Thursday, October 2, 2014


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"Autumn is my favorite season to photograph. The first piece of foliage signals the beginning of an ethereal journey through nature as I watch it transform into vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold. Scenes that I have become familiar with morph into a mosaic of colors and tones, and the cooler air and unsettled weather contribute to the creation of a dreamscape playground. Since autumn photography is a personal pursuit of mine, I wanted to create a list of fall foliage tips to help you navigate through this otherworldly season and harness your creative expression." TIPS FOR CREATIVE AUTUMN PHOTOGRAPHY

"A dynamic autumn portfolio is possible simply by being aware of your environment and knowing how you want to translate it. Night or day, diffused or golden hour light, vistas or minimalistic, peak color or long past – the opportunity to create powerful autumn photographs are plentiful. Nature determines the environment we find ourselves in, and foliage begins to fade as soon as it falls from the tree." TIPS FOR CREATIVE AUTUMN PHOTOGRAPHY


Through my work, I like to show a vantage point that is rarely seen in reality; a show of beauty, emotion, and serenity. There are countless mesmerizing scenes among us that are often hidden from society – my goal is to expose them to the world so that I may share the wonders I have seen. After college, I decided to stay in New England to pursue my love of landscape photography – it’s one of the few locations that is relatively untouched by human interference, which makes it the perfect canvas to create upon. My photography changes like the seasons of New England, which always presents me with surreal opportunities to photograph.
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