing.  Note that this adjustment is most noticeble will have the greatest benefit for lenses with fast apertures (f/2.8 and wider), because the thin depth of field at wide apertures makes even small focus errors more evident.
Make your photographs sharp! Give your lenses a new lease on life! The Focus Pyramid autofocus lens calibration tool makes it easy and affordable at half the size and cost of similar products! Sign up here:

Feb 23rd Photograph with tripods Warner Theater
Photograph with tripods at the Warner Theatre in Torringon, CT. This is an easy shoot with minimal walking, even an elevator to the second floor (balcony). We have photographed inside this theatre with tripods on several occasions so we can help you capture all the nuisances of this wonderful place!  The lighting, ceiling, and details of this theatre are just magnificent! During this HDR photo shoot we will offer compositional advice,and check your histograms (to make sure that you are capturing the full dynamic range of this wonderful interior). We will help make sure that you are capturing all of the details in the shadows and highlights. I can offer as much or as little help as you need for this event. Bring your tripod, cable release (or self timer), and a wide angle lens (perhaps a macro lens or zoom lens for detail work and textures). See some images that we have taken here.

Feb 25th post-process and tone map/HDR
Come and work on editing your photographs, practice your HDR processing. I will edit and demonstrate and we will help you with where you are at editing wise. Bring your photos and edit and I will also walk thru an edit of your HDR photos too. Come and process and learn and get some of those images out of the computer, and/or make those good image GREAT!

Sat March 28th Get a new headshot. 
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Come see our Studio and get your picture taken!! We know that, as photographers, we like being on the other end of the camera, but we all need a current headshot. We have a bathroom where you can even change into a different outfit if you want something formal and something casual.

April 16th Back Button Focusing – Easier than you think! 
What is back button focusing? The shutter is usually used to focus. press the shutter button is half way down, and camera focuses and then you, the photographer, take the picture when the button is pressed in fully. When you set your camera up for Back button focus then the the shutter button does not control the focus, you have another button on the back of the camera (hence the name back focus) to activate focusing on the camera. Sign up here:

May 9th Photograph at the old Catskill Game Farm
"Catskill Game Farm was a zoo in Catskill, New York, U.S.A.. It closed permanently on Columbus Day 2006 after 73 years of operation. The Game Farm is still closed today." but we will be able to walk the grounds, go into the cages, walk into the Giraffe house, the Rhino house, Kodak film selling yellow stores, see the mini-golf - great place for a photo shoot, a snapshot into the past of this historic landmark. I grew up in th Catskills and we used to go there on school trips -- and it was a real trip to be able to walk into the animal cages and photograph from inside!!
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May 16th Photography at the Waterside Woolen Mill
Photograph inside and outside at the Waterside Woolen Mill -- lot of photo opportunities! We will have a small group and we will have the place to ourselves (owner and docent only plus us) and we will have the run of the mill during our allotted time period! The Waterside Woolen Mill was built in 1860's and is still operating on the original equipment. The mill is located 21 miles NW of Breezewood PA. We will likely combine this trip with another photo op, more details on that portion to follow. The Waterside Woolen Mill is one of the oldest operating woolen mills is the USA. The mill was built on land deeded by the heirs of William Penn to Abraham Oberholtzer in 1785. In 1806 John Snider purchased the land and erected a mill on the banks of Yellow Creek. The mill shut down in the 1960s but was reactivated in 1990 to manufacture traditional Pennsylvania wool blankets. The equipment used in the mill dates from the latter 1800s to the early 1900s. It includes several Compton& Knowles Looms dating from the 1870s. The mill consists of a large three story building with attic. Check out some of our photos from last time:
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Photograph inside the empty JW Cooper School
Three floors inside the abandoned JW Cooper High School in Shenandoah, PA. "Originally scheduled to open in 1918, the 3-story stone school building located in the center of the Borough of Shenandoah, was commandeered and used as a temporary hospital and morgue during the flu epidemic of 1918, when the local hospital was unable to accommodate the large number of victims. In May 1919 the building was dedicated as the “new Shenandoah High School”. It was later renamed the J.W. Cooper High School in memory of the school’s first principal. The school remained in use until 1986 when it was replaced with a new facility. It was the first school to have a swimming pool in Pennsylvania. The heated pool first saw use in 1927."
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Please email Tom and Lisa at if you have any questions or would like to signup for a workshop without joining the meetup site. 

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